Game Proclaims Kendrick Lamar The "West Coast Nas," Says He Encouraged The Rappers Name Change

Game says Kendrick Lamar reminds him of a "West Coast Nas," speaks on the rappers former moniker, K-Dot.

Although his debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, was released exactly one week ago, Compton lyricist Kendrick Lamar is continuing to receive praise for his debut. The latest nod came from fellow West Coast rapper and past collaborator Game, who referred to Kendrick as being the “West Coast Nas” during a recent interview.

While speaking with, Game also spoke on the TDE emcee’s lyrical styling’s which he referred to as being “amazing.”

“Kendrick is like our West Coast Nas so to speak,” said Game. “Lyrically amazing, I hope no one ever beefs or tries to attack him lyrically, [they] would definitely lose. His mind is crazy. I was just in the studio with Nipsey last night talking about how crazy and how far Kendrick’s mind wanders and it translates on records real dope.”

Prior to commenting on Kendrick’s lyricism, Game addressed the rappers name change from K-Dot to Kendrick Lamar, a change he believes helped propel his career.

“It’s really dope to see hard work pay off. Somebody that I helped, shape, and mold. I remember when I told K-Dot, that K-Dot wasn’t gonna work and that he should just change his name to Kendrick and he did that,” the rapper explained. “And next thing you know it’s Aftermath and people are checking, bitches are like ‘Kendrick, Kendrick!’”

Game is currently preparing for the release of his next studio album, Jesus Piece, which is due out on December 11.

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  • Big Joe

    The West Coast Nas? Nasir has beef with everyone in the game. From shouting out 'Mega, to dissin 'Mega, from Fitty collabs to Fitty disses, Im not even gonna start w the Jay situation. Nas dissed Mobb Deep as well, and Rakim even had issues with the cat...Im a big fan of Nas, but not for his personality, for his skill---I respect KDOTs personality and skill. KDOT is far from a beef rapper. He didnt even retaliate on Shyne..Kendrick is an intellectual and all embracing and encompassing.

  • FuKKK KKKendriKKK Lamar


  • Fuck Compton

    Nigga talks like he owns Kendrick or some shit.

  • jesus

    DIZZY WRIGHTS BETTER THAN KENDRIK, In the flow and message and lyrics. COME ON SON

  • pope chuck paul

    they also called mack 10 the west coast nas when he first came out...

  • Anonymous

    West coast nas? After one whole album and a mixtape? In terms of subject matter yes maybe as they are both creative but lyrically and flow wise they are nothing alike.

  • real nigga J

    fuck that bi-polar ass nigga. dont yall niggas see how desperate he is lol.

  • Anonymous

    i guess nas wont be writing for game on the next album he will be back to dissing kanye after his album drop

  • Sean Price

    Game need his ass kicked and his mic revoked tom uch cock in this stripper ass he losing his brain cells. p!!

  • Anonymous

    TO MUCH DICKRIDING from one album you copmare this guy to one of the greatest of all time? BULLSHIT

  • Yoooooo

    Section 80 >>>>> GKMC

  • NYC

    there is only one Nas. So stop with dat bullshit!

  • Anonymous

    correction, nobody can spit over a lex luger beat then go make crazy tracks with madlibb, then go spit over some funky classic dre type beats like gibbs.

  • Anonymous

    My top 5 rappers in the game right now in no particular order. Joey Bada$$, Ab Soul, Nas, K. Dot, Freddie Gibbs. I based my list off of lyrical ability, delivery, content of lyrics, and ability to rap over any beat. All of these rappers have somethin different, none of these rappers can come with gutter graphic lyrics and spit lyrical shit over a lex luger beat like freddie gibbs, but Nas is prolly the deepest only because he's older and has more experience, Ab Soul and K. Dot mix up the content of their rhymes very well and can spit over alot of different beats, but lyrically I believe Ab Soul is better than K. Dot, not by alot though, and for his age Joey Bada$$ is just a straight up beast. But their all different and bring somethin different to the table. All this top rapper debatin is all a matter of opinion, but if you bring lyrical ability, content, sales, mainstream success and what not into the convo then, Eminem would most likely take the goat title

  • w h o k n o w s

    Game has compared himself, Lupe, J.Cole & now Kendrick to Nas... every time somebody lyrical comes out he's blastin' the Nas comparison.. Nas is one of a kind.. THERE IS NO NEW NAS.. PERIOD

  • jay

    yall funny as hell. mc's influence other mc's; It's not a matter of who's better, it's just evolution. Kool Moe Dee > Rakim > Nas > Kendrick Lamar

  • Anonymous

    didn't Game call himself the west coast Nas on a song before?

  • wolf_raziel

    i agree w/ the heads saying kendrick > nas. as far as where they're both at now if we go head to head on diversity of flows, creativity, versatility, and just whose pushing hip hop forward as an art form in general kendrick comes out on top hands down. the only thing i can say they're evenly matched w/ is lyrics. niggas need to get over the fact that nas dropped illmatic which might i add was almost 20 years ago. a lot of people of my generation don't even have the right to gas about it the way the older heads do because we weren't around for all the hype and the cultural impact it had made back when it was released. nas is an excellent rapper but as far as artistry goes he's inconsistent as fuck, and depending on your taste, before life is good, he hadn't dropped a good album since god's son.

  • Anonymous

    Game's faggot ass trying to get credit for someone else again.

  • Anonymous

    "stuio album" should be replaced with "compilation".

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    No where close to being Nas. GTFOH. Damn, seems like everybody is a dick rider now a days. Nas in his prime was 100 x better than Kendrick. Illmatic does the number 2 on good kid maad city. GTFOH with that bullshit. Present day Nas 5 x better than Kendrick Lamar. Don't get me wrong, Kendrick Lamar is nice but this overhyping is getting out of hand. You have to earn your medals before you wear them. Too much dick riding going on.

  • NuYork Timez

    best Rappers alive o1. Hov lane a.k.a Jigga man Jay Z 02. Nastro D, African Best Lyricist Nas 03. Slim Shady Black on White Eminem 04. Ye to tha, Kanye west 05. Murderline, Ja Rule Wack Rappers of Alltime 01. Lil Wayne - Garbage as Fuck 02. Drake - The Current champion of College Rap 03. The Game - The only thing he can do is name drop 04. 50 Cent - the best cock sucker to ever touch the mic 05. Snoop Dogg - What a waste Best Average Rappers 01. Jada kiss - lack of good beats but one good rapper 02. J Cole - get a Ghostwriter 03. Nicki Minaj - Loose the Pop beats 04. Wu Tang - Call Large Proffesor & Tech 05. Kendrick lamar - Please dont lose it 02.

  • Anonymous

    I proclaim Game as the biggest dickryder ever.

  • Melody

    Game is going to change his name to Jameson G, now thats gangster, and Jesus Piece will drop next year because Ja Rule is still to feature on the album.

  • Ozitot

    KL needs to get a co-sign in order to boost his sales

  • Anonymous

    westcoast 50 cent = dre

  • Anonymous

    And who is westcoast Ja Rule ?

  • Kid_Icarus

    Game had kendrick (kdot) on his mixtapes and shit before anyone knew about him so get what hes tryin to say but damn do you gotta dickride him that much? just let the little nigga be and work on YOUR rhymes.

  • Matt-DOt

    I think Kendrick Lamar has the best album of the year so far. Yes better than Nas...but not by much. I am a big Nas fan too. The West Coast is back, I cant wait for Game's 5th album!

  • Belly Of The Beast

    Lupe Fiasco> Kendrick Lamar> Nas........

  • vargas

    if your bitch fucks with your neighbor under your nose , what should you real niggaz advise me on this one ? not trolling serious as a motherfucker, slut dumped and backbit me loll

    • KaiserParma

      Shoot that nigga, nigga! And that bitch too. That's how a real nigga roll, got to lay they asses flat out. Yeah! No, but seriously, f*ck that bitch. Just get a better bitch. Ultimate revenge.

  • Nick T

    While you sprightly, youthful degenerates are frolicking in the sun or whatever it is you do - spare a humble thought to those that are slave to the desk, forever marinated in fluorescent radiance and pacify you're obligation to upload pictures if your pseudo-summer field day.

  • dot

    Game's the muthafuckin KING of HIP HOP


    !? I get SO SICK of Game sometimes...West Coast Nas? THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A WEST COAST NAS! Kendrick Kendrick Lamar..

  • whosaidwhat

    lol Game's the one that needs to change his name ! One of the worst names in rap, in my opinion.

  • 3 headedmonstah

    so game claiming hes the reason change his name to kendrick? smh like a negro winnning a lotto ticket, everyone will try to come forth and take a claim.. either way i wouldnt say hes our NAS, but more our KENDRICK. hes crazy dope, but still young. NO WAY NEAR NAS, IF IM AN OLD HEAD OR NOT(SAME AGE AS GAME). NO PAC, NO NAS, NO NOTHING BUT OUR(L.A) KENDRICK... so let the lil negro be.. and Game did say" in some way" so hes not givin him that whole torch.. i can see game point tho.. cuz kdot a beast

  • K-Dot

    Face it. I'm the best!

  • VEST


    • Anonymous

      Only on the internet you'll ever hear some shit that says Nas is incomparable. Fuck out of here.

    • Anonymous

      Point blank... Yes you can. Jay, Em, hell even T.I. are better than Nas, and better yet still relevant today. I realize Illmatic changed your life, but that was ages ago sport. Time to move on, don't ya think?

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is 1 of the most lyrical rappers I've ever heard from the West but Nas was still gangsta which Kendrick isnt & dnt try to be. He's no Nas but his future looks bright

  • youngsta

    kendrick lamar >>>>>>>> nas. watch all the old heads get butthurt.

  • Anonymous

    game basicly saying he made kendrick lamar

  • T

    i always new hip hop lived in the east

  • WTF


  • Anonymous

    It's a majority [internet] opinion...And most of the people on these sites are white nerds who worship anything "alternative" ^ this is truth

  • Fon Z

    Kendrick is aight but lets be honest... he's just aight. I get we want some West Coast rappers on the map but Nipsey & Kendrick cant even hold a candle to a Drake, Wiz, or even J Cole for that matter..... WHY?? Good Question... they dont have that "it" factor. Kendrick is aight, i remember seeing him at Rock The Bells in August and he couldnt even get 1000 people to see him on stage... WHY? cuz DJ QUIK was shutting it down on the next stage over!

    • Anonymous

      and eventually drift from his roots to make the paper. That aint what hip-hop needs right now. IDK why its so hard for people to respect them as artist and complain about the little shit.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ i guess by 'it' he means that star quality. that quality that'll make a dude go from just another rapper to a star

    • Anonymous

      I take it that "it" is mainstream? as long as theres fans like me Kendrick doesn't have to have the "it" factor for me to know hes one of the best artist doin it right now.

  • ECU


  • ECU


  • Anonymous



    Game is the best rapper alive like He says on the city GAME BIGGIE (HOV) PROBABLY PAC NAS and EMINEM so all u lil wayne rick ross drake kendrick lovers eat a cock. Game is a fuckin g filthy rich and at his worst (the red album) is better than that carter 4, watch the throne, and tm103 and jeezy that nigga. red is the dopest rap album since Em's recovery. Red is stillclassic shit. all Games cds since 05, even if not better than the Documentary are better than theze other shit rappers albums doc advocate and lax are still the best rap albums to come out the years they dropped 06 and 09 and whoever disagrees is just a big fuckin hater he only features these wack fucks on his cd cause the record lable makes him Games mixtapes are killin these clown ass rappers albums Games mixtapes are real g lyrical shit and cali republic is the last of those features left from red. Game stay rich AND FUCK THESE DUMB ASS SUBURBAN NOT REALLY FROM THE HOOD ASS NIGGAZ WHO SAY A NIGGA WIT 25,000,000 is broke yall internet niggaz make me laugh. If game was a stripper in any of the years in the 2000s as much as game destroys niggaz and talks shit they would been had that shit on the summer jam screen, them bitch ass brick squad and 40 glocc and all them hoe ass niggaz still aint put the tape out of them knockin out a 6'5" nigga in a public mall. GAME is a G and u hoe ass niggaz just hate hate hate. When jesus really come back yall hoe ass niggaz gonna hate cause thats what yall do!!! That aint jesus fuck that nigga man!!!! To hell you go bitch game time!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Cosign... the Game is the King of hip hop thts why hes the most talked about and most hated... BEST RAPPER ALIVE

    • anonymous

      Get game's DICK OUT UR MOUTH!!!!Every rap album u mentioned is weak as fuc but not as weak as game's GARBAGE!!! He needs those features to sell any albums!!! 5 yrs. from now game broke an homeless but there will always be a dick rider like you to blow him!! Go illegaly download some more pop/rap Hot Garbage after ur done jerkin your dick to game!!!

    • youngsta

      game is washed the fuck up. go back to your corner listening to that shitty red album. kendrick and tyler the creator killed him on his own songs.

  • Mihai

    First of all: Game, wake the fuck up! Your mixtapes are fire, but your recent albums are similar to DJ Khaled compilations, wtf... Second: Nas and Kendrick are completely different, however both really talented with great story-telling skill and both managed to raise above their peers while remaining faithful to their fan base. However you cannot compare the Rise of the Roman Empire to the Rise of the Persian Empire. Third: racial discrimination according to music genre? c'mon son, not on hiphopdx, it's all about the love of music here, regardless of color.

  • hmm

    He cool and all but honestly...getoff the nigga nutts...

  • OnemikE

    There's only one God Son!

  • Anonymous

    wtf kendrick suxx he only has like 4 good songs nd the rest sukkd, he need moe work nd a better pruducer

  • SDK


  • KillaSeason

    I thought Ras Kass was the west coast Nas... Then I remembered Game have beef with him

  • Anonymous

    "Well... He was BUSY doing his job promoting his music" Nobody has to promote their album every single day. We all know it's not coming out this year anyway, so I think he just loves the sound of his own voice. It's soothing, in between fist fights with other rappers and the sound of gunshots in Compton.

  • Hip Hop Historian

    if anyone in the West gets thumbs up of being like Nas then its Ab-Soul Kendrick is ill though

  • Anonymous

    game trying so hard to ride somebody else coat tails AGAIN...i lost all respect for this guy a while ago..he had so much potential but ended up being nothing but a name-dropping, dickriding, emotional clown..kendrick would be wise to just keep doing his thing with TDE and avoid letting this leech latch onto him

    • RED-bWs

      You do realize that Kendrick looks up to Game. He has for YEARS. 2nd verse of Black Boy Fly off GKMC is all about Game. Kendrick respects Game, Game is showing he respects Kendrick back. I hate when people get mad at Game for paying homage to new and old rappers. Watch Ice T's The Art of Rap, I just finished watching that. The old school rappers say that artists who pay homage are the ones who are gonna save Hip-Hop. Game's been doing that his whole career, and ya'll hate on him for it.

  • tim

    Kendrick going to be Kendrick. Nas is Nas. Excited about what both will offer. Besides Kendrick going to blaze his own lane in rap!!!

  • Anonymous

    nas is overrated and he can't really rap that good, his lines are fake and he can't flow

    • Nick08

      Dude what the fuck do you know? Your callin Nas' lines fake? that some funny shit. I mean it,Nas is one of the best to ever do it. You can go ahead and say Nas fell off but his longevity, Development and lyrical skill that i still believe he has will always be a great example of a good artist . IMO opinion Nas is the epitome of Hip-Hop & Life Is Good was a great album. NAS>KENDRICK>JAY Z (Just to piss someone off) buahaha

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    West Coast version of J Cole. Not that it's bad, but definitely over hyped for the first album. The industry is just that terrible these days.

  • Anonymous

    West Coast Nas???? What?? People are over hyping this dude like crazy...Kendrick Lamar isn't even the best rapper on the west coast! How the hell is he comparable to Nas???? I''ve listen his album about 20 times no to try and understand the hype around this dude, but I just don't see it. He's no Nas, this is not a classic...End of discussion.

    • Anonymous

      That the thing tho Nick08. The fact that Kendrick has no competition right now , people be riding his dick because they can't find other dicks to ride lol...imagine if there was other up and comers who was on the same level as K-L.There wouldn't be so many eyes on him!! I respect his talent and I know he's an ill ass rapper but the fact that right now there is no competition for him in the rap game, people are quick to say that his album is classic ! People overate him because there is nothing else to rate. Imagine if tupac didn't exist , everybody would be saying biggie is the best fucking rapper that ever did it!! same with kendrick.

    • Nick08

      Kendrick knows how to make a great fuckin concept album man. You must not be listening to his lyrics,if you can tell me of a new or recent up and coming artist that is as lyrical, and deep, and fire as Kendrick then do tell because nobodies doin it like him. I only needed to hear section.80 to know this dudes got a crazy mind, and GKMC is a masterpeice...end of discussion.

    • 4th anonymous

      co-sign 3rd anonymous

    • Anonymous

      ^^^It's a majority [internet] opinion...And most of the people on these sites are white nerds who worship anything "alternative".

    • Anonymous

      Said nobody, ever...but seriously tho. It's a majority opinion, so there must be something that people really like on that album. Maybe you just don't have good taste.

  • Anonymous

    Just say no homie!

  • RC

    Kendrick's nice but there will always only be one Nas.

  • Anonymous

    let me guess. u r the west coast Jay-z right??

  • Anonymous

    ab-soul is better

  • Anonymous

    faggots just jealous

  • me

    game and 50 like the same dude, always trying to take credit for SOMETHING. "i told him change your name to kendrick, then like bam, everybody loved him" lol shut the f*ck up nikka

  • Anonymous

    I bet Ab Soul would beat K. Dot lyrically. Ab Soul the best spitter out of the TDE crew, game just ridin k. dot dick because he'll be more successful mainstream than Ab Soul, but Ab got them bars

  • Anonymous

    Game really has alot of time on his hands.

    • Anonymous

      Well... He was BUSY doing his job promoting his music and gets asked all types of questions, some obviously about Kendrick and answers them truthfully.

  • gaetarick

    Game sucks everybody's dick!

  • Hey...

    I'm Game, I'm an attention whore, I proclaim shit that really isn't true. I remember when I went back in time to tell some up and comers out of Cleavland, Ohio to change their names from Calcium-Gang members EN Chaos to Bone Thugs N Harmony. I love talking to TMZ, and dissing people to stay relevant. It might because Kendrick's numbers for his debut are going to beat my last album and my new one. I get butthurt about Shyne's comments when Kendrick doesn't give two shits about them. I'm sinking lower and lower, please, somebody help me.

    • Yoooo

      Haha bro, you look pathetic. Just stop it. You're killing yourself. Also, nobody cares about Simon Cowell on this website. On another note, British humor is terrible. Now go "jolly a jubbler" or however you say "go fuck a dude" in your weird British slang.

    • Anonymous

      "When you state that a rapper's career is better then a random commenter, you're a dickrider." LOL, like I stated before you're not very good guessing somebodies character by looking at a few words written on an internet blog. I only really like 1 album from Game and kind of like Doctor's Advocate as well, but internet bloggers piss me off more than Game pleases me... "When you talk about internet thugs, but insult someone first" Personally I didn't class it as insulting, I was just telling the truth. I guess Simon Cowell doesn't class what he does as insulting, he just tells the truth. "you're really just a dick goblin" "Nob Goblin" is funnier.

    • Yoooo

      No. You're a dickrider. When you state that a rapper's career is better then a random commenter, you're a dickrider. When you're obviously the dude two comments above this one's, trying to be reasonable about Game's free time; you're a dickrider. When you talk about internet thugs, but insult someone first, because they talked shit about an artist you like; you're a dickrider. The only thing sad here, is you. I'm going to reiterate it, is he paying you? Is he supporting you because you're supporting him? No. If you're getting butthurt about some random's comments then you're a dickrider. Simple as that. Stop acting like a level headed, educated dude when you're really just a dick goblin.

    • Anonymous

      "it seems like you're a huge dickrider." Nope just giving an impartial view on things, when internet thugs get behind their keyboard they seem to act like they're the almighty when in reality they're just sad cunts. Well, it looks like you're not very good at guessing somebodies character by looking at a few words written on an internet blog, but then who is? Me. Also while I'm not in any way a fan of Dizzy Rascal he has actually dropped critically acclaimed albums, although I've never actually heard them myself. The only British rapper I actually like is Plan B, just in case you were wondering...

    • Yoooo

      ^^^British Faggot anonymous, go back to like Dizzy Rascal's wack ass. Game's a faggot, and by the looks of it, it seems like you're a huge dickrider. How much has he done for you lately? Gave you a good fucking? Hopefully he's paying you to look like a crazy bitch defending her favorite pop star.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, taking the piss out of Game's career. I wonder how is your's doing... Any better?

  • Game - Je5us PiecE

    1. Jesus Piece feat. Kanye West (Produced by Kanye West) 2. Survival Skills (Produced by The Neptunes) 3. Bad Intentions feat. Lil Wayne & Drake (Produced by Cool & Dre) 4. Cheat on You feat. Adam Levine (Produced by Boi-1da, co. Arthur McArthur, co. Matthew Burnett) 5. Commitment feat. Nas (Produced by No I.D.) 6. Street Dreams (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Jeff Bhasker) 7. Celebration feat. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa (Produced by SAP, co. Cool & Dre) 8. Confessional (skit) 9. Feel My Pain (Produced by Cool & Dre) 10. Mad Men (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mark Batson) 11. Alive feat. John Legend (Produced by Pharrell Williams) 12. Violent feat. Scarface (Produced by Mike Dean, co. Kanye West, co. Jeff Bhasker) 13. Soundtrack to Chaos (Produced by Dr. Dre) 14. Never Afraid feat. Rihanna (Produced by Hit-Boy) 15. No Future (Produced by 1500 or Nothin') 16. HVN4AGNGSTA feat. Master P (Produced by DJ Premier) 17. Testify (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Jeff Bhasker) Deluxe Edition 18. Reflection (Produced by 1500 or Nothin') 19. I Remember feat. Young Jeezy & Future (Produced by Yung Ladd, add. Marz of Eardrummers, add. The Twilite Tone) iTunes Deluxe 20. Ghetto Chronicle feat. Jamie Foxx (Produced by Rico Love) 21. Not Gonna Leave feat. Chrisette Michele (Produced by Cool & Dre) Target Deluxe 22. Top of the World feat. Big Sean (Produced by No I.D.)

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is that dude! Fuck you if you hating and aint even listen to Good Kid M.A.A.D. City (In stores and on iTunes now lol)

  • Lateef Watson

    Com'on are you serious? Nas drop 11 albums, this niggga lyrics deeper than "Kendrick's" lyrics, this nigga ONLY drop 1 album >Can't be serious

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      LOL @ niggas coming up with a compilation in The Lost Tapes to big up Nas' weak ass discography.

    • chillin

      I'll give you illmatic is cohesive the rest aren't though. Look up the term cohesive! IWW, Stillmatic and Lost Tapes are great albums but they aren't cohesive like Kendrick's projects. For example "We the flyest" "braveheart party", and "destroy and rebuild" don't fit and sound like shit. Are Nas' lyrics great, sure, but those songs don't fit with the feel of the rest of the damn album.

    • Anonymous

      How the fuck aren't Illmatic, IWW, Stillmatic, God's Son and Lost Tapes not cohesive albums? gtfo

    • Anonymous

      ^ lol, Nas >>>>>>> Kendrick

    • chillin

      Of course he won't be as good, because he's already better. I love Nas, but Kendrick is better. He can at least make cohesive albums and do hooks, he's also way better at conveying emotion too. His wordplay is just as crazy as is his storytelling. Kendrick is a much more versatile artist. Period. I'm 30 and have been listening to hip-hop my whole life.

    • ...

      To you maybe, to Kendrick fans he obviously will and Impartial fans (like me) don't really care and just enjoy both...

    • Anonymous

      this is something i fully agree with.



  • People are dumb.

    So nobody listened to Black Boy Fly? Kendrick's entire second verse is an homage to Game and what seeing his success did for his own life. But Game can't speak on him without trying to "seek attention"...ok. Someone said that Kendrick's lyrics are way deeper than Nas. You must be 15 or some shit.



    • Anonymous

      ab soul and kendrick are in the same clique. his time will come if kendrick keeps blowing up and helping ab, jay rock, and schoolboy. as much as you dont want to admit it, kendrick is putting them on because of his success. Black Hippy, nothing else. HiiiPower all day.

  • the Grza

    Technically he sounds more like Andre 3000 and Em. Kendrick has a very mechanical flow that sounds nothing like Nas. In terms of content it's too early to say. Nas' content has covered just about anything you can rap about. The only similarity that I see is creativity.

  • Anonymous

    i hate when motherfuckers start comparing up-and-coming rappers to Nas. calling them the 'new Nas' or the '2nd coming of Nas'. Nas was a one of a kind artist, there will never be another rapper like him or even close to him and none of these new jacks will ever come close to putting out a discography like Nas' over the course of their careers (however long/short they may be).

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up you attention seeking whore

  • Youngindy21

    D@MAN GAME GET OFF THIS N!GGA'S D!CK. His album was just OKAY. Enough of the overhype. He is not the new Nas. Just because he tells stories in his rapping doesn't mean he is anywhere near as good as Nas. The only reason you on this dude is because he is from Compton. Kendrick Lamar is okay in my opinion but he haven't released worth going crazy over just yet.

  • Anonymous

    most of yall didnt even hear of kendrick before he went off on Games last album. All yall just hatin thats all.

  • Anonymous

    look at this asshole trying to take some credit for Kendrick's success. fuck outta here, Game.

  • Just Being Honest

    Mr Irrelevant commenting on Mr Hot Right Now in the hope some people will buy his album. We see through you Game.

  • Anonymous


  • killah_casp

    lmfao the west coast nas last time i checked his lyrics arent that deep typical game dick riding as usual. the west has powerful lyricists and they aint signed to major labels and doing tracks with drake so y dont you just take you little red bandana and plug it in that fake mouth off yours fake lollipop thugs rass kass has better lyrics than kendrick and your bitch ass didnt show him no respect everything this dude says is a publicty stunt to boost album sales i aint no clown buying into this bullshit.

  • yeaaahh

    He reminds me more Andre 3000 than Nas.. his flow, voice, and production gives off that Outkast/Dungeon Family vibe..

  • Anonymous

    He is the West Coast Nas lol. Good Kid maad City was in fact a west coast version of Illmatic

  • Wow

    Game dickriding rappers once again.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I see what Game is doing sucking more dick lol He always got others rappers names coming out his mouth Jealous much?? i bet u'd suck his dick to get in a studio with him

  • Anonymous

    jesus piece released in 2013..... i bet any money

  • Anonymous

    so many game haters out there faggots

    • Anonymous

      hell games next album isnt even a solo album nearly every song is featuring someone. what kinda of shit is that. He claims to be a west coast artist but barely every has a west coast artist rap with him he too busy dick riding lil wayne and kanye thats why his fan base is declineing along with the record sales.

    • killah_casp

      for your information i have all off games albums but its time to face facts the dudes sold out as soon as i heard celebration i turned my back on game i overlooked ALOT off his bullshit for the sake off his music being relativly good but now thats gone to shit and game is a problem to this rap game that i live for. more off this new school pop sounding shit is surfacing thanks to the game and it actually amuses me how much love he has for wayne and young money you see a man go from a stripper with butterflys tattoed on his body to claiming piru then dieing his hair red like a chick crying on camera over album sales and making pop music with the rap boy george we gunna have a problem with that im hip hop to the core motherfucka hip hops my bitch and i aint letting no one fuck her.

  • Anonymous

    I see what Game is doing sucking more dick lol He always got others rappers names coming out his mouth

  • Anonymous

    look at game trying to pat himself on the back and give himself credit

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