This past weekend, Juvenile was quoted in an interview with Complex stating that Lil Wayne asked him for advice during the mid-2000s on how to get out of his contract with Cash Money Records.

Now, Juvie has stepped forward with a statement clarifying the quotes, explaining that the interview was conducted in the Spring before he hit the studio with Weezy and Birdman to record “Picture Perfect,” which was released last month.

“I am truly excited to say that it’s a new day. There are a lot of old interviews out there that can reflect old negativity,” said Juvie. “Luckily, in recent months, circumstances brought me and Cash Money  back together and I was able to re-unite with members of my original crew. That’s why we all have decided to leave negativity in the past. I am truly looking forward to the future and to my future work with Baby, Lil Wayne, YMCMB and Cash Money. ‘Picture Perfect’ is the beginning and we have a lot more to come. Get ready!”

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