Game Explains Helping New Yorkers To Vote

Game clarifies details surrounding his voting assistance in New York.

Earlier this week,reports surfaced that Game was paying people in New York to vote.

Speaking with MTV's RapFix Live, the West Coast emcee spoke on the matter, separating facts from rumors.

"The story got a little misconstrued as it flowed through the media," explained Game. "They tried to make it seem like I was paying people to go vote."

Game revealed that he merely facilitated voters' transportation in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. "The gas situation was crazy. I was in Jersey, and I didn't understand until I got into [New York City] and saw 200 cabs lined up, with cars and people out there in a walk-up line with little gas cans. So what I did was, once they opened a couple of the trains again, I just was giving people $20 because I felt that would get you to and from a poll," he said.

"We said we were gonna keep it at $10,000 and give 500 people $20 and let them rock. We even put some people in a car service, dropped them off at polls and kept going."

Watch the interview below:

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  • NYC_Representative

    Voting is like makes you feel good, but it does not have an affect on the outcome. USELESS

  • White milk

    I never read the whole story. Much respect to those who know. Game you a good man. But Obama he not for the mamas.

  • White milk

    This makes me so mad. Lets get all the uneducated blacks in the hood to vote for someone because there favorite shitty rapper wants them to. It's ok Obama is gonna keep your food stamps and welfare coming in so don't worry. Just keep using your Internet and cell phone that my taxes are paying for. This country needs a makeover but I don't think that will ever happen because all these liberal fucks are taking over. And for anyone saying this is a racist statement I'm a proud black man sick of seeing thin buffoonery Smarten up. They played you

    • Rashid Muhammad

      LOL at this house negro. Look queer, you people built this country for 400 HUNRED YEARS and didn't get a dime off it, so show a little respect for your brothers that never got reparations and were forced to live in subhuman conditions.

    • Anonymous

      Your black with a name like white milk ok buddy if you say so lol. Yea right you not foolin any one.Your racist buddy

    • Case Closed

      oh you shut up. Lets not talk about all those rednecks that can barley speak in the south voting for Romney because he was white. Lol. Yall got beat deal with it. Obama represents the future and Romney is the old vision of America. A lot of people want to hold on to the old America especially in the South. Its not just about white anymore. Its about whats right. You cant shit on the middle Class and poor people anymore. If you are black then you are an uncle Tom. Your not black your white. Case Closed

  • Anonymous

    good look! Big Ups Game.

  • Jnr

    Yo GAME, much props to you, you surely have earned my maximum respect for that. Nigga didn't even try make it a big deal and set the records straight on that shit. No disrespect to all the big name rappers in New York but NONE of them tried to do shit like this and yet a West Coast nigga had to come up to help, wow... And yes this is coming from someone who wasn't a fan of GAME but i am now.

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