ScHoolboy Q Says That He's Planning Another Project This Year

The same year as "Habits & Contradictions," ScHoolboy Q claims that Hip Hop fans have "somethin' to look forward to" before New Year.

Less than two weeks after Kendrick Lamar released good kid, m.A.A.d. city, another Black Hippy member is indicating that TDE's busy 2012 may not be over.

In a video interview with and, ScHoolboy Q stated that he has plans for a second retail project for this year. "I don't know if I want to drop somethin' right now, or I wanna drop something next year. But...I already lied. I'm lyin', man. I'm gonna drop somethin' this year, and I'm gonna drop my [major label] album next year. You've got somethin' to look forward to."

In January of this year, the Los Angeles, California native released Habits & Contradictions digitally. His second such release, the album featured contributions from Alchemist, Curren$y and Dom Kennedy, among his band-mates and debuted on the Top 200 (#111). Now a part of Interscope Records through TDE's deal, ScHoolboy's major label debut is the following album he's referring to.

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  • Yamz


  • bitch

    Q is weak. fuck any nigga that would tattoo their fucking face. kendrick is the only dude outta that whole crew who is worth even listening to

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I didn't know all of TDE signed with interscope. That's what's up, they doin big things. I hope all of the Black Hippy members prosper, all four of those niggas can spit.

    • BPSN

      jay rock gonna have strange/intercope/tde on his albums. just like after 50 cent made g unit records they had interscope/aftermath/g unit records stamps. idk shady might be on there too

    • BPSN

      Everything these guys release is going to be TDE/Interscoe except Jay Rock cause he with Strange music. they all got distribution deals with interscope through tde but k dot and q are actual interscope artists. like the 5th/6th anon said. interscope will put their time and money into k dot and q, but for ab soul and jay rock theyll jus ship their albums to major stores like bestbuy. why would tde not have their stamp on every album of theirs? black hippy helped create tde, doesnt make any sense at all. yall need to do some research on the music business for real

    • d

      Yeah I think it's just Dot and Q. But Black Hippy (as a group) are signed so if there is ever a group album it'll be released on Interscope not TDE.

    • Anonymous

      Interscope will invest time and money ino Q's and K. Dot's albums and will use money to promote them in addition to distribution. They won't invest money into Ab Soul or Jay Rock because they aren't necessarily their artists, but there will be an Interscope stamp on their albums as well. That clear it up for you?

    • Anonymous

      Dude, all of TDE are signed to Interscope. When all of their releases drop it will be TDE/Interscope since Interscope is their distributer. Q and K. Dot are only signed as solo artists to Interscope, they are actualy interscope artists. Jay Rock is signed to strange music as a solo artist. All of Black Hippy's releases will be released under TDE/Interscope. Do your research.

    • Anonymous

      False. Jay Rock is still listed as a Strange Music artist (no Interscope), nor is Ab-Soul. Check Interscope's site, only Q and Kendrick are listed

    • Anonymous

      All of TDE are signed to Interscope. K. Dot is TDE/AFTERMATH/INTERSCOPE, Q and Ab Soul are TDE/INTERSCOPE, Jay Rock is TDE/INTERSCOPE, but I believe he has a single album contract with Strange music as well as a solo artist. All of them as TDE are signed to Interscope though. It's a really confusing situation, but they're all TDE/Interscope for sure

    • Anonymous

      All of TDE didn't sign. Just Kendrick to Aftermath and School boy Q to Interscope through TDE.

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