Gensu Dean & Planet Asia "Abrasions" Album Stream

UPDATE #2: David Banner, Tragedy Khadafi and Shawn Pen appear on Gensu Dean and Planet Asia's full-length Mello Music Group collaboration.

Fresno, California veteran emcee Planet Asia and New York producer Gensu Dean are teaming up for a collaborative album in 2013. Mello Music Group announced the album via Twitter yesterday (October 31). The Tucson, Arizona-based label has previously paired producers with emcees for projects including O.C. & Apollo Brown (Trophies), Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown (Dice Game), and Trek Life & Oddisee (Everything Changed Nothing).

Earlier this year, both Asia and Gensu released albums. P.A. released dropped Black Belt Theatre, while Gensu released Lo-Fi Fingahz.

The 2013 project's title and release date are still forthcoming.

(November 1, 2012)

UPDATE: Planet Asia & Gensu Dean's Abrasions  will release digitally February 26, 2013. The CD will follow March 5, and the 2LP on March 26. The Mello Music Group effort will feature David Banner, Tragedy Khadafi and Shawn Pen (f/k/a Little Shawn).

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Abrasions Intro
2. Thoroughest
3. Bar Mitzvah
4. Time To Get Dough ft. Twin Gambino & Killa Kali
5. Cochise
6. Dignity ft. Tristate
7. Aura
8. Chichi, Get The Yayo
9. Faces On The Dollar
10. God Hour ft. AA Rashid & Tristate
11. Tough
12. Do What I Want ft. Larlna & Washey Choir
13. Chuck Berry ft. Shawn Pen
14. Listen
15. Reflections ft. Rogue Venom
16. Thyself ft. David Banner & Tragedy Khadafi
17. Coup de Grace (Final Blow) ft. Gold Chain Military

[January 22]

UPDATE #2: DJ Booth has premiered the full album stream for Gensu Dean and Planet Asia's Abrasions. Head over to to hear the project in its entirety.

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  • ohhellno

    Boooooring!! A couple of beats grabbed my attention, but that's about it. I'm a fan of albums with one producer, but this put me to sleep. Check out the free release "No More Idols" with ALC and domo genesis. Straight fire.

    • def

      i want to like gensu. he is down with digging, he rocks an sp-1200. but man these beats are BORING! 10 seconds is more than enough time to flip a sample so that's no excuse. and to STILL be sampling nautilus in 2013 on the 2nd fucking track is an abomination. not feeling this album at all.


    the end of the world better not happen i need to hear this shit!

    • Hello,

      I am speaking to you from the future. Hear this: The world is not to end in 2012. Now spread the gosspel of truth to people of your era. There is no need to panic... (yet). Blessings.

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