Master P Enlists Chief Keef & Fat Trel For "Al Capone" Mixtape

Master P brings in Chief Keef and Fat Trel for features on his upcoming mixtape.

It's been nearly seven years since Master P dropped his last album titled Ghetto Bill, but now, the New Orleans native is gearing up for a revival. In a recent in-studio video from the No Limit general, it appears as if Percy has brought along two of rap's fastest rising stars for the ride.

Master P recently enlisted Chi-Town up-and-comer Chief Keef and Washington D.C. rapper Fat Trel for his upcoming Al Capone mixtape. Although little information about the track is known, a video that takes place in P's studio surfaced, showing both rappers working on a track together.

"I'm the only nigga from the '90s to be able to fuck with this shit in 2013," he boasted. "I don't even give a fuck about 2012. I got my lil' young nigga [Chief Keef] and we're about to wild out."

This isn't the first time that the Chicago and D.C. upstarts have linked up. Keef and Trel joined forces over the summer for a single titled "Russian Roulette."

Check out the full video below.

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  • Anonymous

    I Look at it like this Hip Hop is career like anything else. I don't think P is looking to do huge numbers he's really likes making music and he has a lot knowledge he can pass along to a lot of guys and sometimes the only way you can meet up with some dudes is in the studio. Majority of the successful rappers are in mid 30s to early 40s. Let him do his thing

  • HoodStarr

    masta p ol ass need to sit down! he aint no gangsta! he an old broke muthafucka! he aint bout it bout it! niggaz in my hood is bout it bout it! somebody tell lil romeo ima smack him in da mouth when i see him! dem niggaz don't want it wit da HOODSTARR! SWAG

  • Big dan

    Wow! P That beat actually sounds serious. Hopefully, you guys do the track justice. If the rest of the project sounds this hot, then screw a mixtape. Make it an album.. Okay..just heard "I be smoking ganga, I can f your mama", so we with the sophomoric lyrics. Anyway, I was saying make this an album If you release a mixtape, you'll promote it like a mix tape and it will sell like a mix tape. This beat is fire son. Go all the way.

  • Anonymous

    "Once you a marine you always a marine" I always found that phrase to be retarded as well. I respect what Marines do, but the way some of them carry themselves. Always on edge. The wind blows and they got their rifle ready to fire.

  • Anonymous

    "I stay in the suburbs but the hood still in me" Alot of people live in bad neighborhoods, but once they move, it's not like they think back and say, "Oh man I miss those bars on the window". If you miss the hood so much, then go back.

    • Anonymous

      What you learn and experience in that environment you utilize, like making sure not to expose all of your cash, watching who and what's around you, not walking down the same street twice, being able to read the people in front of you. Suburbs have plenty of bumps on the road and mileage signs, hit and runs, parking lot break-ins because you don't cover your purchases, walk-in on robberies because you don't PAY ATTENTION to what's around you. We expect a cretin like you to say "it's not like they think back and say, "Oh man I miss those bars on the window". If you miss the hood so much, then go back". Us from the hood, and still in the hood knows that reads just like "you don't like it here, go back to Africa". A jackass like you would totally overlook that hardware stores sell tools to remove the bars. How do you think you can install an air conditioner?

  • history

    yo wtf, Fat Trel ain't got no verse?



  • ThaKritic

    Yall niggas needa b on the look out for dat Master P and Riff Raff collab comming november 15th. On tha real tho yall seen dem beeds in his hair nigga? this nigga cakin!



  • bawse

    P tell these boys u lost that money a looooooong time ago LOL y yall think he's rapping now bcos he love this sh!t LOL nah he needs the extra income player that no limit $$ dried up a few yers ago tell"m p u ol FuQ Ni99a LOL

  • bawse

    Remember when P told rappers to stop using profanity in their music LOL what a FuQ Ni99a u are Percy.... A real live modern day koon

  • Guest

    Good for the nigga, he's using new artists to try to stay relevant! He's kind of like the male Madonna, guys

  • Donald Passman

    Percy Miller has made so much money, on so many different levels, that he seems to be bored. It reminds me of Michael Jordan came back to playing basketball, even though he didn't have to.

  • PeoplePlease

    David Banner was right about P, he is on some opportunistic bulls*** once again. He was recently talking about positive message in the music, and now this. These jokers are all full of it people. They just want more of your money and respect, and will throw Black people under the bus in order to get it....

    • Black Mack

      David Banner was just salty over getting turned down by No Limit back when he was attending Southern University in Baton Rouge. He was trying to submit his demo and No Limit didn't give him the time of day. Then on top of that, when they were on that panel, Master P hugged Wendy Williams, shook Cornel West's hand, but didn't speak to David Banner, which David caught more feelings over. I'm from Louisiana and after I saw that hate David was doing, I never listened to nothing else he had to say. F*%k David No Brainer, with his ole hating azz.

  • Anonymous

    "The hood is always in you" That was a retarded statement.

    • Anonymous

      once you from the hood you look at the world differently then somebody else. True shit. Once you a marine you always a marine. I use to gang bang that shit still in me but I have to catch myself sometimes. Sometimes I want to get back out there but I shake it off.

    • Anonymous

      no its not. The hood is always in you. If you from the hood then you would know that. I stay in the suburbs but the hood still in me. I lived in the hood for 25 years I mean you just dont get that out of you over night. lol. Suburban kids these days.

  • Anonymous

    Alot of fake lame haters, still mad that Master P already made history, that can't ever be duplicated by black owned rap label.


    Gotta luv how P is in the studio puttin pen to paper while chief is reading off his blackberry! LOL!! remember when Drake acually spit a freestyle whil scrolling down his blackberry. HIP-HOP- Sometimes I hate that I luv this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ThaKritic

      The homie Riff Raff uses glitter to write his rhymes.. who phukin wit dat? narameeeean. U see dem beeds in his hair nigga?

  • OG 2x

    No limit has talented artist now, too bad P is pushing himself and not them

    • Solomon

      When P pushes himself, that brings attention to his label and his artists. It's the same way he helped No Limit sale 75 million records, so chill with your babble and get you some knowledge.

  • OG 2x

    Out of touch no one wants to hear music from him sorry, late 90s and early 2000s cash money took all the no limit fans

  • Anonymous

    Other niggas from the 90s still doing it to Master P, cant believe he made said that, what Jay Z, Nas, Snoop, Bone Thugs, Wu tang. No limit die harder than any other of the hot labels from 90s and 2000s

  • justo

    P needs to get out the way of his own label, no one accepts him as a rapper, hes holding his own label back instead of you doing a song with all of these upcoming artist how about letting romeo or someone from your label do it.

  • Can't Wait

    P, Keef, and Trel huh? Wow, the lyrics will be flowin on this one. Expect plenty of "Uhhh's" and "Bang Bangs" and "I'm fat"... or whatever Fat Trel's tag line is. (Said in my best Bart Scott voice) "Can't Wait!"

  • Anonymous

    he said he was the only nigga from the 90s to be able to fuck with this in 2013, oh no, he hasnt even been successeful musically thru out the hold 2000s

  • Anonymous

    I lost respect for P because just a year or 2 ago, he was on some not cursing type shit and now look what hes doing. No direspect but P is a terrible rapper

  • Anonymous

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Cant wait this shit is going to be to crunk Shit Im hyped

  • twan

    LEAST SUCCESSFUL?? P Was Worth like Fifty Mill In 98' what are u talking about jg???. Besides that . NO LIMIT made there Print in the game and will always be talked about like ELVIS OR BARRY WHITE.. I STill Listen To NO lIMiT LIke the golden years 96-01. They don't Spit like that no more so now you either have to download or Hop on Amazon

    • KiiNG SLiiM

      Master P was worth 600 million before that legal situation, but he still worth 300 million and hasn't had a gold record in 10 years. You got to respect that grind.

    • Anonymous

      50 mil lol try 500 million he was once worth more than diddy but he is still worth abut 250 to 300million A true boss

  • J Dawg

    Master P is a legend and part of the $300 million dollar club, so I salute him.

  • jg

    He's like the least successful Hiphop mogul from the 90's...

    • Anonymous

      Only one thatz poppin on Bad Boy is Diddy's dead homie, and that dude been dead since March of 1997

    • hitmayne

      ^u show your age with your comment, NO LIMIT RECORDS was the most SUCCESSFUL INDEPENDENT RECORD LABEL EVER IN HIPHOP - Master P Brough in over 300MILLION IN 1 YEAR and was top FORBES LIST OVER Diddy, Jay-z and Russle 3 Years Str8. If u need a list of his accomplishments just GOOGLE IT! as for NO LIMIT FOREVER P got the best team right now and they all BRINGIN HEAT google that too! #realshit

    • Anonymous

      One could say he's actually done more for his artists than Diddy has. Any one of P's artists saw several releases, and banked guaranted millions. In contrast, Diddy probably banked millions off his own, and then kicked them aside after he couldn't market them anymore.

    • Anonymous

      really? only jay z and diddy have more money than him though. stop with all your hating.

  • Anonymous

    P is a hood legend im bumping ghetto d on full blast

  • Blaow

    I thought Master P was supposed to be doing conscious music or something.

  • Anonymous

    omg why is this kid keef still around

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