Wale Hoping To Standout Sonically & "Show Range" On His Third Solo Album

Wale dishes out the details on his third album, says it'll likely take him back to a more exciting time musically.

As part of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group, D.C. rapper Wale hasn’t had too many opportunities to flaunt his creativity as a solo artist as of late, but the opportunity to shine as a solo emcee will likely come with the release of the rapper’s third album.

While speaking with MTV News, Wale spoke on taking a new approach with his next studio album. An approach that he says will consist of taking the music back to a more exciting time personally.

“I just wanna show range,” Wale explained. “I proved a lot to my peers and to myself and to my fans so I just wanna take it back to something a little more exciting. When the music was most exciting to me. Kinda like when I was in my best pocket…Just for being swarmed in my own stuff and doing Self Made and all those things. I haven’t had an opportunity to stand on my own sonically as an artist as much as I would like. This new project I’m working on is definitely allowing me to do that.”

Fans of Wale will likely have to endure a bit of a wait when it comes to the release of the rapper’s third album since he fully plans on taking his time with this project.

“It’s not coming as quick as like a lot of other projects. Self Made I could just hit a beat, but now I’m like ‘Alright, I don’t like the strings. Take that out. Let’s try this. I don’t like the percussion so let’s change the snare.’ I might be doing it myself on some of the songs on there so it’s a little bit different,” said the rapper.

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  • Anonymous

    Wale's lucky to have a career. I'll give him props for catching a brick and bouncing back

  • RC

    Hmmmm maybe we'll see another collabo wit 9th Wonder??

  • Anonymous

    that means he's going Pop

  • Ameriboy

    rappers need to quit telling us theyre gonna make music that reminds us of [insert previous mixtape or album name]. life is about having new experiences and talkin about them, not reminiscing on old projects and tryna recreate them. how about branding your album as something we've never heard???????????????? I know your reading this Wale. I still have a bit of hope in you!

  • Anonymous

    Just my opinion, but I think this is the effect of Kendrick Lamar. GKMC and past projects have set the bar for rap music. Building your own sound and sticking to it is the mindset that Kendrick instilled. I think you will see Wale and hopefully other rappers embrace this thinking, because in the end this will help rap GROW. Let rappers take control of their albums creative process NOT labels. But, whether it is Kendricks influence or not, good direction by Wale.

    • Ernie

      Cosign, except I would include Life Is Good in that circle of influence. Call me a dickrider or whatever. But I don't think it's a coincidence that mainstream rappers like ASAP Rocky, Big Sean, and Wale have stated that they're trying to step their game up. One of the highest grossing this year, the most critically acclaimed this year. And not off of some bullshit that lacks substance and sells out or race for a quick dollar, but quality lyricism and music. Now everybody's tryin' to get on that shit.

  • Anonymous

    mixtape rapper been shit since his debut

  • JRich

    I hope it'll take you to a more exciting time musically Wale. Because Ambition was one of the most boring albums in recent memory. When you obviously have more talent than Ross and Meek and both of their albums blow yours away you know you have to change something.

  • Vern

    All I can say is agree with the comments below me. Wale was way nicer before MMG, dude was a poet for real. MMG dumbed him down just a little..and its a shame.

  • poetic assasin

    why does every artist have to say "sonically" when they're talking about their upcoming project, and then you hear it and it sounds exactly like their previous projects?

    • The Future

      That's hilarious but sooooooo true. But to another point above your, I really think Kendrick did set the bar high for this generation of rappers. Rappers stay wanting to state how much better they are then the next man, but there's no denying what Kendrick did on 10/22...he single handley changed the game with GKMC. And now every other rap is on notice!!!!!

  • yeaaahh

    Well, I'm hyped to hear him say this. He changed a little after signing with MMG. You can tell Ross kinda influenced him because his flow on a couple of songs from Ambition sounded like Ross -- he switched up his style a little to reach a broader audience and it worked. We need that poetic/lyrical Wale back now, though. I also liked when he did tracks with artists from different genres, like his songs with Gaga and John Mayer.

  • Just Sayin'

    pre MMG Wale > MMG Wale

    • kayaman

      couldn't agree more with you....there's nothing like that back to the feature and the nothing series of mixtape wale...lotus flower bomb?? cmon man

  • Anonymous

    I hate when rappers talk about, "taking it back or going back to.....". I've got an idea, keep it street

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