Waka Flocka Flame Refers To LeBron James As Being A "Sellout," Says Kobe Bryant Is The Better Player

Waka Flocka states that he hates Kobe Bryant, but says the Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard is better than LeBron James.

Known for occasionally getting it in on the basketball court, Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka had a lot to say in regards to the sport during an interview with The Bay’s WILD 94.9. The Brick Squad artist proclaimed the Oklahoma Thunder as being his favorite team and even voiced his opinion on Kobe Bryant versus LeBron James.

“As a basketball player, I’ll say Kobe Bryant,” said Waka when asked which NBA baller is the most talented. “And I hate Kobe Bryant. I feel like LeBron’s a sellout. No matter what nobody say. As a kid growing up it was never about no check or no ring. It was about, ‘I play basketball man. I’m happy because I’m in the NBA.’ Now everybody, it’s like a check and a ring.”

The rapper also went on to name Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant as just two of the players he would recruit for his own personal Dream Team.

Later in the interview, Waka Flocka spoke on possible collaborations and revealed that he feels he’s still a ways away from attaining those big name features.

“I still feel like I don’t deserve a Kanye feature, a Jay-Z feature, a Fifty feature,” the rapper explained. “You know what I mean? I been rapping since ’09. I gotta work. I probably give it til next year…I don’t even know how to count bars still. It’s still new to me.”

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  • 909

    At least out of all these garbage ass rappers this dude is the only one who admits he fucking sucks.

  • inCEST

    at list he admits he cant rap...cant count bars, AND HE DEFINITELY DONT DESERVE A KANYE, JAY, OR 50 FEATURE, NOW THATS 4 DAMN CERTAIN...

  • IROC

    Waka is in the top 5 most Ignorant rappers of all times Gucci is #1 ive never heard anything intelligent flow out their mouth

  • ETK

    if I recall right, Waka named his mixtape after LeBron when he was still playing for Cleveland. so this nigga basically just admitted to being a bandwagon jumper. of course you'll ride with Durant, you sumbitch.

  • Anonymous

    biggest sellout ever, micheal jordan he wasnt even that good i neve knew why theyy were gassn him so much

  • Anonymous

    Celtic Pride got ran off the court on opening day. No wonder Ray Allen jumped ship. He wants another ring, not social security.

  • Anonymous

    fuck the heat..they are all "sellouts"...celtic pride!

  • Anonymous

    How is Kobe better? He only has the rings because of Shaq. From a production standpoint, he never assists. He's quit games during the playoff's when it appeared they were going to lose. He constantly rips players, and even recently his coach Mike Brown after only two games. He may have multiple titles, but he's like the NBA version of 50 Cent. Everybody hates him.

  • Nick08

    I hate Tampons, but they're a much better rapper than Waka Flaka Faggot.

  • Anonymous

    They all sell out. That's the price you pay for success for being front and center every night for the NBA. If Lebron hadn't won it last year then maybe what Waka was saying might make sense, but dude finally came through and did it big. Give credit where credit is due instead of siding with old man Kobe who is currently winless with Dwight Howard.

  • bswag

    2012 NBA MVP 2012 NBA Champion $120 Mill net worth Definitely sounds like sellout



  • Donnie Bitch

    He really did just say... He don't know how to count bars... And he been rapping for 3yrs... DAMN man. If u know HOW to count bars and you NOT making money at music... time to look in the mirror... MESSAGE!!

  • loki

    waka flocka is a sellout, eminem is the better emcee. how you like them apples bitch

  • ryan

    Career Wise Kobe is the Better Player So far. However, right now Lebron is clearly the Best Player in The League. To win Multiple MVP's in Cleveland and To even take the Bullshit Teams he was on the Cavaliers To the Finals is Pretty Damn Good. When your 2nd best player is guys like Zydraunus Illgalskus, Mo Williams, Antwan Jamison and a Shaq Out of his Prime thats not enough. So I hope He wins 6 more in Miami Fuck It.

  • javito_1

    Who the hell is THIS nigga callin' a sellout?

  • Anonymous

    no one cares what Wacko Flock of birds thinks really.

  • traphaus

    oh shit also i thought lebron took a pay cut to be in miami? what the fuck waka how is that some sellout shit fool

  • traphaus

    waka is the only rapper ive ever seen get a whole club full of black and white people head bangin for 3 hours straight. ive seen talib kweli, game, nas, jay z, fifty, a bunch of fucking rappers and their shows were boring and disappointing. Fuck a feature, waka keep doing that dumb shit that you do. oh also three 6 and a$ap had dope shows with the same vibe.

  • Anonymous

    wait, so if you're a pro athlete then you shouldn't seek the maximum money you can get? I guess that's right b/c you know, you could never have a career ending injury...

  • realtalk

    this attention seekin ass nigga. didnt u name ur mixtapes after lebron ???? lebron flocka james??? contradiction. you call him a sell out u name ur mixtape after a sell out. what that make u??? hmm a sellouuuut!!!

  • grifty_dogma

    why do people act like lebron owed cleveland something? he was there for ages. and wanted something new. people just wana have an opinion because from the get go everyone knew he'd be insanely good. so they feell they gotta drag him down, they cant really criticise his skill on the court, so they used to diss him bowt not winning a ring, now hes won that they diss him for moving teams. so weak, just watch the game and listen to the music dont get caught up and upset over the weak politics and publicity stunts??

  • cool

    You know what I mean? I been rapping since 09. I gotta work. I probably give it til next yearI dont even know how to count bars still. Its still new to me. Waka would never be a legendary figure in history of rap. period. but he is smart enough to understand that fact and honest with himself while 99% of trash rappers think they're one of the greatest. respect him.

  • JRich

    No shit you don't know how to count bars when you don't even know how to count...anything

  • Anonymous

    LBJ is better than kobe but no matter what anybody says he cant guard everybody, just go back and look when they had him on Dirk in the playoffs

  • 5th

    So, does this even matter, since, 1. LBJ is obviously better than Kobe, and, 2. Waka Flocka is a fuckin retard...

  • Christian Bale's Batman voice

    I agree about Kobe being a better player, but not about Lebron being a "sellout". Lebron went to a situation he thought was better for him..how does that make the man a so-called "Sellout"? So I guess if a person leaves their job for one they think is better and/or pays more, even if that job is outside the place they live in, that makes them a sellout too? People do that everyday & nobody bitches about it. But I guess it doesn't count if you're in the NBA. Smh....



  • CelebHead

    What the hell is he talkin?

  • Anonymous

    Lebron wouldve made more if he went to cleveland, but Chicago offered lebron the same contract as miami, but lebron chose miami because of no state income taxes, so he saved a good amount of money by goin to miami. You can't say it wasn't about the money, because it was. It was a combination of the money and wanting to be surrounded by a cast that could help him win a championship, cause if all he cared about was a ring he would've went to chicago

  • Anonymous

    Lebron is a beast, but niggas sound dumb as hell sayin he can play or guard all five positions. First of all the only player ever to actually play all positions in a game is Magic Johnson, second lebron is only 6'8". I'd love to see lebron try to guard brook lopez, roy hibbert, andrew bynum, dwight howard, blake griffin, and I would love to see him try to post any of those dudes up. You could lebron at power forward to make a smaller line up, but that sacrifices your size on defense. When you have big dudes who can run like dwight howard and blake griffin, or actual skilled pf's and c's, puttin lebron at pf or center doesn't make sense at all, he'd be much better as a help defender. And when he plays pg against elite guards like rondo and cp3 they get their teammates involved and get all kinds of assists when lebron is defendin them. Movin lebron to different positions is a double edged sword. he's good defensively, but it isn't like the dude has rodman, artest, or pippen defense

    • lol

      5th is the moron of the century. Congrats, your comment has been nominated for the most idiotic comment of the year.

    • Anonymous

      As everyone should have noticed they put him on Dirk Nowitszki(my fav player) and he got done in just like the rest of the people that checked Dirk so he cant guard everybody

    • 5th

      LBJ has guarded all 5 positions several times... where have you been?

  • Anonymous

    "You play the game to win" - Herm Edwards If you aren't playing for a ring, you shouldn't be playing. According to Waka I guess to say you are in the NBA?!?!? That makes sense...........

  • BigNoct

    We know mutherfucka!!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol no, nobody who has a nuanced understanding of the game of basketball would agree with this wack flocka's dumbass ... i'm sure lebron can rap better than him anyway

  • Anonymous

    Lebron actually took LESS money to sign with the Heat. And Kobe might be a better scorer but he is no way a better basketball player than LeBron. Kobe cannot guard every position as LeBron does. Kobe cannot pass the ball like LeBron does and he cannot rebound as well as LeBron does. He calls LeBron a sell out because he moved on and made a business decision to go to the Heat. Yet he makes money off of music that glorifies violence has no artistic value and dumb downs the people in his community just to get a check. Waka Flocka Flame is a sell out by giving racist and sterotypical folks ammunition to pint the finger at his people and community!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • fcvs

    "I dont even know how to count bars still. Its still new to me" that's why you're dumb as fuck


    I hope nobody hear actually took what this ass said seriously. And forget counting bars, somebody need to show him how to count numbers. But honestly, I still hear some clowns complaining Lebron sold out by leaving Cleveland and joining Miami. How many people would stay on a team for 7 years and get no help to win a championship; Lebron carried Cleveland on his back with no real help. Don't matter who he plays with now or how much money he makes, he made a good decision. And the NBA has had super teams with more than one superstar for years before Lebron joined Miami, so all these haters need to be very quiet.

  • Surprised

    Surprised to hear Waka admit that he's new to the rap game and still has more work today. While I'm not terribly fond of his music or partner in rhyme, Mr. Cone Face aka Gucci Mane I respect his opinion in regards to basketball and agree with Kobe being the better player.

  • Anonymous

    Christ, I see a lot of morons who don't know anything about basketball speaking with a tone of authority, sigh, just keep your mouth shut. And as for Wacka? Damn, this dude doesn't know how to count bars? Nigga, you need to retire.

  • jcd

    you know the world is fucked when people like him make millions and he cant even do step 1 which is knowing how to count bars smh thats like being in the nba and u dont know how to dribble just pathetic no wonder why he sucks so much.but i gotta agree lebron is a straight up bitch cant even watch espn without them being all over his nuts for 5min hes the reason i dont watch the nba he ruined the game and opened the door for players to act like bitches now everybodys saying fuck loyalty and just going to stacked up teams.but fuck a lebron and waka flocka

  • SayWhat

    Wait..... Waka Flacka raps?

  • Anonymous

    holy shit did he just say he still doeasnt know how to count bars??!!?? i dont rap and never have but even i can count bars

  • Anonymous

    Stop dreaming abou Jay, Kanye or Fifty feature. What your career needs is a featuring from Ja Rule. But it's not yet known if you deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    should we make a list of all the rappers who are better than waka flocka?

    • hjk

      Sorry, but Waka Flocka Flame is better rapper than Shyne. At least, he is not an attention bitch.

    • Anonymous

      50 tyson, eli porter, headstart class of 2012,teething babies all rap better than Waka Flocka

    • Anonymous

      Yes: Mine would never end but here we go.... Shyne LL.Cool Jay Talib Kanye West Lupe A$AP Meek Mill Jay Z MBLAK Tyga Lil Wayne 50 Cent T.I. Poor Righteous Teachers Lords Of The Underground C.L.Smooth Tyga Big Sean Jaz-O Black Thought A tribe called quest Jungle Brothers MC Ren Ice Cube Yo Yo Ernie Big Bird 3 times Dope MC Hammer Kid Frost Ice T Big Daddy Kane 357 BOSS De La Soul Run DMC Andre 3000 Big Pun 2 PAC APACHE Anita Baker Queen Latifah ONYX Tone LOC D.O.C. Mista Grim BG Knock OUT Twinz Snoop Dove Shack Dr Dre Eminem Scarface MC Shy D MC SHAN 2 LIVE CREW KRS 1 RAKIM Drag On DMX EMPD Foxy Brown Booker Snow Grave Diggaz JadaKiss Blak Queen B Method Man Ja Rule Just ICE mack Miller Public Enemy AMG papoose Bad Azz Dice Gamble Big Syke RZA Celly Cell Drake Lil Zero KAM CJ MAC Kendrick Lamar Nicki Minaj juvenile Flame Dog Pound Maino Cory Gunz 9th Wonder Stack Bundles Mista Mista Eddie Murphy The Grinch Saigon Nelly (almost) tech 9ine Busta Rhymes Peedy Pablo Peedi Crack Big Pun Defari Trick Daddy Dj.Quik Uncle Murder DRU DOWN (CHEA!) Hi-C Emazin Jayo Felony King Tee Kid Frost NAS B.I.G. MASE leCrae T-Bone J'Son Brother Stone UNI and everybody else I forgot is better than this bastard.

    • Anonymous

      Honey boo boo raps better than Waka flocka

  • Neazy

    LeBron took less money to go with the Heat. If anything, Kobe's the sellout; he makes almost double what LeBron makes.

    • Anonymous

      If you look back at every championship team, at least two of those players are in the hof or will be

    • YO

      @Anonymous I love how you conveniently leave out Pippen and Rodman. Pippen is one of the top players of all-time, same with Rodman. Yes, they were great. B.J. Armstrong, Bill Cartwright, Charles Oakley, Toni Kukoc, and Steve Kerr were all great at what they did, which was be role players. Hell, Jordan doesn't win that ring in 1997 vs the Jazz if it weren't for Kerr's clutch jumper in Game 6 with a few seconds left.

    • Anonymous

      He's not way better than kobe, he's just better. Only because of the size difference. Kobe would score 35 ppg with 8 rpg if he was 6'8", 250 lbs

    • Neazy

      @SamwiseG You can't change the meaning of his words. He said LeBron's a sellout, but that's not true because LeBron took less money for the sake of winning. That's like an artist putting out a classic album without very many radio hits. @09eric That article makes a point (he saves money in taxes in Florida) but it doesn't look at the big picture. LeBron would have had way more endorsement deals if he played in NY, and local advertising in NYC is worth more than the 2 mill a year he saved in taxes. Just ask Eli Manning, who doesn't have a whole lot of national ads but makes more in endorsements than any other football player except his brother and Tom Brady. Also, that article didn't compare his Miami salary to the salary he would have got if he stayed in Cleveland. The Cavs could have paid even more than the Knicks because they were re-signing their own player. LeBron is not a sellout and he's way better than Kobe. Period.

    • really niggas?

      Pippen was a superstar and a Hall of Famer, Rodman was a GREAT rebounder and defender, and Kerr, Grant, Kukoc etc were great roll players. And Jordan went nowhere when he left the Bulls (baseball & with the Wizards), so what's your point?

    • Anonymous

      So Steve Kerr, Horace Grant, and Toni Kukoc where GREAT? Pippen and Rodman went NOWHERE without Jordan, they QUIT against the Knicks when Jordan was playing baseball.

    • really niggas?

      Lebron is a sellout because he left a team that gave him no help for 7 years and got on with D-Wade and Bosh? Only a retarded person thinks that way. And what does it matter if he makes more or less money now, he got the ring. Waka Flocka & all these other dummies can say it should be just about being happy to play in the NBA, but the truth is that people go to the NBA for 3 reasons: because they love the game, they want to get paid, and to win. Waka Flocka needs to learn how to count bars, just plain count period, and leave ballin' to the ballers.

    • 09eric09

      Lebron took less money because there he doesn't have to pay state income tax in Miami. Therefore in 5 years he will have saved 25 Million dollars due to no taxes, only possible in Miami. So don't give me that bullshit. He ends up with more money signing with Miami than any other team. Here's the breakdown, since you clearly don't understand: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2010/07/09/did-saving-25-million-taxes-fuel-lebron-james-miami-heat-pick/

    • YO

      @Anonymous Jordan had many great players on his Chicago teams, he never left because he didn't have to. Those teams already had the talent. LeBron was given the task to win a championship with Sasha Pavlovic, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Eric Snow. Now do you see why he left Cleveland?

    • Anonymous

      Yes Lebron is bitch! Jordan or none of those cats were trying to team up with each other to win a championship. These new age people are soft. That's why y'all rocking to a CO rick false. I will never listen to that fake ass shit!

    • Samwise G

      Waka elaborated poorly. He is a sellout because he left his home state and joined 2 top 15 players.

  • Anonymous

    he will never deserve those features with them shitty ass preshool lyrics

  • BOI STOP~From Decatur

    Who gave this dude the right to speak. It's funny how people like to pick out certain folk and bash them for doing something that's been done since the start of free agency. Lebron didn't do anything different that anyone other basketball free agent has done, he was just more famous at doing it. Shut up Wackazz Flacka and worry about improving your rhyme flow and cadence delivery. And by the way, since you made that statement, why don't you just put out the rest of your albums for free, and make all of your tours free. Cause after all, it's only about rapping, just like you dreamed when you were 10 years old. Not that I would pay to hear yo dumbazz rap anyway. Don't bring yo azz to Glenwood boy, we got hawks looking for yo azz.

    • Anonymous

      yea your right because all the hyped up superstars coming from high school getting drafted 1st pick leave their hometown to go stack a team that already had a superstar and do it all on NATIONAL TV....but ur right everyone does it smh dumbass

  • Enlightened

    He doesn't even know how to count bars yet by his admission? It's sad, but it's not his fault. He didn't give himself a record deal. I like Waka. Not as a lyricist, but every time I see an interview with him, he's professional, he thinks, and he gives appropriate responses. He's not one of these fool ass niggas trying to portray an idiotic ass persona on purpose. He has a lot more sense that his image would lead us to believe. And I don't club too much anymore, but when I am out, and one of his song comes on, that shit goes hard! lol That one "it's a party, it's a party, it's a party" I mean come on, it IS a fuckin party! Perfect music to go with it. I respect Waka. He knows what he is and stays in his lane.

  • anonymous

    "I feel like LeBrons a sellout. As a kid growing up it was never about no check or no ring. It was about, I play basketball man." Flip that statement and it sounds a lot like the rap game. And he's one of the Lebrons. FOH

  • X

    Thats rather funny coming from an ignorant fucking coon. This skinny jean faggot right here exploits the black culture by portraying black people in a negative light. Yet he is tripping on lebron going to another team to get a ring. Give me a break. Lebron is not selling his people out by playing basketball for himself. Whereas wacka flocka is promoting ignorance through his dumb down music. Since he was never taught how to do anything else in life except try to rap and act like he is hard. Im not a fan of lebron or kobe, however I aint trying to hear no criticism from a dude that when asked thought that he could go to college and get a bachelors degree in geometry.

  • werk_1

    Dear Danielle Harling, Is this relevant hiphop news????? Is it a must that the whole hiphop community most take notice of this??? You're a gossip journalist! Give us relevant about music.

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