Game Calls "Jesus Piece" A 2012 Version Of "The Chronic"

Game likens his upcoming "Jesus Piece" LP to a modernized version of Dr. Dre's "The Chronic."

Little over a week ago, rapper Game revealed that he's enlisted Young Jeezy and Future for the second single off his upcoming fifth album Jesus Piece. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, the Compton emcee adds to the list of features for his impending release.

Game explained that he views Jesus Piece, which is scheduled for a December 11 release, as an updated version of Dr. Dre's The Chronic with regards to the features. He said that the LP will boast a good number of features, including 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Game also added that the album will not be an overly religious affair, as some may have assumed from the title.

"The thing about the Jesus Piece is, it's kinda like a 2012 Chronic album, if you will - I'm on it, and I'm on it a hell of a lot, but I got a lot of features," he said. "I wanted to get all of the dope Hip Hop artists that are dope now that are friends of mines — from 2 Chainz to Ross to Meek Mill — and I wanted everybody to co-exist on this dope Hip Hop album under this concept, which is Jesus Piece, 'cause we all be rockin' Jesus pieces."

He continued, "It's not a Christian album, it's not an album that's strictly about church or nothin'. It's just a constant battle with religion and street life and Hip Hop and lyricism and bitches and your wife and your kids and just the struggle."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Don Cheech

    After hearing that wack shit called 'Celebration' I dont think so

  • Jabbar

    yea sound kinda funny

  • gbladdr

    This guy is fucking delusional. Classic case of bipolar. I consider The Chronic in my top 5, maybe even top 3, of best hip-hop albums. As a whole, every track is classic; it defined the sound of west-coast hip-hop and commercial hip-hop after its release. Plus, it's the most influential album with regard to my taste in music to this day. Just the fact that 'Celebration' is on it devoids it of any chance of being comparable at any level to The Chronic, not to mention the album cover is horrid.

  • Anonymous

    Game sucks. How you gonna say you're on the album? I hope so jackass, it's your album. Can rappers do an album without 8 feature artists?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Game always referring to other people's work because nobody cares about his garbage ass CD's.

  • Eklipz'77

    Gayme, compared all his albums to The Chronic and they all fell short ; ) !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    im sure jesus loves rappers who talk about bitches and killing people all the time

  • Anonymous

    at least game has the balls to admit that Em killed him on his own shit

  • East Oakland 2300

    Game pleazzze in the name of God...................... DONT INSULT YOUR FANS WITH A 2 CHAIN FT. I done stayed down thru all the apologizing back n forth, name dropping, not releasing your own BWS members, and even gettin KO'd. This is it. If 2 Chainz on your shit, Im done!

  • jet li

    Why not do features with ppl from your coast? Cube, Nipsey, Quik, Kendrick and so on would be a different sound. We all know what Weezy, Ross, and Drake have to say. Go get Scarface or T.I, we here those same features on all this nigga shit. Its boring homie aint nobody checkin for them recycled shits. Go get Nas, Lupe, and Fab and make the shit worth ten bucks. Ross cool but we already heard it SEVERAL TIMES, Cmon Son. Weezy??? Nah man.

  • Anonymous

    OK Game I swear you said after R.E.D. your next album would have NO features. If I hear one name drop on any of the singles, Im NOT coppin your shit. No name dropiing and No features is what you promised. Lets Go.

  • Anonymous

    game don't give a nut sack about you idiots.... he just want your money end of faggot ass haters GROW UP

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • kennyken

    love it or hate it game has great lyrical ability and i hope the beats match.

  • Anonymous

    your in denial i used to say ignorant shit before i woke up just be u fuck game and the people hes creating


  • yerrrr

    People need to chill. The Game has not dropped a whack Album and RED was/ is crack. This nig does release a TON of mixtapes. I hate when niggas complain about artist releasing commercial albums...thats how they fking eat nig. You wanna hear classic game download his mixtapes. Its the same ish with a nigga like Fab, fab albums be AIGHT, but his mixtapes is CRACK. Not only are they crack they are FREE. So stop complaining. YOU HAVE A CHOICE to listen to underground music or commercial music and you are in control NOT THE RADIO. Hes saving you money cause you aint buying his albums but the dumb asses who want commercial buy it and HE GETS PAID. Real rappers release free mixtapes for their REAL FANS

    • triPAUD

      yeah i agree except for idea that mixtapes for "real fans". they're different sounds. its like different ring, same game.

  • JJ

    I was a fan of The Game...not this pussy named Game

  • JJ

    I was a fan of The Game back when I was younger. The Documentary, Doctor's Advocate, L.A.X, and even R.E.D were albums I would (and still) bump in my trunk. But since, the guy has become a joke. Seriously 2 Chaiz??? Lil' Wayne?? two of the biggest pieces of crap in the rap game? he's probably going broke because IMO he looks like he is just trying to make money...and that is sad...



  • radi

    Game is a fucking joke and a liar he said he wont have any features on his next album. The chronic is like a infamous album its up there in the top 5 for west coast hip hop. how the fuck is this going to match that with wack producers and shitty features like 2 chainz lmao game just trying to make money theres no passion left in it just pure money hungry

  • Anonymous

    Game is the biggest flowjacker in the world. im wondering how he sounds this time? And how many names will he drop?



  • BigWo0orm45

    I was a huge Game fan. Have all his albums and a good amount of mixtapes. But if i wanted to hear a compilation album I would go buy a DJ Khaled album. Game needs to go back to Game, not imitating rappers, no more compilations, just The Game that made me a fan.

  • Anonymous

    Game feats: Rick Ross / why? 2 Chains / why? Lil Wayne / why? Chris Brown / why? This album gonna sound like a wack mixtape 4 sure A few good songs and a lot of SKIP SKIP SKIP material Damn, I used to be a big Game fan (now I may sound like a hater) But after the bad criticism of LAX (almost a classic IMO) the Game lost it

    • Anonymous

      Why ask why? These are all top shelf artists right now, so naturally any rapper worth anything will have these dudes on his album. There's nothing shocking about it.

    • lax was beast

      ikr lax wasnt bad at all !! the red album wasnt bad neither but it was way below games potential. and i thought he was gonna drop the non features no name dropping album as last 1 with jimmy, weird that hes changing his concept in this huge kinda way but at the end game is still a good rapper but he cant make good projects anymore

  • Anonymous

    The Chronic had GREAT features Now take a look at the features Game named for his album..... F#ck this shit

  • jester

    Game why would you do this to yourself Ross compared GFID to Life After Death is was nowhere near.

  • Anonymous

    so game is gonna produce the whole shit himself and it gon introduce the next top artist in hip-hop and it gon start a new sub-genre in hip-hop? didn't think so

  • Marquise Hudson

    This guy is delusional for calling his album the chronic of 2012. Judging off is first single this album already has failed to live up to the Chronic.

  • HBK Shawn Michaels

    now onto a more important issue,im stressed because alot of wrestlers kept trying to pull my tights down an almost exposed the HBP (Heart Break Package)

  • Anonymous

    fuckin bullshit albuum concept dont trust these mainstream rappers there fucking up the craft devil controls the media

    • Anonymous

      and even if it isnt real i want to be the one that say its is

    • Anonymous

      and then they kill him to show that real thugs die

    • Anonymous

      you know tupac made the thug popular probly even before u were born

    • Anonymous

      game trying to throw u in jail after u pay him for his album

    • Anonymous

      call me weak but i feel gangsta rap sublimily disses the listener subliminally when listen to music that degrades your self when you can find rap with a positive message or do u follow the trend and pretend your thug

    • Anonymous

      your in denial i used to say ignorant shit before i woke up just be u fuck game and the people hes creating

    • Anonymous

      but the first movie was in the 1970's the 60's was big for the illuminati

    • lol and lol

      illuminati my ass, and all mainstream artists...? come on thats so weak to say, there are enough major label sigend rappers wich are good ....

    • smh

      The illuminati died out in the 1700's. Actually look into things before claiming its ruining the world... maybe musics just getting a lot worse?

    • Anonymous

      the way eminem talk to devil on relapse devil trying to bring eminem back to the media and make rap music but he doesnt want to but has no choice

    • yo

      every one is ignorint and ignored all the celebrity proof hand signs movies music natural disasters the reasons psychics get shuned aliens have been sighted for hundreds of years and are hiddin the illuminati is behind it all

    • Anonymous

      be true to yourself and dont let rap mold you listen to underground rappers and watch for the signs

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    2 chains and rick ross = FAIL

  • Mortis

    the chronic? what a fucking moron

  • Ye

    This guy should still just make an album on his own seeing as tho his best album to date (Doctors Advocate) was all by himself.. not checking for this album until i hear something impressive come from it

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign!! If you're gonna have a shit load of features maybe have some West Coast artists. I'm a Game fan but this will be the first album that i do not buy from him. Sorry.

  • musicmorello

    Game got a gift you all know it. I just hope he using that jesus piece as a rosary and praying to get his life and brain together. What happened to this guy??? Its easy the whole world loves you many many years ago when you seemed like a stand up individual and then your fighting to prove your still the guy your not. When you eventually turn into a piece of $hit, guess what its like smoking, its takes years and years to get your normal self back. He needs to wake up, smell the real chronic and stop feeding this BS he knows he is constantly giving us. We fans can read the BS METER. GAME STOP BEING A POSER and be a role model man. DAMN!!! but you guys do have to admit the boy got talent!!!

  • Anonymous

    I've listened to 70% of this and I would say its better then the chronic. This gonna go down as a classic maybe best ever. Game is untouchable lyrically and swagger everyone copy his style and flow. He a g and a gent. Dude got it all. I'm might come off as a groupie or a gay but this is all love no homo shit here just stating facts. Game nicest on the mic ill probably buy 10 copies of this cd just because its gonna be a collectors item.

  • deez

    with a song like celebration, this is more of the stress weed than chronic

  • Anonymous

    sounds dope. i'm stoked

  • Anonymous

    no way it's gonna be as good as chronic


    fuck the gayme man his shit is weak man wouldnt listen to his song if it featured big pun, pac, and red man listen to wht i said man by next year, nigga gon be dead man or in jail tryin to make bail gettin caught with by the feds man sorry but i dont listen to a nigga wit no skill better chance of fndin me sober off of 4 pills the gaymes music, thats that shit i dont like always talkin shit but when it come down to it, the nigga wont fight if he hears a dope line ill bet all my dope that he gon bite gettin his dick sucked by some nappy headed hoe prolly came in 2 minutes an said its time to go his hair look like the end of a mop listened to his song and asked "whens this shit gonna stop"


    The Documentary - 6 solo songs, 6 other artists hooks only = 12 songs solo rapping. Doctor's Advocate - 5 solo + 6 with other artists hook only = 11 songs solo rapping LAX - 2 solo + 7 other artists hooks only = 9 solo rapping R.E.D.- 5 solo + 3 other artists hooks only = 8 songs solo rapping **So, he did 40 songs as the only rapper and just used other artists for the hook**

  • Anonymous

    lol lol lol lol lol lol looooooooooooooooool

  • MegaRevr

    All ya'll rappers releasing album's in 2013 better be ready to have your first week sales reduced by 80%, because Eminem got his album coming out that year. Example: 2008: No Eminem Album - Tha Carter III: barley 1m. first week 2010: Recovery - Rebirth & I am not a human being combined: 301k *********** YahBish ***********

  • MegaRevr

    Dis nigga sold tha fuck out. Left my nigga 50 for YMCMB. Sorry all other rappers not Shady 2.0 or Aftermath that are dropping album in 2013. 50 & EMINEM taking OVAR. *********** YahBish ***********

  • Grx

    This Guy Seems To Be Loosing The Plot More an More Each Day.. lol #TruthHurts

  • Divine1-2

    "The Chronic", tho? Dre is a producer/rapper who at that time featured artists from his label. Game's features are simply the "hot" names that are relevant now. I fucks wit' Game but these cats must be runnin' out of "16's" or something. Why can't artists hold their own on albums anymore, like the O.C. & Apollo project?? A talented MC that holds his own over ridiculous beats, with NO guest appearances and the album is GREAT!! Guest appearances are strictly for record sales purposes which I don't knock.. .but dam, "The Chronic" comparison?

  • MegaRevr

    My nigga 50 finna outsell the fuck out of this dude. Shady 2.0 Taking OVAR. SKI Jan 2013 500k first week. ********* YahBish *********


    dr dre jimmy puto n the game are at interscope listening to AL B. shore, mouf fucking eachother n the game takes two at the same time....!

  • Anonymous

    dr. dre must have put it on him good...dre is all he talks about

  • Anonymous

    "sorry but no one name drops even a quarter as much as game" And this affects your life how?

  • so

    actually its like a 2014 version of it

  • 666

    didnt game say he was gonna use no features on his next album..???

  • Anonymous

    Game could make great albums, but he wants to put 25 songs on the tracklist. If he had cut down the Red Album to 12/13 songs, removing all the RnB bullshit tracks, it would have been a damn great record.

  • Nuff said....

    Damn game is ma nigga, but this album aint soundin too good at this point. I mean he gon have rozay & mill on there? And he prob gon have some young money cats too of course. I aint feelin that at all. If he was gonna compare it to the chronic he should focus heavily on the production and get some up and comin west coast artist on there. Fucka a rozay... Game need to stop hangin with these fuckin weenies

  • Anonymous

    Done with Game, i thought LAX was cool, but disappoined with RED album. Instead of embracing his west coast roots and working with dudes like Cube, Snoop,and Xzibit and getting west coast beat makers, Game is trend hopping. Dude easily has talent, but takes easy way out. If you ain't respected at home, you won't be respected anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    Sucka, if you want this fucking album to be classic, get JA RULE to jump on every fuckin' track!!!

  • The MG

    The only thing Jesus Piece and The Chronic will have in common is a lot of features. I feel this might be another letdown from Game just off that Celebration single alone.


    Yeah, Game is a dick rider for havin sooo many features on his albums, he name drops, he's bipolar, yada, yada, any of you realize MOST albums are like compilations these days??? The average albums has about 13-20 songs on it..90% of hip hop albums have a feature rate of over 50%...which means ur favorite rapper probably has half his album flooded with guests...nd the ones that dont have the features cant afford to pay for the guest appearances, so they pretend to stand on their own two...and as far as the name drops, im sorry to tell yall, if yall listen close enough, you would hear so many rappers spit someone else's names out of their mouth multiple times on one song...Listen to Jay Electronica's Exhibit A, or Rick Ross BMF...and its not just these songs...this is just an example of how many rappers do this and it goes over ppl's heads because we're so focused on the one that does it the most...but i guess its okay for them right??? Finnicky fans, smh...Not a game stan, just trying to give an unbiased opinion, which I know is not normal for this site...


      my point exactly...niggas hate cuzz he name drops the most...that's like hatin on Jay cuzz he talks wealth nd riches more than any other rapper, or hatin on ross or yo gotti cuzz they talk drugs the most...point bein is, no one out there is re-inventing the wheel...they all use the same formula - features nd other ppl's names comin out their mouths...he just does it the most...

    • Anonymous

      sorry but no one name drops even a quarter as much as game

  • Anonymous

    you cant make a classic with niggas like chris brown, 2chainz and rick ross,

  • Anonymous

    the chronic was composed of dozens and dozens of samples ...i doubt games album will have that. i bet 2 songs off the chronic will be have more samples then this entire album. sorry game but i dont think you even understand what makes a classic a classic

  • Anonymous

    "Doctors Advocate was great" That had features too.

  • UES

    Game's music can be dope. 'Celebration' is in no way a track i would compare to anything on the chronic. Game has a solid album from what i am hearing, but this is just not a good comparison. The Chronic is one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time!!! Game needs to fall back with these comparisons and let the music speak for itself.

  • MouFFy MurPHeY

    BANDWAGON ASS NIGGA! chronic 2012 yeah rite. the red album shoulda been called the pink n pop album. i need money so imma dick ride dre n jimmy. Lil dick soft runnin his mouf again!......

  • Anonymous

    he just gonna get all the big name producers and features and its going to sound like everything else on the radio

  • gok

    The Celebration single was awful. He's lost his identity and is trying to jump on bandwagons. What he needs to do is go back to his roots. I honestly believe an album that features good production and some help on hooks, with a west coast vibe would sell better than a compilation featuring a silly amount of guests. Doctors Advocate was great and I feel Games need to remember that vibe.

  • Anonymous

    I swear he said his next album will have no features and no name dropping smh lol

  • Anonymous

    This shit is gonna flop, then this fool's gonna turn around and make a 666 bars diss against Jesus watch.

  • This dude,smh,the chronic? smh

    The name dropper dropping album names now?,smh.

  • Anonymous

    First Kid Cudi now the Game, I guess everyone wants to jump on Dre's dick this year.

  • Vandal

    california republic part 2 haha

  • Anonymous

    Why does every Game album have to have a million big name features and name drops??? Dude needs to focus on himself...Cause right now he has no real style or identity.

  • poppa large

    man! what is it with these fuckin guys like K dot and Game with all the Jesus shit?? CORNY!!! what a dumb name for an album. he should of called it : IM DOWN WITH DR. DRE (the COMPTON album) first single is: closet bi-sexual in red. name dropping fool.

  • Anonymous

    game is a joke now.. "i got nothin to rap about since everyone clowns me for doin nothin but name droppin so now i got 36 features on every song to help me carry the album" like someone else said sounds like a bullshit dj khaled album

  • Young Polo




  • Anonymous

    lmao I bet this will be rather like one of those shitty DJ Khaled albums

  • Anonymous

    fuck game and fuck this album , this guy sucks , let's hope he doesn't name drop jesus on every track


    2012 Chronic...oh SHUT UP!!!

  • HostileApostle

    I could swear the original idea behind this album was no features and no name drops. For real, I thought he said that.

  • sssk

    LOL this nigga didnt even make it as big as 50 cent, and he still continues to take a page out of 50's book, "this album will be as good as my first" no it wont get real, neither will 50's. only difference 50's rich and game needs this to sell records. its a shame actually the documentary and get rich were classics

  • bswag

    Game is capable of pulling a classic (Documentary) but he is fking things up with his bipolarity and biting flows of featured rappers even this album seems bipolar..Kanye, Common...but on the other hand 2chainz Its a hit or miss if he fails for the third time in a row its game over

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like garbage, no disrespect to jesus

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this guy is so delusional, the updated features? the features on the chronic were all from California it was a gang banger, this is just a stupid use Jesus as a cover to sell records

  • Anonymous

    are you fuckin kiddin me biatch? xD

  • Milkman

    I've listened to 70% of this and I would say its better then the chronic. This gonna go down as a classic maybe best ever. Game is untouchable lyrically and swagger everyone copy his style and flow. He a g and a gent. Dude got it all. I'm might come off as a groupie or a gay but this is all love no homo shit here just stating facts. Game nicest on the mic ill probably buy 10 copies of this cd just because its gonna be a collectors item.

  • Wtf

    This clown is irrelevant now.

  • datnigga

    Yup. Another "collaboration" album from Game. Nobody can carry an entire album by themselves anymore. Or carry an entire track solo, at that. Who gives a shit if ur friends with 95% of the rap game. Do you. Be a feature for other artists, but when it comes to you, showcase your own talent. That's exactly what Kendrick did, and I think that's what separates him from a lot of others and helped his album do as well as it did. Dude tryna show off that he can get dope features, so fucking what. I'm pretty sure his fans wanted a GAME album, not a DR. DRE CHRONIC type album. He did this with RED, and this album won't be any more successful.

  • dad

    So in other's a Game album.

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