Busta Rhymes Recalls Working With Gucci Mane On "Make It Look Easy"

Busta Rhymes recalls making Gucci Mane jump on a New York-style beat on "Make It Look Easy."

Back in August, Busta Rhymes surprised his fans by linking up with Gucci Mane for the song "Make It Look Easy" off his Year of the Dragon album. Now, in a recent editorial for SOHH, Bussa Bus explains his decision to collaborate with the Atlanta emcee.

Busta recalled that after having seen many New York artists jump on Southern-style productions in the past years, he wanted to flip the script and make a Southern rapper tackle an East Coast beat. With that concept in mind, Busta immediately looked to Gucci to join him on the record.

"My thing is we've heard a lot of artists jump on Southern productions and I thought it would be interesting if we have a South artist jump on a classic New York production," he explained. "Gucci Mane is a dope motherfucker to me. I can speak from a personal experience because I've seen the brother work in the studio. I've seen how hard he works and you can go to a Gucci Mane concert and see how talented this artist is. Getting with Gucci fit with what I was trying to do with this record. I wanted to hear him rock on a record like that. I felt it would be something that's interesting, entertaining and intelligent for us at the same time because that's what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to challenge each other to bring out the best in each other."

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  • Anonymous

    No wonder Busta fell off. He smokes too much dust or some shit. Gucci man is retarded and his rhymes are elementary. Busta I lost respect for you...

  • H


  • Anonymous

    gucci waka gay wack mane lick ass waka gucci soljah boy queer gucci waka queer

  • kennyken

    he picked the right person. someone whom actually sounds funny rapping to it....that actually did the song a lot of justice with gucci's deep southern drawl. bussa buss is the guy man. Year of the dragon surprised me since i just didn't give bomb any play (except those first couple of plays trying to make myself feel it).

  • Anonymous

    Too many dudes hate on Gucci they don't know his talent, they just right away "assume" he is garbage with out givin dude a chance. Gucci gets a ton of respect in the streets, he has bangin beats, his songs are entertaining, and he "can" actually rap. I know it's hard for a lot of dudes to swallow. At first I was the EXACT same way, but I gave dude a chance listened to his mixtapes, and he really isn't all that bad. People are too quick to judge an artist, and I'm glad other artists actually recognize it. It's not just Busta, but a whole lot of dudes like Big Sean, and other "credible" guys, so stop with the hate.

  • BigNoct

    Dude, I hope you read this: I downloaded Year of the Dragon and that shit was WACK AS FUCK...What happened to you making hip hop with New York artists? Not saying that I don't like Southern artists but you have now become a dickrider...Lil Wayne was on your cd like FOUR TIMES!! You're wack now man and in my opinion, you need to start rocking with New York artists again. Not saying that you should cut off Southern hip hop but you making a WHOLE cd with people like Gucci Mane and Future is INCREDIBLY ASS CRACK...Get back to that raw New York Hip Hop you had on The Big Bang...What you're putting out now is WACK....

  • MC Nego Blue

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah yeah fam...you ill with it! He's mentally ill...smh!

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