50 Cent Says Man Suing Him Doesn't Own Allegedly Unauthorized Sample

50 Cent says the man suing him for using his sample doesn't even own it.

In April, The Persuaders' Robert Poindexter filed a suit in New York over 50 Cent's uncleared use of the group's track "Love Gonna Pack Up and Walk Away" from 50's "Redrum," included on the rapper's War Angel album.

Now, 50 has responded, stating that he hasn't violated any copyright laws.

TMZ reports that 50 claims in recently filed court documents that Poindexter doesn't own the rights to the music because he apparently signed them over to Warner Music Group.

50 has asked the judge to dismiss the case.

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  • AJB4

    really your breakin the law even if you put it out for free

    • King Oduduwa

      Stop hating on 50 for no reason. If you understand the court system when it comes to copyrights and ownership rules, and other titles, 50 knows someone who signs away their ownership rights, has to place to sue anybody. The sample 50 used in the War Angel mixtape was a mixtape that was given away for free. The real question is, what are you suing for Robert Poindexter when in fact you don't anything rights to a song and the mixtape/songs made no money because the mixtape was downloaded as a freebie. So with your unnecessary hating on 50 to the side, 50 will win with this phony case tossed by the judge.

  • Anonymous

    Check out "Perfection Is A Theory" by Sivil! Album of the year! http://sivilmusic.tumblr.com/PerfectionIsATheory

  • Anonymous

    He's right. The right belongs to Ja Rule and since he is a real gangsta, he would never sue anybody.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, he's right. The rights for his music belongs to Ja Rule. And he is true gangsta and will never sue nobody.

  • Anonymous

    LOL. Hatin ass old nucca

  • Anonymous

    L for being called Poindexter

  • Jay

    War Angel was a free ass album

    • Anonymous

      just ask mac miller about that one but they were selling the free mixtape song on itunes and amazon so now he getting sued by 2 different people for 10 million each

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are correct. Using samples on a free project is usually safe, but if you start performing it heavily at concerts it becomes an asset, which isn't safe.

    • My2CentsPlyr

      An artist can claim that another artist is still making money off their original piece even if the "album"......ie....perform the song at a pay concert, etc.

  • kingofpua

    50 cent is under alot of pressure !!!needs help..Lloyd gone,Tony trash.. #www.kingofpua.com

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