Game Defends Kendrick Lamar From Shyne's Comments Against "good kid, m.A.A.d city"

Game says that Shyne should "just back away" from Kendrick Lamar or they might find each other "face-to-face."

Game didn't take too kindly to Shyne's comments referring to Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city as "trash." Speaking with MTV News, the Compton, California rapper said that Po's music helped pique his interest in Hip Hop, stating that he's always supported the former Bad Boy rapper through times thick and thin.

"The thing is this. I never met Shyne personally, but I had a lot of love for him. When I first seen him on 106 & Park when I was in a dope spot, I remember this timeline because Aaliyah's plane crashed at the same time that Shyne was going through that whole trial thing and went to jail. That's when I really got into Hip Hop like I did. Shyne was a guy that's a Rap artist I looked up to, and he went to jail and did his whole 10 years, I felt like damn, that's a real nigga. Through the phone conversations we've had over the years through my lyrics, I always try to keep him afloat."

But he added a caveat. While he has respect for Shyne, Game says that he doesn't take kindly to his comments about GKMC. He said that K. Dot has a team of people behind him who would be glad to go to war, him included.

"But Kendrick is non-confrontational. He's not a thug, he's not a gang banger. He's just a dope Hip Hop lyricist. But he's from the streets. He's got a lot of ties out here and a lot of hood niggas with him. I'm one of them. The shots at Kendrick is something that no matter who it is - it could be Shyne, it could be anybody, I'm not going to call no other names - I'm not going to condone that. Whenever a shot is taken at Kendrick, I think that's the pool I'ma dive in head-first, whether there is water there or not. ... But I'm not having that. Personally, I think Shyne should just back away and let the kid breathe and if not, then I don't know, we might find ourselves face-to-face or shit that nobody really wants to see happen."

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  • Anonymous

    Game used to be a stripper and now he's trying to act tough. LMAO! Reality Check: Just because you rep bloods doesn't mean you're a real one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow real ass talk right there. I respect that shit. It was just dudes opinion but they way he put it was almost offensive, he should just chill with that shit.

  • Anonymous

    Game is a real brother and so is Shyne, so I hope they stop trying to kill each other.

  • Malone

    I embrace BOY as a brother... if only he could see the light. . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • BOY

    FUCK MALONE! L I L W A Y N E I S A B L O O D , P R O S K A T E R , G U I T A R H E R O , A N D B E S T R A P P E R O F A L L - T I M E !

  • Anonymous


  • Mortis

    Shyne fucking sucks....always was an IGA biggie

  • GAME

    Game is the best rapper alive like He says on the city GAME BIGGIE (HOE) PROBABLY PAC NAS and EMINEM so all u lil wayne rick ross drake lovers eat a cock. Game is a fuckin g filthy rich and at his worst (the red album) is better than that carter 4, watch the throne, and tm103 and jeezy that nigga. red is the dopest rap album since Em's recovery. Red is stillclassic shit. all Games cds since 05, even if not better than the Documentary are better than theze other shit rappers albums doc advocate and lax are still the best rap albums to come out the years they dropped 06 and 09 and whoever disagrees is just a big fuckin hater he only features these wack fucks on his cd cause the record lable makes him Games mixtapes are killin these clown ass rappers albums Games mixtapes are real g lyrical shit and cali republic is the last of those features left from red. Game stay rich AND FUCK THESE DUMB ASS SUBURBAN NOT REALLY FROM THE HOOD ASS NIGGAZ WHO SAY A NIGGA WIT 25,000,000 is broke yall internet niggaz make me laugh. If game was a stripper in any of the years in the 2000s as much as game destroys niggaz and talks shit they would been had that shit on the summer jam screen, them bitch ass brick squad and 40 glocc and all them hoe ass niggaz still aint put the tape out of them knockin out a 6'5" nigga in a public mall. GAME is a G and u hoe ass niggaz just hate hate hate. When jesus really come back yall hoe ass niggaz gonna hate cause thats what yall do!!! That aint jesus fuck that nigga man!!!! To hell you go bitch game time!!!!

  • Malone

    Making stool while the avila brothers are playing in the backround can make your bathroom experience all the more enjoyable. It really does... . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    How perfect. Shyne, who may as well be the most irrelevant rapper EVER vs Game who's heding there. Hopefully this just turns into a beef between these two that would be hilarious. Anyway GKMC is a potential classic. Shyne lost his mind and rapping ability in prison

  • Anonymous

    obviously he's gonna back Kendrick up, they're both from westside and have a good connection.

  • m.bleezey

    Now I see why 50 dismisses this nigga...he's a fucking clown



  • What you say? Now we gotta fight.......

    Dude wants to fight over somebody not liking an album as much as he does lol. This is the ignorant childlike mentality thats ruining hiphop. I hope Game does something so he will go to jail and regret it for the rest of his life.

  • Anonymous

    DOWNLOAD "Good Kid, m.A.A.d City INSTRUMENTALS" here....

  • NOPE!

    Does anyone care what Game says anyways?

  • Anonymous

    Really game just because dude didn't like Kendricks album? Grow up.

  • jomma

    It aint that serious game. let the nigga fight his own battles.

  • BeatzGrymm

    Kendrick is a grown man.. he can handle his own battles. At least he should. Game should mind his own damn business. No one's afraid of you, Game!!

  • Anonymous

    holy crap hhdx has become tabloid look at their new feed. fucking sad

  • Malone

    Gooooodddaaammmmmnnnn!! Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    so game saying kendrick a pussy ?

  • Malone

    I wish a motha fucka would remove my comments.. I'll go Seth Rogen on his ass.. . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Malone

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  • Anonymous

    Good he backed him like that

  • Anonymous

    malone need some t-shirts asap funny dude

  • Malone

    I run this shit now. Ain't nobody posting shit unless I say so. oh and I love all of you very much. I am like a hero or older brother figure to you all. No matter what happens we'll make it out of this struggle together in one peace.... . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • West Coast G

    Shyne need to shut the fuck up. this old ass nigga just seem to make comments to stir up controversy and keep his ass in the headlines. Good Kid was fucking close to classic and this nigga saying a bunch of bullshit. Shyne got a wack ass voice, K.Dot would murder this nigga lyrically

    • Dillinger

      A classic? Kendrick Lamar is a fucking joke and will not last past his first album. It's dumb muthafuckas like you who accept wack ass rappers with weak ass beats and lyrics and call dat shit bangin. Dis is why rap since 2006 has been terrible. Don't get mad cuz a REAL MC from back when rap actually required talent has called out this wanna be for puttin out some bullshit just like 80% percent of da rest of these muthafuckas now a days. Game needs to shut his fake ass up, round here consigning on da next niggas controversy dat has nothing to do with him. Dats da kind of shit broads do. So you ran up on 40 Glocc, a nigga half yo size while you had several of yo niggas with you and he by himself. Dat ain't get you no points, nigga you still a hoe.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Fuck Shyne & Fuck Malone!!!

  • ETK

    I'm not for Game runnin his mouth but Shyne is a straight up bitch HOW many niggas has he talked shit about since he got out the pen? Take his ass back in there, hating this much should be a crime

  • Anonymous

    game was never that good his first album was handed to him his second album was leftover material and beats and had producers copy dre sound and the beef with g-unit kept his name aliv. lax and red was hot trash hewas the featured artist on his owwn album like he putting out a dj khaled album.

  • Malone

    If the game successfully wishes to intimidate shyne he should streak in front of him... Hey.. worked for me when I came this close to getting bit by my neighbors dog.. ' Sincerely Yours -Malone

    • Anonymous

      he actually holds down the Enter key, not the spacebar.

    • Malone

      If I didn't love your mother I would use so many curse words in this post right now but see that's what milf pussy does. It reforms a man. Save a man from the depths of his own perils. Sincerely Yours -Malone

    • Anonymous

      fuckin retard smh. How long does it take to hold down the spacebar fuckboy? lol you post on this shit in the middle of the day everyday. Get a fuckin job loser

  • funnyninjas

    Say what you want to say about Game, but you cant say the nigga wont rearrange your jaw for talking slick. Not on this nigga shit n/h but some of yall sound real tough behind the boards but would never run up on this man and say that shit.

  • tko

    you so gangsta go get gunplay chain back

  • Sensaye

    The King of the Dick Riders speaks. All hail. Game, fall back, 'cause you used to try to sound exactly like Shyne, before you hopped to the next niggas pipe. Game is like the one black kid in a all white school that walks around like a tough guy. This nigga never talks tough like that unless he's in the confines of safety. He's the prototypical fake rapper. And on top of that, ain't nobody checkin' for him as a MC. Everyone has heard enough of his name dropping and his boring ass rhymes. This nigga been trash.

  • lmao

    game LMAO HE TO OLD for this hit so now he beefing with shyne because ha didnt like album did shyne say anything about getting at on some srteet shit? hahaa game is the WHORE of the industry media or music.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt game on shynes dick 5 years ago?? and didnt he sound like shyne before he signed to aftermath?? riiiiight...

  • Malone

    Nah.. Nah .. I don't think you niggas heard me. I said if some trannies and a few shots of tequila should allow these men to put their diferences aside. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Twain

    People are really acting like EVERYBODY like Kdot SMDH! Shyne said the kid is dope lyricist, he was just expecting a better is that a diss? Game need to fall back, without 50 cent and Dre he would have been shelved forever. Say what you want about Shyne, He didnt have an album full of 50 cent hooks or Dre beats, he really hardly had any features on his first LP, and the backlash that he got from sounding like BIG made it unlikely he would sell or be his resiliency deserves credit..besides Shyne got more gangsta stripes than Game. I doubt Game ever squeezed his hammer off on anybody and his street credentials are shaky at best..the stripper stuff, the couple gameshow him and his chick were on, butterfly on face, getting knocked out on camera..just shatter his gangsta cred for me. #sorry.

  • Anonymous

    WE ALL KNOW FOR A FACT YOU NOT GOING TO BELIZE TO HANDLE THIS you just talking shit as usual belize is not compton they will machete your punk ass look up MS-13.Game need to fall back.

    • Fish

      MS-13 is in El Salvador you fuckin penis. Belize is full of crip and blood sets that were set up to help with the trafficking of cocaine from south to north america. Do some research before you start talkin shit on a message board.

    • Anonymous

      haha when is game gunna be in belize? aint no show money there...and isnt shyne in israel?

  • mac

    Game should be worried about his album, not fighting some irrelevant old ass nigga

  • Hiphophead9

    who gives a fuck what shanes opinion is? Ma fucka just used good kid to get some publicity... More importantly, fuck this crackhead malone, he's made the comment section here a fuckin nightmare, do something dx...

  • Anonymous

    Game loves confrontation and drama. It's a wonder he's even still alive with this mentality he has where if someone has an opinion suddenly it might lead to beef or worse. Last time I checked 50 is still breathing.

  • Malone

    Some trannies and a few shots of tequila should allow these men to put their diferences aside..... . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • The Truth

    It's not a day in hip-hop unless Game is about to fight someone.

  • Anonymous

    "Free Shyne" t-shirts that Game was rocking back in the day, anything to beat 50 cent. Now Game getting involved in this (opinions are fine, but 'going to war', cmon now). Attention whore always desperately trying to stay relevant with 'gangsta' comments. Strippers don't shoot, they get shot at from dickholes that paid for VIP...

  • truthfully

    Game and Shyne are both useless shit talkers. Shyne is a piece of shit who contributes nothing (the stuff he puts out is garbage) and acts like a fucking legend. Game is a bipolar douchebag, that loves namedropping. I'm 100% positive that Kendrick can handle his own against Shyne, he definitely wouldn't need help from Game.

  • asher1985

    first of all why would you fight someone over an opinion they gave? aren't you like almost 40 game? i think its time to grow up. secondly you did more than just look up to shyne you sounded just like him on your underground stuff! so take a step back and shut up. i like your music but damn you're an idiot

  • jesuspie

    game will beat the shit outta shyne, shyne just wanted to be apart of history thts why he went at kendrick.. his mixtape flopped

  • blkviper

    This beef shit is sooo boring! but I do agree with Game here, Shyne needs to take a break and stop lashing out,this dude is still upset that he spent his time to blow up locked up. I get that, but stop taking shots at the wrong people.

  • Anonymous


  • A-Game

    I usually don't agree with what Game does, but I agree with him this time. Shyne needs to fall back and work on himself. He has always been a mediocre lyricist and really shouldn't be talking. It's ironic when him saying other people's shit is trash when in actuality he releases trash music.

  • hip hop is dead

    all the internet thuggery and arguing is pretty sad. Meanwhile Kendrick is just chilling enjoying his life while Shyne and Game and all the fans argue and bicker like 5 year olds.

  • ss

    yah everyone can openly criticize Game for his "erratic" behavior, but if we're to talk Game vs. shyne or even people from this comment section in a physical fight, everyone in this comments section would get their ass beat including myself. lets keep it real.

    • Anonymous

      "everyone in this comments section would get their ass beat including myself. lets keep it real." No not me, u just a bitch nigga lol. Man up

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute... Someone who's always acted like a teenage girl is now upset that someone else is acting like a teenage girl? Remember those senseless shots Game took at [insert any rapper's name] for some attention? Respect to K. Lamar. Game and Shyne need to take their washed up, unoriginal asses home. CHUCH.

  • Anonymous

    LOL, Game is 6'5" and like 280lbs. We all seen that video of him chumping 40Glocc. If Shyne and game come face to face in a fair one, Game is gonna beat the potatao pancakes out that weird jew goofball.

  • Anonymous

    Shyne himself is on a chief Keef level of wackness so he should shut the fuck up.

  • Realest1


  • Anonymous

    i hate people. more than anything. i'm just glad that 97% of 'em are going to hell when they die.

  • Anonymous

    I think its funny that shyne is so opinionated on Kendrick. Of all the people in the world, he wants to call somebody overrated?? Shyne is the definition of overrated. His whole cuzz came from the fact that his voice aped BIG. That's what got him signed. Then he put out that mediocre debut that had 5 good songs on it, the most memorable part of his only hit was the Barrington Levy chorus and since his release he sounds like a really whack knock off of Rick Ross, who was already wack enough to begin with. I'm all for opinions but lets not pretend this was anything more then the publicity stunt it was. Within 24 hours Shyne jumped at the chance to go on Peter Rosenburgs show to defend himself, Hot 97 wasn't gonna call him to discuss his latest trash mixtape. If he's free to express his opinion on Kendrick Lamar then the rest of us are free to express our opinions on him. He's Laughable rap artist who's more faous for doing a dime for Puffy then any of his music.

    • Dao Jones

      I agree with everything you said except Shyne's debut album was pretty good actually, and then it was all down hill from there. K.Dot put out an album better than anything Shyne could produce on his best day

  • Lol

    Lol Game is a fucking bitch.

  • Anonymous

    so game only got into hip hop in 2002 lol im younger than him and been listening to hip hop longer and he only sucking Kendricks dick because of his popularity

    • Anonymous

      Man I was thinking the exact same thing about him getting into hip hop in 2002! LOL I'm younger than Game and I was listening to rap before that too. Game just needs to focus on his music and get back to the Documentary type of records. Shyne on the contrary just may need to give it up. All of the records that he has released since prison have been TRASH! Aside from Shyne's debut, he doesn't have room to say that anyone's music is sub par.

  • Anonymous

    this dude had who tattoed a butterfly on his face can't even see shyne's credibilty on the streets. i m from brooklyn and shyne already had a heavy rep in flatbush before he went to jail. there's footage of this nigga shedding tears on camera.smh!

  • musiclover

    smh, this whole Shyne thing is ridiculous, and the funny thing is the only who doesn't give a fuck about any of the drama is Kendrick himself. Shyne is a hasbeen jew and Game is a drama queen. let's just all listen to what we like without fighting over who's better. this is why everyone looks down on hip hop and it's fans

  • Banging over Songs?

    Just can't have music huh? You blacks always gotta get violent over a damn album. Really. You beefing over songs? AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that right there is THE MOST ignorant crap I have ever heard of. (In my rap voice) "Yo homie, I don't like what you said about my song, I'm going to have to get the hood and we're going to war on you bit&h azz"...Really. Damn failures in life.

  • Anonymous

    I don't agree with what Shyne said either, but now Game is willing to go against people he looked up to? What happened when 50 was beefing with Jada & Fat Joe? Game said he wouldn't be part of it because he looked up to them. I don't agree with 50 or Shyne's actions, but Game is dick-riding here.

  • jyanmn

    second that. fuck shyne.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you Game. Shyne will beat the shot out of you. You from compton but a weak dude who wants to impress with a lot of tattoes. Only insecure people hide there insecurity with a lot of tattoes

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