Live Stream Of Jay-Z Performing At President Barack Obama Campaign Rally In Ohio

Jay-Z is slated to take the stage along with Bruce Springsteen.

Jay-Z is slated to take the stage alongside Bruce Springsteen at President Barack Obama's campaign rally in Ohio.

The day before the election, Hov is currently in Columbus to perform in support of the current POTUS' re-election. 

The Roc Nation chief has been vocal about his support for Obama in this election. "For so long, there was this voice that was silenced out there as far as exercising the right to vote. I think it was a voice that was silent because people had lost hope. People didn't believe that their voice mattered or counted. They thought it was just policies, people going back and forth and at the end of the day, it never trickled down to where we live," he previously said. "Now, people are exercising their right and you starting to see the power of our vote. It means something for the first time for a lot of people, having someone in office who understands how powerful our voice can be. It's very important."

Watch the live stream of the performance below, beginning at 3:30 p.m. EST.

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  • peter

    I want obama to win THE ELECTIO

  • gay z

    Under Obama - Lowest consecutive GDP quarters than anytime in our history - Unemployment has nearly doubled - More workers fall out of the labor force than anytime in our history - Minority unemployment is highest in 30+ years - U6 for blacks is over 20% - Young worker unemployment highest since tracked in the 1950's - Unemployment over 8% for 41 months, never has happened in our history - 38% increase in Americans living at or below poverty, more than anytime in our history - 36% increase in homelessness - 13% more Americans WITHOUT healthcare today than 4 years ago - 50% increase in debt - 4.5x more people on foodstamps - 3x more people on welfare than anytime in our history - In 3 wars instead of 2 and about to be a 4th with Syria - Gitmo still open - More companies have filed bankruptcy than anytime in our history - 25% increase in home foreclosures - Under Obamacare women can only get pap smears every 4 years instead of annually - Under obamacare mamograms every 3 years instead of annually - The real war on women U DUDES R SO DUMB WHAT AN EVIL FRAUD..........

  • Rahbangem Copy n paste^ New music from (money team ) $$$ MACITY (SHOW LOVE))

  • Rahbangem Copy n paste^ New music from (money team ) $$$ MACITY (SHOW LOVE)

  • NOI 4 LiFE

    I Know, Obama Win This Election. I'm Sure As Fuck.

  • Nathaniel

    Jay you referred to Romney being racist, but at the same time you call him a 'cracker, well done lol!!!!!

  • Billy Bucks

    I don't understand why people haven't learned that the Government DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ANY OF US. They are placating to the masses right now because the Constitution still has a little bit of power left (not for long). All of Government INCLUDING Obama is slowly taking the power from the people. They have to do it slowly or there's revolution. Look at Egypt. The Dems pretend to care about the middle class and the poor because that's the MAJORITY. But we're getting played. They are creating all the financial issues ON PURPOSE. They want us to be 100% dependent on them so they can control our entire lives. All these pretty little packages that Obama is FORCING through is to trick you fucking Morons into thinking he cares. He wants us to NEED the government!!! Don't get me wrong. We're fucked either way. Romney won't even PRETEND (like Obama) to like the middle class.

    • Anonymous


    • Billy Bucks're right. That's the problem. We're phucked either way.

    • westcoast

      i just hope yall dont mess it up and put romney in the white house... WWIII here we come :(

  • keepit100

    Fuck the media, and everyone dickridin this dumb nigga Obama he isn't worth FUCK , and u dumbasses should know this 4 years deep !! He's got us further in a hole than we were already when bush was in office. Obama has NO plan, get this thru ya dumbazz welfare hungry asses Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12 Romney '12

  • Anonymous

    Romney gets in you gonna get 2 maybe 3 years of work out of him then it's back to re election campaign. Keep Obama he will be able to get shit done without thinking about re election. Romney is gonna be a Bush remix. But hey, it's just like being Black on any job, you gotta work harder to keep the job while a white man is held to a different standard where incompetence is excused (kinda like with Bush being re elected or a slacker friend of your boss), especially in a position of authority. This happens in corporate America why would it be any different on this stage?

  • Mr Official

    I am sick and tired of hip hop dx and all this false propaganda


    FUCK OBAMA. Jay-z a mad nice rapper but in all seriousness, FUCK OBAMA, and romney. theyre both horrible people and if you did ANY and i mean ANY REAL research it's plain to see how bad their policies are. obama isn't making things better you ignorant oblivious pawns of political propaganda! hes made things worse, his admin manipulates the unemployment (like not including some states) for example.. unemployment is higher, more countries hate us with our drone strikes and unwanted presence, and hes passed A LOT of legislation/ executive orders that can LOCK YOU UP FOR LIFE with NO trial, spy on you at home and on the internet, TAKE YOUR PERSONAL PROPERTY and say it's a "Resource" they need.. and romney supports all this as well.. so bottom line, FUCK EM. Get guns and ammo while you can. head to the gun shop, you WON'T regret it.

    • joe

      @jay Youre more racist than "rich racist cracker" Romney. I'm black but really Obama hasnt accomplished shit, and its not because the "white man" held him down. ignorant piece of shit

    • These Dudes...

      @Jay, You know Obama is the 44th president, right? Even if he wins again... still the 44th... so you basically just ignorantly endorsed Romney. the only part of this that i care to comment on

    • Anonymous

      "mad nice"? NERD.

    • jay

      U sound fucking pathetic i mean romney is rich racist cracker Obama is just a black man tying to do the best he can in a white Washington, he grinded out a stimulus a health care bill killed binny laden and yet the republicans blocked most of his bills including a jobs bill most whites bitched and moaned about him not passing so hes gonna win 4 more years i hope fags like u come to your senses and support our 45th prez bye cocksucker!!!!!!!!!!

    • joe

      word. Im voting for Romney but they are both shit. We are fucked.

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