Cee Lo Green Implicated In Fight With Two Women

It looks like Cee Lo Green may have been involved in a physical alteration with two women in Miami.

Fresh off his recent sexual battery accusations, it looks like Cee Lo Green may be in trouble again. Now, in a report from TMZ, news broke that the Goodie Mob alum was reportedly involved in a physical scuffle with two women.

Reports are now surfacing that Cee Lo was embroiled in a fracas with two women in July 2011. Although details in the case are shaky, the Atlanta rapper was reportedly attacked by two women at hotel in Miami, prompting police intervention.

Witnesses and Cee Lo told police that he met the two intoxicated women at a nightclub and brought them back to his hotel room. Apparently, the Goodie Mob rapper got into an argument with one of the women, and eventually asked them to leave. Once outside, however, the two women physically attacked the rapper.

At the time of the event, no one was arrested as the scuffle was deemed mutual combat. DX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

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  • Cat Feces

    Probably hookers, this dude is ugly as hell

  • what

    Cee Lo told police that he met the two intoxicated women at a nightclub and brought them back to his hotel room, i guess they didnt want to give up the sex for free, only reason a man bring a intoxicated women back to his room is only for one thing, yeap you guess it

  • SlickRick

    "mutual combat" He should of called Chris B for back up

  • ...

    Change the title of article. Stop trying to get hits that way

  • Khujo goodie

    LOL!! How is this the same ceelo from goodie mob??

  • Mac Dynamite

    Reading this article, it looks like Cee-Lo was simply attacked. Do half of you niggas actually read these articles before you start trolling?

  • Anonymous

    This shit happened in July 2011, so why is this news? Oh maybe its because of the shit in the news lately....Someone is after this dude. Watch some crazy shit happen real soon.

  • Sensaye

    You guys are mad at him for taking 2 women back to his hotel room? Why? 'cause he's 40? What's he supposed to be doing, playing shuffleboard and watching soap operas? Get off his pipe. "But he has a sixteen your old daughter"...and? responsible parents like to fuck too. I will say this though, once you start rubbing elbows with those white folks in Hollywood too much, it's just a matter of time before they put you on blast and try to destroy you. He's an educated brotha, he should listen to some of his own knowledge that he used to spit back when he was actually an MC.

    • Anonymous

      He constantly hits on people half his age or younger on The Voice, and just comes off like a perverted fat ass. But wait. He's educated so it's ok.

    • Sensaye

      If he drugs and rapes women then he is a pig, but where does it say that he drugged and raped women? If someone accused you of something, and everybody assumed it was true without anything backing it up, would you like that? I'm not even a Cee-lo fan, I never was, but this culture that America has of salivating at the mouth whenever someone else is in trouble is fuckin' wack. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you're a prick. There might come a day when you're accused of something or treated, you shouldn't whistle past the graveyard.

    • d2

      responible parents don't drug and rape women. must be cee-lo's weight that has him fucking half sleeping girls. embarrassed of that gut. cee-lo is worthless trash. i hope he doesn't get locked up. i'll miss seeing him judge talent on the voice every week. FUCK CEE-LO he's a demonic pig.

  • jase

    always knew this old fat mf was a piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    I thought Cee-Lo was a family man. His daughter was on Super Sweet 16 I heard as Daddy's little princess and now he is messing with the ho's?

  • Anonymous

    NBC is going to destroy this coon. that's what you get for being willing to tap dance for da man on a network show. the $ is good but if you fuck up, you're history. you ain't brittany spears cee-lo. your leash is shorter than your arms cee-lo is clearly on high powered drugs that are causing him to act erratically and dress like a homo.

  • Anonymous

    That's what Cee Lo gets for being 40 years old taking club skanks back to his hotel. Smh, all that money and the best pussy you can get is from a drunk hood rat you met in a club at 2AM??

    • Anonymous

      whats wrong with going to a bar and takin some hot ladies with you when you leave? especially if there all over you!

  • Anonymous

    have you ever hated somebody so much to the point you wanted to murder them?

  • Anonymous

    ...Women get upset when a guy with money does not want to be with them!!!...

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