Talib Kweli Talks Brooklyn With Anthony Bourdain On "No Reservations"

Talib Kweli talks about how Brooklyn has changed since he was growing up in the borough.

Talib Kweli recently chopped it up with renowned chef Anthony Bourdain for his show "No Reservations."

During the interview, Talib talks about growing up on Myrtle Avenue and how Times Square has gone through a "Disney-fication." He also touched on how black culture has changed in recent years. "We have black guys with colorful tank tops, riding their skateboards, changing the color of their hair. When I was coming up, it was one uniform. If you didn't have on Polo and Tommy Hilfiger, what are you doing? Now, people are defining their own thing, and it's a beautiful thing."

Check a clip from the show below.

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