50 Cent Dismantles The Money Team

50 Cent says that the working relationship between him and Floyd Mayweather has been shut down.

50 Cent has announced that he is dismantling The Money Team, a joint venture with boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Fif, who became a licensed boxing promoter earlier this year, originally formed the company with Mayweather under the title TMT Promotions. They signed Yuriorkis Gamboa to the company in late July.

But now, the G-Unit general took to Twitter to announce that the company is no longer and that future promotions will be handled through SMS Audio. "I’m no longer apart or down with TMT promotions. SMSaudio," he wrote. "I move the fighters to SMSpromotion cause the other half of the money team .Didnt put up there $MONEY$.SMSaudio. If anyone wants a money team jacket I’m selling mine for a dollar. The nap back hat comes with it. That’s a fare price. SMSaudio."

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  • The Wigger Hater


  • Art-illery

    Ya'll REALLY don't keep up with boxing do ya'll? Curtis Jackson was making moves on Floyd's empire while he was locked up. "The Money Team" is a catchphrase Floyd Mayweather uses to describe the people that's making money with him. While Floyd was locked up, 50 introduced "TMT Promotions" as a joint boxing promotional venture with him and Floyd Mayweather. Oscar de la Hoya stated that promoting in boxing was harder than 50 would think, and 50 was poppin off at Oscar saying that they weren't going to promote Floyd anymore. The main issue with TMT promotions was the fact that 50 wanted Floyd to end his business partnership with a man named Al Haymon. Al Haymon is one of the most brilliant minds in the boxing business today! It's because of his guidance that Floyd built himself to become the wealthiest athlete in the world! Why would Floyd put that kind of relationship in jeopardy? The Rap game is a different hustle than the boxing business, and in the boxing business, so-called bullies like Curtis Jackson don't last long. Nobody is scared of that dude.

    • Anonymous

      Boxing, especially the heavyweight division, has been a stagnant business for years. Floyd, Oscar and 50 competing as promoters to replace the old Arum/King "beefs" is good for the sport. You people really need to stop meshing your personal life mantras with all of this obvious media blitzing.

  • Anonymous

    yo I wonder what happened. Floyd must have pissed off 50 for real

  • nobody

    all i got to say is that one of these dayz somebody is going to seriously hurt 50 cent snake azz!! Mayweather should have never trusted dude. just look at his history with his so called friends

  • Anonymous

    50 Cent says that "the working relationship between him and Floyd Mayweather has been shut down". Money Team says GOOD!!!

  • Anonymous

    You idiots crying about Loyalty, this is a business movement, Floyd was the idiot talking about FIF was his 'FRIEND'. FIF is and always will be about the paper, that's the difference between him and the haters.

  • Gary

    If a woman was to have her asshole stitched up, would shit eventually come out of her vagina?

  • Yayo's_ Mom

    "lol one of the niggaz prolly got caught cheatin"

  • BOY

    So these snake ass niggas are finally falling apart. G-Unit is down and out. TMT didnt last for shit and 50 is irrelevant as ever. Keep making your money but nobody gives about you OR your SMS Audio nigga. Souljaboy fucked with this nigga too. Bunch of snake ass niggas. Thats why YMCMB stay winning and Weezy the KIGN YMCMB!


    Thats a lesson for Floyd, Never go in public callin a grown man who you(apparently) never really knew... "my best friend". 50 had dollar signs in his eyes the whole time. Its not 50 fault Floyd fell head over hills in love with him. 50 is doing what any of us would do, thinking of a way to get the ni$$a money. Its Chess not Checkerz!!! Floyd was playing Checkerz with violins and his fav love song. 50 was playing Chess listening to his last BIG hit, "I Get Money". Not 1 time did we hear 50 say, "my best friend Floyd". Not a 50 fan, but this ones on Floyd...Dont fall in love so easy!!!

  • james brown

    these fools talking about ja rule... if u notice nobodys been mentioning his name or him being wherever he is...50 shut that cat down for good aha

  • Anonymous

    Seriously guys, when Ja rule is out in february 2013, let's support him and make him go platinum with his next project. That will piss 50 off.

  • Ryder

    Never liked this snitch nigga!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn homey. In 04 you was the man, homey. Fuck happened to you?

  • Anonymous

    "Its not 50 fault Floyd fell head over hills in love with him" I doubt he wanted to have candle light dinners with him lol He probably thought since they both have similiar personalities that they were gonna hype each other and make money off of it.

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    This is the first time I hear about this "Money Team" shit.

  • Anonymous

    Grimey iz the word. I dont think its fake beef bcuz Money too quiet. Money done fucc'd up and let a real Queenz, grimey, street nugga get too close. Now 50 want IN or its ON. Smh 50 a beast an Money prolly know the Kid 50 know his every move. Fucc you pay me. LOL

  • Smart

    Its funny how everyone knows these guys business..Like u all know why this happened.. He did it for a reason..respect the man's decision..50 keeps his eyes on the prize n ain no way noone is gonna stop that..Hes been successful with n without alotta friends..

  • Anonymous

    The title of this article is hilarious....50 dismantles the money team? How the fuck can he do that when the money team existed before 50 started hanging around and will be around after.

  • Anonymous

    How many people worth $300-400 million truly have friends? Most are out only for themselves, choosing to surround themselves with mainly yes men or other rich associates. It's kinda sad how 50 can't seem to trust anybody. He's already got more money than he knows what to do with. At this point, he could be benefiting by showing a human side. He never talks about his son. Everything is either where he's dissin somebody, talking about an album, or hyping something he's doing. Dude, you made it. Relax and show people Curtis Jackson is more than just a money fiend.


    Thats a lesson for Floyd, NEVER go in public calling a grown man you(apparently) never really knew..."my bestfriend". 5O had dollar signs in his eyes the whole time. Its not 50 fault Floyd fell head over hills in love with him. 5o doing what any of us would do, thinking of a way to get the ni$$a money. Its Chess Not Checkers!!! Floyd was playing Checkers, with violins playing his fav love song. 5o Was playing Chess listening to his last BIG hit, "I Get Money". Not 1 Time Did We Hear 50 Say, "my best friend Floyd". Not a 50 fan but this is on FLOYD...Dont fall in love so easy!!!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      yeah its weird two niggaz become best friends in they 30's...most "best friends" start that type of relationship in at least they early 20's

  • Edubb

    LOVERS QUARREL!!! Real Talk

  • 50 Cent - Street King Immortal

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  • Anonymous

    I think 50 does not like having friends, or just does not have any loyalty.

    • iknow

      that because 50 momma killed and hes friends backstabbed he and hes drug lord did make a shooting on he... i dont wonder at all why hes not in that so called "friends" thing..

  • d-nucks

    I respect 50 when it comes to certain things...but this is bitch shit. First off if you split with TMT just split, announce it and move on. You ain't gotta diss Floyd like this, thats a bitch move. Cause you would not even be in the fight game if you wasn't hanging close with Floyd and soaking up game. Lets be real. Floyd has not said shit about 50 publicly...50 doing all this crying and attention seeking on the matter. It looks weak. Lets see how much shine your fighters get without FLOYD BEING ATTACHED TO THEM. I'm sure your fighters would rather be attached to Floyd Mayweather promotions in the fight business than attached to 50 CENT...50 is delusional if he thinks he has some footing and leverage in hte fight buisness without floyd. THIS AIN'T RAP....BOXING AND THE BUISNESS OF IT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT ANIMAL.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule getting pounded in his ass right now



  • Big Dan

    Damn Curtis. I hope you haven't let your major success of 9 years ago blinded you being that as folks get too big, they sometimes can't see reality. You are failing majorly. You went after Fat Joe simply because he did a song with Ja Rule (you're not paying the man's bills, so I don't know how you figure you can dictate who he does a song with) but then you are tight with Floyd, but next thing we hear, you are hooking up with Pacquiao. That don't make no kind of sense. Obviously you must have fallen out before that happened, but where is YOUR loyalty. The music career is gone, the film career never took off, you straight dissing your closest associates that have been riding with you since the jump (whatever you want to say about Yayo, you know you had a rider) and now you giving Floyd the middle finger. All that cash is not a fortress. Take stock and look at what's going on around you before its too late.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Floyd could give less than a fuck about this. Floyd built his boxing empire long before he started hanging with 50, 50 has had and will never have nothing to do with Floyd's success is what it is.

    • wolfman

      LOL. You say that like 50 and Floyd are not one in the same. There personalities are IDENTICAL. You can bet your ass Floyd is thinking about this the same way 50 is. And, Floyd isn't anymore successful in terms of 50 making his own paper and doing his thing.

  • dang ray-j

    First you lose Whitney, then you get laid off from being the Money Team mascot; it sucks being Ray-J right now.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule could fuck this nigga up again... sit yo ass down 50!

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule is that nigga

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule slapped 50 with his cock

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule smashed this nigga

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule destroys niggaz like he destroys cocks in jail.. Straight smashin'!

  • Anonymous

    Ja rule destroyed his company from jail

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule destroyed all of the 50's companies, this nigga's strugglin' to eat!

  • Anonymous

    Funny when they rap about stuff.."money team" is all over his latest mixtapes...lol

  • siamak

    50 is THE funniest motherfucker

  • Jay

    50 doesn't seem to know how to separate business and friendship as well as he said he did. Now it seems as if he doesn't want to be friends with Mayweather over his business choices which makes no sense. 50 is contradicting himself. When it comes to his rap team he says it's not personal, it's just business. Now with Mayweather, it's business and personal.

    • Anonymous

      thats because 50 momma killed when he was 8. He dont have skill to put personal things over business or do them same time. Believe me those things coming from what u have gone trough. you're right.

  • Anonymous

    so..... how that album comin fif?

  • Anonymous

    Ray J is crushed. Now the only friend he has left is his sister and even she isn't returning his calls now.

  • Anonymous

    50 is better on his own floyd seems like a bitch beating woman and partying with ray j

  • Burmy

    FINALLY! Let it be known that WOMAN-BEATERS like Mr. Mayweather are NOT SUPPORTED here...

    • uhhh....

      that's probably not why 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather aren't working together right now. Floyd went to jail domestic abuse, the whole time he was in there, 50 had the "Free Floyd" phrases going, he even had a countdown timer to when Floyd got released on thisis50. Whenever they fight it's always about something stupid. 50 and Floyd both confirmed that they had a fistfight, when 50 didn't want to escort Floyd to the ring at the Wrestlemania where Floyd "wrestled" somebody. Just a few months ago, they talked about how they fought over a bet. The smart guess, like 50 tweeted, is that Floyd didn't want to pay his part.

  • kanye

    50 so irrelevant, cant do business at all. Kanye ended his career in 07

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