Killer Mike Details His Family's History With Voting Rights On Election Day

Exclusive: Killer Mike wears an "I'm Glad Reagan Dead" shirt to his local voting station, explains the key issues to him in yesterday's election including legalizing marijuana and education reform.

On November 6, 2012 Killer Mike took to the Collier Heights section of Adamsville, Georgia to cast his vote in the Presidential and local elections. Mike, clad in a signature, “I’m Glad Reagan Dead” t-shirt handled his civic business at the Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church. And as he explained in an exclusive video interview for HipHopDX, his choice goes deeper than electoral politics.

Killer Mike’s Familial Voting History And The Link To The Civil Rights Struggle

The same artist who made the poignant song "Reagan" on this year's R.A.P. Music album explained his strong connection with his right to vote. "I vote because I feel like it’s a blood oath. My grandmother brought me here. She marched with Dr. [Martin Luther] King in Alabama, and she brought me here from the time I was about five years old. I’ve been at every poll with her, and she died this year. So this is my first time going to vote without her, and it was real emotional for me." The Grind Time Rap Gang leader added a humorous note, "I was always considered to be a rebel. I used to park my car in the pastor’s wife’s spot, but now I don’t."

Charter Schools, Legalized Marijuana And Issues On The Adamsville Ballot

Mike Bigga also acknowledged some key issues that matter to him in his video for HipHopDX. "I also smoke marijuana, and I’m interested in seeing certain things happen. I heard there may be a bill coming through in January of 2013 that legalizes marijuana and allows new industries to grow. So I’m going to be a supporter of that no matter who introduces it—Republican or Democrat." Beyond legalizing marijuana in Georgia, Mike is focused on education. "I’m also interested in seeing schools improve. I did vote, contrary to some of my peers in regards to charter schools, because I think the public school system is going to shit. Maybe the threat of charter schools may help our public schools refrain from some of the gross mishandling of monies they’re doing. And maybe it’ll get all of us off standardized testing and more into a real, quality education for our children. I’m interested in seeing alternative schools pop up [besides] the traditional public schools we have that aren’t working."

Killer Mike’s Advice On Local Voting And Convicted Felons

Killer Mike encouraged those who have lost their right to vote to attempt restoring that exercise. In the interim, he also suggested ways that those barred from the polls can make a difference. "I’m in the community. I’m out here for real, and I challenge other rappers to get out here. If you’re a felon, non-violent drug offender and you’ve lost your rights, please try to get your rights back. And if you’re not—you’re just out on Election Day—take an older person to the polls. Take a young person to the poll, help people get there, work on the campaign. Do something proactive in the community, and remember to vote local. All voting is local."

Killer Mike is currently on the Big Beast Tour, and you can purchase tickets, get venue information and “I’m Glad Reagan Dead” as well as “Fuck Hope Do Dope” shirts at

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  • Anonymous

    Seeing these comments make me sad really. I cant believe all the racist bullshit thats thrown around by evvvvvery race. Im sorry but the fact that we basically let the choice be black or white, when both candidates were absolutely horrrible for our country, is really upsetting and a bad sign of things to come. People talk about mitts lack of a plan which I completely agree with but my question is wheres obamas? And supporting the auto bail out? He chose big business and banks over main street. Not something I agree with. The fact that neither candidate brings up fixing the countries drug policies alone shows how unserious they are about fixng our country. Want change? When we drop the population of voters down to ooh i dont know 20% well have a shot at real change. We have moved soo far from our forefathers constitution..and thats what they always turn to...did you know your forefathers didnt believe every man deserved to vote for president? I have to agree. To much truth in this post FBIs comin for me:O

    • Sensaye

      Word. And neither of them ever mention a single word about our school system, which to me is the worst problem of all because it has become a factory that creates criminals and dumb fucks that don't know how to think for themselves or do anything. Politicians are corrupt. All of them. You can't even get in the political game unless you concede to a certain amount of corruption. We just have to try to choose the less corrupt politician, which is really kinda sad. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      TRUTH!!!!!!!! 100% agreed

    • Anonymous


  • Sensaye

    I respect that he at least has has own voice and opinions. With that said, this dude is a prick. I don't care how you slice it, "Fuck hope, do dope" is not a good message to send to the kids. And even if you are glad someone is dead, kids already place very little value on their own life or anyone else's life, they don't need more reenforcement and justification for that. I just don't think the kids need one more drop of negativity added to the already overflowing cesspool of it that rappers continue to contribute to. He's obviously not dumb, but that doesn't mean he's not a niggative misguiding asshole. I think he's more interesting in hearing himself talk than he is actually making a difference in the community. I mean, after all, this nigga name is Killer Mike, and don't try to give me some bullshit abstract meaning for the name. And lose some weight, how are people supposed to lend any credence to what you say when you can't even discipline yourself enough to get under 300 lbs.

  • Anonymous

    Screw this racist asshole, I remember him saying "if you don't vote for Obama you are a race traitor."

    • Fact

      So tell me, how many Mormons voted for Obama. If the Vegas line on the over/under was one Mormon voting for Obama, I'd take the under. So are they all racist (after all, their church considered black people to be less than human up until the late 70s and wouldn't take them as members) or do they just believe a man with the same background and ideology in the White House would represent them better?

    • Anonymous

      When did he say that? Killer Mike tweeted: "If @MittRomney publicly enforces Polygamy Right now I will VOTE for Him....(waits)......u got two hrs Mitt what's up?"

  • jake

    this guys such an idiot. facts are facts. black people seem to hate reagan even though they did better in those years than almost every year since, excluding all the free shit clinton started adding to what was already a great economy and burst the credit bubble for no women had the highest employment in history during reagan and men had higher employment than average for black people also. he gave the people freedom to run the economy the way they wanted in a free market society. obama just steals from people who aren't even rich, anyone above the poverty line who pays taxes, and gives that shit to you people with free phones, food stamps, and raising your 9 illegitimate children. its a joke. he bought your vote and most of you were just racists. realistically i know only a couple percent of black people even voted because your felony backgrounds, crack addictions, lack of caring, and all that are locked up. he wants people like himself to pay more in taxes but apparently it must be mandatory or else he won't even do it. the man has a networth of 12 million dollars and donates not a dime of it. if he believed in trickling down rich peoples money to the poor then he'd trickle down some of his own. he manipulated you guys to the fullest. abortion hasn't been illegal in 40 years and nothing was going to change. every time taxes raise on working people, the non working are still never any better off. haven't you realized that already? the government just keeps the money. listen to a black man like Thomas Sowell - "i don't understand how it could be greedy to want to keep your own earnings but not greedy to want to take somebody elses". exactly. romney was proposing reaganomics all over again. you had the chance for a great economy, low prices, great jobs again, etc. but you had to vote racist, and for handouts. i'm sorry but at this point, minorities can mostly go fuck themselves. coming to america for a better life is ok, but realize you left socialism for a reason so don't bring that shit with you and try to turn america into the very place you ran away from. it's fucking ridiculous.

    • ano

      i guess Obama hasn't done anything for black pple but only giving black pple hope

    • Anonymous

      "minorities can mostly go fuck themselves. coming to america for a better life is ok" listen cracker you are an immigrant just like the rest of the united states population and you brought black people here by force so go fuck yourself.

    • You mad bro?

      LOL @ "You people" Look, I understand alot of you guys are real sour this morning, understandable. But this hyperbolic diatribe is missing some key components. Trickle down economics has never worked. While you may be correct in your assertion about employment numbers, Reagan and his regime over saw the crack epidemic (which did waaaaay more damage, across generations, then inflated employment numbers). Mitt wasn't proposing ANYTHING. He NEVER gave specifics about how he'd go about deficit reduction. Come to think of it, why the fuck are you even here, on this site? There are plenty of your butthurt brethren that you could cry to that would actually give a flying fuck. Meanwhile, the rest of us, will be moving forward.

  • Intelligent Rhyme

    Yes...Killer Mike is always on it...

  • F. Rap

    Congratulations to all who voted. Now the president can finally address the extreme violence in his home state & provide jobs for impoverish communities in Shitcago around the country.

    • Anonymous

      Also he saved the auto industry, cleaned the biggest oil spill, killed Osama, ended our wars which cause our economic collapse and has a bigger dick than you so stop bein jealous bitch..I'm talkin to you JACOB

    • Anonymous

      Obama lowered taxes and they are at all time-lows for most people, you dumb fuck

    • jake

      his state is so violent because of his and other liberals gun laws that prevent only the law abiding, honest people from any chance of protecting themselves. not even 1/100th of 1 percent of legal gun owners have ever committed any crime at all. they aren't the problem even though liberals think they are. his high taxes, high regulations, and lack of common sense economic policies is why chicago has a shitty job market too. obama fucked up everything. literally everything. you can't name something he hasn't harmed.

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