40 Glocc Sues Game For Assault & Battery, Damaging His Reputation

40 Glocc takes Game to court following the release of a video where he gets assaulted.

40 Glocc has filed suit against Game over a beatdown caught on tape and released earlier this year.

According to TMZ, Glocc filed suit over the July 7th incident that took place at a mansion in Hollywood, California. In the court papers, he says that he was leaving a party when he was jumped by Game and his 15-man entourage.

The suit claims that the video does not show that Game chased him with a gun and said, "Freeze or I'ma shoot, nigga." As 40 tried to escape, Game pointed a gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would "end it right now."

Glocc says he was beaten mercilessly and suffered major injuries to his right eye, ribs, kidneys, right shoulder and back. He also sustained wounds on his face, head, legs, arms and hands.

40 is suing for unspecified damages, claiming assault and battery. He also feels that he tarnished his reputation by portraying him as a coward in the clip.

Check the video below.

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  • #actingmyage

    "don't snitch" wow, there are a lot of dumb people on this website. you and your life sucks because you refuse to grow up. maybe someday when you will become an adult and live in the real world, you will understand. have a nice day, children. bunch of dumbf***s.....

  • OnemikE

    Sumbody tell this n*gga 40 glocc, as a consumer I wanna sue his ass for leading to me believe that his brand was so gangsta, only to reveal he a bitch ass nugga, false advertising nug!! lol

  • jesse

    and he aint damaging his rep by being a bitch ass snitch

  • Anonymous

    Menace will sue him and 40 will not see a dime.

  • Walter Crunk Right

    How can 40 Glocc be taking Game to court for assault, when him and his goons tried to jump Compton Menace? His baby mama need to sue him for whatever he wins in court from Game.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc is a meatspin.

  • Anonymous

    40 a lil soldier hisself so Zoo Baby gotta be a tiny baby. No prob finding his address and puttin a 5 stack on his head

    • Zoo Baby ain't small

      You may want to go on YouTube and check out Zoo Baby fresh out of jail. That dude is swole like Lee Haney.

  • Anonymous

    @Black Magic..."Feeding Them"? Thats a joke cuz the only $$$ 40 Glocc gettin now is Street $$$. And guess what, as soon as real ni##as feel like takin his shit and markin his ass they gone do it. Once you show this kinda weakness its just a matter of time before all them jack boys and REAL hood ni##as gon rush him. The game is cold and hes food now. Real ni##as gon ride on him, or the whole WEST COAST gon look bad. Its only a matter of time. Its like prison only the strong survive and no sympathy for the weak.

  • Anonymous

    Young 40 needs to get out of the "ganster rap" game and become a ghetto gospel type of rap artist.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc always keeps it gangster yall

  • Anonymous

    Well Zoo Baby a snitch and fraud for even being a lil homey to a pussy like this. I will never ride with a scary going to court ass boss like a 40 Glocc. Joke of the whole rap industry.

    • Black Mack

      I feel you 100% on that, but him and some of those other Colton, CA Crips are on 40 Glocc's payroll. As long as 40 feeding them, they will do whatever he tells them to do.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc has a soldier named Zoo Baby that is going to get revenge for him.

  • Anonymous

    40 Gloccs new album is called MEATSPIN PEACE. He wants you all to come & get a piece. Check out his new battery powered moving MEATSPIN Piece hes rocking. This guys a Legend.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc thinks MEATSPIN is the answer to all lifes problems

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc thinks MEATSPIN is the answer to everything

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc is a MEATSPIN. He didnt want to fight game at all, he just wanted to MEATSPIN

  • Anonymous

    dre needs 40 more than 40 needs dre.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc is secretly recording tracks with Dr.Dre for Detox. Dre realized what was missing. He needed 40 to complete the album

  • Anonymous

    that is a dumb move especially if he loses you like zombies and big ass boobs watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR1sRsqFrWY

  • Anonymous

    he can rap about losing the court case & what a loser he is.

  • Anonymous

    Whats he gunna be rapping about after this? Who on Earth would possibly do a feature or co-sign this Douchebag after this? hahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    I know this little Bitch personally & the homies have stopped taking his calls, his girl has left him & his family have disowned him. He only has himself to blame for this shit.

  • Anonymous

    I still can't believe this, this, it is so surreel, this guy is exactly what he tries to expose other for being, a rapping fraud! All that tough crip talk, was just b*llsh#t, a real crip deals with matters like this themselves, they don't ever contact any court, they are an independet gang. So if a real crip is a victim, getting beaten by Game like 40 did, then the real Crip either deal with the problem by himself, and if not by himself, then with some of his fellow member, and if not that, then he asks a governor or a president for advice and help, not a court, no way, never. That is like disrespecting the Crip gang, because it expose them as not being strong enough, tough enough, to deal with sh#t themselves. And if the crip, can't find a way to retaliate, then he waits for a better moment, and swallows his pride.

  • Anonymous

    "Shyne gon cap Game" lol at that bullshit. I hate Game ways and all the back n forth apologizing. But, nobody scared of Shyne he did 10 yrs and it damn near killed him. He look so stupid with his back and forth peace then killer talk. Prison turned him to a clown. He can get it just like Game bitch ass gone get it. Shyne lol!!!

  • Anonymous

    I thought he was "40 Glocc". Where's all that tough talk. Dudes are hard as hell until they get the beat down, then they wanna call the law.

  • Charas

    Lawrence White aka 40 Dicks a night in his arsehole is a Meatspin. Everyone, Google & see what a Meatspin is.

  • Come On

    He said the video doesn't show Game and 15 of his friends beating him down and him pulling a gun on him.. he's full of it considering it was one on one and he got his ass handed to him now he's suing him for a street fight?? This dude SHOULD NEVER MAKE A GANGSTER RECORD AGAIN!!! he called Game out and Game answered the Bell. While this 40 Glocc nobody ran, He's Embarraseed because the Tape exposed how phoney he is...ppl call Game a bitch? I've been saying if for years that Game can hold his own and is one of the Realist out there period.

  • makaveli

    What a low life, uneducated are the people posting comments on this site, lol.

    • Respect

      Tupac did speak his mind and he was man enough to admit his past mistakes, something neither Game nor 40 Glocc would ever do.

    • makaveli

      With the only difference, that Game isn't 1/10 of what Tupac was. No skills, no brain and just plain stupid. Tupac did some mistakes like any of us do, but he was an intelligent and real mothafucker at the end of the day, incomparable to any of nowadays clowns.

    • Anonymous

      didn't you get murdered by doing the same thing? a blasphemous album and beating up a crip on camera. history may be about to repeat itself, if game doesn't change.

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc a bitch ass nigga. end of story, he was always wack and his music is gay as fuck

  • Papa Doc

    who the hell is 40 glocc?

  • Anonymous

    Shyne gon cap games ass thinking he hard he just a boi

  • Anonymous

    LMAO Game is a dumbarse

  • Anonymous

    Game gone eventually get touched its just a matter of time. He just too stupid to realise it. Too many beefs dude luck gone run out, its clear as day. But 40 Glocc is the softest nucca ever. Chingy might be harder than this cotton ball.

  • Aaron


  • Anonymous

    wow thats a bird ass nigga! his g pass is done lol su wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 40 dont eva cum 2 the r.d.g you bitch

  • YEBO

    A song for 40 Glocc: Nigga you's a pussy, start some shit and go suing You finna catch 'em bullets for that gimmick you using Pop shit all day and then run for protection Bitches like you always give me the erection That nigga Game was unarmed, yet he warned you not to fuck with him But you kept acting like a bitch and got harmed by him That's why I gotta dis you, cause you got hit with just fists And now you run around like he bombed you on the mist You got your glock, but you scared to clock Cause you know if you try, you'll get stopped by 40 glocks Who will get you, beat you, eat you and spit you Motherfucking coward, faking Black Power Sit down and don't try to holler Cause if you do, you're gonna be history Weak ass bitch, this ain't no mistery So calm your shit down, pussy ass clown Or get ready for the beatdown That's some hot 16 for yo ass

    • Anonymous

      wat a muppet did you copy paste this shit together

    • Anonymous

      Too bad you don't have the courage to post your real photo and name behind those lyrics...lol. I'm sure everyone in your hometown would expose you as a lame to the public. p.s. they were wack anyway.

  • Anonymous

    lmbao, @the game cant by better promotion than this here.

  • Pac Life

    Orlando Anderson never sued 2 Pac for that beating at the MGM.

    • Anonymous

      if 40 was real, game would be chilling with pac. orlando didn't get killed by suge, he got killed at a car wash by another crip, over a drug deal. 4 people involved and only 1 lived, which was orlando's friend. the state ended up charging his friend with all 3 murders, even though him and orlando were both shooting at the other 2 people involved. but, since he was the only survivor, they hit him with all of it. dig??

    • Damn, you dumb

      ^^^^^ That's exactly his point, you dummy.

    • ETK

      Yet Suge's goons erased his ass. So what's your point?

  • Anonymous

    Damn, He fell hard. I wonder what the girlfriend is thinking about her domestic violence charges, "I shoulda beat his hoe ass with my slipper"! LMBAO he p-u-s-s-y!

  • big gay 40

    At least now erbody knows that clown 40 is a snitch, dude was always a fake, "big bad 40" lol I'm surprised it took this long for someone to give dude a beatdown and expose him

  • KMCD

    Why 4o Glocc didnt fight Menace HEAD UP? Why didnt he fight Plies HEAD UP? Why he didnt fight Weezy HEAD UP? When Menace first asked 40 Glocc for that fade 40 said, "fades are for homies". You got pack'd out, so what! What make it so coward is all that Crip , we run the west, Game a bitch talk. Well you look soft bro, you let that soft nucca make you look even softer. All them other nuccas still got a career...211, rass kass, and even Ice B. 40 looks the BITCH cuz he was doing all the talk. When Game got his bi polar azz KO'D, who was the first to play internet report? 40 Glocc! This nucca talk too much and yo OWN MOUTH, not (mr. Im Sorry) has destroyed you. This shit worse than 50 did Ja. At least Murder Inc still held street cred. This is humiliating to even witness.

  • Anonymous

    taking someone to court..thats gangsta....haha fuck 40 glocc

  • Kap Diva

    It's interesting that 40 Glocc went the same route Suge Knight went, when he sued Kanye West.

    • Kap Diva

      ^^Thank you for describing who you're in life...lol

    • Anonymous

      "You must be one of the people from Sohh or AHH that I checked last year" thats how u know somebody has no life n no real life accomplishments..fuck thats pathetic lol

    • Kap Diva

      Kanye's bodyguard shot Suge, which was an assault, just not to the extent that of a gunshot, so get your mind correct. You must be one of the people from Sohh or AHH that I checked last year......lol

    • kap diva aka fag queer

      where's the similarity u dumb fuc? like kanye beat suge or somethin like dat... smh

  • Blaze

    ofcoase he sued game 40 glocc is from gunitt 50 done the same to jarule when the murderinc niggas fucked him up at the hit factory!!!

    • gunz

      Never trust that nigga he even taped young bucks phone calls bitch ass he working with them peoples Realtalk!!!

    • Blackchild

      Word to God you fuckin faggot Keep playing games, go 'head drop your fuckin album I did, I'ma drop mine And I'ma do a fuckin interview with the fuckin arrestin officer nigga Don't keep playin games man Fuckin Officer William Fitzgerald from the two thirty-four nigga On 54th Street nigga, you know Stop fuckin playin games, actin like you don't know what happened nigga Word to God, this Black Child too nigga Black Child a.k.a. Ferrari Black nigga It's Murder, faggot pussyy

    • blackchild

      Fifty I had a knife, you had a gun You ain't pop one shot, poked you, you called 911 What you know about AK's and AR 15's? Nothin nigga, you up in the preacher at the 113 Damn homie, you a bitch, you a snitch On your man homie, what the fuck wrong with you?

    • Black Child

      You a snitch nigga you ain't gonna pop nothin Pay a nigga to do it, so you could tell the cops somethin 187 your "Unit", Hector Lynn and Cotch dumpin You hear the shots comin (*gunshots*) (five, 0), start runnin

    • ready for war!!!

      50 -"Dirty how it look?" "Dadadana, like a damn snitch." 50 -("Oh man that's cold.") "Look like you 'bout ready to go tell on somebody right damn now.

    • jay

      See me, couple hood niggas behind stars I hear you put a couple good niggas behind bars Preme!

    • Blaze

      SwavveGang Nigga Do your homework ja and gottis bought the Faggot ass gunit niggaz there first cars homie Realtalk do your homework Your boy 50 a snitch ass niggaaaa ahahaa

    • SwavveGang

      You dumb fuck where's that paper work faggot. He's Dj wrote a police Report on ja and his people.His Dj, 500's former Dj not Whoo Kid!!!!!, Get that shit straight. onlt thug nigga from Murder was Cadillac Tah and black Child's Stupid asss you retarded 50 hater. Your comment aint got shit to do with this topic, plus peopla call 50 a snitch when OG's and real niggas says he's not bitch lmaooooo smh

  • SevenSmall

    It's funny cause in the VLAD TV EXCLUSIVE. Interview 40Glocc said that he didn't care and that he wasn't going to sue and/or press charges -.- so,you should be portrayed ass a coward

    • The Truth Hurts

      The Game and 40 Glocc had never been in the same space before and Rosemo was lying about Game getting knocked out. Rosemo dead and 40 Glocc has permanent damage to his body parts, so Game isn't a coward. If anything he is a true gangster.

    • Anonymous

      ...Yeah!!!...he did say that, but, he figuired, get in this fools pockets!!!...if he can get some money, why not!!!...I don't think he was a coward. All the times he seen game face to face, game never did anything!!!...If it takes 10 guys with you to confront a person, then "You The Coward"!!!...These fools only tough with a team of goons with them!!!...Game got knocked the fuck out by roseman in a face to face confrontatition!!!...GAME IS THE COWARD!!!...Think about it!!!...

  • Anonymous


  • Good promo for ''Jesus Piece''

    This is great promo for Game new album. I fuccs with Game music at times. I completely gave up on his gangster after the 26th or maybe 27th attempt to apologize to 50. All that apologizing was too much. But if he can make a album without the name dropping im'a cop it. Great promo cuz no judge in the world will side with 40. Even if 40 win, just consider the payoff as promotion for the album.

  • 50 Cent

    The Documentary - 18 track / 11 feature from 9 artist Doctor's Advocate - 16 track / 11 feature from 13 artist LAX* - 19 track / 16 feature from 15 artist The R.E.D. Album** - 21 track / 16 feature from 17 artist * intro / outro counted as feature, while interlude as solo ** - Dr. Dre intro / 2 interlude / outro counted as featured Total: 71 track overall / 54 featured. Without miscs, its still 64 / 48, which means 75% of the tracks appeared on his LPs are not solo efforts. Get it? 3 tracks out of 4. Let's say "Jesus Piece" will be 16 track length - which is absolutely reasonable -, that'd mean only 4 joints where Game stand on his own. Also interesting that the number of the artists who appeared on his albums are roughly equivalent to the number of non-solo tracks, only plus / minus 1 or 2 is the difference. As far as "Jesus Piece", judging by its first single, "Celebration", which has 4 different artists on it, his next LP could be the most heavily featured one. By the aforementioned logic, that'd leave him 11 spots for 6-10 person, which is waaaaaay too low for such project. Of course, its just playing with numbers, but following Game since he first came out sounds pretty accurate. We'll see.

  • kevo

    Game's a multi nillionaire. If he loses and pays Glocc a few thou h doesn't give a fuck. Either way 40 loses and his 'reputation' is finished anyway. #40fail



  • MouFy MurPHEy


  • @40 Glocc

    @40 Glocc; Nah homie dont do this! You gone catch Game one day and MAYBE you can salvage SOME of your manhood. Even Game was knocked out and salvaged some of his manhood by beating you, 211, an Ice Bugendy. You gotta come out an say this was a misunderstanding or sumthin. This looks bad Not only for you as a rapper, but as a man. What if you lose? That will be even MORE humiliating. Take it like a man, lay low and Game gone slip. Hes beefin wit 50, Shyne, Ice B., 211, etc, ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. A real man would not do this...This is sad homie!

  • joey-thomas


  • 40Gloc=PUSSY

    40 Gloc can NEVER rap about being street again. A lawsuit nigga???? Damn...40 gloc lost. What a fucking pussy. Fake ass gangster

  • Anonymous

    this dude is a bitch ,.. nice street cred now faggot

  • Anonymous

    hahah sueing your rep is fucked now bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    I don't know that much about crips, but if somebody is a crip and involves a court in a case like this, ain't that the kind of thing, that easily could make your own gang, turn against and even kill you?

  • p

    wait, he suing game for damaging his character for being a goon? lol can't be serious

  • Karma

    40 Glocc got less than he really deserved.

  • Anonymous

    the fact he is suing him ruins his reputation nothing wrong with gettin beat up but to bring someone to court over it is a chump move

    • Anonymous

      exactly, people call Joe Budden soft, but you didn't see him running to court when Raekwon's entourage beat his ass... 40 Glocc is fake as shit and I hope nobody buys his music after this case is done and over with!

  • itsyoboyK

    Well... That's not street sir naah no way ! so FUCC 40 Glocc FAKE ASS NIKKA!

  • Anonymous

    doesn't game have a son? or was it two? someone needs to grow up.

  • OnemikE

    Game def won here regardless but Ive been watchin the videos multiple times and heard both sides in an interview with kosmic kev, 40 as much as a fool he is may be tellin sum truth. If u see "Part 2" of the beatdown lol u see Game getting escorted into a car after the beatdown but in "Part 1" u can tell there was sum editing cuz after he beats the shit outta 40 u see game running and acting like he fucked up his Jordans wit 40's blood stains. I mean cmon son, Game u def won here but u really dont have to be on sum argo shit and represent the epitome of hollywood by adding dat retarded "running" scene.. I really didn't know you hood n*ggaz were so good on the computer photoshoppin and editing, shit more power to u but shi was wack as far as keepin it a hunnid.... Verdict: Game wins on sum argo shit but both of them n*ggaz be fools...

  • Anonymous

    lol how you gonna sue someone for damagin your 'gangsta' image, the judge aint gonna listen to that bullshit

  • JETLIFE116

    I think this nigga real name is Winston & he from the burbs, they just found him to create a new rapper, gave him a fake ID n all dat shit

  • Anonymous

    The thing is 40 glocc is not a real gangsta

  • 5MK41

    Legally speaking, here's 40's case and how it gets thrown out of court: -No gun in the video, therefore, without any witnesses (and he claims he was all by his itty bitty self, so Game's 15 man entourage are hardly going to have his back), it's here-say, so that's out -assault and battery, sure, that's on the video. However, extent of his injuries will be dismissed due to the video he posted online in an attempt to brush off the scuffle: Game pleads guilty here -damaging his reputation: his reputation is "g-checking" other rappers, which is laughable, because legally speaking, his whole reputation is built on "threats of violence, and intimidation"-- which is illegal in itself: that not only gets thrown out, but the judge will laugh at him before he throws it out -this is a civil suit, not a criminal suit, so Game gets a restraining order, and probably has to pay 40 around 15k for the assault and battery 40 Glocc takes his money, and continues at a break neck speed into the world of irrelevancy. Bravo

    • AP

      This isn't going to be as clear-cut. Whether or not someone had a weapon is going to be up to the jury to decide (if 40 saw it, it's not hearsay---the jury has to believe him though). Assault and Battery will stick since it's on video, extent of damages may be actually an issue (b/c 40 downplayed them himself--if he did that to simply protect his image, that is also up to a jury to decide). I think the damage to reputation is an interesting one, I'm curious to see how this plays out-- Game's attorneys will probably gather as much footage of 40 as possible, play it for the jury and hope that the jury doesn't feel sorry for the guy--Then again, most cases settle before court so 40 might get something

    • Anonymous

      I think you left out that 40 will also be suing for "Emotional Distress" and what not. The fact that the video was posted online and made a laughing stock out of 40 will factor into that. I wouldn't be surprised if 40 won a few million over this. And whatever 40 did on world star prior can't be brought into evidence because he's not the one on trial.

    • Anonymous

      Not as cut & dry as you make it out to be. Legal issues never are and that video being online might influence a judge to make an example out of Game. I'm sure 40's lawyers will bring up World Star and how there is an entire community of people behaving like this. He might slam this dude with a huge judgement just cause he knows the world will be watching in hopes of showing people uploading this kind of stuff online is a bad idea. Judges make examples of people all the time when they feel it will serve the community better, it could happen

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    40 forgot he made a video after the fight saying he was OK. Game's lawyers are gonna use that against him. I'm pretty sure Glocc will lose this one.

  • Sorry, but

    I dont care what 'profession' you are in, excuse me for not seeing rap these days as a profession, but if this mother fucker is gonna Video Tape a Beating, a Straight old school fuck your momma in the mouth beating, THIS NIGGA IS MORE RETARDED THAN IN THIS IS HOW WE DO WHEN HIS ONE EYE WOULDN'T OPEN. I am a lawyer, "the game," if I was Mr. Glocc's lawyer; case closed--only thing we have to actually prove would be the gun--will be tough since the video is all we have on Mr. Glocc's side and we don't REALLY see a gun, maybe milisecond flashes of something that looks like one.

  • Chess

    So 40 Glocc (alone) gets beaten by Game who has his crew behind him. If he fought back he would of got murdered and everyone here calls him a pussy and a snitch. No wonder the majority of people think americans are dumb. Go back to shooting each other as with this mentaliity you ain't never getting a job.

    • OnemikE

      u really think the game would've killed dat wanksta 40 in the hollywood hills while recording it? 40 might as well fought back even though he wouldve got his ass beat... he got his ass beat anyway and now looks like a fool...

    • @Chess

      You're right, although I don''t think Glocc should complain as he and his crew ambushed Lil Wayne and also filmed it and put it online. Thats why 40 should't cry like a little bitch

  • Anonymous

    I though you were a street nikka now you gonna sew some weak ass clown named |Game??????

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc, you a bitch, try to sue real nigga like Ja Rule. PIL 2 40 million sold, best selling rap album of all time.

  • Johhny Blayze

    This is worse then anything Officer Ross has ever done in terms of street cred. I thought it couldn't get any lower than Officer Ross...

  • Anonymous

    yeah boy! get that nigga Game the fuck outta here

  • Biggccid

    He's a pussy! Real thugs don't pull niggas to court!

  • wowguy

    i really don't know what language is spoken here because i can't understand half of the comments which have been posted, the grammar isn't hitting my brain a bit, can you brothers from america come to the UK, to learn a few words in proper English?

  • D-Nutz

    Someone please tell 40 that u reap what u sow, I mean this guy has built his whole career on trying to hurt other rappers reputation, Plies, Lil Wayne, Tyga, and the list goes on. I would understand this, if it was Lupe Fiasco who went and sue Game, over such an incident, but 40 Glocc!?! Mr. tough guy crip, mr. expose that all rappers who ain't real g's, is involving a court!?! 40, if you are this tough guy crip, then you don't need no court to handle you problems, all you need is your piece or your connections.

  • Anonymous

    this is a dumb ass nigga this will get trown out there to much evidence that his bull shiting firt there videos of him saying oh they jump me and im stright all i got is a scrath so that kills his shit about him being hurt and without hospitals papers from that day hes fucked now his image this nigga has no image what his he gonna say game make me look like a bitch so now i cant rap about being hard that shit aint gonna work ether this lame ass nigga should just jump in the bushes and get lost or maybe he can go back to texas were hes originaly from this nigga makes the west look bad ask any real nigga thats been out there banging and they will tell u even if that nigga got jumped thats how it is enmy see u hes deep your not your gonna get jump and you take yo shit and to try to get them thats how that goes

  • Hood Lawyer

    Get that money my Nicca, sue that muthafucka! sue him to his very last cent!

  • poppa large

    sad move for this no name nobody rap guy but hope Gayme is hurt financially by this. But then he'll just do another album full of name dropping and make another million, fuck.

  • G'Z DOWN


  • Fish

    'damaging his reputation'????? Have a look at this message board 40 Cock - this has done more damage to your reputation than Game ever did.

  • ...

    Yeah I guess the thing 40 should do to get respect out of this incident is get Game or one of his Associates shot. Yeah, if he did that then little "internet thugs" wouldn't try and take the piss out of him behind a keyboard. But instead he is trying to take the piss out of Game by taking money from him. Nah, that obviously ain't the thing to do, people need to die for this to get looked at as normal...

  • Red L

    He ain't gangsta, claims he is. but he actin like a fool.

  • Anonymous

    Why is he smiling in the picture this is post the game assault,this aint tight burgundy shirt magazine photo shoot. Anyway gone brush that shoulder off...you got some dust. Good luck in court cause the accusations are true.

  • jarule

    ja rule the rap mike jordan haters gona hate...MURRRRRRRRDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *cough*

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is 40Glocc lol

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc, what would he be without JA Rule

  • Anonymous

    I just want Ja Rule home. The King of Rap.

  • Anonymous

    Breaking News: 40 Glocc hangs himself in shame. What a shame. The Game just wont be the same without that lame who was so desperate for notoriety & fame.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc is DOO DOO in a Diaper

  • Anonymous

    Respect where respect is due. Hes just doing what a true pussy would do.

  • Anonymous

    His whole family have turned their backs on him after the Game incident

  • Anonymous

    Take a look at his Twitter. Taking cute pictures of himself thinking he looks good. Pushing a free Mixtape NOBODY is interested in. Talking about money & his BIG business moves. What a JOKE.

  • Anonymous

    He's smiling in the picture above, but really he's dying inside knowing its Game Over for him. He's suing because even his homies KNOW he's a little Bitch.

  • Anonymous

    Big Bad 40 aka Big Wet Loose Lipped Pussy.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Just 2 weak ass niggas wildin' in the 'burbs lol!! Game did get the best o' him though.Damn bro, that 40glocc is so weak!!

  • dj

    Download the new single that most likely will never be played on RADIO!! http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/-/-/13671134/ (Video Coming Soon)

  • He Cant Win...

    Any judge or jury would simply look at his name and Youtube all his history. His past is too violent. If you google 40 Glocc several videos of him doing the same shit. He even beat an innocent homeless man. There is absolutely no judge or jury that would award this clown with money. His name alone speaks for him.

  • Anonymous

    Download the new single that most likely will never be played on RADIO!! http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/-/-/13671134/ (Video Coming Soon) ADULTS ONLY!!!

  • geminiman7

    Nail in the coffin for 40. It's a wrap. He can't come back after this. So might as well sue and live the rest of his life off lawsuit reward money.

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc taught me how to fight & protect myself on the mean streets. Nobody wants it with me or 40. If you attempt to touch either of us, for your safety, we'll take you to Court rather than put hands on you.

  • lil dou

    just checked the site dope beats will buy em soon

  • lil dou

    yo i just checked the site, purchased some of them dope beats word up

  • joe

    yo i hear 40 glocc's been using beats from www.yucbeats.com any way its crazy hes taking game to court smh

  • @agentace2050

    Yooo, I never thought I would see the day when a "gangsta" takes another "gangsta" to court. This is crazy. "Gangsta Rap", man. smh

    • Anonymous

      ...It's money playa!!!...Money!!!...why not get a couple of Hundred thousand!!!...You gonna' fight game or get paid???...

  • gunhillrd

    Woooooow! This cant be real. Big Bad 40? This has got to be a smear campaign or something.

  • Robbie93

    always hated 40 glocc, without a doubt the biggest dick in hip hop. i remember seeing a video of him knocking a homeless man out cause he had a red rag on, was the most pathetic thing I've seen. was so pleased when i saw that video of game (a childhood favourite of mine although i have to admit he's fallen off) kickin the shite out of him. can't believe big bad 4-0 is now taking him to court! wheres all the hard man talk now? what a dick.

  • Anonymous

    Wow....40 Glocc stays keeping it Gangster.

  • Smoke

    Game is a pussy ass bitch for this!! 40 woulda fucked his ass up if Game didnt have his homegirl from BitchWall Street standin out the video holdin a gun, I'd a beat the shit outta Game an say his daddy still whippin his ass

  • Malone

    Do they really need to fight? . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    it ALL looks staged !

  • drizz

    40 a straight bitch. when he tried to do that to weezy and plies. damn im glad you aint wit the unit

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Now thats gangster. Haha

  • Mike

    40 just GIVE UP! YOU LOOK like a retard

  • Malone

    ;) Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Didn't 40 bring 30 niggas to for little old plies and now he mad cause someone did it to him, and isn't filing a nigga name snitching, hmmmm seems like someone isn't is real as he claims

  • Lil B

    This nigga's laughing during the whole video. Priceles.

  • Malone

    fighting rappers are immature and tasteless. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    What's really dumb about Game is that he recorded it with his Iphone and posted it. So now, 5.0 can clearly see what happened and charge his ass. Game is a dumb negro

  • Comtpon Manace

    FUck The Gayme, go to Prison Punk Pray 40 Glocc

  • EDOGZ818

    40 Glocc was jumped, you can see it clearly at the 00:50 second mark....the bushes jumped him!

  • Killem Dafoe

    When you name yourself after a gun, you can't go to court(unless it's a basketball court) you gotta take it to the streets. You lost all yo street cred.

  • Malone

    Do they cal it a snatch because its something to take... seem like a pretty aggressive name for vagina... . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • sean P

    MIC TYSON fuck everything else move on....sean P!!!

  • Anonymous

    game cant do shit for dolo he a pussy and he will never HAVE a solo album game is AKA INDUSTRY WHORE

  • mitchodeniro

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah whattta punk ass biach i rest my case

  • SetyMachete

    Damn 40,.... you most definitly cant be spitting that gangsta shit no more... you taking a another dude to court???? Ninja please,... it a wrap for you mang.

  • AON

    Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Game has to have 15 dudes with him...smh...he would get knocked out so fast if he didn't walk around with an army

  • Malcom S.1979

    @Game...Have your attorney go youtube *Big Paybacc, Spiger Loc,an 40 Glocc speaking on Weezy incident *40 Glocc speaking on Tygas chain incident *40 Glocc with a pistol holding Weezy up in the truck *Jamie Foxx speaking in detail about how 40 (a real nigga punk'd Plies with GUNS) *The video where 40 claims he pulled a gun on Menace You dont need a live witness just let youtube do all the testifying. Closed case!

    • GameDumb

      dont none of that shit matter in this case. the case is about this incident alone and its on tape. there will be no trial. this shit will be settled out of court

  • Anonymous

    MIC TYSON>>>>mad city

  • ELUSIVE**909**

    daaamn SMH just lost all respect for 40

  • Anonymous

    BREAKING NEWS: Kendrick Lamar Explains How 40 Glocc's Lawsuit Affects The Return of Lyricism To Mainstream Hip-Hop

  • Sco*

    "He also feels that he tarnished his reputation by portraying him as a coward in the clip." No my friend, this suit is what makes you a coward.

    • GameDumb

      getting jumped by a bunch of niggas didn't make em look like a coward in my opinion. but as much shit as he talks this lawsuit definitely makes em look like a bitch


    G-Unot has been buried for years. Game ethered them and none of them (especially this bitch 50) have been the same since. Now, while 50 starts giving away albums for free and they still flop, Game is on the West coast kickin the shit out of 50's friend 40 Glocc,LOL! #RED ALBUM

    • Anonymous

      50 dropped mixtapes that was higly praised by different media outlets he did a mixtape song on a major network show game is trash


      funny 50 fell off but all his albums gold or platinum the new day single charted higher than any of the 6 singles game had on red. 5 0 last album gold games last album went triple fossil

    • Anonymous

      red album gold yet? didnt do 95k in a week? get of this strippers thong you bitch ass cracker

    • Anonymous

      #JesusPiece you mean

  • What

    Man most of these rap niggaz aint no gangster at less no real one, what part of the game is that? Nigga you sueing after getting your tail beat, ah come on son, Yo 40Glocc that not gangster that not gangster at all, Thanks To Game another Bitch ass nigga got expose.

  • MacRob

    Its either he does it legit like this or gets some little crip kid to blast on him and kill the 6'5" clown....what yall want??...

  • 40 Glocc

    I like lockin' niggas up! you see the one two combo i threw, game aint record that, the first shot was a warning that im calling the police the 2nd shot was preceding with legal action......Crrrrrrrrrrrripppppppppp

  • Nuff said....

    LMAO!!!! what a fuckin Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!! LMAO!!! WooooOOOOOooooooW...smh. Fuckin corny ass nigga. smh...

  • TYBO2020


  • Jacc

    "I know you tryna look like a grown man, 40, but that's not how you do it." lol cosign if he was a grown man he wouldn't even beef with Game in the first place

  • smfh

    This guy is so pussy..He harasses and talks shit about other artists all day long, then as soon as someone confronts him about it and gives him a taste of his own medicine, he wants to sue them...50 Cent did the same thing to Ja Rule/Murder Inc after they stabbed him...I guess that's why they're cool. Two snitches...

  • Anonymous

    40 did what has been known since 03 as "The 50 Cent move"

  • Anonymous

    "The suit claims that the video does not show that Game chased him with a gun and said, "Freeze or I'ma shoot, nigga." As 40 tried to escape, Game pointed a gun at his chest and told him not to fight back or he would "end it right now." If I was the judge I would ask him " How could Game point a gun to your chest if he is holding the camera phone in one hand and punching him with the other one?"

  • Anonymous

    I haven't heard any of 40 Glocc's music but just by judging the photos and footage he seems like a reasonable guy. Then I did a quick google search and the guy is an asshole. He recently strangled his girlfriend and beat her. He's girlfriend who is much smaller then him and he thinks he has the right to complain when someone bigger then him beat him up. I hope Game doesn't get in serious time since I believe he has a bit of criminal history.

  • Anonymous

    I dont remember Wayne or Plies suing this dude for the shit he pulled on them

  • Anonymous

    well .... thats a wrap for his career.

  • Malone

    Malone will redeem them all.. This is what he was born to do. Its in his blood. Join me and lets celebrate life in the sunlight.. . . . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • stalky

    40 you a snitch... No one is gonna listen to you now...

  • Anonymous

    I know you tryna look like a grown man, 40, but that's not how you do it.

  • Fuck 40 Glocc

    You just ruined your own career. See ya later, asshole.

  • Anonymous

    Rapping thugs are funny as hell, find something else to rap about. That way, maybe we can get something thats actually "music" & not promotion of dumb azz niccas lifestyles.

  • Ivan 187

    BTW, whats the difference between suing and snitching? Courts are more "hood" then police, or what?

  • DAA

    What a bitch and he use to do the same thing to rappers, so he's a hypocrite too

  • 3 headed monstah


  • Anonymous

    wow this is the most un gansta shit i;ve seen a so called gansgsta do

  • Anonymous

    some rappers are just better to be actors lil gayne turdman 10 glocc Fake drake Fat Rozay etc list goes on

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this some sad sh*t... 40 should put a bullet in his head, dunno how he will live with him self

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    So basically Game made this wack muthafucka look like a bitch and a pussy, and now he want's him to pay. The Game made 40 Glocc look more like a punk ass 10 Glocc, so he's mad....smfh..

  • Big Dan

    On one hand you read this and you're like huh, what happened to gangsta? On the other hand, fact is Glocc was already done career wise and he already got beat up and punked - for those thg watchers that choose to ignore the fact that getting jumped by 20 cats when you are rolling solo is not such a bad thing, so if you can get some cash out of it, why not. It helps you lick your wounds better.

  • k dog

    40glocc forgot that he made a video right after the fight claiming he was ok and didnt get a scratch on him. Game's lawyers gonna use that video and he gonna lose and look even more dumb

  • Fuck 40 Glocc & His Family

    Consider yourself OVER, nigga.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO funnyn shiut



  • Anonymous

    Honestly, Game couldn't BUY THIS PUBLICITY.. thanks 40 glocc, more promotion for "Jesus Piece"....40 snitchin...for monetary gain, doesn't make it any better.He talked a buncha crap, got what was coming to him...now he's got his tail between his legs. follow @noles506

  • Gdup

    game exposed this nigga



    • Anonymous

      @anon-How is he an idiot. with no video tape 40glocc would lie and say there was no fight. just like when Game fought Rass Kass those 2 times etc. also 40 films him going after one person with 30 of his ppl all the time.

    • Anonymous

      40 is a bitch for doing this, I agree But Game is retarded for filming that shit and putting it online. He gonna be in court talking bout "It wasnt me your honor, they lying" while the judge is sitting there watching the video Game deserves to lose a few million for being an idiot

  • NYC

    Its better than being broke and rep tarnished...might as well get the nigga who brought you down to pay...not too big on his music but that was a corporate america move right there 40...game got dough let him pay...this niggas out here think you puss already so why not get paid in the meantime??

    • @ anonymous 2

      He's saying that what Caucasians would do, get into a scuffle and then hire a lawyer and sue for damages for a fight you bought on yourself. Whether it be fists or patents. BTW, 40's not snitching because the incident is viral. It's "when Worldstar-ing goes wrong".

    • Anonymous

      Corporate Snitchin? You condone this... go die in a hole.

    • Anonymous

      you sound lie a bitch

  • Anonymous

    A crip in red huh? Funny how they recommended other fail videos at the end, this is in that category.

    • Anonymous

      I know about that, I see cincinatti red hats as a contradiction too. But 40 glocc is supposed to be some brolic ass nigga, I used to see him like trick trick or maino new suge knight type nigga you know with a rep but shitty to no music type nigga. We all can name at least 5 Game songs can't say the same for this cat.

    • Anonymous

      to be fair, Game threw up a "c" and said "im crip too" in the martians vs goblins video.......in other words allot of these guys fail in many ways

  • Hmm....

    I guess its a good thing he never whooped anybody's ass while he was filming his fake thug shit on Plies and Lil Wayne.

  • West coast G

    This nigga give all niggas in the west a bad look. Just cuz this nigga got cold clocked by Game he suin. Nigga settel this shit wit ur fist not with the courts. leave alll that suing shit to white folks.

  • Anonymous

    Who could blame him, 40 has never made any money in his life, all he had was a street reputation and game took that away with that video. So what does 40 really have to lose, whats the worst thats gonna happen, the people who already make fun of him for getting his ass beat gonna make fun of him again for the lawsuit??? They already talkin shit anyway might as well get your money. I wonder how Game gonna defend himself in court against this, damn sure cant say he didnt do it

  • Anonymous

    game stay losing lost his fans about to lose a nice chunk of change

  • ggg gay unit

    how this man claim thug gangsta crip, and sues for a fight?

  • Anonymous

    feat feat feat feat feat

  • Ricky Rozay

    hmm good idea 40 gonna sue 50 cent to get gunplay mmg chain back Bawse!!

  • Anonymous

    smart move by 40 game didnt expect this when he had his goons record the assualt

  • Anonymous

    40 just went platinum ahahah $$$$

  • Anonymous

    jayceon done fucked up now he gonna be doing 40 lawn

  • itopia

    im pretty sure the injurys to his hands, legs and arms were from when the clumsy twat fell into the bush

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    wtf...if ur a real nigga u dont sue...i was on 40's side...but u dont sue niggas for fuckin u up...shit man...t fuck happend to rappers...next thing u know...Lil Wayne is suing Hopsin for dissing him

    • TheRefriedMexican

      If you're a "3rd World Ghetto Nigga" you don't sue. Come on man, leave that garbage mentality behind, potna!

  • Anonymous

    well game lost he recorded the video and uploaded it he will be lucky if the d.A. dont try to hit him with a gang assault charge if 40 just going at his pockets its a open and shut case.

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc was smart he did nothing cuz this dumbs nicca game wud da post this on the net adding proof and evidence to a future lawsuit thats called setting a trap and game walked straight into it now he gone strip him of his cash..lol.......here goes another BOW WOW(broke nicca)

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc is being the bigger man. he knows that this will ruin his reputation but at the end of the day the game is gonna be writing him a paycheck

  • Burmy

    Real G's don't file lawsuits...consider your pass REVOKED.

    • TheRefriedMexican

      40Glocc was never a gangsta to begin with. Just a studio gangsta, selling an image and all you lames bought it.

  • The Truth

    40, you're a crip right? Just visit Game with a couple other armed crips and the stripper will leave you alone for the rest of his life...

  • Anonymous

    now that's gangsta.

  • Anonymous

    Ist this guy supposed to be the dude that checks everyone? Instead his is suing nigga now. smfh

  • Anonymous

    40 Glocc needs money. Smart move.

  • r1cka1me1da

    lmaooo he thinks sueing game is gonna help his reputation....dude was all big an bad and i was even on his side lmao an i like game as a rapper...now 40 glocc looks like a pussy callin lawyers an shit

  • Anonymous

    40 glocc a punk bitch

  • Anonymous

    damaging his reputation? whats suing a guy for a beatdown gonna do to his reputation? thats gotta be even worse for his rep


    Haha 40 Glocc stay losing, instead of writing rhymes he's signing papers. The nigga brought it on himself with Wayne and Menace. How the tables have turned....

  • OnemikE

    wowww such clownz in the rap game it makes me nauseous, thought this was the same nug who claimed he was big and bad... game shoulda shot him to save dis nug face..

  • Anonymous

    everybody saw the two videos released and broadcasted on youtube. in none of them game is threatenin 40 glocc with a gun. the truth is 40 ran like a bitch and is mad that the situation got caught on tape.

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