Sean Price Calls Dr. Cornel West "The Devil"

Sean Price explains his beef with Princeton's Dr. Cornel West.

From "punch[ing] through school buses" to his most recent "Seanwuar" video, Duck Down veteran Sean Price is as known for his sense of humor as his hardcore rhymes. Now, in a recent interview with The Village Voice, the Brownsville emcee explains his beef with Dr. Cornel West.

In a recent Tweet dated to October 12, P! took aim at the revered Princeton professor, joking that West is, "the devil[,] he drinks cow blood and fuck goats." While Price explained that he doesn't necessarily believe West is actually the Devil, he still doesn't really trust any person trying too hard to promote a specific agenda.

"It's something about people who talk all that shit and all that, 'We need to do this and we need to do that,'" he said. "I don't trust nobody, I don't believe nobody. I don't think he's intentionally poisoning us; he thinks he's doing good but he's a puppet like the rest of them."

Check out the original Tweet below.

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  • Anonymous

    Majority of these comments listen to today's crap.

  • Anonymous

    where can i find da leak of mic tyson?

  • Realist

    These Kid cudi dickriders are still mad over Price's comments about their messiah. Haha. I hope cudi is payin' y'all. And Ryon, you're calling this twitter joke as news? HipHopDX, you stay falling off.

  • Amboy Style

    fat ignorant fuck Sean Price and his candyass "Decep" t-shirt... Deceps were coward NYC thug of mid-1980s, early 1990s jacking mostly kids... big tough wolfpack pussies who'd never steal any books that's for sure... Sean Price used to rap good but he's become a lazy, repetitive cornball... Random Axe was mediocre at best... And "Buster Douglas" is by far his worst solo album... As for "the truth" Sean Price is anything but!!! Curtis Mayfield died in a wheelchair for this??!!

  • Where is Starang Wondah?

    This nigga been doin' too much special-K with all those white boys he hangs out with. He has become nothing more than a shock value MC. 'What can I say too offend people the most so that I can get attention'. It's too bad, 'cause the nigga got rhyme skills. He's just a repulsive scumbag with high blood pressure.

    • Anonymous

      Rapping with emo shithead Ill Bill will do that to a nigga... But Sean Price's asslicking fanboys are also partly to blame... Alchemist fell the fuck off on "Buster Douglas" too.

  • What

    and we wonder why niggas will never truly be free, simply we to bussy trying to tear each other down instead of building each other up, when we not tearing each other down, we bussy killing each other, watch a waste sean P STFU, now we know you were talking to yourself

  • Anonymous

    He's wearing a purple shirt. Must be broke.

  • NOI 4 LiFE

    Arm Leg Leg Arm Head!

  • Anonymous

    typical ghetto fake Muslim bullshit; find the library Sean Price, not goddamn Allah you fat sack of shit.

  • Anonymous

    fat bald ig'nant nigga WHO FELL THE FUCK OFF... Random Axe was mediocre... Mic Tyson is poor... Sean Price stopped trying, sound bored, recycles verses, NO NEW CONCEPTS... More like Gerry Cooney rap, bum should just fucking retire

  • Anonymous

    ...going after Dr. Cornel West? ... this nigga sunk low

  • Malone

    Oh My how I am such a sad loser. I sit here locked im my moms basement. No job, no woman, no life. I annoy people on internet web sites because I have no friends. I might be the saddest man on the planet. Kill me Someone please. Sincerely Yours - A huge Fag

  • Anonymous

    Although I think Sean Price is a dope artist, I think he's talking like an idiot in the same breath. First and foremost everyone has their own agenda, even Sean Price and the point of having one is to promote it and get others to buy into your thoughts and feelings about a particular thing or subject. For a brother who could compose such dope bars, one would think he could express more composed thought. Another stupid ass MF!!! Honestly I dont agree with everything that Dr. Cornell West says but that type fuckery Sean Price said about him looks unwarranted. Respect! Qaadiru Rashaad

    • Anonymous

      DUCK DOWN is halfway house for dumsky niggas... Did you peep that retarded Buckshot interview a cpl weeks ago? At least talk to Steele (of Smif N Wessun) who's a very smart & articulate dude...

  • Sun Das iLL

    Cornell was looking for someone he need to uplift Sean Price because Sean Is The contradiction pointing At Cornell

  • Truth

    LOL, so if anybody believes in anything and actually tries to effect change in world they see as unjust they fuck goats and are the devil ?!!? Seems like the typical thuggish street trash mentality. So sad that niggas can't see themselves as the puppet sell-outs they are so quick to label others as.

  • Malone

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  • Brookdale Hostility

    Sean Price is my gay drunk Uncle!!

  • Anonymous

    what does this fat bad fuck do besides eat and think about other dude's pants? Sean Price is a lazy fucking cornball and Mic Tyson is his worst album, besides a couple of the Boot Camp abortions... go shine your head and drool about Allah you "Decep" wold pack candyass.

  • Malone

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  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx tryna start something outta nothin, this was 12 days ago. where weas you then ?!?!?!?



  • Anonymous

    Dx write something worth reading !

  • Anonymous

    Come on Mr. Ryon. It seems that the remark was made in jest but yet taken out of context. Please get up off your stagnant ass and try to provide the followers of this site with some meaningful news. Thanks.

  • kennyken

    rappers stir up more bullshit than the republican party.

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