Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" To Debut At #2 With 240,000 Sold

Early reports claim Kendrick Lamar debuts on Billboard at #2 spot with over 240,000 in sales.

Last week, DX reported that Kendrick Lamar's critically acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city was expected to debut on the charts with over 200,000 copies sold. Now, HITS Daily Double brings in the final tally on the Compton upstart's much-talked about project.

According to reports, good kid, m.A.A.d city debuted to 242,122 units sold, landing him at the #2 spot on the Billboard 200 sales chart. The Aftermath/Interscope emcee came in one spot behind Taylor Swift, whose album Red debuted at the #1 spot with 1,209,817 units sold. 

The Billboard 200 isn't the only chart on which K. Dot's album nabbed a top-tier spot. As of October 23, good kid, m.A.A.d city managed to debut at the #2 spot on the iTunes album chart as well.

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  • Jae

    On His road To The Riches Keep It Up Kendrick

  • Anonymous

    at least he will go Gold which isn't bad at all in today's market

  • S

    Overatted. His 2nd week sales will be like 50,000. YOU WATCH

  • reel2reeltalk

    If you listen to the album from start to finish you will notice there is story interwoven between skits and actual songs. It paints a stylized picture of the challenges faced by a young black man growing up in Compton, CA. I like the album. It may be a bit different from what you are used to hearing but everyone has their own taste. Based on some of the comments it appears some of you have emotional issues. You spend too much time and energy on lesser ways of thinking. That is your decision of course but it doesn't change the reality that you are a loser hating on the next man who is doing what you either cannot or will not do. There is no covering that up by trying to assume some intellectual, moral or spiritual high ground. What is driving your momentum to do what you do is jealousy; the little bitch in you that keeps you where you are at: 2012 Loser Lane.

    • gasoline

      preach brother..gospel truth,...some of these folks hate themselves so much, u can see why they have nothing to share but hate...loosers..

  • Shame

    When ever someones sells, IT has to be the record label who bought it. SMH Kendrick deserved every sale, deserves a shit load more. And Wayne goes almost a mili in a week? a damn SHAME

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift OMG. & The girl writes all of her own stuff and produces as well. Get it girl.

  • Anonymous

    hold on hold on... taylor swift went plat in a week???

  • Anonymous

    fuck gold lets get this album to reach diamond

  • Anonymous

    Slim Shady LP - 283,000 first week Get Rich or Die Tryin' - 872,000 first week The Documentary - 586,000 first week Chronic 2001 - 516,000 first week do the math

  • Anonymous

    meek mill fans gonna blame his weak sales on sandy! LOL

  • BeanTownBreezy

    I hope the best for this dude. He is a humble cat who displays authenticity in everything he does in hip hop. This is uncommon in todays gayass hip pop landscape full of Rick Ross clowns and garbage rappers. Kendrick is a lyricist and actually takes time to give "us" the consumer quality music vs. ignorant dance for the money bamboozzled monkey shit which is polutting the airwaves and young gullible kids minds. Godspeed Kendrick. One love and thank you for that breath of fresh air with your latest cd. It brought back alot of memories of growing up in the 90's when mostly everything that dropped was classic material. Ya'll kid's will never know but will wish to be.One

  • escoveli

    How in the hell this nigga sold 240k Check Dr. Dre itunes account purchase 150k purchases wow!! This dude is so garbage I wouldnt buy this album if it was elgible for EBT purchase (fruity peebles have more value) He will be irrelevant next year this time- i'm gone!

    • Anonymous

      sorry but kendrick will be far from irrelevant next year he will probably be more popular than your fav rapper you bum ass welfare hoe

  • the south african

    breaking news the pentagon blames iran and china 4 hurricane sandy.

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  • Anonymous



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  • the south african

    meek mill will sell 30k or 40k hurricane sandy is fucking up the eastern seabord ppl dnt have tym 2 go and buy a rap ulbum

  • Anonymous

    I'm happy for Kendrick, his album was tight, but I can't help but think Interscope bought some of his units, his buzz wasn't that big

    • illmatich_bridge

      ^^^^ @realtalk... i cannot speak for the south but I live in boston, and kendrick, soul, and q are without question the most talked about hip hop artists in my school. Even with me being from the east coast, I still cant even speak for everyone else. But from what I have observed, and from what i have heard and talked about with people, kendrick is largely considered the best rapper out, and kids play songs from gkmc in the halls... So enough with this generalizing bull shit

    • Anonymous

      you guys are gonna be so mad when meek mill does baby numbers

    • Anonymous

      how can you say nobody on the east coast listens to kendrick? or nobody in the south? how can you speak for an entire reigion like that? we rocking kendrick lamar up in canada ya bish

    • realtalk

      iiiiiiif kendrick really did do that. even though i think the label bought his shit. cause nobody on the east coast listens to kendrick lamar. nobody in the south never even heard of kendrick lamar. meek mill got wayyyy more buzz. so if kendrick did that meek should do 300k n up first week

    • Anonymous

      the buzz was that big I bought two copies and quit assuming. People will pay for good music. I know guys in their 30's and 40's that bought the album. My dad bought the album and he is in his 50's. I hope it goes past gold. Plus Twitter has went crazy over the album. Other rappers have came out and said they bought the album. If your peers have that much respect and said they bought the album that sums it up to me.

    • Anonymous

      You dont need a BUZZ when the music come correct section 80 was his buzz how you think they did it before the internet and digital downloads got big they put there heart and soul into the project wu-tang sold millions just from the love of the people and and some of the best hip hop ever released they never was mainstream.

  • Anonymous

    whats with all this shit, blaming white ppl for waynes success? im not much of a wayne fan but seen him perform once, two years ago and blacks outnumbered whites like 10-1 at that show. my eyes dont decieve me and most likely if youve been to a show, you also own the ablum, jus sayin. i got that carter 1 and 2 but havent bought an album from him since. on another note. i got that new kdot album. been on replay since

  • Anonymous

    when is schoolboy dropping ?

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick & J. Cole sold over 200k and K.R.I.T. is always mentioned as a good sign for the next generation of rappers along with the other two, the people that say that did him dirty when he's album dropped, he deserved to sell at least 100k. Anyways, congratulations Kendrick... I'm from England and I got my copy.

  • Anonymous

    those are astonishing numbers

  • Anonymous

    Thats whats up. Good job Kendrick, you deserve it.

  • mz

    Watch all rappers try to get Taylor Swift on their singles now.

  • Nick

    I like that him an J.Cole both sold over 200k. Good signs for the future of rap. I liked Kendricks a lot more, but I'm pumped for their collab.

  • gladisnytepimping

    who actually buys music anymore when theres spotify and rhapsody? do u rent movies at video stores too? do u eat your food without jerking off in it first? do u pretend to put a condom on but inside slide it in from behind without her knowing your raw and impregnate the bitch? do u like her asshole without watching the lakers loose? do u play with your dogs lipstick and apply that on your lips before handling his moist balls while talking dirty to him? do u smack your mom while your dad rapes u from behind while your uncle watches? do u pimp out your sister to your friends who have stds and make her go raw on them and get aids because she stole your iphone for a minute to make an emergency call because she was bleeding out her ass cause your uncle had his way. well if you do all this then you might be a redneck

    • Alladream

      It's called supporting good music. You're to cheap to buy an album that is a classic. This album will be put up with illmatic, ready to die, death certificate and reasonable doubt.

  • insanemacbeth

    good for K.L. :-)))))

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift needs to thank Kanye for making white folks by her music, to prove that a black man a stopping nothing.

    • georgegorge

      imma let u finish but black men raped my mom and my best friend got beatin till he was paralyzed by three blacks. would u like me to thank blacks for that too? so i find black chicks and pretend to be exactly what they want and make them fall for me then i dump they fat ass and tell them they were just a fuck

  • Nick T

    kendrick would've sold more (maybe 300k), but all you little nerdy backpacker mainstream-hating underground geeks say "album sales dont mean shit" just as an excuse not to BUY the album, yet wayne kanye jayz eminem are all selling good numbers

  • For Real

    Not the biggest Kendrick fan, only ever liked "look out for detox" & "hiii power". But I have to admit, this album was dope as fuck from start to finish. "backseat freestyle" & "money trees" are dope!!!

  • Anonymous

    white people!!!! damn.....1.2+mil ?

  • lee

    240,000 copies sold equals world wide tours for the next 4-6 years off this record alone. He's a millionaire off this project period! Taylor Swift is a white pop artist she is easily closing in on a 100 million dollars. Both are doing really well.

    • Anonymous

      You lost credibility after you stated she was a "white pop singer". No shit sherlock. For a second there I thought she was Hispanic. Stupid fucker.

  • Anonymous

    Best 1st week sales from a hip-hop album in 2012 so far: good kid, m.A.A.d city by Kendrick

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is looking at plat if Poetic Justice is released as a single. It's one of the worse songs on the album, but its the perfect single for the album.

  • Marx1684

    Kendrick did real good. He doesn't make pop hip hop. He put together a real Hip Hop project.Taylor Swift's audience doesn't really download & her promotion was ridiculous. I'm in NY & they're selling her album on Papa John's website. I went to get pizza & they were promoting her album! A machine like that behind you might help just a little.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Swift maybe the only modern day artist who can sell a million first week. I dnt think Wayne can anymore cuz of the backlash from C4 & the horrible Dedication4..Possibly Adele but she'll have to keep making hits.Lady Gaga did but she sold hers at a cheaper price, at regular prices, idk..Props to Kendrick tho, this is a strong first week hopefully he'll atleast go gold in a yr or so



  • Anonymous

    I think meek will only do about 60-80k

  • Anonymous

    seeing real hip hop sell is kinda strange nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    This IS NOT a success...It just means that the people who are going to cop, copped it at release...Next week there will be a drastic drop in sales. I don't think it will even go gold.

    • Trey

      Well look at Sideline Story. This album sold more overall, and it still went gold within the first few months. It's still only number 3 on iTunes. I think this album can be platinum easily.

    • Kells

      This IS a success. I don't know if you realize this, but a lot of "hip-hop fans" (girls and guys alike) don't like Kendrick. They don't understand him, they think he's weird, they say he's overrated. So he still has millions of minds to change for that follow-up album. But for a debut, he did an impeccable job. It's sad people can't recognize a high quality album when they hear one. I think it's also the fact that he's trying to take hip-hop in a new direction, Black Hippy is on that next level and the world ain't ready.

    • Truth

      Who gives a fuck?ppl should never care about sales.first of all every album that drops gets leaked n shit so that's like a good 35% gone rite there.kendrick is dope.period.fuck a record sales chart.that shit is never accurate anyways

  • Anonymous

    and that bitch taylor beat him, wow....

  • BwS


  • d-nucks

    I don't get some of you niggaz...throwing hate at this dude. I mean what do you want. in the words of tupac "you don't have to bump this but please respect it". Its undeniable that this dude is talented and a unique artist. So the album did'nt meet your expectations.....thats good he has room to grow...thats the scary part. Its not always good to drop a classic first time out...cause then you will have pressure to do better than that and people will always compare your work to that. DUDE DROPPED A SOLID ALBUM....a great story telling album which LACKS MAJORLY IN HIP HOP TODAY. If you don't like dude fine....but as a hip hop got to be glad that somebody like this sold well in the first week. He has sold 240,000 and hasn't even dropped a second single yet.....i think "money trees" should be next in my opinon. Anyway congrats to dude...for real

    • Well Said

      Well said...spoken like a true hiphop fan and a person with some sense. I bought and listened to the album and would say that the album is good, not great, and more importantly that I'm happy with my purchase. I know that Kendrick was under alot of pressure and so forth so for him to not flop and compromise his sound like Slaughterhouse did for a major release is commendable in my opinion. I look forward to the other TDE artist major debuts.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Nice to see a respected album that can actually move a few units. I'm impressed, not a fan myself but congrats to him. If nothing else I recognize the kid is much better then the usual rappers that occupy that slot. salute to Interscope for rolling the dice on a rapper who isn't a faggot or retarded, as would seem to be the norm these days.

  • Anonymous

    not larger than hers* just larger than what he has been.

  • VicManMan

    Hip Hop fans don't buy albums, so this is a HUGE win for him. I'm a fan and I didn't even expect this. Of course Taylor Swift is going to sell a mil better. 13 year old girls don't know how to torrent. He'll be making stacks selling out touring in much larger venues, though.

    • BradZuk

      Its incredible how incapable people are of understanding what a generalization is. Obviously he isnt saying that NOONE buys hip hop albums.... cause he is lauding the 240k units he did move. so your "i buy albums asshole" comment is semi-retarded.

    • Sthlm

      i love hiphop and i have never bought an album s vi gr de hr i stockholm

    • Anonymous

      thats a very ignorant comment...I'm a hip hop fan...i bought it the first day.....been a hip hop fan since 1985.....i was born in 80.

  • Anonymous

    "Swimmin Pools enough said." LOL that single was far from a hit. It flopped big time. It just came and went and no one gave a fuck.

  • FuKKK KKKendriKKK Lamar

    That cracker ho owned him on the charts though.

  • Anonymous

    This is so bitter-sweet. Sweet because those are good number, I believe the best debut or close to it for a hip hop album this year. Bitter because Taylor murked him by 1,000,000 copies wow. But as is the case with hip hop albums, I don't buy first week sales because labels buy back records to create buzz. Think about it, it's better than spending $ on marketing. $1 million invested is 125,000 records. Thats no money when you think about marketing. We'll see how things go in week #2. If he drops to 50,000 sold, it's a sham

    • Anonymous

      labels do "buy-back" albums, that's the reason for the term in the first place. Do you see the GIVEAWAY box on the site? Ever heard the radio when whatever number caller wins a free album of the latest release? That's the "buy-back" program being implemented. Many industry office workers, messengers, mail-room staff, shipping companies, radio employees see and handle the "buy-backs" program. It exists. You strange beings seem to associate this program with "padding the numbers". With bar-coding & iTunes, it's a huge task to make 100-500 thousand copies show up and suddenly disappear. If you're thinking about a warehouse somewhere, you, may be the conspiracy theorist.

    • Anonymous

      Labels do not fcking buy albums. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? How in the fuck would they do that without people finding out? SMH.

    • Anonymous

      If Interscope were buying back records why they aint break out the money to save the countless flops they released this year?? Stop being so paranoid, you know nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Goddamn 1.2 mil, that bitch Taylor Swift makin moves right now....props to my nigga Kendrick though

  • Anonymous

    wow 1,209,817 sold i need to cop that taylor swift

  • Real Talk

    haha everyone saying how 200,000 is good numbers by todays standards. While Drake sells over 700,000 on both album first week sales. call it pop if u want, but 200,000 is no standard for anything great... Good album tho, it just shows u that hip hop and rap fans really, aint gonna go out and buy ya music unless they really feel u... hahaha relax i was just fcking with u white kids before u all start saying "Fuck Drake & YMCMB"

  • crenshaw Favorite

    k dot cool respect him for respecting himself. Overrated though

    • Truth

      He is just getting started.if anything the man is underrated.are you not sick of seeing the same mothafuckas on tv???wayne drake Ross wale meek Nikki Minaj.....don't even get me started on her.think twice before you call an artist who is still on the rise "underrated".

  • siamf

    This would've been number one any other week. 2 Chainz went #1 with barely over 100k.

  • Anonymous

    Goes to show once again the difference between hip hop and other genres of music. 242,000 is very impressive, but when compared to 1.2 million, it proves how hip hop has actually lost fans.

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop has always been about that, longevity v fad, bootlegging. The new generation of music fans simply do not buy music like their predecessors did. It's not rocket science.

    • Anonymous

      well hip hop artist get bootlegged the most and as hip hop fans we are torn between 2 subject matters at the moment, Lyrical(which has always been there) and Swag(One of them Fads).



  • jg

    1.2 Mill in a week!!??? Wtf Taylor Swift moves UNITS

  • Anonymous

    Been Bumpin Only His Shit For 2 weeks Now!

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Thats because pop appeals to a larger audience than hiphop.. But Wait till king Slim Shady drops his next album. He's the only rapper who can surpass artists of any genre.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever met that bitch? Of course not, so be a better example for your kids by not using words they can read and use.

  • Anonymous

    i personally wasn't feelin the album but congrats to him anyway.

  • Joey

    Congrats K.Dot. Those numbers fantastic in this day and age where so manyn niggas download. Taylor Swift sold 1.2 millions copies. Man who the fuck buys that many records? Shit is impossible that amount these days but this goes to prove white people will buy anything.

  • Anonymous

    I think its safe to say officer ricky isn't the biggest boss in the music industry, but congrats to Kendrick #WELLDONE

  • Anonymous

    Still haven't heard any of the tracks cause i wanna buy it first! Driving me nuts

  • Vern

    Congratulations Kendrick indeed. I also bought the album n haven't listened to anything else yet since it came out either. Anyway good lookin' Kendrick. Althought the Aftermath/Interscope been working overtime on a mf though, like damn I was alrdy gonna buy it since it been announced yo, damn!

  • Anonymous

    Congradulations KL. Well deserved sales. I bought the album, haven't listened to anything else all week.

  • Anonymous

    Yes! Let's get it! Not only he has the critical acclaim but he has the numbers to back it up. This is a situation where if you don't like what he is doing, you flat out don't like hip hop. He touches base on so many components of the music so if you don't like Kendrick then you don't like hip hop. You may like rap but rap aint shit!

    • Waxxy Gordon

      I'm fine with what he is doing, he seems like a nice kid so congrats to him for his success. But that album ain't for me, yo. Shit's mad sleepy.

    • Anonymous

      KL is just one artist. One impressive sales week doesn't mean he represents hip hop. Remember, even J. Cole sold 200,000 copies. Point being, people can like or dislike who they choose, and a strong debut doesn't automatically mean people can't criticize the guy if they listen and don't feel his music in the same way you might.

    • randy

      These Nazi "hip hop" fanboys are so hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      "This is a situation where if you don't like what he is doing, you flat out don't like hip hop. nigga like who the fuck do you think you are. shut the fuck up with you false dictation of what people should and shouldnt like. who the fuck do you think you are nigga

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