ScHoolboy Q On Shyne: "He's Weak And Nobody Cares"

ScHoolboy Q also laughs at Blu after some recent communication on Twitter, "I guess he ain't eatin'."

Despite receiving universal critical praise from his fans and peers alike, not everyone was happy for the success of Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city. Now, in a joint interview between 2DopeBoyz and The Well Versed, K. Dot's TDE partner ScHoolboy Q responds to the album's biggest detractor Shyne.

Q had some choice words for the former Bad Boy rapper, calling him "weak" and saying that he's trying to drive up publicity by disparaging Kendrick's LP. At the end of the day, however, Q says he doesn't care whether Shyne Po likes K. Dot's album or not; what's important is that the fans are responding postively.

"Kendrick sells a bunch of records and has corny niggas like Shyne hating on him," he said. "I'ma keep it real: that nigga [Shyne] is weak. I just keep it real, he's weak and nobody cares. He can't come back. Good for him, become Jewish, do what you're gonna do. Shit, I don't know, I don't care man. My nigga is moving units...he can feel like it's trash if he wants to, but my homie is moving units. What's his homie doing? What's he doing? I could care less, really. Honestly, I don't even want to talk about it. Shame on that nigga."

ScHoolboy Q also spoke on a recent incident between him and fellow Cali emcee Blu, who confronted him on Twitter over a perceived diss in the song "Gangsta in Designer (No Concept)." He explained that he didn't diss Blu at all, and believes it was another instance of a rapper attempting to generate controversy over a non-issue.

“I don’t care about Blu like that, he just jumped into some weird shit, like how is he gonna hit me on Twitter and ask a nigga about a diss record and say the wrong lyric?" he said. "I don’t know, I guess he ain’t eating. I have a show every night. I ain’t trippin'. I'm praying that I get December off, I'm not worried about niggas like him trying to get some attention but nobody cares...I would never do a record with him."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    Clearly Blu was joking about that just by how he approached him ("am I crippin'?"). Q thought he was serious and took it to another level. I don't think Blu be that zooted to just come at anyone like that.

  • IROC

    Kendrick Lamar is not the next king of the west coast ,West Coast Kings like Ice Cube,Snoop,E40 and others make them shoes hard to fill

  • Anonymous

    Shyne keeps talking bullshit. there's a difference between voicing an opinion on an album and saying it's "trash". when you classify an album as "trash" it makes you a fuckin hater, end of. nobody HAS to love GKMC. but all Shyne has been fuckin doing since he got out of jail is talkin shit on people and their work. Kendrick isn't the only one he blasted on, he went at half a dozen other niggas... ON TWITTER. motherfucker's an ex-con and he's going at niggas on Twitter? you tell me who's the weak ass nigga.

  • floppycock

    shyne po is a lame name duuuuuuuuuude

  • brian

    yea how old is this "schoolboy"? i hope blu makes a diss track

  • GT

    Who is this fella schoolboy q? And what is a schoolboy q? And is he a schoolboy?

  • Anonymous

    nobody cares school biy is more like it !

  • 614grind

    For an "irrelevant" cat, Shyne sure is getting a lot of attention for stating his opinion on HIS timeline. He didn't use Kendricks twitter handle, he just said what he wanted to say. I like Kendrick's album but I'm wit Shyne on this issue.

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand why Shyne dissed Kendrick, but that Gangland mixtape was pretty good once you get past the change of voice. Lyrically he improved and the beats were ill

  • Birdman

    Jay Z wouldn't be here today if Biggie was still alive. While Pac and Biggie were doin there thing in the 90's, Nas was right there with them with a classic album to back him. Jay was more like a sidekick. Nas solidified his spot in the game while the greats were here, Jay "solidified" his spot in the game after Biggie died, along with all the rhymes Jay Z stole from Biggie. There are only a couple of real kings in the game, and just because your bank account is overweight doesn't make you a legend in the game. Jay doesn't set trends, he just follows what's hot.

    • wu wear

      Jay's 2-4 albums are unbearably horrible. You ever try to listen to Vol 1? Fuck it's bad.

    • Yo

      Wtf does Jay-Z have to do with this article??

    • Anonymous

      What the? Jay established himself as a dope Mc while Big and Pac were still alive. Who was Jay a sidekick to, Jaz-O? You're crazy. Jay has stated time and time again that when he quotes another artist he's only giving them props for having dope lyrics. Even if Jay never quoted another Mc in his songs he'd still be a lyrical genius. Have you even listened to Reasonable Doubt? I don't mean after the fact, I mean when the album actually dropped. Nas dropped Illmatic in 94 whereas Jay dropped Reasonable in 96. Nas got the jump on Jay by 2 years, but both Mc's are dope. I don't even know what your point has to do with the story! Dig a bit deeper the next time you try to kick knowledge

    • Anonymous

      That's a completely unfair conclusion to come to - how can you impose criteria based on utterly uncontrollable attributes? Funnily enough, Pac and Biggie also "solidified" their spot in their game after the death of Pac and Biggie.


    Old White Man Grabby Hands gets his hands on something lucrative like hip-hop then convinces people that money's all what Hip-hop's about, then dudes go along with it because they wanna get paid. And because that's all that's in the media, the simplest of minds settle for it and convince their peers "this" is it. If most of us had sense enough to get tired of this shit, stop funneling money and demand into it, "Shit-Hop" would go away and we'd have something real again.

  • Jason

    Shyne does have some points. Society does grease peoples wheels much too much when there is mad room for improvement. I like that Kendrick is an intellect and the first in a long time to spit from a story perspective but his production choices were kinda weak i feel.

  • 50 freestyle (shyne diss)

    fuck shyne man his shit is weak man wouldnt listen to his song if it featured big pun, pac, and red man listen to wht i said man by next year, nigga gon be dead man or in jail tryin to make bail gettin caught with by the feds man sorry but i dont listen to a nigga wit no skill better chance of fndin me sober off of 4 pills shynes music, thats that shit i dont like always talkin shit but when it come down to it, the nigga wont fight if he hears a dope line ill bet all my dope that he gon bite gettin his dick sucked by some nappy headed hoe prolly came in 2 minutes an said its time to go his hair look like the end of a mop listened to his song and asked "whens this shit gonna stop"

  • Lil Kim

    Yo 2pac, you a gay ass nigga My nigga Eazy gonna load the trigga And shoot you illuminati gay ass You never saw the bullet fuckin' past Best Rapper Ever, fuck this ugly cunt Rapin' a little girl while smokin' blunts Don't front bitch, you're a fuckin' fake Such a waste, Imma spit shit on yo face Gucci Mane will kill you in a free style Tryin' to diss niggaz, man it's been a while Justin Bieber the greatest rapper alive He's get all the pussy so don't ask why Me, Gucci and Bieber will kill this fag Gucci Time as my nigga Biebz got the swag So all you dick ridin' fans better fuck off It's Gucci Time and we don't give a fuck

  • killahillz

    this faggot ass nigga throwing shots at Shyne Po jus cus he voiced his opinion? fuck this bitch ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    While I agree with what he says about Shyne, I don't like his cocky atitude, especially as he displayed in his response to Blu (and before yall call me a Blu stan or w/e i have never listened to the dude apart from a guest feat on Roots' albums.) Honestly Q you aren't even that good why so cocky...

    • wu wear

      I don't get all the hype about all these black hippy cats...sound like souls of mischief to me without the dope beats

    • Black De La Rocha

      Blu is a beast but he came at Q for no reason. Blu hit Q on twitter out of nowhere asking if he dissed him on a track cuz he misheard a lyric and thought Q said his name when he really said "Glue." Blu made himself look really foolish, dude is doing too many drugs these days and its fucking with his head.

    • nairobistar

      still dont get the hype bout Q. i listened to habits & contradiction and only 3 tracks thats worth listening, while the rest is just mmwaaa more of the same somewhat

  • Anonymous

    Damn.. A nigga like Shyne can't even voice his opinion on why he don't like an album, cuz everybody gets there panties all in a bunch, fuckin dickriders. IMO Schoolboy Q is a ho ass nigga, so is the nigga Game, they get upset just cuz there boyfriend Kendrick albums sucked in some peoples mind. Meanwhile kendrick sittin in the back afraid to fight his own battle, weak ass niggaz, that's the truth.

    • ETK

      whatever anon keep talking bullshit. there's a difference between voicing an opinion on an album and saying it's "trash". when you classify an album as "trash" it makes you a fuckin hater, end of. nobody HAS to love GKMC. but all Shyne has been fuckin doing since he got out of jail is talkin shit on people and their work. Kendrick isn't the only one he blasted on, he went at half a dozen other niggas... ON TWITTER. motherfucker's an ex-con and he's going at niggas on Twitter? you tell me who's the weak ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick responded on the Jig is Up and Shyne took it to twitter once again.

    • Waffles

      Clearly Your a Shyne fan

  • The Observer

    I seriously dont know what you people see in this guy, honestly i listened to this dudes music a while back and his jus as bad as 2 Chainz

  • Anonymous

    "And Shyne is the same hypocrite who cries like a baby and blocks fans on twitter" You follow him on Twitter? Life cannot be good for you right now.

  • Anonymous

    "No chingy, murphy lee, or bow wow did not have 5 mic albums" Maybe 2 mic albums, but 5? That would be scary.

  • Rick

    hahaha! CONFRONTED HIM ON TWITTER?!?!?>!?! WHAT THE FUCK has Hip Hop come to. This eBeef needs to stop ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody asked Shyne for his opinion. He threw it out there to stir up negativity and get some attention for himself, bottom line. And Shyne is the same hypocrite who cries like a baby and blocks fans on twitter when they tell him the new material he drops since coming home from prison is garbage. I know that to be true, the nigga blocked me, lol Open your eyes. Hot 97 didn't call him to interview him bout his trash Gangland mixtape. They called to interview him bout his opinion on Kendrick Lamars album. He knows that riding some dicks is the only way people are gonna pay attention to him. His music isn't good enough to get the attention for him and the hype of him getting out of jail came and went.

  • Who Cares

    Man this sucks. I like both of these artist a lot and if kendrick and Blu ever did a record together that ish would be dope. Hopefully Kendrick can calm these two down and "bury the hatchet"

  • ?????

    This shit is getting out of hand! It might have not been tasteful for Syne to says its trash! but at the end of the day its his opinion! People are so sensitive these days! Everybody aint gonna like your album! It's called criticism! Kendrick aint flip out about so why should everyone else? Shyne said he was dope but the album was trash in his opinion! Now cats talkin bout moving units!!!!!!! If thats the case CHingy and Murphy Lee had 5 mic albums! So did Bow WOW! C'mon everyone loves to use the term hating when they aint nobody to be hated on!

    • @ dontmatter

      you're an idiot

    • Anonymous

      Ummmm that's exactly wha he should probably take some of your own advice there dumbass

    • Hmm

      I think that comment went over your head or something. He wasn't saying Chingy or Murphy Lee have 5 mic albums....obviously....I'm not sure why anyone would even think someone was saying that without being a complete fool. Read first, think, then twice if necessary and make sure not to forget the thinking part too.

    • dontmatter

      No chingy, murphy lee, or bow wow did not have 5 mic albums. what are you talking about? have a seat.

  • Anonymous

    Real shit KDot's shit aint trash but it aint classic...second..who the fuck is SkoolBoy Q, bum ass lame...aint nobody checkin' for this guy @ all...

  • Fuck ScHoolboy Q

    You cared enough to catch some feelings, bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Q is a faggot, talks trash about other rappers, Kendrick is the only reason this nigga is even relevant. Guy sucks, Kendrick carried this fool.

  • Anonymous

    "guess im eating" "hes not eating" "im eating" "hes not eating" someone murder this faggot (though I agree with his premise) he comes off like a fuck head

  • lol

    This the twitter convo where Q ethered Blu lol @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ yo Q this Blu, i got a question g, u diss me on ya 2nd album homie, or am i crippin'? @ScHoolboyQ: "@HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ yo Q this Blu, i got a question g, u diss me on ya 2nd album homie, or am i crippin'?">>> lol wat I say? @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ what u mean what i say nga, u dissin me or what?? @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ on "gangsta in designer" sticking to the script like mu****ing blue, we just crippin right cut? @ScHoolBoyQ: @HerFavColor sound like u really mad, so yupp I dissed u wat u gon do??? @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ u think u not gone see me my nga! @ScHoolBoyQ: @HerFavColor first off I'm not explaining ****, 2nd u not EATIN 3rd u not EATIN 4tH u not EATIN @HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ ima c u nga @ScHoolBoyQ: "@HerFavColor: @ScHoolBoyQ ima c u nga">>>> I tHink u jus wanted to talk to me since I didn't respond wHen u wanted to work... I got yo txt @ScHoolBoyQ: I would Neva take tHe new cHarles Hamilton of Hip-Hop serious. NiggaH lost His mind actin like He wanna get down lol- PUFFY

  • BPSN

    Always the retards typin in all caps

  • Remo


  • westsiide

    shyne cant come to the west

  • Hmm

    Shyne dissed K. Dot when his input wasn't even needed, people blast shyne. Game, Schoolboy Q, and other rappers blast shyne for dissin their homie, K. Dot, and now people blastin them. Could've sworn this is the US where we have freedom of speech. Shyne had to know he would get backlash for callin k. dot album trash. He could've said he wasnt feelin it, or it isnt as good as it couldve been, but he called it trash, so now he will feel the backlash from alot of people in the hip hop community. Shyne hungry thats all. diddy got all his money and he not even that good of an artist anyways, he only sold that plat album cause he was signed to bad boys and he sounded like biggie, otherwise hes not even good lyrically, he was jus hard. and the nigga blu a bitch for goin on twitter and not talkin to q straight up. blu might be a decent underground rapper but he only really appeal to the west coast and the nigga not even hard so i dont know why hed try to start a beef with q in the first place lol

    • hmm

      If you read the backlash and the comment this in fact is a free speech issue you idiots. Shyne is abusing his freedom of speech to get buzz and blast on other rappers and other people think he should shut his mouth. Well, in the US there is the freedom of speech, even though shyne is an old a hole he can say whatever he wants, and people can say whatever they want about him. 2nd and 4th posters must be special needs students

    • ^^^^

      Hes insinuating that shyne is just a bitter ass nigga for tryin to get some publicity off this kids debut album .. You that retarded huh?

    • What?

      Shyne mentioned he was exercising his freedom of speech, so how does this have nothing to do with the freedom of speech? Maybe you should reread the constitution, you look like an idiot trying to seem intelligent

    • Anonymous

      This is in no way a free speech issue. Step your Constitution game up.

  • Anonymous

    SchoolBoy Q is ok he ain't all that. Blu is much better lyrically even if he is a bit more underground. Q being immature rather then talk about a diss track like a man with another person.

    • yeah...

      and then it got worse for Blu, he said that the headphones he was using made it sound like Q was saying "Blu" instead of "glue"...then he asked Q if he could work with him again.

    • d

      It was gangsta in designer. Line goes stick to the script like muhfucking glue. Blu misheard, went PMS on Q. Q was just fucking with him then Blu starts dishing out threats.

    • Anonymous

      Blu couldn't even say what song Schoolboy Q dissed him in. He just tryin to ride off the TDE hype. Guess he tired of bein a underground westcoast rapper. Prolly want recognition

    • Anonymous

      Though I'm a big Blu fan, there is no diss track... He says glue in the song, not Blu.

    • Anonymous

      Blu the one who took it to twitter rather than come to Q like a man. He prolly scared of Q

  • A-Gsme

    Schoolboy is right. I guess Shyne ain't eatin lol

  • Anonymous

    Niggas talk about Shyne went platinum. OFF OF HYPE. He dropped after biggie died, under bad boys records, the only reason people bought his album cause he sounded like biggie. He got no critical acclaim for his albums and nobody even remembered this nigga until he came back claimin he jewish now and talkin shit about other rappers. Plenty of accomplished mainstream artists and independent artists are bashin shyne for what he sad, so get off schoolboy q's nuts, he just answerin a question. Shyne the one who called his homie's record trash. Shyne sold a plat record, but where his money? Diddy got it. The TDE crew makin noise in the hip hop community and they makin moves independently and now k. dot movin into the mainstream. Niggas dumb as hell to say shyne can say anything he wants because he went platinum, that don't mean anything, his shit still stink like the rest of us.

    • The MH

      "Schoolboy Q needs to realize that there's absolutely NO GUARANTEE he will always be "eating" in the rap game." He clearly said he knows tomorrow he could be replaced and forgotten.

    • Anonymous

      Diddy owing him money doesn't mean he's broke young man. You have so much of a hood mentality and fail to realize rich dealers who "get money" also confront those who are past due. You need more experience. You can't perceive principle.

    • lol

      Shyne prolly liked the beats on Soulja Boy plat album or chingy plat album though lol

    • lol

      ^^^^^^ This nigga think he talkin directly to Schoolboy Q or some shit lol. Like 2 weeks ago Shyne was tryin to call out diddy talkin bout diddy owed him money and this and that. If you makin money then why you tryin to call out diddy for some money lol. That's what broke niggas do lmao

    • Anonymous

      You can dress sh_t up all you want but it's still sh_t. Shyne has a platinum album. He said he doesn't like the beats on Kendrick's album. His opinion. Why are so bent up on his but so eager to display yours? You know no more about Shyne's money than you do Kendrick and his crew's finances. Schoolboy Q needs to realize that there's absolutely NO GUARANTEE he will always be "eating" in the rap game. Jay Rock, Fashawn, Nipsey and Pac Div were the "future west" not too long ago before Kendrick stepped in. Earl Sweatshirt or some rapper "fresh for 2013" can make the fickle, ADD fans forget about you Schoolboy. Work on your music and your lives and stop letting all this PRESS affect you.

  • Anonymous

    shyne got a platinum record how many records schoolboy sold

    • ^^^

      you lost bro, you sound like an idiot. get the fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous

      Schoolboy's sold 10 million albums... All in his mind.

    • Anonymous

      Shyne went platinum in a time where many rappers did. I bet he wouldn't even go gold now.

    • Anonymous

      Soulja Boy, Mystikal, and Chingy sold platinum records too. What's your point?

    • Good one

      let's try and see him mimic that success, i'm sure he'll sell just as much now as he did back then. Schoolboy released two albums on an independent label with no promotion. Shyne released an album on a major label (Bad Boy) and was buttfucking Diddy at the time, so he was getting major promotion. He's acting like he's a legend, when he's not.

  • Anonymous

    Last time I checked Schoolboy Q wasn't destroying the charts either. Shyne has the right to express his opinion. The problem is he's been expressing it alot, and it always seem negative.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he shouldnt get too cocky. he feeling himself too much and hes not all that

    • Anonymous

      The first anon is right, hes feeling himself too much. Hes not even close to the big time and is acting like hes a rappers rapper. fuck him.

    • Anonymous

      not like it isnt true. the nigga tourin with asap rocky right now, but blu, even with all the work he's done, on twitter tryin to start a beef but dont even know the song that he think q dissin him in lol

    • Anonymous

      "I dont know, I guess he aint eating. I have a show every night. I aint trippin'. I'm praying that I get December off" i think that's how he got the notion of this dude feelin himself too much

    • Anonymous

      How he bein cocky? He defendin K. Dot and showin him love. Q even said that k dot the only one that made it and he himself could be yesterdays trash at anytime. Then he said he don't care for a nigga tryin to start a twitter beef lol. I don't know how you got the notion of this nigga feelin himself too much

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