Lil Reese Shown Assaulting Woman In Video Clip

Lil Reese violently attacks a woman in a video clip and later confirms it was him depicted in the footage.

A video was released earlier today of Def Jam signee Lil Reese violently assaulting a woman who is allegedly his baby's mother.

In the clip, the two engage in a verbal altercation before they come to blows. The Chief Keef affiliate violently attacks the woman by repeatedly punching her, continuing the assault as she lays on the ground.

Reese responded to the video leak on his Twitter page, writing that the clip is years old and that its release is an attempt at "haters" trying to "see a mf Dwn."

Watch the violent clip below (via Montreality).

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  • Anonymous

    that bitch was talkin shit. same thing happened in this video to this bitch wit huge tits

  • No Big Deal_Move On

    "nuthin folks, just 2 hoes slap boxin"

  • Tru Life

    To everyone thats defending his actions... Is this shit ok if its your momma, sister, cousin, grandma whoever? Since the nigga don't give a fuck its cool? fuck where he came from and his background, i know niggas that came up in fuked up ass ways that wont do this type of BS. Just another kid mad cause mommy did'nt love him and daddy wasn't there type bullshit who knows...He still a bitch at the end of the day, he beat her like he was gone lose the fight against her little ass or something

    • Anonymous

      its not young to know thats life, niggas and bitches get beat up everyday b. that is life. its that simple, step into a situation, deal with its consequences. if you know its down and dirty niggas, dont associate with em and you wont have any problems, simple shit. its like walking across the street, if you see a car coming and keep walking if the driver dont care you get hit, simple shit. its is life. for anybody, not just women. dont put yourself in any situation you cant handle. period

    • Tru Life

      I can tell by your comment that you are definitly a young lil nigga... You say thats life, well god forbidd any women in your life mama, sister cousin get they ass whooped i wonder if you will still say thats life. If so it really wouldnt matter cause you are just apart of that fucked up generation anyway. Even if this girl was talking shit, what he couldnt take what the girl was saying to the point of beating her ass like that? He weak as hell point blank.

    • ok lil Nigga

      Ok Lil Nigga but it wasnt nobody's mama on HHDX, I mean its not okay by any means,But nigga thats fucking life, people gotta understand the circumstance they put them selves in, imagine how many time he prolly beaqther ass off camera, she had to know it was coming. talking like that. Lil mama had enough fight in that mouth till she got hit in it, right he could of left it at that left hook But when all you know is to defend yourself than thats what it is. Ive been hit by men before, Ive been hit by bitches too, at the end of the day That shit made me learn to keep my fuckin mouth shut when I see something going where im not tryna take it. Gotta be more careful.

  • the public

    I wonder where the music industry is heading with these "artists".

  • Lil Reese

    ey yall this Lil Reese, I seen what yall said and yall made alot o sense to a nigga. I just beat that bitch cuz she said she was my momma and I never knew my momma so i always said I would beat my mommas ass when I ever saw her. I know now I was wrong in that so ima change my ways n b a better niga 2morow than I was yesterday... or I mean 2 years ago when that shit actually whent down... for real tho

    • Danielle

      lmfaooo Nigg aint no turning back you did that shit, oh well bitch thought she was bold and got that ass taxed. I bet she happy the video out ass whooping she ever got. bet she never thought she'd be famous for gettin her ass knocked out by her bd, lmfaooo

    • youngweedy

      Hey good for you my nigga.

  • Anonymous

    its not like bitches were gunna buy his album anyway

  • streets

    Im not condoning domestic violence but in the streets these niggas dont give af if you a nigga or a bitch, these niggas savages and far from pussy, why dont yall go tell all this shit to a hood nigga face see if yall dont ended up like that dead rapper lil jojo r.i.p but just saying

    • Anonymous

      exactly, they can talk all this internet shit, call em weak, homo, and all that but the same niggas couldnt step foot in they hood without they knees shaking, niggas out here need to open they overly opinionated eyes up. im pretty sure these niggas know when to shut up tho. they lettin their bitchass anger out on the net talkin shit about rappers they know they'll never exchange words with in person. its the best they got

  • He Still Wack

    With all the attention Reece is gettin, just listen to his music. His rap skills are worse than the act of stomping the female. This dude will NEVER sell as a rap artist. The 5 minutes of fame is a joke bcuz the younin is TRASH.

  • No Big Deal_Move ON

    "Nothin folks, just 2 hoes fightin over they baby daddy"

  • Anonymous

    *Dude is a loser.* Plus, he can't rap. His career is done before it starts.


    THIS JUST IN: "Mitt Romney has been projected winner of the 2012 presidential debate based on newly-surfaced information detailing Obama's biological father that will sure raise caution and suspicions of the American people. Frank Marshall Davis, the communist party propagandist, was found to be President Obama's "real" father. Pictures (shown above) have displayed the remarkable resemblence between the two, and disprove the relationship of Obama and believed father Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama. The cover-up was made to hide an illicit affair to allow time for Government paper approval." ^^^^DAMN SON...I'M ALL FOR OBAMAS SECOND TERM, BUT I REALLY HOPE HE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS...OR WAS LIED TO BY FAMILY. THIS NIGGAS PRESIDENT! THIS ISN'T NO HIGHSCHOOL DRAMA THIS IS REAL AMERICAN PROBLEMS THAT NEED TO BE DEALT WITH. LYING TO US WOULD REALLY BE A DISGRACE...

  • Anonymous

    lol he's a bitch ass nigga. exactly like she said. he can't control himself, he a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is a disgrace

  • chunker

    fucking animal , i hope this cunt gets fucked up by some1s crew. this dirty lil fuck need taught a lesson

  • rodjilius

    the bus driver actually had a real reason... this nigga is a bitch nigga straight up

  • yo granny

    bottom line DONT TALK SHIT THEN BULLSHIT *shrugs*

  • BOY




  • Anonymous

    what a coward basterd

  • Berliner Schnauze

    In my opinion, that's a true definition of "fuck boy". If he strikes women in this way, he def can't strike men in the same way. Gangsta shit? Oh, these modern days gangstas are nothing but pussies, cuz only a pussy can bully on other pussy, yeah? Fuck a karate-kid. You're famous now, yes, but if you wiped your ass once it doesn't mean you won't shit again

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    End welfare. You got to stop feeding these low lifes. You don't waste hay on a horse that can't run or work, you take it around back and put it out its misery. Stop feeding these guys. You end all this government assistance and the crime rate will rise, peak and then decline when enough of these guys are in jail and when a natural, grass-roots movement sort of like the Black Panthers, Arab Spring or whatever, forms out of the desperation of the situation and brings change within. We can't keep continuing a system that leads to generational poverty and ignorance.

    • Mrs Officer

      Thank you for saying this, in my mother & father's country if you don't work you don't eat. Stop welfare, Keep abortion, and start sterilization and please Start putting the mother (find the father also) in jail for the actions of the kid under 17. Prison the rest, males and females

    • Azar

      AGREED. We need plenty more Katrina's to wipe out the total scum of the earth.

  • Nick T

    funny coz if a white dude did this, NO ONE would bring up his race. #DOUBLESTANDARDS

    • Danie B

      yeah race matters, but black Men are Not the CAUSE, because if Black women would choose wisely who they fuck around with shit like this woudnt happen, If black women learn to love theirselves and stop puttin up with these niggas, if you gon be dumb enough to fuck with a man that has so much BITCH in him to hit you then your ass needs to be prepared.

    • Mrs Officer

      If a white man did this, he would be in jail. Race matters because we have so much more blk on blk crime, specially against women. Don't you think blk woman feel it is a crime, to be called bitches, hoes, degraded, left behind to raise blk men's babies, used and seen as nothing more than what the media portrays of us? RACE MATTERS

  • HoodStarr

    Dat bitch obviously don't know dat 3hunna bitch dats da team! If a bitch wanna act up to a real nigga she gotta accept da consequences! real playas know da deal! SWAG

  • ark

    Beats up a woman and gets props. Wild gangsters? More like pussies.

  • BOY

    LMFAO! When that nigga Reese was stomping on that hoe's face! LOL! Reeeal nigga shit! YMCMB!

  • BOY

    I HATE these type of loud-mouth hood rats. First they dare the niggas to hit them and when shit gets real they start screaming. Thats what you get BITCH! Real nigga shit! Weezy beats and disrespects hoes like it aint nothang! Weezy is KIGN of HIP HOP YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    I love how dude said this was "Old Shit" when the video is from a year ago, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Its funny cuz the black community wanted SOME HOOD NIGGAS.... now you got it an now you wanna complain..... SMFH... na you know what im laughing at you cuz yall are a bunch of hypocrites.... own up niggas this is what you made... this is the society hip hop glorified and NOW YOUR MAD... pussies should have stood up when you saw this coming not when the cum was all over yalls faces... LOL

  • Anonymous

    Women are always crying out for "gender equality", but they expect to get special treatment just since they are women? Fuck that. Go Lil' Reese! STOMP THAT BITCH!!

  • shivalpatel


  • anonymous

    yo lil reese is a lil bitch i would smack the fuck out of him what is he doing hitting a woman his music is trash and now he has confirmed that he is the dirt of society like everyone could tell he was. someone bring him out back and smack this punk ass. chief keef and all these bitches need to rot in their graves

  • Tribe of Judah

    Typo. *That they're not.

  • Tribe of Judah

    You know, the crazy thing is...alot of people were supporting their movement. When Chief Keef first came out, alot of you were banging his shit. You should have peeped from his content the type of dude he is and the type of peoples he rolls with. These kids keep on proving to society that we're not raised by responsible parents and that their ignorance, coonery and reckless behavior has been tolerated for the longest. What the fuck are you doing 16, 17, 18 in a gang talking all kinds of shit and that makes you a real nigga? What the fuck is a real nigga? You want to see change? Stop supporting this dumb shit. If you dont support, crackers like Jimmy Iovine cannot push this kind of product. It might be bred for mainstream but remember the streets is what deems it hot or marketable. Its good to see so many appallad by this video but what the fuck are you going to do about it?

    • Anonymous

      how could you lose all validity by calling jimmy a cracker?

    • Anonymous

      Your argument lost all validity when you referred to Jimmy Iovine as a "Cracker". You can't preach change & support racism in the same breath. It makes you look ignorant no matter how well you phrase it.

  • BOY


  • bmoc

    the woman is an ass. but this no name shouldnt punch her. every one should open up a book and educate them selves

  • RandyJood

    That a boy, putting those bitches in place. #GBE

  • JTHomas

    Real tough you lazy eyed piece of shit



  • Ace

    Bitch ass nigger. I hope he gets lynched. Sorry ass piece of trash, go back to the jungle porchmonkey. #realtalk

  • first of all

    first of all smfh @ being a chief keef associate...2nd of all LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @ that hoodrat bitch...she wasnt talkin tough anymore after that LOL!

  • Max

    I don't know what's worse...this fukboy beatin on this girl, or these commenters defending his actions blaming the hood... man some of the most intelligent, respectful people come from the ghetto, that's a bs excuse. this lil dude has 0 heart, 0 intelligence, and if he doesn't wind up dead from karma, he'll wind up in a cell...either way, we gotta do better as a society... we gotta pull these little fuccers up cuz they bringin us down

  • Graveyard

    This little punk and his whole crew they're a bunch of kids who if they don't clean up their acts they'll wind up in a box

  • Hustling Backwards

    He might rep 300 as his click, but the sad part is those will be the only 300 people to support they movement. Nobody outside of that 300 click gone bye Cheief Keef music, so you know they def wont by Reecse shit. The sad part is I never heard 1 song from him or Chief. Nobody checkin for your music = Hustling Backwards! Not one nicca from they crew will drop an album, NOT ONE!

  • Anonymous

    chris brown that bisch!

  • k sozzle

    Real, real nigga believe in beatin them hoes down that bitch tried to throw um

  • 5

    To be honest, I don't get why people even care about this situation.. This shit ain't got nothing to do with me, so shit don't bother me. I would never hit a female though, unless she's trying to kill me or some shit. Lol

  • Who the fuck is Lil Reese?

    Hilarious! oh yeah and he is a pussy, he hit a girl because if you saw the way he was throwing punches there is no fucking way he could beat up a dude. He went straight windmill style like my 5 yeard old son.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is lil reese he fucked that bitch up good though

  • BGG

    i see these lil niggas and i repeat lil niggas around the chi all the time and they literally scrawny ass niggas that would get they ass whooped by a real nigga...smh thats what happens when parents dont raise their children they mother and father should be shot

  • Hmm

    Da fuck is a Lil Reese?

  • Sco*

    I'm torn between laughing at the semi-super-stomps and being absolutely disgusted at this young man's actions..............yeah, he's a hoe ass nigga....

  • Anonymous

    no male should hit a female >>> the end

  • youngsta

    lol, people are getting too worked up over this. this was obviously a few years back before he started his career. i don't condone woman beating, but dude has moved on from what he did in the past and is more focused on his career right now. chris brown punched rihanna back in 2009. people didn't like it at first, but then they decided to get over it and look at chris now. one of the biggest international stars right now. he's moved on from that and the people moved on as well. just give lil reese a chance instead of acting like bitches.

    • Anonymous

      someone who can actually throw a punch n stomp someone out should come see you, handle your ass, then in 3 years you should have to kiss there ass. how dumb can you be?

  • Anonymous

    Nobody should support this guy. Being from the hood and living in the streets is not an excuse to behave violently. Yeah there may be times where you need to protect yourself, but at the end of the day there is no reason for a man to put his hands on a female. It doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong, you just don't do something like this. Someone in the comments said earlier that this kind of thing is the "norm" in the streets...thats bullshit. It may happen more in the streets because these kids don't have the kind of support that say a suburban white kid would get, and dont get that advice from a parent. Kids grow up in their environment (whether it be the hood or suburbs) and gain knowledge from the experiences that they have and by the support of a family. Sadly a lot of these kids in the streets dont have that kind of support, so maybe they think a male hitting a female is not so bad...This kind of stuff happens all around the world. Black, white, yellow, brown, rich, poor, middle class...this happens everywhere, and is certainly not the "norm". dont support this guys music. doesn't matter if it happened 2, 3, 4 years ago. There are some things that you can never take back and this is for sure one of them.

  • Anonymous

    lil rease is the next lil wayne guaranteed!!!!! hell get a grammy in about 2 years i bet my soul he can watch playa

    • Ace

      @anonymous Grammy?!! Shit, this negro will be lucky to be still alive in 2 years. Not if i send my skinhead cousins to the Chi to run a train on reese's pieces bitchass, then lynch him live on ustream. Ya, thats that shit i DO like hahaha #3hunna #whitepower

  • Anonymous

    and did anybody else see that other dude in the hoodie get some shots in too at :45? that shit cray

  • Anonymous

    she ugly as hell. he fucked up by getti her pregnant in the first place lol

  • BPSN

    Damn this nigga was flyin stompin her ass. Yall niggas talkin about he a bitch for beatin a female, well thing is he don't care. He'll fight a man, female, baby, dog, squirrels, that's the problem with most of these lil niggas now. They don't give a fuck. And if a nigga beat one of their asses with fists, they'll come back with choppas and spray the dude. Shit is real out here in these streets, most of yall must be from some good ass suburbs or some shit, cause nowadays this shit is the norm. And most of you niggas do is just sit on the internet talkin shit and don't go out into the community to help better some of these young niggas lives before the street life consume them. It takes an entire community to raise these kids, the blame don't go to solely hip hop and the parents or these little niggas, the blame goes to society as a whole

    • Ace

      Bitch ass nigger. I hope he gets lynched. Sorry ass piece of trash, go back to the jungle porchmonkey. #3hunna

    • lilBobs

      Yall talking shit about him but yall dont know how he grew up.

    • BPSN

      Yea dude and the only thing we can do is get out into the community and at least try. We'll never eliminate the negative completely but we could at least get the negative under control, cause shit is definitely spiralin out of control. Young dudes not afraid to put their hands on a female or a man, and they not afraid to blast some people. they have no morals, they just "gettin to the money".

    • MKAllDay

      Wow, I didn't think i would, but I agree with you. I agree this shit reflects on our society. Shit is outta hand, but we as a people let this happen. I hate that men, and women like this even exist. It's fucked up, but that's life. It's crazy this nigga signed to Def Jam, and niggaz think he nice.

  • feminist

    thiz iz some wild nicca, he def need to chill

  • typicalspade

    Daaayyyummmmm dat bitch got wut wuz cummin ta hur


    He's really tough.

  • Anonymous

    Lil Reese is a punk & a wack artist so if you support his music guess your supporting a women beater, chris brown round 2. #WeakWannaMen #ParentsRaiseYourKidsBetter

  • james


    • Anonymous

      mandred lol whoever gave u that name should be put in the ground and they did go get gunz now one is in a wheelchair and the other got out the hospital and turned his life to god as for me 2yrs in jail and 5 yrs probation for willful injury and assault with a deadly weapon. no regrets though, i still see them as well, nothing but smiles and hallmark cards they dont want no mo problems

    • Mandred

      And your clearly a bitch nigga, her brothers shulda put u in the fuckin ground

  • 2pac's ghost

    The problem is that Hip-Hop has no internal governing. It used to be that if you were out of control and making hip-hop look bad as a whole, then people in the hip-hop community would check you. Be it 2Pac, or KRS, or Wu-Tang Clan, SOMEBODY would check you. Now, these niggas just run wild, co-signing each other, never speak up against anything because they're all so scared to lose a paycheck. It's the same mentality in the hood, 'mind your own business and don't say shit'. Even if you see a kid getting abused or a woman gettin' beaten to a pulp, 'mind your own business'. Fuck that. As far as I'm concerned, if it effects my surroundings or the people in my surroundings then it's my business. Whatever happened to black people standing up against ignorance and fighting for what's right. Everybody is too lazy and distracted to get outraged at anything. These fuckin' shook ass rappers are so scared to speak up that they've allowed the rap community to become a fuckin' cesspool of ignorance and malice and have left it with almost no traces of positivity. Hip-Hop was one of the only uplifting things in the hood, and they've let these young retarded ass niggas piss it away.

    • Anonymous

      Well now some of these dudes ain't all talk. If tupac would've said some shit to lil reese, lil reese would try to pop tupac, and i guarantee that shit. when chief keef said he would smack lupe if he saw him, that nigga was for real. Niggas don't give a fuck now, espicially in the chi

    • Sensaye25

      Good lookin' fam. I'm flattered that you would re-post my comment. But let the homey Pac rest in peace. He said enough while he was here. Real niggas took heed. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      its the "get money" mentality it has taking over and got niggaz fucked up in the head



  • Anonymous

    lame toothpick sized ass faggot. She probably didn't even get too hurt from it because this fag weighs 55 lbs

  • Anonymously Fly

    Hoe ass nigga wont be on DefJam too long...

  • thebeatlesbtrthanallofrap

    wow!!! this nigga sure is hard hittin a girl huh.....fuckin pussy dats whats wrong with black ppl too sexist.

  • Seven Small

    That's That _______ I don't like......

  • Anonymous

    ...The Whole GBE Clique is WILD!!!...They Young from The Urban Concrete!!!...What can You Say!!!...

  • Lil Loc

    You should all admit nobody ever cared about this guy before this happened.

  • Anonymous

    and this is who ya'll dumbasses are going to support and buy his cd?

  • Anonymous

    He is a straight up homo!


    hahha chris brown tha bitch for talkin shit hahahaha, shits too funny, idk why yall r cryin like little girls, shit ill hit a bitch.

  • move big deal

    "nuthin here, just 2 hoes fightin over they baby daddy"

  • Anonymous


  • Billy Bucks

    This dude said haters....WTF. You're stomping a female out ON THE GROUND!!! If another rapper HAS to die, can it please be this piece of shit.....please??!!!

  • WORD

    This video shows just how retarded rap fans are...They cheer on the lyrics from rappers like this talking about beating bitches and all sorts of stupid shit.....Then when they see the artist actually doing it everybody acts all offended. Each one of yall should promptly shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe this nigga! 1 he can't rap for shit! and 2nd put his hands on a women but ill be damned if he touches a man, pussy ass nigga, your karma coming back at you, stomping a female like you got some balls, nigga you more pussy then i ever seen, i swear if i ever catch on the streets that ass is mine ima fuck u up! pussy ass niga! pussy ass nigga!!

  • My 2 Cents

    Lil Reese = Lil Bitch and THATS, THAT SHIT THAT I DONT LIKE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, now that explains why he was in a cheap apartment and talking to a female so ugly. It was because he wasn't famous yet. It always amazes me how ugly these rapper's ex girlfriends look, but when they get famous, they only date

  • jay

    actually fuck Def Jam for signing this faggot.

  • Fuck White America

    i wish that bitch was white.

  • Wow

    I don't care how bad this sounds but he deserves to die for hitting a women

  • os

    this is disgusting, i will never again in my life support this fuckin (already untalented) coward of a rapper. fuck this shit, this makes me mad at society

  • Anonymous

    It's hard to respect any man who wud beat a woman like this. I mean, while she was down he was stomping her. smh Im not saying he cnt be forgiven but wat even goes through ur mind to fight a female? Im surprised she didnt get her brothers or relatives to find him, fuck him up or even kill him...As bad & loud-mouth as some black girls (& woman in general can be),no man should EVER physically fight them unless they were put in certain situations: the women had a weapon or a gang of women tried to jump him. Im all for restraining women(Police holds, MMA holds)who become violent but my best advice is too just simply walk away & ignore them. They may call u a pussy,punk-bitch or whatever but atleast u didnt catch for responding to her in a physical way.

  • Caesar

    This guy is a total piece of shit. Had no idea who he was before this, but am now a hater. Hope this guy's rap career fails miserably.

  • illbomb

    and i quote "LilReese300 @LilReese300 The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum shit from years ago damnn we winnin it's 2 late...#3hunna" whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow you're still a FUCKING pussy for putting your hands on a female. if some one did that to your mum or sister you would be going crazy over it but it's ok for you to do it because you the man right? you aint shit.

  • No, im not racist

    definition of nigger

  • Ashamed Man

    What a shame, he obviously never had enough positive influences in his life.

  • Awesome

    This is awesome. I love how dumb niggers are. Just when you thought they couldn't get any dumber. I feel so vindicated in my racism now seeing that the same shit is going on with the younger generation of nigs. So stupid, you'll never learn, stuck in the gutters for generation after generation because of a gross lack of intelligence throughout the entire black community. You nigs sure do know how to make a white man smile :)

  • move big deal

    "nuthin folks, 2 hoes fightin over they baby daddy"

  • Kid you need your ass handed to you...consider that done.

    Wow now we know....Lil Reese is a coward. You are more bitch than a female dog. Nuff said.

  • ________Cmon________

    Cmon son, he woulda been better off just lettin her lip off. The fact that he cant scrap worth shit, actually woulda served him best to take the tongue lashing. Women talk shit always, dont bite into if yo hand game is suspect. He fight like a bitch. I wonder if he is claiming that gang shit. If the the other side see this they gone clown. This fool swing like he swat'in flies !!! Maybe its not so bad... If he had a real hand game she prolly be hurt bad.

  • Anonymous


    • Please do!

      Seriously, if you live in or near Chicago take all these kids out. Everyone of them deserves to bleed out slowly in a cold, dark alley. Please, kidnap these kids, slap um around until they cry like little bitches then murk um all on video then post a link to it in this thread. You'll be a fuckin hero.



  • Anonymous

    Jimmy iovine has always wanted to poison the urban community. I hope this guy gets what he deserves. FUCK little cheese

    • IDK

      Anybody cheering this madness on is a disturbing individual. People think ICP fans are weird and violent but these gangsta rap kids are really the fucked up ones. Anybody still listening to Lil Reese shall be labeled a bitch and a hoe, henceforth.

    • Sven

      This Reese needs to get punished for this act. Yet, he gets a record deal for being exactly what Def Jam knew he was. What kind of message does that send to the young black youth? This is what Lupe and Shyne(yes Shyne) were talking about. You got an element running rap right now that will give a record deal to the worst criminal. So instead of a Reese or Keef being local, these majors are pushing them into a global brand, with a bunch of white, skinny-jean wearing, hipsters like Pitchfork cheering this madness on.

  • Sven

    LMAO. That old gay j3w Jimmy Iovine couldn't wait to sign these monsters to a record deal. These kids are terrible but you will find some crusty old NON-BLACK rushing to give them record deals. They take a Reese or Keef and multiply them by 100. So who is the bigger criminal?

  • Thank You

    Thank you niggers for being so fucking stupid. This video along with his twitter response has just sent your entire race back another 20 years. Why do you think you are an oppressed people? Your all to stupid/lazy to climb out of poverty and you treat each other like shit. Anyone who supports these kids (Kanye) deserves to be gunned down in the gutter with the rest of them.

    • Up North

      Somebody's got dick envy. No point in talking sense to you. You wanna talk shit? Lets get it Mayberry......

    • Anonymous

      get off our dick pussy

    • Sven

      Blacks will take collective blame for Reese when you white fags take responsibility for those catholic priests raping tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of young white boys. Sandusky was one of the few caught after decades. Nothing dumber than a white man on a hip hop site lecturing blacks. Plenty of white neo-nazi white sites for this closet aryan fag to hang around. Yet, he chooses to rub virtual shoulders with the n-words. Suspect. He probably has jungle fever.

    • ... not really

      Jerry Sandusky is pretty much the only person to do the fucked up things he's done, how many niggers beat women on a daily basis? You are really quite stupid for making that comment, so i'll just lump you in with the rest of the near-retards that call themselves members of the black "community". If you don't accept that the black community sucks, you just aren't willing to accept the blatant truth and there's really no reason to have this discussion, other than to talk shit.

    • Up North

      And Jerry Sandusky represents your entire race. Thank you.

    • Your Welcome

      I say your race because this is who represents you. This nigglet represents your culture way more than rednecks represent white culture. At least we have sophisticated and intelligent white folks in society, the black communities biggest idols (Kanye) are exactly like these kids but just have enough money now so they act a little less ghetto. Im sorry your hurt by the way your culture represents itself but thats just real life and you have to either try to change it or accept it.

    • Anonymous

      why would you say your entire race, like is like saying when we see rednecks doing ignorant s***, that is how your entire race is, get your story right, your just as ignorant as this dude is.

  • Smh

    Times like this I wish Pac was alive. Smh

  • kka

    wooooow fukin pussy ass nigga hope u get got

  • truth

    never heard of him in my life. but he is a coward.

  • BuzzRightHere

    Sad.. First you threaten her with a gun and then you swing (like a bitch) as if you're fighting some dude thats 3 times bigger than you. Goes to show why the murder rate in chicago is the way it is if a dude cant step away from a mouthy woman...Life is way harder than arguing ya bish!

  • Anonymous

    damn this video takes the bitch ass award

  • Anonymous

    And they wonder why their lives suck..

  • FuckReese

    fuck this skinny tooth pick ass nigga. Lets see a video of him doin that same shit to a nigga

  • yeaaahh

    Most of these new rappers make hip hop look so bad!! They sound like they can barely read and they have the nerve to rap. Fucking idiots! You used to be able to tell how smart a rapper was by their subject matter and how they put together their rhymes.. The ignorant bullshit overshadows the talented rappers and makes not just the music but the whole culture look bad..

  • Anonymous

    too much bitch in one boy right there...

  • Tupac Shakur

    Since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can't make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ You sound like a fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      you pac dickriders take any and every opportunity to dickride him for absolutely no fucking reason. why did pac become the spokesperson against violence towards women all of a sudden. he wasn't a saint. He called them bitches, he objectified them in his videos, got blowjobs on camera and shit.i got love for pac but please stop dickridng that nigga for no reason. wtf does this even have to do with pac. gtfoh.

    • Anonymous

      man I miss pac

  • rob

    Thats that sh!t I don't like. Good job def jam. Keep signing wastes of life and money.

  • AZ the only REAL SOSA

    btw no ones hating, you mf's just straight up cant rap. your flows are fucking retarded.. coke boys, mmg, ymcmb , PEOPLE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THESE STUPID FUCKERS? why dont people support REAL HIP-HOP, g.o.o.d. music, nas, jay, tde, macklemore, wu-tang, people who actually WRITE TRUTH ? fuck trap.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A lot of people like to talk tough on the internet and all that but with that being said. I would love just 5 minutes in a room/ring/cell with this fucking little pussy. Id beat him until he didnt move.

  • AZ the only REAL SOSA

    this worlds going to hell.. these fuckin windy city kids pop other KIDS , brag about it.. hit some chick an confirms that shit then laughs? these near evil mf's need to get fucked up .. like seriously people why do you support all these fucking retards? is it because everyones just also fucking retarded?? smfh

  • Anonymous

    What a piece of shit! I bet it wouldn't be funny if it were their mothers getting hit like that.

  • Anonymous

    Take this bs off hiphop dx very disgusting what a bitch ass fuqqboi right there fuck these yung ass niggas

  • Anonymous

    fact: if a girl acts like a man, treat her like a man

  • Anonymous

    hahahah hit that bitch

  • Anonymous

    I've heard a bunch of rumors about these kids being gay

    • Anonymous

      then by your logic every rapper who has ever fucked video hoes and have children are straight. from wayne to kanye. or do they not get a pass from you dumb ass hypocritical niggas again?

    • Anonymous

      yah pac was gay..the same dude who went tot he hospital after collapsing from exhaustion from fucking every girl in I get around

    • Anonymous

      oh you mean like 80% of the rap game from 2pac to kanye. please tell us more

  • dont matter

    what a bitch, the dude is a sociopath, wow. nice move african americans

  • jet li

    This nicca soooffftttt. If he gave her a nice upper cut she prolly woulda walked away. Lol, all those puches exposed his strenght. He sooooffffttt. Rotfl

  • Anonymous

    she deserved that shit. she wanted to fight.

  • Anonymous

    High quality piece of shit

  • The Wild Windmill

    He swing like a str8 BITCH. His eyes show puzzy, Cmon son all that wild windmill shit for the females. It shoulda took 2,3, or even 5 punches to put this female away. The fact that he gave her 20 or 30 punches with 5 or 6 kicks, shows the punches were soft. Smh, Nicca swinging like a windmill !!!

  • chi

    all these people talking about lil reese a hoe, pussy, bitch and all this stuff yall niggas obiviously dont know this nigga or the gbe fam these niggas some killas and if it was a dude it would of went the same way them niggas out here put nigga in the dirt. yea i agree that that was a bitch move but you cant say that nigga a hoe that bitch knew dat

    • Anonymous

      hes a hoe, a little bitch ass nigga, hes got a 3 inch dick with herpes, probably would still be a virgin if it wasnt for rape. Broke, dumb ass nigga, pussy little soft ass doja nigga

  • Jody_Inglish

    My question iz why didnt his niggaz grab him an stop da shyt???

  • Dub

    Funny thing is... If there wasn't a buncha niggas in the room, that female woulda prolly got in his ass! Nigga can't even fight and wanna beat on a female. That's why all them "gangsters" shoot people, cuz they fight like lil girls.

    • out the hood

      ^^^ Your either too young or to ghetto to understand that doing that shit was wrong. Don't matter what you call us your just wrong. Shit might look ok in the Chicago iner city but it don't make it right. There is a whole world outside the ghetto and you or nobody that wants somrthing more is going to make it out the ghetto if you think that was a right decision by this kid. Open your eyes!! or be satisfied with death or jail.

    • Anonymous

      hahahahaahahahaha yall are fucking gay yo get off the internet yo youre not hard. the bitch wanted to fight she deserved to get fucked up

    • RDCJ

      Yep! She got some good licks at the begining. Tha's why he went so buck. Like he never gotten hit before.

  • Jody_Inglish

    Funny thing iz thiz happens in tha hood all tha time..yall dont really kno what happened before thiz..i know plenty of bitchez that talk RECKLESS 2 a nigga jus because the think a nigga wont rock her azz..and then when that shyt happenz niggaz wanna trip on tha nigga an ignore that tha female wuz talkin hella shyt..not sayin itz right 2 hit a woman but if yu gon talk reckless 2 WHOEVER dont be mad if That person rockz yo azz..thiz shyt happens everyday in tha hood an 9 timez outta 10.. the shordy runz back 2 tha nigga..look at it from both sides fellaz

    • Anonymous

      youre obviously some dumb fuck from the hood. Just because the girl is talking shit doesnt mean you hit her. Its that fucking simple. if your little niece was talking mad shit rah rah rah your gonna beat the shit out of her? Just beacuse shes talking and acting like an idiot? You let your pride get in your way and thats why you will be forever limited to selling drugs and LIVING in jail. You dont get you just walk away and laugh at that shit?

  • Chris Brown

    That's my nigga.

  • Tuff guy

    Don't matter how old thid is shows alot about him. Won't be buying anything with him anymore!

  • Anonymous

    chris brown feature coming soon

  • shittastic

    these guys are the Kim Kardashians for the rap game. not really famous for anything, other than sucking dick.

  • Yamz

    Bitch ass nigga, if I had peeped in person this I would have smacked flames out of this coward. Who cares how old it is, you're pussy Reese

  • Anonymous

    Fucking tough guy. Bitch ass.

  • WHO?

    But who the fuck is lil reese though?? Lets keep hiphop news relevant to people who actually matter in the game. Just because someone raps, the doesnt mean they are hiphop news worthy. Get these average Joes off the website please. I got about 5 cousins that call themselves lil reese. Shit...

  • Anonymous

    look at him swinging all crazy, he looks like a bitch that cant fight

  • key

    On the reall that should of been my lil sister, cuzzin or just some body i knew cuzz him and his bicth ass homeboy would got they ass dealt. Now bang bang that. ur name is lil bitch ass nigga from now on PUSSY.

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    This is disgusting.... I don't understand why he doesn't feel bad for it, but as a REAL female honestly thats that ish' I don't like.

  • Anonymous

    What a piece of shit

  • asher1985

    im torn on this. i was always taught to never beat a women...but this girl was not acting like a girl she was acting like a guy. stupid whore has probably done the same thing to multiple females herself. so idk i know how black girls can get, at the same time when i was in the army i knew a faggot who actually looks just like reese who was known for doing the same thing. damn I'm torn, I'm more against it though

    • asher1985

      i totally agree with you dude! definitely not raised right, it doesn't look like anyone in that video or room was raised right. they were like animals, almost inhumane

    • RDCj

      There is something called "Self Control". You got to have that if not youdont you wont succeed at shit. he wasen't raised right!

    • asher1985

      well that is a judges job to see how the individual may or may not have been prior, your past does sometimes come back to haunt you. and why would i think that? you can tell she's very confrontational. its not like she was just sitting on the couch drinking a soda and he comes over and just starts beating her up. she called him a bitch ass nigga, and multiple other names. words can sometimes hurt more than physical violence, so I'm sure his ego was bruised. still like i said not cool with it at all. you can tell the fag can't fight anyway. however from personal experience i know girls like this (black girls) so therefore i know how one could be tempted to react exactly like he did, i.e. I'm torn

    • Anonymous

      ..she continuously said keep your hands to yourself and didnt hit him. whats to be 'torn' about? This guy is a punk bitch who would never and could never do that to a male.

    • Anonymous

      how you gonna make baseless speculations about what she has done to other females though. imagine if judges jumped to conclusions about people the way you just did. yea she obnoxious but thats not ground to put false charges on her past.

  • Anonymous

    how many times do you gotta hit a bitch that's not even fighting back ? lol. I dear any one of you faggots to defend Reese for this.

  • MazyMelodyz

    Bitch made! No remorse till this day huh just an old clip huh? U winnin huh? Bitch ass fuckas touch woman fuckin cowards... N site green light for these punks world wide

  • omg

    i hope this motherfucka dies slowly and painful... i'd beat the shit outta such a piece of dirt

  • MetalSpawn

    Wildin' out - I would punch this n*gga in the throat. 100 - Lil' Reese - you a reject mold of a man. Your bm mouthin' off got more pubes than you no n*gga.

  • Anonymous

    cant wait until these little thugs run into some real niggas and get taught a lesson

  • Sensaye

    The problem is that Hip-Hop has no internal governing. It used to be that if you were out of control and making hip-hop look bad as a whole, then people in the hip-hop community would check you. Be it 2Pac, or KRS, or Wu-Tang Clan, SOMEBODY would check you. Now, these niggas just run wild, co-signing each other, never speak up against anything because they're all so scared to lose a paycheck. It's the same mentality in the hood, 'mind your own business and don't say shit'. Even if you see a kid getting abused or a woman gettin' beaten to a pulp, 'mind your own business'. Fuck that. As far as I'm concerned, if it effects my surroundings or the people in my surroundings then it's my business. Whatever happened to black people standing up against ignorance and fighting for what's right. Everybody is too lazy and distracted to get outraged at anything. These fuckin' shook ass rappers are so scared to speak up that they've allowed the rap community to become a fuckin' cesspool of ignorance and malice and have left it with almost no traces of positivity. Hip-Hop was one of the only uplifting things in the hood, and they've let these young retarded ass niggas piss it away.

    • yeaaahh

      I 100% agree!! These new rappers have no respect or discipline.. most of them are idiots who can barely speak let alone rap.. All they do is talk shit but it's easy to do that when you have 20 dudes behind you..

    • PeoplePlease

      Great post... It's like a giant love fest...

  • Deezle

    put him up against c breezy!!!! lol both bitch niggas

  • Equality

    If these bitch ass niggas want to be treated equal, then they sure as hell better be able to fight too. If these girls don't want issues, then don't act all tough only to start crying when they get punched in the face. Equality works both ways. Fuck these bitches.

    • jd

      man what the fuck is wrong with you. she wasn't even the first one to throw a punch. reese and his homeboys were the instigators in this situation. fuckboy reese and niggas like you is the reason the black community gets a bad rap. i hope someone socks the shit out of you real soon so you can see if you like it. violent ass women-beating niggas get no respect from me

  • Anonymous

    Funny thing is this is the first time i've seen 1 of these guys with a female and their beating her and in their videos their surrounded by males half naked touching each other blogs and other sites should stop posting their shit 93% is garbage anyway

  • tity 2 necklace

    GBE consists of 3 hunna wifebeaters

  • solomon

    smh. these dudes stay takin L's

  • Dubz

    Dude is a punk...and worse is all the dudes around him who did nothing but watch.

  • Anonymous

    for meek mills dissing his bm and now this nigga beating his ugly ass bm

  • zachos

    It shouldn't of went down like that he should've walked away. That being said she was all mouthy then was asking why? Cause you provoked him, hope he gets thrown in jail.

  • People Please

    Of course Def Jam - owned by Universal Music won't care. They will continue subverting Black culture through the use of our worst and ignorant youth. Jimmy Iovine and the lot, always throwing us under the bus, while Jewish culture is kept nice and safe. Were this girl Jewish, his career would be over, but since she is Black, no problem. This is not anti-semitism, just pointing out the obvious double standards. People, these boys are hoodrat headed household byproducts, their own mothers were the bi**ches and h**s of yesterday, thus they weren't raised with any sense. Please don't be surprised when they show no empathy or remorse towards girls getting beaten. They use lame excuses and ghetto logic to justify their internal hate for Black women. They express this through degrading music and savage violence. They cosign each others actions and always look to defend and encourage anyone abusing Black women. He wouldn't do this to Mike Tyson

  • Anonymous

    i lost mad respect for yezus dawg fam cosigned these nigga the world is coming 2 a end when niggas like this get a chance 2 get on

  • Kinglio21093

    What a punk bitch. Anyone who lays a hand on a woman is a punk ass.

  • Connect

    The whole GBE needs to be blacklisted from Hip Hop, fair enough their music can be found entertaining but how can people like them be supported?

  • Anonymous

    his whole crew wack as fuck, they all gonna be locked up in a year anyways

  • Anonymous

    This makes me fucking sick..............So much for "A bitch nigga, thats that shit I dont like!". What a fucking hypocrite.

  • Wtfizzgoinon

    I don't even understand how any of the wack ass rappers got signed in the first place. Let's all be honest, these dudes won't be doing shit in a year.

  • Anonymous

    Everybody just stood there and watched. That's almost as pathetic as this loser beating on a woman. An ugly woman mind you, but still a woman.

  • Anonymous

    damn can't believe yezus cosigned these fuck niggas

  • Ayo-Ret

    Fuck Lil Reese man. That shit's whack.....

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