Swizz Beatz And DJ Khaled To Executive Produce New L.O.X. Album

Sheek Louch reveals Swizz Beatz and DJ Khaled will executive produce their long awaited third LP.

Fans of the L.O.X. have been patiently waiting for over decade for new material from the group, but they may soon have a reason to rejoice. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, one-third of the trio Sheek Louch gives some info on the Yonkers crew's long awaited release.

Sheek revealed that Styles PJadakiss and he have tapped DJ Khaled and Ruff Ryders partner Swizz Beatz to executive produce their upcoming effort. Although he made no mention of whether the trio has found a new label home, Sheek added that both Diddy and Lil Wayne have tried to sign them.

"The last meeting I had was with Swizz and Khaled and they're executive producing this new L.O.X. album," he explained. "So far, we've got like 12 bangers of big, big records. I was just in the studio the other night with us and Alicia Keys working on the Lox project and get ready y'all. Get ready y'all, I'm sorry for the delay and the wait, but this joint is gonna be monstrous, man."

He added, "Lil Wayne tried to sign us, Puff tried to re-sign us and paint that picture over, we done been in motherfuckers' living rooms and talkin' business. The meeting we just had with Swizz and Khaled about executive producing this project was the one that grabbed us and we're gonna give y'all some real, real big records."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • wackrapkilla

    Mixtape rappers and industry whores at the same time. SMFH Being able to rhyme is one thing. Making a quality hip hop album is another. Alicia Keys? Seriously? Fuck the LOX and all their trash ass albums. Over rated bum niggas. Styles p best record was "The Ghost Sessions," and that was a mixtape.

  • Malone

    I know this has nothing to do with the post or the article but guys... there's a rather articulate and sly fellow selling what he claims is magical beans on Sunset strip down in California. If you see him do not buy from him!! . Sicerely Yours -Malone

  • @agentace2050

    Wow, after over a decade? Interesting. Def. a wait and see thing.

  • Anonymous

    Keep khaled far away from this album

  • jake

    you guys better not be teasing once again...get this album out!!!!! i been with the LOX since I got into Hip Hop late 90's (great era of rap)....and maybe they don't put alot of albums out..but u can't deny these guys killed the mixtapes year in, year out....clue, big mike, kay slay....ughh miss those dayss....

  • john mickins

    i got 2 words or maybe 4: WHO GIVES A FUCK?! its been 12 years already and since then other than jadakiss sheek and styles have put out mediocre material at best. maybe if this was announced 6 or so years ago i'd be more hyped....

  • Anonymous

    I thought there album was ready but after 12 years they now must begin recording a new album.? Besides is anybody waiting for them. The 2 group albums were like hmmm... okay but nothing special and solo they are also not that impresssive. The LOX is an example of we have skillz but cant make a classic record.

  • Anonymous


  • 80's Baby

    You disrespectful little fuckers! You give respect where respect is due... it's cuz of groups like Wu-Tang, L.O.X, Mobb Deep, MOP, Outkast, and others that influenced you younguns and has allowed you to create your own style of rap. The rap game has morphed and will continue to do so, please try not show your age by comparing Odd Future and A$AP Mob to them. Don't forget you were the same kids in shitty drawers hyped when you heard DMX first come out (GRRRR)... GTFOH! -80's Baby

    • No 1. Hater

      The Wu Block album tanked harder than a mug, and most of their solo mixtapes are hot garbage. Fuck outta here.

  • So Icy Boi!

    who? da Lox? whoooo? I will check it cuz DJ Khaled is da best producer of all time. swag

  • Marlon

    Why Swizz and Khaled. OK swizz killed "We are the streets" album with good productions. Now swizz is kind of wack production+mic wise. Fuck we are going to hear his annoying voice all over the background when we just want to hear L.O.X spitt together on tracks. They should have stick to the original plan: DAME GREASE.

  • wu wear

    More wack production en route

  • Man

    Fukk dj khaled,mthe words executive produce shouldnt even be used in the same sentence, he doesnt produce he doesnt make beats he doesnt dj he doesnt mix he doesnt scratch, dudes annoying

  • The Truth

    Only two albums, one in 1998 and the other in 2000. And they never officially disbanded but for whatever reason they just have not released another album. Shame too because they were a pretty dam good group

  • Anonymous

    "15 years deep in the game and still running" They've had 2 official albums in 15 years. Doesn't take much to impress you, huh?

    • N/A

      They always do joints together on each others albums (and mixtapes) plus 15 years and only 2 albums, the fact that people are still waiting for the official group project...yeah, that is pretty impressive for a genre were fans have ADD.

  • youngsta

    no one cares about these old ass niggas anymore. even old ass dj khaled's name won't make this album sell. new f.l.o.p. album coming soon.

  • gnigga_pleeze

    this album is more delayed than detox i remember a feature in allhiphop back in '06 where they said it would be out by the end of the year

  • Anonymous

    They lost me at DJ Khaled. Sigh

  • Anonymous

    i luh nyc hip hop

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't take 10 years to find a label. Face it. These bums are bad for business.

    • N/A

      Bums?! 15 years deep in the game and still running. All three of them are respected solo artists and they can do whatever they want. They are in a great position considering most artists loose their steam with the constant flow of young heads. They just need to get the group contract right so they don't get "Puffied" again.

    • Anonymous

      they got done dirty before so they probably real hesitant

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