Pusha T "Wrath Of Caine" Mixtape Cover Art & Trailer

UPDATE #3: Pusha T will release "Wrath of Caine" mixtape before his major label debut drops.

While performing in Canada this weekend, Pusha T announced that he has a new project up his sleeve. The Clipse emcee explained that his new mixtape, Wrath of Caine, will be released soon, before his debut solo album drops. 

The concert in Vancouver gave Pusha the stage to make this announcement. This comes according to Miss Info, who also added that a new video for "Pain" should be released in the next few weeks. 

Footage from the concert was captured by Dejan Pralica and can be seen below.

[November 12]

UPDATE: Pusha T has revealed the trailer for his upcoming mixtape Wrath of Caine. Check the trailer below.

[December 7]

UPDATE #2: Pusha T has released the cover art for his upcoming mixtape Wrath of Caine, which is currently without a release date.


[January 15]

UPDATE #3: Pusha T has released the trailer for his new mixtape Wrath of Caine. Check the clip below.

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  • 70yearoldrapper

    LOL!! yall some h8tin azz lil niggaz LOL!!

  • Anonymous

    Pusha need to grow up and act his age his like 35 and been in the game for well over 10 years and his obsession with cocaine keeps growing like a kid who has just watched Scarface for the first time like his brother already said if your over 25 you know the truth Go on youtube and type in Malice From The Clipse Reveals The Truth On How He Is Really Living

  • Anonymous

    Just drop the album.

  • g-sus

    Pusha is obsessed with cocaine. Is there anything else this guy can rap about? He's nice, but he's taken the coke thing too far. Step your content up.

  • blitzlegga

    pusha t is my dude and that nigga be spitting that next level gangsta shit(when he aint dumbin down his flow to rap with dem southern niggaz). but ima have to agree with the previous post. his album aint never coming out. the nigga is on his third mix tape in two years and still wont give a solid release date on his solo album. he just needs to take that "mixtape" title off of these albums and just call it his official solo debut. but from the looks of things, dre's detox will drop before the pusha t solo...

  • Cwigg

    ....finally someone said it. Lil Wayne's new music IS crap, and I like him as a rapper. Doesn't matter much anyway, he's done with rap I think anyway.

  • Bobbyt

    What's so great about cocaine anyway? The sight of woman snorting something up her nose makes me flacid.

  • gsonii

    Wayne sucks for the most part and so does Drake. Nigga's also need to stop trying to battle for buzz rather battle for respect

  • Anonymous

    If Pusha stopped with the fake gangsta cocaine talk he would be in my top 5

  • my name is crack

    Pusha raps are different level half what he says ppl dont catch the first time round lookin forward to this tape more than most albums

  • Toy-T


  • Kane

    Pusha T is one of the nicest on the mic right now.He is one of those rappers who sounds really great,always have been a fan.Always will be a fan.Tear 'em up Push.

  • Wrath of Caine mixtape tracklist

    1. Sophistication 2. Jumpin' 3. Us (feat. Cyhi da Prynce and Lil Reese) 4. Birthday Song (Remix) (2 Chainz feat. 50 Cent and Pusha T) 5. Fuckin' Problem (feat. DMX) 6. Pistol Shit 7. Leaderz (feat. 2 Chainz) 8. Some Worries (feat. The-Dream) (Lil Wayne diss) 9. My Cup 10. Holy Water 11. Gettin' It (feat. Kanye West) 12. Burn (feat. Schoolboy Q) 13. Excellent 14. I'm So Real 15. Pain (feat. Future)

    • Holla

      Funny thing you included Pain, the first single for My Name is My Name, the album. While Blocka isn't included on your funny list, and that's the first single for Wrath of Caine, also Millions ft. Rick Ross isn't on your list, the second single for Wrath of Caine..... I like it when people make fake lists, but this one just screams fake out loud... Better luck next time kid

  • So Icy Boi!

    no one cares. everybody waitin for THA CARTER 5. swag

  • Fuck Virginia

    LOL nigga got mad dolo and shit but still talking about moving keys

  • sew

    i guarantee he never drops a solo album. kanye didn't sign him to be a solo artist he signed him to write some fucking raps for kanye albums. he was supposed to drop his solo after his wack ass EP that came out and flopped like a fish outta water. never happened. he had a chance to get a buzz when lil wayne put his name in a diss and what did pusha t do? JACK SHIT. lil wayne gay ass sonned him. pathetic. pusha t scared of dropping names hes happy being a background groupie in kanyes gay club aka GOOD music. pusha t is pushing 40. been in the game 15+ years. NO SOLO ALBUM. forever nothing. clipse is dead too. hes done.

    • Smoke

      @Sew Pusha been shittin on wayne directly and indirectly since like 06-07 we know who the fuck he talkin bout do your fuckin homework. and the other dude said he never sold a bag a crack in his day i really hate playin the race card but I can tell who's skin color is what, or who grew up where your favorite rapper is prolly Rozay, or Weezy. yall praise the niggas that aint never really did the shit they rap about Push is one of few that actually lived that life

    • Xthehandoffate

      Yall are OD talking about Pusha T is trash yall probably dont even understand what Pusha T be talking about, he put fear in Weezy he spit one line and Weezy made a whole song! Pusha T is considered one of the best lyricists out right now and the Clipse is arguably the best Duo in hip hop history yall niggas must not really listen to that much good rap

    • Anonymous

      agreed. Pusha: "Man, I wanted to drop that while Mercy was hot, Ye." Kanye: "What, another mixtape? Sure."

    • Anonymous

      dre is 50 and a closet homo that sells headphones full time. bizzy bone is a washed up has been smoking crack somewhere dark. gay-z is 45 dressing like a hipster. good examples idiot. pusha t is a BUM. always has been, always will be. 5 foot midget that raps about coke all day when he never sold a bag in his life. what a talent.

    • Bloody Kadarn

      You need to 'sew' up ya fukken mouth with all that hate komin out. wayne kaught feelings off a line frum Pusha. His EP while not a classic (far from) was styll better than most of the garbage that komes out now. (With the exception of Brotha Lynch Hung & Tech N9ne) And why are you worryin about age? Dre is 50 or 51, Bizzy Bone is about 38, and I bet you listen to Gay-Z and his garbage. Stop riffin and get a life!

  • Anonymous

    oh so u sell drugd

  • Anonymous

    That title go hard lol, the mixtape better go hard too.

  • shaw

    Pusha T announces that he will release "Wrath of Caine" mixtape before his major label debut flops.

    • shaw

      Okay tough guy, If you say so.

    • LOLLL

      HHAHAHAHA @SHAW catching feelings!!!!!!!! FAG

    • Anonymous

      @Shaw who do you think you are haha your sad you thing you know everything about this rap shit but your just a fat virgin behind the pc like most of you people who talk like they got a vote

    • Shaw

      What a surprise! Another caps lock abusing, no punctuation using dick rider that makes baseless assumptions about a person he doesn't now shit about, while simultaneously using outdated slang like "guap" to defend another guy he doesn't know shit about. @2chainsordie. Don't ever address me again until you graduate high school.

    • Anonymous

      jay is sitting on his pc with his dick in his hand defending pusha t online. what a winner!

    • jay


    • 2chainsordie

      suck a nigga dick hoe

  • Foolsfoolish

    drake better then push in every aspect hahaha

    • John

      To be honest, who ever keeps hating on Push whatever you say is based around your OPINION and you're entitled to it :)

    • Karl

      But drake is somewhere in between rap and RnB that suits Young Money. GOOD Music make classic Hip Hop. So it makes sense for Pusha T to be there to make another classic album.(See: Hell Hath no Fury.)

    • Anonymous

      I'm sorry but I wholeheartedly agree with the first comment. Drake is a better rapper, certainly has more of a career, and arguably music as a whole would be better if Drake and Pusha swapped teams...

    • Bloody Kadarn

      Drake needs to get Pushed off a fukken building and land on something sharp throat first

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