Juvenile Clarifies Statements Regarding Lil Wayne Wanting To Leave Cash Money

Juvenile explains that his quotes about Lil Wayne were said before he hit the studio with him and Birdman.

This past weekend, Juvenile was quoted in an interview with Complex stating that Lil Wayne asked him for advice during the mid-2000s on how to get out of his contract with Cash Money Records.

Now, Juvie has stepped forward with a statement clarifying the quotes, explaining that the interview was conducted in the Spring before he hit the studio with Weezy and Birdman to record "Picture Perfect," which was released last month.

"I am truly excited to say that it's a new day. There are a lot of old interviews out there that can reflect old negativity," said Juvie. "Luckily, in recent months, circumstances brought me and Cash Money  back together and I was able to re-unite with members of my original crew. That's why we all have decided to leave negativity in the past. I am truly looking forward to the future and to my future work with Baby, Lil Wayne, YMCMB and Cash Money. 'Picture Perfect' is the beginning and we have a lot more to come. Get ready!"

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  • Cash Money

    Juvenile doesn't deserve to be able to come back to Cash Money. He is like that relative who moves to another state, talks bad about family back home, but every time he ends up broke and has to move back home, he begging those same family members for money.

  • Fuck malone

    some ban this retarded malone troll



    • Real History

      Truth be told about how those former Cash Money artists got paid is they all had to get lawyers and take Slim, Baby and Prime Time to court. UNLV's remaining 2 members, B.G. and Juvenile all won in court to get their money, so stop with all the thug lies. Christopher Dorsey aka The B.G. can't touch Birdman on no thug level, because Birdman's money is to long at this point.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    from one extreme to the other, wonder if he was paid to say that... lol

  • Malone

    What lies in the woods should never be revealed... . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • mrNelSon

    I'm tired these niggas making statements then retracting them later on when it's all over the web.

  • dentaldamboy

    mmmmmmm I like me some Juve mmmmmmmmmm......................

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Mannie Fresh jumped ship should raise eyebrows.

  • "Juvenile Bitchafies his statements"

    "Juvenile Bitchafies his statements"

  • The Future

    This is what I don't get from that article.....How can Juvie be mad that Wayne didn't leave Cash Money if you were trying to charge him to see how u got out of your contract? If your my man and we've been down forever and I'm coming to you for advice and u want me to pay you??????? And still after Juvie dissed Wayne all these years all Wayne ever did was right a song called, "I miss my dawgs" Wayne stayed quiet throughout this whole issue. Now the best thing that ever happened to Wayne's career was that Jay wanted to sign him back in '04/'05 when he became the President of Def Jam and Wayne even addressed it on his Dedication 1 mixtape, that he was going to leave Cash Money for the Roc but Universal & Baby came to him with an even bigger contract on top of him having his own label/imprint with Young Money as well as becoming the Pres. of Cash Money. That was a no brainier for Wayne, especially since Jay left Def Jame 3 yrs later in '08. Now Wayne is about to sign another contract worth close to 200 Million which will become the biggest rap contract in history. So you see in 7 years Wayne has become the biggest rapper with the biggest two new artist under him (Nicki & Drake) and now endorsement deals,clothing deals etc.... I get why Juvie can be jealous but he can't be mad when you didn't want to help your little brother out in the first place. Now I'm glad Juvie addressed it and that's in the past because from the looks of "Picture Perfect" they still make great music together. I hope Turk & B.G. (from jail) can get on some songs!!!!!

  • helloISanyonehome

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  • floyd gayweather

    lil wayne can suck me dick! IM FLOYD MONEY GAYFEATHER

  • dentaldamboy

    Juvenile has always been jealous of Wayne. Wayne's contract has always been more favorable. Wayne made the right decision to stay with Cash Money. He's got $100mm in the bank, has his own imprint and has a clothing line. Juvenile is broke. Nough said. YMCMB for life.

    • The Future

      Co-sing 1,00000%

    • Anonymous

      Hop off the dick. Wayne is just another industry whore. He doesn't even have $100 million. Juvenile is a legend with money in the bank. He has nothing to be jealous about. Did you forget that 400 Degrees by Juvenile is the highest selling album on Cash Money, more than all of Lil Wayne's album? One more thing, fuck YMCMB. They're a bunch of fake pop pussies that makes trash music.

  • Anonymous

    he still said all that shit and he knows its all true

  • Fuck New Orleans

    Mothafucka still using those do-rags

  • T Million

    What's going on in hip hop man every artist back tracks their words these days. Either you stick to what you said or shut the ***k up! simple

  • Wow

    Smh.. man Another sucker move from another Sucka!!!

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