NY Oil Documents Sandy Staten Island Volunteer Cleanup Efforts In Video

Rapper NY Oil is among those helping out after this week's storm devastation along the East Coast. He made a video and interviewed those impacted, along with documented grassroots and political relief.

Veteran emcee NY Oil has created a new video documenting the clean-up following this past week's Superstorm Sandy. NY Oil (f/k/a Kool Kim of The UMC's) is a Staten Island, New York native and interviewed and filmed local residents and volunteers during the clean-up. The video was reportedly filmed at Mt. Sinai Church along the island's North Shore, one of the several areas of devastation.

"It's about having that marriage with politicians, your community board, your council-people," said NY Oil, in regards to using institutions to join grassroots efforts. "We're out here doin' what we can do to get it done," he added, noting his own voluntary efforts.

NY Oil included the message with the video: "We assisted in passing out bags of dry ice provided by Con Edison and facilitated by our Council Member Debi Rose who fought to be certain that our portion of Staten Island got the much needed attention that it hasn't. We understand how press and the news coverage works... we're not even going to complain... we are going to work hard to fix our communities and identify where the problems exist and target them and effectively resolve these issues as a community.

We appreciate all the help you've all offered and all of your well wishes and we pray that we make you proud of us as we show you how we do when faced with a crisis."

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  • Anonymous

    Good that NY Oil is now going to be known for more than hating on Nas lol. Fuck boy

  • Anonymous

    at list ONE RAPPER, is doin somethin about it.and i mean physical presence.not runnin 2 the media and talkin shit

    • Anonymous

      OMG...come on son? D-List rappers got nothing better to do. Why not help?..The best I every seen a rapper do was David Banner after Katrina. dude had hits and was in a few top box office movies and still brought his bus out to help the ppl. This dude ain't had a real hip hop hit since "One to grow on"...when he was some other dude. And, most of the cats reading this was not born when that song came out.

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