Pusha T Endorses The Re-Election Of President Obama

Pusha T voices his support for President Barack Obama in his bid for re-election.

Over the past few weeks, more and more Hip Hop artists have been coming out of the woodwork to voice their support for the re-election of President Barack Obama. Now, in a recent interview with The Smoking Section, one of G.O.O.D. Music's own lends his endorsement to the Obama campaign.

Clipse alum Pusha T recently threw his hat into the ring as one of the many Hip Hop artists who support the re-election of Barack Obama. He said that he feels the G.O.P. candidate Mitt Romney has been disingenuous about his finances and policies, which has reaffirmed Obama's validity as the best possible POTUS in Pusha's mind.

"I feel like the election’s gonna be great. I feel like Obama is definitely the man and the man we should be putting in office again," he said. "I feel like the fact that Romney is even being considered with all of his evasiveness and his tax past and his background and his history and family stuff. I think it says a lot, like why are we even considering this man? I think it’s a testament to how classy Obama has been. He could really dig into all of Romney’s policies but he hasn’t. I think Obama has been very tasteful, when others would not have been at all."

Check out the full interview over at The Smoking Section.

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  • PJ

    look up Obama Song Big Things on youtube...shit goes hard!

  • Bebopp

    How I get data on my Obamaphone, Pusher?

  • Timmy

    This was a totally unexpected endorsement, know who I'm gonna vote for now

  • Anonymous

    "And ended torture" He ok'd the execution style murder of Bin Ladin instead of trying to extract important information out of him.

    • Dashing

      Execution-style murder of the figurehead of Al Qaeda? Hell yeah. They extracted tons of information from his compound and if you think they could have got Bin Laden to give up info by waterboarding him you're smoking crack.



  • Dashing

    It DOES matter that he said he's supporting Obama not because he's gonna sway any votes but because he's reminding young people and minorities that listen to him (i.e. Obama's base) and people in the state of Virginia (where Pusha's from) to vote. And a few thousand votes in a few states (including Virginia)will determine who wins the election. Go out and vote!!

  • jay

    Great! Thanks for changing my mind Pusha!

  • dentaldamboy

    Pusha T has an IQ in the low 80s. It is obvious that the more talented and intelligent Malice writes for him. I would like to preface this by saying that I am a democrat and Obama supporter. However, let's analyze Pusha's ignorant statement. "I feel like the fact that Romney is even being considered with all of his evasiveness and his tax past and his background and his history and family stuff. I think it says a lot, like why are we even considering this man?" Romney's taxes - okay he didn't release his records past two years. He certainly should have. Romney's background and history - Romney went to Harvard, has been hard working and successful his who life and has no criminal record. What is wrong with his background and history? Romney's family - Romney married his highschool sweetheart, has been with her through her bout with breast cancer and her multiple sclerosis. He's been a great father by all accounts. What is wrong with Romney's family history? "I think its a testament to how classy Obama has been. He could really dig into all of Romneys policies but he hasnt. I think Obama has been very tasteful, when others would not have been at all." What the fuck is this idiot talking about? This has been one of he dirtiest and pettiest campaigns ever. Does Pusha T follow politics at all? I've been telling you guys this for years. Pusha T and all of his fans are a bunch of uneducated welfare recipients. YMCMB fans are hard-working and ambitious.

    • Dashing

      While you're right that some of his arguments aren't entirely accurate, you lost me once you said that all of his fans were on food stamps. Firstly, THAT's not factually accurate. The majority of his fans (like most hop fans) are white and likely middle-class. The folks that actually pay for his albums and go to his concerts are extremely unlikely to be on food stamps. Secondly, you mention food stamps and equate that with education which is ignorant. I know plenty of informed, intelligent folks who have kids and take public assistance because they've been hit hard by the economy. Lastly, the idea that Pusha T, who's lyrics are more nuanced and layered has a less intelligent fanbase than the YMCB fans defies logic. That's where you REALLY made no damn sense.

    • dentaldamboy

      Now I am fully convinced that you two are on food stamps. I clearly said that I am a Democrat and an Obama supporter. Pusha T is uneducated because he is factually wrong in almost his entire argument except the personal taxes issue. And I certainly did not say all Obama supporters are on welfare. I said Pusha T fans were. If either of you learned how to read, you might have the opportunity to go to college and get a real job. You continue to prove that YMCMB fans are the best and Pusha T fans are intellectual lightweights.

    • Anonymous

      so if you like Obama you are on welfare ok buddy. If I like Pusha Im uneducated ok buddy lol. ^^^^your racist @dentaldamboy: Romney doesnt care about your ass. The Republicans have been sitting on jobs and not passing through some bills and laws Obama has presented. So how can you vote for people that evil. They dont care about your broke ass lol.

    • Jonathan

      LOL...you're either white, a biracial kid who thinks he's white or an Uncle Tom.

  • White Guy

    SHOCKER...A black guy backing Obama...NEVER!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You can remove your mouth from Obama's cock anytime Pusha.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Democrats & republicans are like Kanye West... Annoying and just won't go away

  • Pete Conway

    In other news, a bear shit in the woods today.

  • bmoc

    another delusional person. come on guys, do you honestly think Mr. Obama has done a good job as President? He promised hope and change, and he only brought record debt and record unemployment numbers. Romney 2012.

    • bmoc

      First off, just because I dont support Obama doesnt mean I thought Bush was a great President. Bush rose the debt 4.899 trillion, FROM BOTH TERMS(8 years). And Obama rose the debt 5.1 trillion IN 3 YEARS(the worst under any President). Stop blaming Bush for what Obama is doing. And thankyou for actually replying to me with your opinions of the subject matter..not just calling me a "honkey cracker racist".

    • Good Job Mr. President

      Actually bringing on record debt and unemployment, that was George W Bush. Obama has added more jobs in less than 4 years than Bush did in 8 DESPITE being handed an economy in collapse. When it was handed to Bush, we were still creating surpluses. And the unemployment rate is lower than it's been in 4 years. And consumer confidence is up. And the stock market is stronger than it's been in years. And Obama put the strongest reforms on Wall Street ever. And the auto industry is thriving. And home prices are going back up. And Obama signed a bill preventing credit card companies from randomly raising rates. And increased Pell grants to give more kids access to college. And created "Obamacare" which doesn't allow people to go broke because they're sick. And mandated that the kids of immigrants brought here illegally not be deported. And signed a bill that championed equal pay for women. And cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans. And restored America's standing in the world. And ended torture. And got Bin Laden. And all of this with Republicans trying to stop him at every turn.

    • Tevin

      It's PRESIDENT Obama to you. And get your cracker ass off this site.

    • Mitt Dummy

      All this idiot of a governor has done is flip flop like a fish outta water. First he was going to keep troops in Afaghanistan and then when criticized he changed to "withdrawing troops pending his review of the situation", and then at the third debate he changed to the same stance that our President has. WTF? He's done this throughout the whole debate. That's why he's garnered the name "Etchy Sketch". He says so shit to see if it'll stick and if it doesn't he makes some other bullshit up just to get votes. I mean why is this idiot even running for office. To help people? Really? All he's done is make money for his owner greedy ass and those of other greedy muthafuckas at the expense of the middle class. He doesn't have a history of doing shit for the poor...think about it folks.

    • BLACK


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