Earlier this week,reports surfaced that Game was paying people in New York to vote.

Speaking with MTV’s RapFix Live, the West Coast emcee spoke on the matter, separating facts from rumors.

“The story got a little misconstrued as it flowed through the media,” explained Game. “They tried to make it seem like I was paying people to go vote.”

Game revealed that he merely facilitated voters’ transportation in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. “The gas situation was crazy. I was in Jersey, and I didn’t understand until I got into [New York City] and saw 200 cabs lined up, with cars and people out there in a walk-up line with little gas cans. So what I did was, once they opened a couple of the trains again, I just was giving people $20 because I felt that would get you to and from a poll,” he said.

“We said we were gonna keep it at $10,000 and give 500 people $20 and let them rock. We even put some people in a car service, dropped them off at polls and kept going.”

Watch the interview below:

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