Shyne Explains Why He Thinks Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Is "Trash"

Shyne explains why he doesn't like Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city."

Last night, Shyne took to Twitter to state that he thought Kendrick Lamar has talent but that good kid, m.A.A.d city is "trash." Clarifying his standpoint during an interview with the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show, the former Bad Boy rapper explained that he feels K. Dot was fed into the hype machine but that he failed to deliver on his promise.

"I ain't starting no trouble. Listen, y'all live in the United States of America. We don't live in the United States of Aftermath, Jimmy Iovine doesn't pay me, I can say whatever I want," said Shyne. "I'm not talking reckless. I said the young boy got potential and I said he was talented, but the album is trash. That's tough love.

"What I said wasn't not nice, I didn't attack him as an individual, I didn't say anything disrespectful," he continued. "It's trash! I don't really listen to these rappers, but I heard him on a few joints and I was like, shorty's nice. ... So when he was coming out with an album, I was like, I'ma hear more of that."

Po went on to explain that he wasn't feeling the production on the project, and that he'd rather hear a spoken word album if that's the route he wanted to take. "Beats is trash, number one. And once your beats are trash, you're finished because you can't handle a good flow. I don't really want to hear what you gotta say. I'll go buy Dr. Cornel West's album if I want to hear someone talk."

He said that he felt a responsibility to be honest about his opinion because he didn't want Kendrick to drink his own Kool-Aid. "I feel bad for him because everybody's gassing him right now, everyone's on him. He on fire because of that Interscope machine, he's on fire because of that Dr. Dre machine. He's nice, but that's a lot of hype. All I'm saying is, to show y'all I'm not a hater, 50 [Cent] delivered. I never had nothing positive to say about him, but he delivered. He lived up to the hype."

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  • 10nnnnnnnnnnnn

    Maybe he just didn't like the skits where Jesus Christ was mentioned as The Lord... Just saying "maybe"

  • Cy Young

    I agree with Shyne. I thought and wanted GKMC to be a classic. Shit, Kendrick put out classic verses prior to this, so it was rightfully expected of him. I would have never thought that i'd say i would rather listen to Meek's album than Kendrick's. Not because Meek is in anyway more lyrically inclined, but he is simply more entertaining. Kendrick is hands down one of the best lyricist in the game, but in the words of Shyne, "the album is trash". The "yes men" will fuck u a great career. Kendrick has the ability to be great, but yes men at this point will only allow him to be a great feature artist. And in no way do i bump Meeks shit religiously, i just stated that because i listened to them on the same day. LUPE delivered!!

  • Anonymous

    Shyne shouldn't be saying anything about beats and what not after that fisher price recorded mixtape he just put out not long ago. Shyne hasn't even managed to put together a studio sounding track in like 10 years....

  • Anonymous

    who gives a shit its just an opinion. yall shud here with this dude say

  • MwyaBISH!!

    Dem mudafukin beats is lame!!

  • dave

    How do you judge a lyricist on beats man (That I think are decent btw)! you slate his album then say you don't want to hear what hes got to say! Kendrick's talented man!!

  • come on now

    dumb move. shyne tryin to become relevant in hip hop again but gonna diss kdot and alienate his fan base which is alot of the true core hip hop heads that could be gettin behind him. fuck that, i rock with kendrick and aint about to listen to no shyne shit. dumb move. quit interviewin this has been

  • Anonymous

    shyne has a terrible ear for beats

  • One thing

    All yall like the hype ass dumb retarded beats. Beats are fine, ya'll just like that ignorant Flocka shit, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Future, and other trash ass rappers that are saved by their beats. The beats are good.


    THIS JUST IN: "Mitt Romney has been projected winner of the 2012 presidential debate based on newly-surfaced information detailing Obama's biological father that will sure raise caution and suspicions of the American people. Frank Marshall Davis, the communist party propagandist, was found to be President Obama's "real" father. Pictures (shown above) have displayed the remarkable resemblence between the two, and disprove the relationship of Obama and believed father Kenyan Barack Hussein Obama. The cover-up was made to hide an illicit affair to allow time for Government paper approval." ^^^^DAMN SON...I'M ALL FOR OBAMAS SECOND TERM, BUT I REALLY HOPE HE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THIS...OR WAS LIED TO BY FAMILY. THIS NIGGAS PRESIDENT! THIS ISN'T NO HIGHSCHOOL DRAMA THIS IS REAL AMERICAN PROBLEMS THAT NEED TO BE DEALT WITH. LYING TO US WOULD REALLY BE A DISGRACE...

  • Yuckademus

    Everybody can be critic. Shyne is entitled to his opinion, but I love Kendrick Lamar's work. Everything he has ever put out, I've pretty much loved. His content and lyrical dexterity are second to none, IMO, so I barely notice the beats when vibing to him. As for Shyne, I was never a fan of his. No offense, just never put out anything that I really enjoyed and lyrically, I would consider him very simple. He has a great voice, although it sounds a bit too much like Biggie, but other than that and using Barrington Levy on a sample, there's nothing memorable about his art. So I take his opinion with a grain of salt.

    • sucio

      But....he is entitled to his own opinion, just as you are. He shouldn't be bashed for stating his opinion. Maybe his choice of words aren't "politically correct".... Wait...since when did hip-hop become "politically correct"? We need to stop worrying about them sensitive mofos.... Stop being "yes men". All these people are scared of being labeled "the hater" and are accused of looking for attention....

    • jasmin

      STANDING OVATION . Couldn't have said it better.

  • Shyne

    Please give me attention

  • reel2reeltalk

    Shyne is the true pawn here because he is operating of basic jealousy. If he was enlightened as he is pretending to be he would be focusing his energy on evolving self. Not putting his energy into talking about everybody else. The is nigga should have a greatest number of interviews album.

  • reel2reeltalk

    Sigh...You little girls are very emotional and therefore much easier to control. Evidenced by the collaborated effort on your part to voice your opinion as if it matters. From a business standpoint you aren't the target audience. Most of the record sales are generated by upper/middle class white teenage girls. Those that actually buy the bulk of music. With the recent influx of gender bending I suppose that would include some of you little bitches too. Yeah opinions are like assholes but you niggas seem to be talking from the same oraphis. You are assuming a superior role in judging something you have not or cannot do. In this case; accomplish what this young man Kendrick has done. That right there is the bitch in you.

  • poopa large

    shyne has 2 classic a and had one of the best voices in hip hop. his flow and conviction with the way he pronounced words and was hard as hell. kendrick dosnt have 2 classics. respect the shooter. shyne po: yall rap nig$az is trash, get off my dick and pass my cash" haha.

  • Mitch

    My first reaction was that Shyne was hating. Then I listened to the album. I must agree with everything he said. Beats, weak. Creativity, lacking. Good lyricist. Could have used better singers for choruses. And where was Dre? No production on the entire album? Did he approve this crap? Disappointing. Classic? NOT!

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    Shyne is speaking the truth. I wouldn't call it trash but it is no where close to being a classic. Honestly, the sh*t is a disappointment. All the new rappers, hate to say this, besides Drake, are dropping mediocre music. J. Cole was a big disappointment, when it the last time you heard anything about Big K.R.I.T.'s album? Kendrick Lamar's album belongs on soundclick or datpiff for free download. All these guys are being hyped up because the game is watered down right now. Kendrick and J. Cole both benefit from an environment in which the competition is poor so it is easy for them to be proclaimed as the next greats. However, if you throw them in the mid nineties or early 2000s these guys would even be a blip on the radar. Just like sports, sometimes a team will make it to the playoffs because their division is so weak but then get knocked out in the first round. That's how I feel about these guys. "If I don't like it, I don't like it doesn't mean that I'm hating." -Common

  • DudeBuggin

    Shyne Ain't Nothing But A Jail Bird. If He Was Smart He Would of Known that Kendrick Lamar Raps Like He is Telling A Story. His First Album Section.80 was a Story about growing up in the 80's and the problems his generation had to go through. He only argues the beats on the album and nothing else. Give Kendrick his props. He came up from the underground and made it big into the mainstream without changing his style one bit. He's one of many few rappers under 30 today that's actually making good music for the 90's generation telling that it's more to life than just gang banging and selling rocks. Shyne your rap career is over man, you wasted 10 years in the PEN step aside and let Guys Like Kendrick, J.Cole, Black Hippy and Lupe Fiasco take over.

  • BOSS

    What the hell is a "Shyne"

  • Let's keep it real with yall community!

    Who knows who really leaving these comments?! Lol, for every person there is about 10 to 15 comments. I can have like 10 different names and make it seem like a lot of people got a certain opinion. Hahahaa, that's why people totally disagree with shyne. They only responsible for one person's comment or maybe 3 at the most but yall are immature. Lol! People be having too much time on their hands or just lame as hell!

  • Anonymous

    Shyne is correct that a great album needs good beats, but this is the case of good kid, m.A.A.d city. Just listen to "Sing About Me, Im Dying of Thirst" or other songs, beats might not be ground-breaking or game-changing, but they're far from weak.

  • Anonymous

    kendrick album is bullshit

  • d-hash

    shyne... really man. has he heard his last "big" verse,which randomly popped up, on carter 4? nuff said. when was last time shyne delivered??? fuck this dude. mad kendrick outshining his ass

  • ivan

    Kendrick's music is the music for are time. Present generation! shyne and old ass nigga!

  • Ard

    I have to agree with Shyne on this if people think kendricks album is a classic is sadly mistaken check out shynes debut if your looking for real shit

  • poppa large

    Shyne is right about the Aftermath/interscope machine hypin it up. it is over-hyped and kids dont realize how brainwashed they are by big media. The album is weak. because: a) has no edge, too much singing, too laid back, feels more like some soul or r&b album half the time. dosnt feel like a hip-hop album b)the subject matter is too dumbed down and meaningless c)his voice tone has become way to high pitched and funny sounding. d)the production is talented and the album is well mixed (like the crazy snare flange effect on track 1) and sonically sounds amazing but the beats are too slow and are a pretty bland. e)more gimmicky i'm from compton- blah, blah, compton- is played out and annoying f)weak guest appearences like Drake the robot pretty boy and MC Eiht?, and Dre reciting ghost written lines by Kendrick is wack g) those long talking interludes every few songs breaks things up and is boring (i get the concept but- too much talking) h)overall this album feels waterd down and is basically empty mainstream non substance having foolishness. I)shit is over-rated and over hyped and that is annoying enough. J) all the religious talk and references and praying at the beginning is annoying and imposing religion on people- is it a christian rap album??lol

  • Anonymous

    Joell Ortiz isn't a rapper. He's a fry guy come to life.

  • Anonymous

    "Europe people love SH" They say they do, but deep down it's a lie.

  • YEBO


  • Future Classic

    you would think of all people, being that this guy had turned into such a conscious rapper, he'd appreciate kendrick's work. instead he's self hatin his own people that are standing up for what they believe and risking sales by putting out something that'll open people's minds. isn't that what po's about now anyway? wtf is with all the hate? as for the beats, i think he was going for a classic feel and that's exactly what he accomplished. sounds like an old Outkast album. Future Classic!!

    • THE DON

      shut the fuck up you bitch ass, cum slurping clown!! you don't know shit! you probably a fat ass nigga livin in the motherfuckin suburbs

  • Anonymous

    It is shyne telling the truth!

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't call it trash but but it is borderline weedplate material.

  • Kendrick Lamar

    his right on one thing beats ARE trash

  • Shyne's A Homo

    Wow, Shyne is seriously a douche. Coming from a horrible rapper who I have no respect for anyways, I'm just going to disregard his comment of "trash" (wrong word choice by the way). He could've said disliked, or something that wouldn't catch so much attention. Shyne is broke, and is looking for some way to catch fire again. So he's looking to capitalize on how "soft" kendrick may come off at times to make it appear Shyne himself is "hard". But that's just Kendrick's style. He gets into a vibe, and he flows with his style. So no reason to hate? People are loving it. People like Shyne just need to maybe try and contain the emotions a little better, and not slam someone with the word "trash" just to catch headlines. I'll tell you trash = Shyne's career and life.

  • Fossie

    Always hatin hatin hatin .....Slaughterhouse so much hate in here and now Lamar next time you punkass assholes dissin the next ICE CUBE album or SCARFACE or other legends !!FUCK ALL THE HATERZ and go on listening to niggaz with no skillz like wacka floka bitch or Gucci bitchass mane and all the other bullshit!In Europe people love SH and especially Lamar aka KDOT!Fuck Birdmann Fuck Drake Fuck Wayne and all this bullshitrecords!!!

  • Truth

    A more pertinent question would be: "who's Kendrick Lamar?"

  • yung ill

    smack! who is this nigger?

  • WhoDissNigga?

    Whos this nigga?

  • TANK

    Here is my thing!! Everybody has the right to entitle their opinion. Not everybody love Kendrick's album... That goes for everybody not everybody gonna love Game's album, 2pac, Biggie, Jay, Nas, Em, 50 Cent, Snoop etc. etc. I mean the list goes on theres gonna be people who gonna hate on your album. You can't satisfy EVERYBODY thats the nature of life. Just like not every black person love Obama.... It tough love out here. People are gonna hate, so if SHYNE think the album is trash thats HIM. It just sad how he call the album trash and he been trash since he came out of jail. Now thats the funny part... Everybody want the old shyne back

    • Anonymous

      just because everyone is entitled to an oppinion doesnt mean they need to be reported. I could sit here and say Calvin Johnson sucks. Thats my opinion. Its completely wrong and retarded but I could say its my opinion.

    • Truth

      Ah, you contradicted tried to say that people have a right to their opinion, which is good, then took it away by using that childish phrase 'hate'. HE H8N ON HIM! HE A H8R! Go to school. "Hater" is encouraged by record companies: it devalues critics (any negative press is merely "hate"), meaning pop music becomes more important, meaning thickos will buy whatever lazy rappers churn out.

  • Anonymous

    nigga u deserve death fuck jews fuck israel

    • nipples...hard nipples

      where the fuck can i get a good tuna sandwich?! fuck Subway, Togos, Quiznos, i need a high quality tuna sandwich. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED



    • Truth

      Somebody who says Shyne deserves to die, before spouting loads of anti-semitism, for the crime of offering his opinion when asked on Kendrick Lamar's album....THIS was probably what Cam'Ron had in mind when he accused Bill O' Reilly of getting mad. Seriously, mate: sort it out. Don't take your issues out on other people.

    • Anonymous

      hmmm. no anti semitism here whiteboy

  • Anonymous

    kendrick's going to sell more with this one album then this guy will ever sell fuck this guy he needs to stop dissing everyone half of it doesn't even make sense

  • That Guy

    No disrespect to anyone. Kendrick's album is CLASSIC. Don't hate on the young guy because he is showing potential to come up like a wildfire. Album sales will tell Mr.Shyne. I don't even know why this guy's opinion matters but thats besides the point. Props to Kendrick on this one. It is VERY different from what you see in rap nowadays. If you know your rap history, you will know that West Coast RAP is VERY Different from East Coast rap that you guys are accustomed to. Besides Kendrick? Who else do you guys know from the West? Game? Thats it....and even the Game isn't holding the West Coast as hard as this album. You guys haven't heard the West Coast Rap in a long time you forgot to respect the West for its different style...This album will go down in history. It is classic. It will break records. You all watch. "That Guy" Predicted it...And Shyne..WTF are you talking about? Machine!? You were on the G.O.O.D Music album recently by what recording company? Def Jam?? Talk about Machine...Kendrick's album is different. Listening to This album, it was like the first time you listened to West Coast Music. You need to respect that. Its like N.W.A but of this generation. Think about it...

    • That Dude

      There are a bunch of west coast rappers... yeah kendrick is killin it but what about E-40, Dom Kennedy, Taj-He-Spitz, Kid Inc, Jay Rock, all of TDE really, i could go on for a while but my point is the west is killin it right now.

    • Anonymous

      "I don't even know why this guy's opinion matters" ^ this applies to you sir

  • Anonymous

    So quick question name me a few RECENT classics. I'm not saying this is a classic but I like the way it bumps in the whip and what he is saying is ok. But never mind that what do y'all consider RECENT classics?

    • Industry Advocate

      Recent Classics: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, because of it's futuristic-one of a kind production. Delivered every bar, and the guest didn't overbear the project. It sounded like something Quincy would have put together if he was out now instead of the late 70's early 80's. Common's Go, because it was honest, staright to the point and represented what defines Hip Hop as far as dope beats, dope content and he threw in Soul without sounding like he was reaching. Little Brother's Minstrel Show, because of a lot of why Go was a classic. Beats, Rhymes, Truth, Humor and it delivered on the principles of what an album should be. Kendrick's new album is Classic because it speaks for a generation of ghetto youth from different generations honestly that didn't slang, bang or rob, but knew people who did. That even through all these bad surroundings, he had a normal upraising that echos throughout every ghetto and city. His flow is HIGHLY original, his lyrics are on point and the beats cater to the MC and his content. I think people put "Classic" on way too many things. Masterpiece and Classic are too different things to me. "Teflon Don" was a Masterpiece (lacked truth and real content, but you can't deny the production and his ability to rhyme), "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" is a Classic.

  • Anonymous

    fuck fake ass nigga act like black jew

  • NYC

    true dat. lamar's album is trash!

  • Anonymous

    Shyne is right about the Aftermath/interscope machine hypin it up. it is over-hyped and kids dont realize how brainwashed they are by big media. The album is weak. because: a) has no edge, too much singing, too laid back, feels more like some soul or r&b album half the time. dosnt feel like a hip-hop album b)the subject matter is too dumbed down and meaningless c)his voice tone has become way to high pitched and funny sounding. d)the production is talented and the album is well mixed (like the crazy snare flange effect on track 1) and sonically sounds amazing but the beats are too slow and are a pretty bland. e)more gimmicky i'm from compton- blah, blah, compton- is played out and annoying f)weak guest appearences like Drake the robot pretty boy and MC Eiht?, and Dre reciting ghost written lines by Kendrick is wack g) those long talking interludes every few songs breaks things up and is boring (i get the concept but- too much talking) h)overall this album feels waterd down and is basically empty mainstream non substance having foolishness. I)shit is over-rated and over hyped and that is annoying enough. its not wack it just aint a dope album. that new Vinnie Paz is where its at. real hip hop you suckaz!

    • ^

      You're wrong, dumbass.

    • poppa large

      your way off about the first hip hop songs. it wasnt just soul, it was disco too and what do you even know about kool herc and the herculordz??your description is funny. and its not about the old school stuff, this album is like pop/rap/soul. kendrick does use compton as a gimmick/image tool and the shit is too laid back. shit is weak. real hip hop headz know.

    • rice

      You obviously no nothing about the culture you claim to represent. The first hip hop songs were raps over soul songs mixed on records. So that whole too laid back perspective is stupid. Not gimmicky at all he doesn't name any brands (Drink this, wear this, by these, etc..) Dudes sound is his own, just because you dont like it doesnt make it whack. features that fit his persona.. smh... so confused

  • Imac

    He has no business calling anyone trash. Did anyone hear him on the Outro of Tha Carter IV? It's cool that he was being honest with his opinion but using trash was the wrong word

  • anona

    Its sad when people only expect you to praise something popular whether you like it or not. Props to Shyne for being honest and not jumping on the hype. Folks be so scared to voice there honest opinion in fear of backlash these days. This debut was not hot. This is not the new illmatic and hes not Bob Dylan. The album is good, not great. Its not a strong album compared to other Aftermath debuts from Eminem, 50, and Game. It was wrong for him to use the word trash because at the end of the day Kendrick put his heart and soul into this album. To merely label it trash was wrong on Shyne's part. But overall he had a point. He was just giving his honest opinion.

  • Anonymous

    to be honest before i started listening to j cole and kendrick lamar i use to like lil wayne and drake and music like that but not anymore because they changed my music preference

  • nativenotes

    Shyne is so trash nowadays and falling into the well of bitter rappers that I don't know how his opinion remains relevant in hip-hop. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so if he feels the album is trash and its all Interscope hype that's cool but as an artist he can't call people's work trash without also explaining that all of his recent work is "absolute trash". He's a hypocrite.

  • Dom

    Although he does have a point; he isn't shackled by sponsors, record labels or focus groups. Hip-hop has long ceased to be the voice of the underdog. Now the money men have seized upon it, it's the voice of the catwalk, the black TMZ, hipster music.

  • Dom

    HiphopDX failed here. This was a blatant set up for a bunch of Neon-sporting, pre-teen fanboys whose lives revolve around the 'word' "swag" to jump on the bandwagon and call Shyne a hater. The fact is that he doesn't have to explain, because everyone across the world is entitled to their opinion. So therefore, whether you agree with it or not, it's far from news. Let's face it, Shyne disliking Kendrick Lamar's new album is not only bizarrely irrelevant (hence, a blatant set-up for a bit of sympathy), but predictable - who expected Shyne to proclaim Kendrick Lamar the second coming of Biggie? Well. I'm not one of your 'h8rz', either. I think the album's merely alright - it's symptomatic of hip-hop's absorption into the popscene, and therefore lowered standards, that people leap over each other to call it a classic.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn't agree more, especially with the last part. But hey this is what happens when you manufacture HipHop to a mass audience that has little understanding or appreciation for the culture and its history.

    • Anonymous

      completely agree

  • Anonymous


  • Fossie

    Shyne fell off years ago!!!

    • dafook

      lol @ brainwashed. If it's a good beat, it's a good beat, faggot. I'm a producer, and yes, there are great beats on gkmc. How the fuck do you get brainwashed into thinking something is a good beat? dumbass

    • anonymous

      COOL! The industry sucks nowadays! When he was hot everything was hot! HEs speaking the truth here...this cd has average beats. You have been brainwashed by only hearing beats like this into thinking this is good. ITs not

  • Anonymous

    F*ck this n*gga, I listened his songs and he sounds like a cow.

    • reg

      Great. This has nothing to do with Shynes voice change(which people need to get over by the way). Kendricks beats are not good...thats all he's saying. Now you can disagree just because you like Kendrick; or you can take a step back, listen to the beats on some of the older good cds, and recognize that Shyne is correct.

  • jerryc

    hahah exactly what I said. THank you Shyne. The production needs to be stellar to make a classic. The production isnt good on this album; it has no replay value. Certainly not like a classic.

  • jmp_design

    Look everyone stop being a prisoner of the moment. Too many people's arguments on here involve "dick riding, haters, best thing out right now" All irrelevant. The production wasn't fantastic. The story told throughout the album was a compelling, solid one at that. The interludes of conversations take up a lot of the album. I believe he sounds very high pitched, airy, and borderline laid-back on a lot of the tracks. All these things add up to positives and negatives of the album. And the guy talking about how his lyrics are deep and emotional? lets not think that just because someone talks about people getting killed. Don't forget lines like "the light skin girls with the little dress, good lord"...not exactly provocative.

    • jmp_design

      @daniel yea I would like to see where he is in 4 years. I was mad hyped for this album just like everybody else. Hearing the Recipe and his feature on Game's "The City" are just a few examples that bright things are to come. Was GKMC a classic? I don't think so. Is there better material waiting for him in the future? I would assume so.

    • daniel

      You guys will see in maybe 4 years...

  • E

    There's a difference between an album being "trash" and an album not being the type of music or genre that you like to listen to. Shyne clearly fails to understand that.

  • E

    There's a difference between an album being "trash" and an album not being the type/genre of music you like to listen to. Shyne clearly fails to understand that.



    • Max


    • Anonymous

      You can sport it and look in the mirror all you want and try to justify if but still wont explain that you spent $150.00 on a Northface backpack...fucc/u and you're wack ass no name rappers.

    • Anony-mouse

      ...Canibus, Jin, and ICP? Really??? SMH

    • Anonymous

      you literally just said fuck everybody who made it out of the underground scene... if kendrick never got a deal or released an album with dr. dre, i can bet money that he would be on that list at the bottom... smh... if somebody is doing what they been grinding so hard for all their life, be happy that theyre successful bro

    • Anonymous

      Get a f*ck outta here !!

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up. Nobody cares grow up. This is what the game is missing.

  • Tony Yayo

    Yeah niggas; get that Gun Powder Guru if you wanna hear a classic joint!!

  • jmp_design

    I can agree for the most part. I won't go as far as to call it "trash" b/c I know he put hard work into it. It seemed like Kendrick tried to make it super genuine with the whole story-line through the album but his spoken/sung portions of it didn't work and reminds me more of Wiz Khalifa. Who is also awful. The Mary J Blige extra track was just cotton candy dumb. There's a lot more I can get into but Shyne's said enough I guess..

  • poppa large

    Shyne is right about the Aftermath/interscope machine hypin it up. it is over-hyped and kids dont realize how brainwashed they are by big media. The album is weak. because: a) has no edge, too much singing, too laid back, feels more like some soul or r&b album half the time. dosnt feel like a hip-hop album b)the subject matter is too dumbed down and meaningless c)his voice tone has become way to high pitched and funny sounding. d)the production is talented and the album is well mixed (like the crazy snare flange effect on track 1) and sonically sounds amazing but the beats are too slow and are a pretty bland. e)more gimmicky i'm from compton- blah, blah, compton- is played out and annoying f)weak guest appearences like Drake the robot pretty boy and MC Eiht?, and Dre reciting ghost written lines by Kendrick is wack g) those long talking interludes every few songs breaks things up and is boring (i get the concept but- too much talking) h)overall this album feels waterd down and is basically empty mainstream non substance having foolishness. I)shit is over-rated and over hyped and that is annoying enough. J) alot off annoying religios talk and jesus this and that is not cool. like right at the beginning of the album with the praying- dosn't matter if its part of the story. anybody that knows the truth about religion or is half awake dosnt want to hear all the religious crap all throughout the album. is it a christian album? lol

  • MEEBitch

    im sorry shyne, wtf did u jst sae??? chil ur punk ass up.. u retarded bi** #thisMakeMeSickReally

  • Luuuc

    LOL, Shyne you poor sorry sad bastard, no one cares what you think. You stopped being relevant in ... actually wait, no, you were never relevant.

    • Key Prowell

      I agree, Shine isn not relavnt to make the comments he made. truthfully he sounds like he needs attention, He came out sounding like a fake ass BIGGIE, and aint did shit else. I like kendricks style cuz its different hell let the man record sales reflect his future. And yes everybody is entitled to there opinion but really "Who the hell is shine" and he need 2 stop stunting like he got "Diddy Money" he broke when he went 2 jail and he still broke.

  • Notorious H.A.T.E.R.

    I never seen so many dick riders in my life. How many of you all actually think Kendrick's album is a classic or are just hoping on the bandwagon with everybody else? Dick riders. Every time an highly anticipated album drops you all claim its a classic. You all did it with Wale, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and now Kendrick. Sad thing is that none of the above are even close to being classics. Stop riding dick. SMDH. You are supposed to be men, right? Get off these rappers nuts. A bunch of homos and damn groupies. Kendrick's album was underwhelming and the production was sub par. Poetic justice sounded like a damn soundclick beat. I'm surprised Jay-Z let J. Cole put out that garbage and Dre let Lamar drop a mediocre album. We will see. Give it two weeks and no one will be talking about good kid m.a.a.d city. A bunch of dick riders. F*cking fairies. Go find y'all absentee fathers so they can teach y'all how to be men and stop hang gliding from these dudes nuts. The album isn't trash but its definitely not a classic, average at best. Thanks for telling the truth Shyne. Up Yours, N.I.H.

    • Case Closed

      I rather dick ride Kendrick then any other rapper out right now! Case Closed

    • Fuck Outta Here

      When you have a giant rant about 'dickriders' aren't you then doing the same thing? People spend their time & energy supporting someone they like, and you spend your time & energy hating on another mans opinion. That's not being a man. That's being a fucking cry baby.

    • Hungry

      >2012 >implying GKMC isn't a classic >implying you wouldn't have said the same thing when Illmatic dropped >implying Shyne isn't garbage >implying you aren't a fag Let me guess you think Cormega is better than Nas huh.

  • mal617

    Shyane had one good song and the album was wack

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    This dude is trash and him and his friends know it, he cant get attention with his trash music so he makes trash comments. Damn how obvious. Kendrick made a solid album, future classic.

  • Anonymous

    Shyne sit your tired ass down. You are trying to start all these beefs and make all these comments to make his name hot again. Ain't no one checking for your music son. Kendrick's album Good Kid Maad City is very complex filled with raw human emotions which the listener can relate to. It is written from the teen experiences of Kendick and how he came up in the streets of the C-P-T.

  • Razwan

    Who the fuck is this wack nigga talking about K-dot like that??!! What has he done for his city? Album lives up to the hype fuckers, all you haters can't event stomach the lyrical content and the emotions he brings to the table.

  • Anonymous

    Shyne like that kid who just hangs around when no one wants him anywhere near them! No one and i mean no one is a shyne fan! The album hot! ,everyone has a right to an opinion of course , but he pure hating a guy comew up and do well! , its that simple..........shyne grow up man!

  • barry

    I agree. I think Kendrick Lamar's album is poor. Beats are very poor.

  • FV TakeOver


    • tvesrb

      say what you want about the album, but to say this was a poor atempt at a pop record is pure stupidity. it's not like Kendrick has completely changed his style on this new album. it's not his first time using different voices and whatnot. if you liked Section 80, I don't see how you can say good kid maad city is trash. maybe you liked it less, but trash?? c'mon now.

    • Hungry

      >poor attempt of a pop record Do you faggots seriously come up with this bullshit?

    • YEBO


    • JiveDG

      Your first paragraph was interesting and agreeable until I read the word Hopsin and the rest of your comment is WTF. His freestyles and lyrics are weak. He disses Lupe Fiasco when his skills aren't even close to Lupe's. He probably mad cause he wanted to get rich off a skateboarding song or something. Well anyways, let's get back on topic. Good Kid, Mad City is a bad debut album, Section .80 should have been his debut album.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga Lady Gaga ain't even on the album fool

    • Anonymous

      Congrats just because of this , i will never check for hopsin ever again.

  • Malone

    Hi im Malone and i like when balls are in my face and in around my mouth Sincerely yours Maloneymalone

  • prout

    i hate this guy already who tha fuck z he in the society.what dd he achieve in life to be talking that reckless abt other rappers

  • Anonymous


  • JiveDG

    I agree, the album sucks. It was all hype. I expected more for his debut album. I loved his pre release debut album music like A.D.H.D and Cartoons and Cereal. Lyrically, KDot is always on point but I just couldn't get into any of the songs besides Poetic Justice and B****, Don't Kill My Vibe. I hate that he had featured rappers. It should have been all solo even though I did enjoy Poetic Justice.

  • Eklipz'77

    Po's speaking the truth, the album is hype. If we'd compare good kid, m.A.A.d city to for instance to Skyzoo's A dream deferred. A dream deferred is by far a more superior album, the beats, the lyrics the structure of the album. Only it doesn't have the Aftermath hype machine.

  • tali

    First of, i liked the album. The story was dope and it was a good listen. But i can undestand where shyne is coming from. I don't live in the states and i recently just heard of k dot, right before all the hype. First couple of listens i thought he was a legit rapper. But not a rapper i would put on repeat. Then all of a sudden his name gets built up and theres a hype overdose. Unfornately again, there isn another track on the album i would put on repeat, and i would put that down to the choice of beats. Besides backseat freestyle, i would play each track once and move on, sometimes to a completely different artist. What i got from this album was that kendrick is definately gonna be one to look out for in the future. GKMC was no reasonable doubt but it was ight

  • hachitori

    The real question is why is HHDX even reporting this. Shyne? really? who?

  • Truth

    The headline should have read: "Shyne looking for a little bit of his own"

  • Chris

    You can not be a hip hop fan and say this album is trash! Shine had one fucking song! Thats it! This Kendrick album to me is a work of art! 5 mic classic. well put together. Its hard to find something wrong with it! Shyne is clown and his opinion doesnt even matter at all like Lauryn Hill.

  • YEBO


  • Malone

    I've got to get you all off the bench and into the game.. . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

    • DL Dub

      Seriously surprised HHDX hasnt found a way to ban you yet. I've seen some trolls on here, but you take the cake guy. Not really a compliment, just a statement. You suck. I know you only do it for attention, but for you to actually take the time to do this *shakes head* sad life you live

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck cares what this washed up parolee has to say? Dude is a fucking laughingstock. I think someone is bitter for being locked up when they were on top...

  • Malone

    Idiots below me... please stop posting. Its time to go to bed. You all have jobs and school in the morning. I mean are you trying to get me upset.. . . . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous


  • Truth

    He's just another washed up rapper that wants to get some attention again. He was never even that great to begin with. The album will go down as a classic. Kendrick did things on this LP that havent been done. That 12 minute song? Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst? Cutting 2 songs into one and tying them together beautifully. The guns shots cutting off his verse? One verse fading out going into another. Maybe he's just too salty to recognize that. The album grew on me I'll say that much. It really hit me when I was cruising with this turned all the way up. It just told the story of things in my life and things I see outside. Maybe he just needs to sit back smoke a bowl and listen again. Maybe he can't find the good in it because he doesn't know truth when he hears it. I don't know but again I repeat this album will go down as a classic. It's story telling from start to finish and manages to do it without sounding preachy.

  • G5

    I feel you on the Diddy angle you was talking Shyne but you hatin on the yound K Dot. I'm sorry, this album is one of the best albums ever and I grew up in the "golden era" of hip-hop and I still feel like this is one of teh best albums ever so stop hating dude put out a perfect album.

  • nirtsus

    go back t o shininhg dicks homo

  • Malone

    Weiner sauce anyone? . . . . . Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Waxxy Gordon

    The beats ARE straight Ambien for real

  • pmfd

    nigga trying to sell records when his shit drop. THIS GUY IS A BUM!!!

  • Rua

    He must've not been a fan of KRS-one either... Doesn't wanna hear a rapper talk? Hah

  • Anonymous

    Next week Shyne will say Meek Mill's voice makes it difficult for him to pee.

  • none

    To invoke the hive-mind representing chaos. Invoking the feeling of chaos. With out order. The Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos. Zalgo. He who Waits Behind The Wall. ZALGO!

  • StankFoot

    The White Devil Malone will Bake just like his punk ass people did.

    • Malone

      If I didn't love your mother so much I'd write so many curse words in this post. That's what milf pussy does. It reforms a man. It saves him from the perils of his own despair. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Shyne been soundin like the Mad Rapper lately lol. Only thing that was workin for him was that he sounded like BIG, otherwise nobody would know who this nigga is. He ain't on Nas level, aint on Jay level, aint on BIG, level, aint on DMX level, hell Diggy Simmons could put out rhymes that could rival shyne lmao. Jay Rock, the worst rapper out of the TDE crew could rhyme better than shyne lol. This album wasn't as hot as it was made to be but the public dumb enough to fall into the trap just like how dumb ass niggas still waitin on the detox like Dr. Dre really that good at spittin, only thing he good for is beats. Top 5 rappers 25 and younger in no particular order. K. Dot, j. cole, ab soul, joey bada$$, and that little nigga earl sweatshirt, he can seriously spit if you look past them fucked up lyrics, his style bout to change up tho

  • Malone

    They erected shrines in our honor and for that we thank them... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Shyne (aka the first black Amish) just wants somebody to respond to his foolish ass statement. This is one of the best hip hop albums of 2012... And to any clown that lstens to music becaue of what bitches like or what niddas in da street bump Kill yo Self!!! Be a leader not a follower. To many young back men follow what "hustlers" n "thugs" think is cool even if it is hella wack ...I.E Gucci Mane , Wack flocka

  • shitfunny

    I disagree with shyne opinion, but he got a right to have one like everybody. The album was a hard listen the first time i heard it, then I really sat down and listened and loved it. It aint background music, it aint for people who dont listen to lyrics like that. This is for cats who love lyrics to the point its like a science. and thats me, peace

    • Anonymous

      beats are subjective, one person might love, another might hate the same beat.. lyrics though can be objectively listened to

    • Anonymous

      ^ Exactly. There is poetry or spoken word for people who are more into lyrics. A lot of us want that perfect marriage. On the beat side, he failed. I don't get it really because he's worked wit some great producers previously.

    • wu wear

      What about those of us that like lyrics AND beats...I think they're called dope ass songs?

    • StankFoot

      Good Statement!

  • Malone

    You go on and take care of grandma now.. and watch for the watchers... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Who gives Shyne the right to even say shit?! I mean if he spent less time dissing folks and giving his 2 cents on everything and everyone, maybe all that energy could be invested in his MUSIC! HIS MUSIC is garbage! No soul and his voice is all fucked up now! I guess father time was not good to him! I like that song with Barrington Levy "whoa!" lol. That's it! But to be honest, the reason why he was so hyped up back then was because he sounded like Big! I don't have to argue or give points about Kendrick. Kendrick has already won! Fuck this bitch!

  • Malone

    Okay so my behavior on this site has gone far beyond the point of trolling. It is time for me to take a brief break from my regular troll programming to bestow some manly advice to the young males attending this site. Today's topic is old women. See most of you judge a women based on her looks and not her intellectual status. You see an 80 year old women and you say to yourself with judgmental dismay "awhhh I'm not making out with her" Well today I want to tell you that that is wrong. See because you need to make out with that 83 year old. Statistic show that 85% of males who sleep with women between the age of 80 - 87 experience: 1.Penis rejuvenation 2.Longer lasting sexual stamina 3.More full fulling orgasm 4. This is my personal favorite... the effect of looking 6 years younger. I like to believe I am like a big brother to most the people on this site and If you ask anybody on this site they'll tell you they feel the same way about me. You know I love you all and I would never lead any of you wrong. This is probably the most heart felt post I've ever posted because its from my own experience. Take action in your life today by having sex with an 83 year old. It will change your life!! Sincerely Yours -Malone



  • Anonymous

    Niggaz in the streets aint bumpin this, real talk. I'm gonna be honest, dudes in the streets are listenin to Jeezy, Gucci, Hov, Rozay, Meek, anything they can grind and hustle to , best believe it's in they deck, this is not. Dudes in the streets also wanna listen to shit that bitches likes, like pac said "niggaz want what the bitches want" you won't get any bitches or get on your grind anytime soon listen to this type of shit, real talk.

    • Shimmy

      WTF are yall talkin' about?! His shit won't pull no bitches?! Are you serious?!!! Kendrick is fly and he is talented as fuck. Why wouldn't we wanna ride that?! Shit!! Don't speak for the ladies unless you have a vagina and some titties your opinion doesn't count.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody even brought up Cassidy or Gibbs til u did. Lmao!! Lame ass Nigga u got no clue what you are talkin about and it's obvious u from the burbs and u are wack as hell so why dont u leave the real hip hop to us street dudes, it's obvious u are broke and dont got any bitches, and still livin at home , go listen to your Mac Miller and Riff Raff u bitch ass nigga.

    • LMAO

      ^^^^^^LOL This nigga prolly think Future the GOAT. How Cassidy corny? How Gangsta Gibbs corny? Nigga stfu you looked dumb as hell talkin bout some theme music to grind to like this superfly or some shit. Music is music fuckboy it don't have no effect unless you weak minded son of a bitch. Either listen or don't. Dumbass little indian boys these days lmao

    • Anonymous

      Niggaz please go listen to your lamedrek lamar bullshit, it's obvious u dont like bitches or money anyways. U kids from the burbs crack me up everytime. U got no say in what good hip hop is, this album will flop on sales (thats if aftermath don't buy 80% of the records) and it will be forgotten about by this time next year. Now go on continue with the dickridin for these corny ass rappers , u are wack az hell LMAO!!

    • LMAO

      And nigga hip hop started with spittas, Rakim,KRS-ONE, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Big L, Jay Z,BIG, Pac not no fuckin short bus shorty nursery rhymin ass niggas now hip hop got spittas like the Black Hippy Crew,Ca$$idy, Chubby Jag Freddie Gibbs, Joey Bada$$.

    • LMAO

      You can't grind to this, hustle to this LOL lame ass internet ass fag boys. Real hustlers don't need no theme music to grab hoes or get they hustle on, because they too busy gettin to the money to even give a damn. Only wannabe's need some theme music to listen to lol. And obviously you get no hoes off the music you listen to cause ross, jeezy, and jay aren't what most hoes want to hear lol. Bitches want to hear Drake and Omarion, Usher, Weeknd shit like that lol. I ain't never hear about no bitch gettin wet off of no fuckin young jeezy lmao. And another thing thats obvious is you prolly haven't heard anything of K.Dot besides this album cause he got plenty songs for the hoes, just not on this album. How the nigga don't connect to the masses? LOL he a young nigga growin up in compton, 90% of niggas can relate to that shit lmao.Not sayin this nigga the GOAT and i def think section .80 was better than this album, but nigga you sound dumb as hell for makin that post. He dont make music niggas can grind to, LMAO you definitely aint gettin to the money. You prolly spend your time chillin on yo mama couch listenin to trap music pretendin you out the hustlin, on some rick ross pretendin shit.

    • Anonymous

      @Da Watcha: Yo, it's the original poster here, my point is you can't ride to it, hustle to it, and this type of shit turns bitches off. Nobody say you need to buy someones album in order to get a bitch. Get off a niggaz nuts, my point is , nobody in the streets is bumpin this cat, cuz they arent feelin him, the crowd this type of shit connects with are the underground stans, you know the same suburban kids ridin Ems dick, Mac Millers Dick, and every other underground rapper nobody gives a fuck about. People can dickride all they want, but this album does not connect for the masses, so it cannot be even close to be compared to Illmatic like these homos are makin it out to be, this will be forgottan a year from now, this album is good, but not great, u gotta learn to understand the difference. Stans like u will never understand the true meaning of hip hop, because you are too 1 dimensional and don't see it for what it is, yet a lot of u suburban/college cats got the nerve to disrespect the rap that gets mad love in the streets, where HIP HOP started. No disrespect to kendrick he's from compton and all, but this dude will make mothafuckers fall asleep, U underground cats can dickride all u want, but the fact of the matter is, the streets ain't bumpin, it's borin as hell, and if u play this type of garbage around a bitch best believe she will be bored as hell with the type of person u are forcin her to listen to this.

    • Da Watcha

      Playboy, let me see if I can put this on a child style so u don't miss....I BUY SHIT CAUSE I WANT IT...NOT CAUSE OF WHAT I THINK BITCHES LIKE...That's whats wrong with niggas now...Bet u pay for pussy and don't even fuck it.

    • Truth

      The boy is right tho, I don't think he is implying he needs music to get bitches, but lets be honest, listenin to this garbage will bore the females to death if you ridin around this in your deck. B.I.G came out with Big Poppa you wanna know why? Cuz that's what the bitches want, like Katt williams said, niggaz don't buy hypnotiq cuz they like it, they get it cuz thats what the bitches want (bait). And as far as him sayin niggaz in the hood don't listen to this shit, i also co-sign that, because how does this contribute to your life to want to go and better yourself? This niggas tellin a story and he is versatile, but this nigga also makes me wanna fall asleep and do nothing to improve my life. Hustlaz don't listen to this, str8 up.

    • Anonymous

      bitchez wann listen to trey songz talk about how hes gon lick them up and down , niggas wanna listen to that?

    • The Rest of the World

      Maybe, but the fact is the street crowd make up a very small percentage of the listeners who BUY music and concert tickets. Kendrick is telling his story honestly, and anyone can relate to that, and they will pay money for it because they believe in it. It's hard to believe in a story that glorifies guns, money and selling drugs, because most of America (and the world) have never experienced anything like that, nor do they want to.

    • Da Watcha

      OH, so u need music to pull females? Lame ass nigga... Ignorant niggas like u need to die off . Like Malcolm X said, we gotta get rid of the sellout house niggas first before we can move and claim whats ours...U grinding? How much u make to say u take risk in the streets to make what u could have if u got a 9 to 5 LMAO !!!!. Nigga u get shot, betcha don't have insurance...Oh OHHHH their goes ur little petty reup money. Bitch Made pussy ass dumb nigga.Killa yaself and let real rap put a foot in this corny ass industry.

  • Malone

    You fuck boys below me will have to do better than that. By the way.. I love you all the way one loves a brother. We can make this world better if we try... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Malone sucks shit

    remove this clown, seriously

  • Sensaye

    I don't think Kendrick Lamar's album is trash. But what I do think is trash is the fact that motherfuckers can't express their opinion anymore without everybody gettin' their panties in a bunch. Yo, he's right. Kendrick Lamar is nice, but niggas are gassin' him and overrating him, the same way they did Drake when he came out, now all of a sudden nobody likes him. The same way they gassed Odd Future when they came out, now nobody likes 'em. Shyne can express his opinion if he wants, and can we be done with this 'you're just a hater' bullshit. That weak shit has been going on for a decade now. A nigga is allowed to speak his mind, especially a MC with credibility like Shyne, because whether or not you like his new material, Shyne is a nice MC. It's not like it's some asshole with no clue about hip-hop trying to state his opinion on a rap artist. Pardon me for saying so, but you guys are pussies. If someone doesn't like the same artists you like you get defensive like you're fuckin' them or something. And yes, Kendrick Lamar is a dope MC, and it's refreshing to hear good new rappers, but with that said, he couldn't hold Shyne's mic stand, nor is he prepared to tackle the range of topics that Shyne delves into. A verbal spar between them would result in an ugly beating, ask Bill Maher.

  • HipHopAnalyst

    Nah Shyne, Trash is that verse that you put on The Carter IV outro...real talk

  • Tyrannical T

    I can't take this seriously. He said the beats were trash. Pharrell, Sounwave, Snoop Deville, DJ Khalil, Hit-boy, T-Minus... Shyne is on some serious East Coast bias, is jealous as fuck, or is just trying to get his name out there. Punk move.

    • Anonymous

      ^ See thats the problem. You said you can't take it serious because of the names. Who cares what their names are. Most of them gave Kendrick some garbage beats. That Hit-boy track was horrible.

  • Anonymous

    Malone the spaace in ur brain is this big: u re the biggest loser on earth and mars.

  • poppa large

    But Kendrick eats marhmellows so I think that's what makes him s somewhat decent black young man.. Sincerely Yours -poppa large

  • poppa large

    Shyne is right about the Aftermath/interscope machine hypin it up. it is over-hyped and kids dont realize how brainwashed they are by big media. The album is weak. because: a) has no edge, too much singing, too laid back, feels more like some soul or r&b album half the time. dosnt feel like a hip-hop album b)the subject matter is too dumbed down and meaningless c)his voice tone has become way to high pitched and funny sounding. d)the production is talented and the album is well mixed (like the crazy snare flange effect on track 1) and sonically sounds amazing but the beats are too slow and are a pretty bland. e)more gimmicky i'm from compton- blah, blah, compton- is played out and annoying f)weak guest appearences like Drake the robot pretty boy and MC Eiht?, and Dre reciting ghost written lines by Kendrick is wack g) those long talking interludes every few songs breaks things up and is boring (i get the concept but- too much talking) h)overall this album feels waterd down and is basically empty mainstream non substance having foolishness. I)shit is over-rated and over hyped and that is annoying enough. its not wack it just aint a dope album. that new Vinnie Paz is where its at. real hip hop you suckaz!

    • Anonymous

      I mean, I completely disagree with your opinion (other than on Drake. Fuck Drake.) but I appreciate that you're willing to actually spell out why you aren't a fan of it.

  • Malone

    I don't like this one bit..... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    I can't bring myself to hate on this kid. I'm not a fan but I'm just happy to see a rapper who might actually sell a few records that isn't either a faggot or a retard. Every other rapper selling over 200K in a week nowadays is either stupid as fuck, looks and acts like a homo or is over 40 years old. Hopefully this is a sign of things changing

  • Malone

    Shyne Po you walking cum stain!! ' Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • jonjon

    shyne sucks. who the fuck is he anymore anyway? or ever was?

  • K.KanFromTurkey

    Im 31year ol Turk From London Been into Hip Hop All My Hip Hop 'Shyne' is HATER I Can Smell his stinks 10.000 MilesAway.. KENDRiCK BLESS ALL THE HARD WORK BAD MAN ALBUM We Are Da 80s Babys

  • Malone

    Looks like I'm right on time.. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • copulation

    Shyne is clearly a faggot. nothing to see here.

  • disdick

    1. Shyne approached the situation inappropriately. If he didn't like the album he could have simply said "I am not feeling the album." To blatantly call it trash is a jab a Kendrick and dismisses all the hard work that went into the tape. (Which in my opinion is excellent.) There was no constructive criticism, he just called it trash clearly he is seeking attention. 2. Why not comment on all the other "trash" albums? Is this seriously the only album that has come out that he would consider "trash?" Why not comment on Cruel Summer?? (Which I would label as whack IMO). 3. Why say anything negative at all? Esspecially on an open public space like twitter? Is that how you want people to view you Shyne? 4. The guys own music, is far from comparison to ANYTHING Kendrick has made, most level headed normal people would agree that Kendrick's discography is leagues above anything made by Shyne. And that is not to say he is whack, it is simply a fact. So how can someone with less ability comment on someone who is better than them? If it is whack show us something that is NOT whack. What are this dude taste anyway? What does he fucking listen to? Who gives a shit? 5. This is a problem with hip hop. Older heads like him downgrading the younger generation and not trying to uplift and help a brother out, if he is trash tell him what your opinion is and what he can do to fix it not just call it trash and dismiss it. He went into this expecting the response he got he wanted attention now he got it. Shyne- the new "mad rapper." This comment was brought to you by an avid hip hop fan seriously I listen and disect fucking everything if you thought that good kid mA.A.d city was trash, I seriously question your taste in music. Kendrick Lamar is one of hip hops few NICE upcoming artist and a new personal favorite of mine ever since O.verly D.edicated. This comment is also very emotionally charged, and admittedly not my best comment ever and was not reviewed I'm just telling it how I feel. Sorry it's so fucking long.

  • Anonymous

    hes just tight hes getting no buzz and some1 else is. btw i never even heard of shyne until 2 weeks ago when he said some shit about some1 else too. this dude is famous for talkin shit. i dont see nothin u produced faggot. go square dance with diddy

  • Anonymous

    i dont get why hip hop fans hate on a good album that comes out? do u want hip hop to die completely? stop hating and start appreciating what we got, this is the last of an era imma enjoy good music while its still coming out. im not listening to this rabbi looking faggot

  • Its okay..not classic..stop using that

    I still think Blu's Give Me Flowers is better....but kendrick joint is okay...not classic tho...too damn early for that.

  • SDK


  • Anonymous

    good kid, b.A.A.d album

  • Anonymous

    fuck this bitch ass nigga has 2 wack albums 2 hot songs , why would DX even comment and im 34 niggas i grew up in this fools era , hes fucking wack as fuck kendrick j.cole remind me of the golden era. shyne u a bitch

  • SATX

    HaHaHa! All the Kendrick Lamar stans getting mad because not everybody will praise that OVERHYPED gay hippie! Everybody calling GKMC a classic, are just bandwagoning! Aftermath, and interscope bought reviewers to say it is the best album out, because they knew SHEEP, would say " this person said is was classic, so must be"!!

  • Anonymous

    Yup shyne is not muslim u internet pussy hes jewish

  • Anonymous

    STFU, Shyne is Jewish and i hope someone rapes u with a chainsaw and pisses in ur empty eyesockets u inbred faggot

  • lmao

    lmfao this dude voice his opinion and u dickriders get all hurt, you guys are pathetic. This is an album for underground fans, but this is no way in hell no classic album that connects with the masses, there is no way in hell this will go down in history like illmatic, reasonable doubt , ready to die, sorry but thats the truth.

  • killah_casp

    lmfao off all the rappers out there y the hell did shyne say this fair enough he wasnt feeling the album and he might have a point im yet 2 hear kendricks latest work but really shynes career is pretty much dead and buried he got out the can a long time ago now and apart from hurling abuse at diddy hes done absolutley nothing off any relevence to hip hop hes like elevator music you hear it but it juust feels akward and you cant wait to get the fuck away from it.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares what you think Shyne. Are you the consultant for the Hip Hop game? No? Then shut the fuck up. I think you are a hater, better yet I know you are.

  • T.Clark

    Shyne is a fuckin' hater. Kendrick will take his head off in a battle. Remember Shyne, niggaz ain't stupid like you he makes songs for everybody not just the dboyz..

  • Lameo

    @Andre please proceed to GTFOH with those seafood metaphors please. You can't even afford to buy yo' woman a lobster, nigga mad because Red Lobster don't accept EBT...

  • ay

    shyne is irrelevant lmfao

  • Anonymous

    OUT OF ANYBODY IN THE HIP HOP INDUSTRY...ya'll post a Shyne response...Dear god Dx your resources are weak....lets hear what a real rapper has to say about the album.

  • Anonymous

    .......says the black guy in the yamaka.

  • BOY

    Shyne is absolutely CORRECT. KenDICK LAME-ar's "Gay Kid, Homo City" was just over-hyped trash! He is overrated AND overhyped. The same niggas ridin his dick right now are the same ones that are gona bite it off later on. Yall are jus builiding him to tear him the fuck down! FUCK YALL NIGGAS! Besides the album of the year will be I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING 2. Weezy brings that real lyrical fire to the table. He IS the KIGN of HIP HOP even KRS-One said. Fuck AFTERMATH and KenDICK LAME-ar! YMCMB!

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself, you fucking retard for that bullshit you said. GKMC is a classic and is album of the year. Wayne is trash.

  • Anonymous

    Shyne your delusional stop talking shit all you do is talk shit about other rappers u aint known for nuthin else no more

  • LoveLife&Music

    my opinion is , Its a hot album good enough for the car stereo. But, i ain't gone keep the record on repeat though it's up there with section 80 but not better quality beats verses a little lacking but they was still hot some of you niqqas might feel im wrong some might feel im not all round the album was fire when you put everything together

  • fuckitiwillspeak

    I'm curious as to what Shyne would consider a masterpiece. Because every album he named except for Illmatic (which wasnt a commercial success at its time) was hyped up by the machine he is rallying against in his rant. I respect a person who doesnt follow the grain but to say it is trash comes across as hating. Now before a nigga say, "nigga you're a Kenderick Stan" slow the fuck down and STFU. The album is nice to me, but i agree it isnt a classic. Even the nigga Lamar said the same. Then i see some niggas equating #units sold to success and classic status. Hell if thats the case Nelly can be seen as dropping classics because he out sold most niggas CDs that are universally consider "classics" combined. To me a classic is a CD that stands the test of time and gets better and better after review. To say the only people feeling Kendrick debut album is his "legion of stans" is retarded. One the nigga Lamar CD is expected to sell 200k in its first week. Not lil wayne or drake numbers but good nonetheless for a nigga who didnt have a huge list of top producers on his album. Hell even Rick Ross, who is all over the radio and staying with them hot beats moves about the same unit. So that tells you something about his potential. Niggas are just too quick to either A) praise a nigga like he is the 2nd coming or B) dismiss the nigga because he doesnt meet your one sided and limited expectations Relax and enjoy the music

    • vargas

      hitsdailydouble just confirmed it will betwenn 225-240 first week, he's already outselling rozay's first week , the cop is done lmfaooo

  • A-Game

    Shyne needs to sit down somewhere. Dude can't even make a hot song without Barrington Levy or even a hot verse. When you have a verse worse than Lil Wayne on Tha Carter IV, that speaks alot right there. He needs to focus on himself at this point and stop talking about other people. Rico Suave's opinion on Good Kid, m.A.A.d City matters more than Shyne's at this point. He's really the last person who should be talking.

  • Anonymous

    Artists such as Chino XL, Tech N9ne, Lamar, have dropped albums to critical acclaim but have lacked the it factor required to reach mainstream appeal. Its not because theyd rather be underground. Its because they cant make it out of the D-League. These artists are like basketball players who are great at shooting but cant play defense or just dont understand the notion of team play. The NBA will crush them. Similarly, these underground emcees are either one-dimensional or simply not good enough at captivating the public. That's the reason why stans are dickridin this, and a lot of people callin this trash. It is missing the "it" factor, that seperates itself from the pack, and this album altho it was good, this is no Ready to Die, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, Me Against the World, or anything of that matter as it is being put out to be by underground fans/suburb college kids.


    Everyone should read THIS article, this explains why stans get so butt hurt if you don't agree with them!! IT'S the truth, this dude Kendrick has an underground following, but this album does NOT have universal mass appeal. In order to be compared with the greats you must relate to the masses, and the streets, and the fact of the matter is the only people ridin with this album are underground stans, and suburban/college kids, to me the albums lacks good substances,good beats, good hooks, he has good versatility, but that alone to me does not EQUATE into it being ranked along with one of the GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME like people are dickriding it to be.. Go here- i co-sign this 100%

  • Real Talk

    Don't worry about it guys. For you who are upset, thats because you are real fans. Kendrick can rhyme over the sound of a can smacking against a windshield and you'll love it. BUT For people who haven't followed him until the recent albums, they are going to be conditioned to expect way better beats then what was delivered on this album. So Shyne is actually not lying. But in today's hip hop, if you go against the grain, you are hating. I know a bunch of people who are actually saying the same thing. I don't think they used the term "trash" though.

  • youngsta

    a lot of old ass niggas agreeing with old ass shyne i see. let me ask y'all a question, if shyne was calling your favorite album out right now trash, then you would be mad at the nigga too, right? but since kendrick's a young, new rapper that's getting a lot of critical acclaim, you hate like you always do. typical hhdx commentators.

  • NewNigga

    Yall niggas should listen to Shyne, because out of all things in the world he is the best at knowing what is trash since his whole career has been a testament of all things GARBAGE!

  • haha

    this dude feels like he got backers when he talked shit about Rick Ross, I think the retard doesn't know that people just straight up hate Rick Ross. He probably thinks that because of the "positive" feedback from people that he can say anything and people will agree with it. He's a dipshit, a dude that isn't going to go down in the game as anything but an old that talked mad shit, made shitty songs that nobody had any interest in, he won't be alone though Birdman's already in that category also.

  • Anonymous

    Shyne a good dude.

  • Anonymous

    this album is m.A.A.d trash yo, i want my money back.

  • Te'

    Take the best tracks from "Shyne" and "Godfather Buried Alive" and put them together on one LP and "Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City" is still better. I respect Shyne's opinion if that's what he trully believes. But if you consider yourself a professional musician or whatever, don't talk shit on twitter. Release some music that's an example of what a non-trash album should sound like. I personally think the craftsmanship and overall concept is the best part of the album. It's what keeps it from being trash. I think some of the skits made the album a bit tedious, but it's far from trash. This to Kreayshawn's album. That's an example of trash.

  • Anonymous

    this guy trippin.. why not hate on nicki minaj album or 2 chainz... not fuckin kendrick lamar the savior of hip hop

  • Anonymous

    Listen up, I think people are really makin this out more than it is. The kid shyne ain't disrespect dude, all he is sayin is his opinion on the album, it's called feedback people! Wake up not everyone gotta hop on the bandwagon and dickride! Real talk, I know a bunch of dudes upset at there purchase because they are disappointed. The fact of the matter is, it was a good album but not GREAT it doesn't have the "it" factor, that makes it stand out like other classics. It's the underground cats that claim to know "real hip hop" that piss me off the most, this is a good album for the underground, but unfortunatly if he continues to release shit like this that's all his fan base is going to consist of is "underground" listeners, it doesn't have mainstream appeal, to be considered up there with the legends, and that's what you need!! U gotta relate to the masses if u want universal acclaim and this doesn't do that. The people dickridin this are the underground cats like i said, those are the worst stans in the world, bc they get upset at people opinions if they don't agree with them!! Underground stans consist of college/suburb kids that think they know it all, the fact of the matter is, if that was the truth, people in the urban community would be bumpin this shit, and nobody is! Like I said, kendrick can spit versatile, but there is more to spitting versatile that makes u great artist, u gotta have the total package, and having just one slice out of the pie doesn't cut it for me, It's a 6/10 album IMO!!!

  • BKallDay

    Ayo listen up b, this nigga shyne is entitled to his opinion and I feel him too. Y'all get so butthurt over dude expressin his opinion!! Some of the biggest dickriders on this shit I put it.. I bet if it was a good opinion nobody would sayin anything, u gotta take the good with the bad, the fact of the matter is, it's been over hyped way too much, I'm gonna discredit dude completely, but the fact of the matter is, it's just ANOTHER album, that will be forgottan about a year from now, that's the truth. U can't compare this to Ready to Die , Me Against the World, Doggystyle, Get Rich or Die Tryin. There are a ton of other great albums that came out this year that were just as good if not better and don't even get half the love this is gettin, all because this is aftermath/interscope is the biggest reason this is gettin over magnified truth be told.

  • jay

    Dear Shyne, please give me some of that crack you are smoking. thank you.

  • w h o k n o w s

    I definitely enjoyed Section 80 more but to call this album trash is crazy.. I was a lil underwhelmed but it may take some time to grow on me.. being a Shyne fan as well I gotta say this nigga hasn't released ANY quality music in 8 years so who is he to judge ANYBODY at this point in his "career"

  • Yessir

    Dude has a point, people are makin this shit out to be like the next Bob Dylan and shit, like it's one of the great musical masterpieces of all time. LMFAO!! Album is good, but it's not great, and he is right the beat are trash, an album without good beats is cannot be great IMO. Subject matter and hooks was decent. Look I agree he is a versatile cat, but that alone shouldn't be what people use to determine if they have a great album.

  • Andre

    Wow, a bunch of Kendrick Lamar Groupies... These niggas got anal beads in they ass, because they think everyone on this planet should agree with them that GKMC is equivalent to Illmatic... Lmao these niggas must be fatherless if they think it can even compare to illmatic... Shyne Po is right on some things... the only thing is he shouldn't have called Kendrick Lamars album trash, thats what got these groupies all butt hurt. Everything else was on point, the beats was trash the entire album as a whole was GOOD, but since yall niggas over hyped this shit, it didnt live up to expectations so you got niggas out here calling it TRASH, because we expected an illmatic when it sounded more or less like Stillmatic. Im sorry if you dont agreee, incase you dont please proceed to go fuck yourself.... the only thing from the West Coast in the past couple years that came close to illmatic was Blu's "Below The Heavens" album this GKMC is over hyped like a motherfucka... See this is like me going out and w/ my girl and I was like Imma get you a Lobster... but we get their and aint no Lobster.. so I buy her some shrimp... See Shrimp is good, but since she had thought she was going to get some Amazing Lobster she thinks the shrimps is fucking TRASH!!! because she had mentally prepared herself for lobster... Moral of the story is dont promise something you know you cant deliver or guarantee, dont hype an album up and release it half ass done... with already 3 pre-released songs and 2 Singles we havent heard, and the rest filled with filler tracks. then go and tell us its the Greatest album this century... then maybe niggas would say its GOOD and not Trash.

  • SuperFireNova

    Damn bro!! Why is this dude's opinion even relevant. HipHopDX can't find an opinion with more validity? The term "washed up" is appropriate in this case. Fuggin clown!!

  • RoyaleXXI

    Shyne is a hater to the 100th power! I understand that this is his opion and he is entitled to it. But as a rapper and so-called lyricist himself, his opinion of this wonderful album has to be driven by his bitterness of his own career and where he is in life. "good Kid..." is a masterpiece! The fact that Kendrick calls it a short film is so accurate. His storytelling and passion for each subject truly gives you the feeling that you are watching a screenplay that has been painstakingly critqued by the author to ensure that the message is pereived just as it was intended for those who care to "really listen". Shyne says the beats are trash! The production plays second fiddle to the content of the songs which is very rare in today's hip-hop. Shyne! Step your wordplay up and stop hating on one of the very few young rappers that is serving up real BRAIN FOOD that the youth so desperately need to hear with all this real trash rap that is clogging up the airwaves and URL's.

  • No Hate Here!

    I like Shyne and I love his content. However, To say its Trash is some real hater / attention seeking type words. Im from the West Coast so Ima be honest. I dont love the album but Im proud the brotha feels good about the project, and can live out his dreams. As far as ME, I didnt even keep the album as a free download. Not Me... but if others like it, cool. Maybe Shyne shoulda chose better words to describe a youngin, on the day of his debut album._________________"Shyne Is A Beast, But his Voice Is Trash" or should I say "Shyne Is A Beast, and His Voice Is Improving". Shyne shoulda chose A better choice of words PERIOD! Hell I downloaded and erased every single song after they played, 1 by 1. Good Luck Kendrick L. No Hate Here!

  • commonsense

    man, aint nobody hatin! he gave an honest opinion. ask anybody else and they would give u their opinion. Shyne has a point. While folks hailing this as the next Illmatic people need to slow they roll. Its not THAT hot. Its a great album, but Classic? NO. If anything GKMC sounds like a sophomore release instead of a banging debut. Just cuz somebody got a different opinion than u dont mean they hatin. "If I dont like it, I dont like it, that dont mean that im hatin" - Common, 1999

  • tiego

    another case of old niggaz hatin on young niggaz was crazy is old niggaz used to hate on yall shit and now yall doin the same shit to us smh this shit gone be labeled a classic for young niggaz soon as old niggaz retire from blogs and mags and younger niggaz move up and re rate all that shit yall hated on jus like yall did for nas and jay z its just ashame this shit only happens with rap music

  • Anonymous

    Consider the source. Shyne is the authority when it comes to things that suck, he aint spit a listenable verse since 01 and even then he wasn't that great. His whole career is defined by one song that only became a hit because Barrington Levy spit a unique chorus on it. After that, he shot up a nightclub. Kendrick has already achieved more then this fuckin idiot ever did. Just go play with your dradel goofball, nobody takes you serious

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    regardless of what he says. Its a dope album and I support it.

  • TPR

    He said he wasn't trying to be disrespectful, but if that was the case, he wouldn't have commented on it at all unless he had something positive to say. And yes, he most definitely was trying to "start trouble"; when you go and diss someone's record, without being provoked, I'd say that would qualify as trying to start shit. He just comes off sounding like a bitter has-been. And I'm not some Kendrick Stan or saying that everyone should love his album, I just get sick from all the bullshit hating. Anyways, when the hell is Shyne's album dropping? From the two songs/verses I heard by him (that GODAWFUL verse on Weezy's album and the even worse DJ Khaled track that first "showcased" his new voice), dude better have switched his voice/delivery/lyrics/EVERYTHING up, or he will be getting reviews far worse than the one he gave Kendrick (whose album, by the way, was CRACK. Top 3 Illest Album of 2012, easily...).

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the street, was the streets there when this kid was coming up since YHNC days? I like the fact that Kendrick did not bulge for no one. I am sure he did have all the top beats if he wanted it, but he choose his own lane and his own story and is proud of his product. GKMC might not be a classic but it is a damn good album. You dont like it, go listen to keef chief, hood nigga.

  • LL

    LOL new all the kendrick stans would spam this trying to force their opinion on everyone... THANK YOU SHYNE this guy is completely right.. well the album isn't trash but its nowhere near as good as the other aftermath debuts its not even album of the year...unfortunately if you don't bow down the their kendrick god his fans want you dead like you just killed their momma or something ahhaha

  • Anonymous

    "dude is entitled to his opinion" And we're entitled to wonder why anyone would give a shit about his opinion...

  • derion

    great job on the album i really felt like i was listening to his life and if this is just the beginning of his career i would love to see him continue to get a feel for his hip hop game. one of the best lyricist out (which is why he is being compared to nas)and for shyne to give tough love he has to be someone worth listening to and im afraid that he is far from that. LET THESE HATERS give you the motivation you need to continue a successful career!

  • MrMojoRisin

    nah, yall are just riding the hype of the day, shyne po is right, beats r trash, they get too complicated and weird and take away from the lyrics, every great rapper knows they beats need to be good, but they cant overshadow your lyrics and become just too much. also, the whole album is trash, each song he tries to get all artistic which is good, if you know how to handle it in hip hop, all he talks about is being from compton maad city blah blah, nothing else, its all about him, huge ego and it shows, hes got talent, but he screwed up and tried to deliver a revolutionary album, cant do that for your first no matter how much hype or respect, the first album gotta earn your stripes, minxtapes dont mean sh!t

  • SirnonsenseGAk

    lol. he said he had all this hype from the Interscope machine? That Has only been more recently. Niggas BEEn feelin him n cali since wayy back in 09 and im not even from LA. HE worked for that and for you to say wack? cmon Cali Baby @SirNonsenseYo

  • KingJames15

    fuck a beat,listen to the words on the damn song! Whatever happened to that concept, this nigga is hating when his shit is bonafide garbage. That's why there's no progress in hip hop people can't even admire well-written music anymore.

  • asher1985

    a breath of fresh air, finally someone is honest around here! thank you shyne! not only does someone agree with me, but also in 2012 someone isn't afraid to give their OPINION, super refreshing

  • Anonymous

    lol just one week ago yall were on his dick when he was dissing ross. now its "no one even likes this nigga". smh dude is entitled to his opinion as mucha as yall are entitled to call 2pac and kanye fags for wearing leather.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck that stupid shit about "people in the streets" not feeling this album. People in the streets are listening to Chief Keef and poisoning their own community with drugs and violence; fuck their opinions on music.

  • Will

    Ya section 80 was better and this is no blueprint 2. I dont understand the hate though he said himself,THIS IS NOT A CLASSIC!For all you people saying only them suburban boys r jamming this,I live in Houston and this is no suburb, you can hear down the street people are jamming this album heavy, its no blueprint 2,but the albums legit.

  • Anonymous

    Internet hipsters hyping this up tryin to make themselves look cool and like they know what they are talking about. SMH

  • Yessir

    Nas life is good >>>>> this garbage Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor 2 >>>>> this garbage Big K.R.I.T Live from the Underground >>>>> this garbage Young Jeezy Thug Motivation 103 >>>>> this garbage Rick Ross God Forgives I Don't >>>>> this garbage Xzibit Napalm >>>>> this garbage Freddie Gibbs Baby Face Killa Mixtape >>>>> this garbage Meek Mills album is gonna be >> this garbage Good Kid m.A.A.d City album of the year FUCK NO!!!!

  • tom

    The nigga Shyne will say anything for attention these days LOL

  • Anonymous

    I agree that this album may have been hyped up a little to much but to call it trash is idiotic. Ever since Shyne got out of jail his records have been TRASH! LOL Shyne has some nerve to criticize Kendrick's project but his new shit can't fuck with Good Kid, M.a.a.d. city. SMH So what does that say about Shyne? Shyne's first album was pretty solid and I would like to see him go back to that immediately. Also MOST of the beats on Godfather Buried Alive were garbage except for like 4 joints

  • Anonymous

    i also think the beats are trash...the lyrics may be dope but im not gonna listen to it if the beats are annoying...Dre should've had some bangin WC sound in there..."Still Dre,Doctors Advocate,In da Club etc"those kind of beats...thats what we all waiting for...i am gonna purchase the album just bcuz the kid has talent and i support him but that doesnt make it a good album...thats just how i feel about...if u dont like what im saying sue me its just my opinion

  • Statement

    good kid, b.A.A.d album

  • AntMan

    i gotta admit tho...the beats are not the highlight of Kendrick's album, i just feel that shyne has no room to talk

  • AntMan

    coming from the dude that put gangland out....that shit was TRASH

  • Annoymous

    I too believed the album was overrated, I listened to it because of all the hype on the internet. And I was not impressed. A lot of suburban kids are band wagon it tho. Not sayin Kendrick gets no love in the streets but the reality is nobody in the streets is bumpin this cat, and in MY opinion in order to get TRUE respect in HIP HOP you gotta have love in the streets, kendrick nobody is feelin. Mostly everyone gassin up this guy are the kids from the burbs, which in MY opinion have the least amount of say of what is considered a "classic" hip hop album.

  • Annoymous

    LISTEN UP, this album is INCREDIBLY HYPED UP!!! Seriously look at all the reviews labeling this shit a CLASSIC. See that's the issue here, this shit is so hyped up it's ridiculous!! I'm no hater I'm a hip hop listener to the death, and I gotta agree with Shyne this nigga got hyped up way too much, gettin compared to illmatic and shit? GTFO with that bullshit. This shit was average at best!!! But yet all these morons on the internet ridin his dick, fuck outta here. This ain't no Ready to Die, this ain't no Me Against the World, Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, NON of that, this debut album was average at best. This will be forgotten about by next year trust me. This album won't stand the test of time , kids you need to go back to school and learn hip hop classics if u are labeling this up there with the greats, go to his wikipedia album page, 5 star reviews, fuck outta here, corny beats, corny subject matter, corner hooks. There is more to being a great artist than just spittin complex, This album doesn't doin it for me, and shyne aint afraid to speak the truth, say what u want but this nigga has been in the game for a minute, niggaz need to stop hoppin on the bandwagon and get real with this shit, nobody wanna hear it I ain't no hater, but this album is mediocre at best!!

  • Anonymous

    I think shyne has a point there, but for all the wrong reasons. Sonic quality is of course important for any album and GKMC did not deliver in that aspect, But calling it a trash album is way way out of line. That kid put his heart and soul into his lyrical content and no one can deny his top notch writing skills. Maybe shyne could have consider the otherside of his claim, if he is looking for beats over content then he might as well go find instrumentals. This album is a concept album, you have to listen to it in its entirety to appreciate its overall feel. I completely understand Shyne's point of view, for a rapper that cannot deliver a single dope bar if his life depended on it, the album is far to advanced for his feeble mind.

    • Anonymous

      what is better, kendricks trash or the TOXIC WASTE shyne has been putting out.

    • ?

      But l still don't get what he is against,the beats? the rhymes? I mke ean you can have wack beats, but the flow can make it a good album. I think he should have said it's alright than call it trash. The is more trash out of other rappers, but l don't think kendrick is one. Maybe sometimes he sounds like he's just talking when he rhymes, but it's something different. Shyne didn't have substance in why he didn't like it.

  • TheTruth

    This nigga shyne say what you want about him, but dude speakin the truth. This whole kendrick lamar shit is just hyped up through aftermath, through dr.dre, the album just don't live up to the hype! the only people ridin this dude kendricks dick are the kids from the burbs. Kendrick ayo listen i know you are versatile on the mic b, but there is more delivering a "classic" album than just being versatile, shyne was right beats is trash, and you're better off listenin to a cornell west album if that's the case. hooks weren't all that great , subject matter either, overall no disrespect but this album was MEDIOCRE at best, this nigga got hyped up by all these kids from the burbs that don't know real hip hop, the fact of the matter is nobody in the streets wanna hear it. Dont get your panties in abunch either. Kendrick if you are gonna keep droppin shit like this ur fan base will consist of only wiggers and nerds from the burbs and ull forever be a underground MC, just real talk b.

  • Steve

    I think its funny how some of you put stock in a guy who sold albums because he sounded like someone else. The black jew. enough said right there how can you take this dude seriously? Kendrick selling and this dude isn't. He doesnt even have credibility as a rapper. DX stop posting shit with Shyne! This guy is faker than rick ross

    • Anonymous



    lol just one week ago yall were on his dick when he was dissing ross. now its "no one even likes this nigga". smh +++++++++++++++ THIS THIS THIS THIS

  • Anonymous

    Yah the beats are trash!

  • Anonymous

    The legends that I respect like the album ... and Shyne aint one of those legends.

  • Ja Rule

    Section 80 is better - Ja

  • Anonymous

    and i thought i was the only one that didnt like the album

  • dirtdawg

    Is this Shyne citing the Mad Rapper of the "Kick in the door" Intro!?!

  • Anonymous

    "Your comment is off by a long shot. Mega hits? Is that your litmus test for a good album? And maybe you lost touch of the nature of the industry today but 200k first week is a sales landmark these days." _____________________________________________________________ Forget sales, his debut is still pretty dull compared to Snoop, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Game.

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    The album is experimental, K.Dot also said his album wasn't a classic so at least he's not holding himself to that standard, however for Shyne to call someone's craft trash was a bit much.

  • Anonymous

    lol just one week ago yall were on his dick when he was dissing ross. now its "no one even likes this nigga". smh dude is entitled to his opinion as mucha as yall are entitled to call 2pac and kanye fags for wearing leather.

  • Anonymous

    lol no one even likes this nigga

  • D3moni0

    This Irrelevant Ass Nigga Is Entitled To His Opinion But To Call GKMC Trash? FOH Everything This Nigga Drops Now Is Trash Evaluate Yourself Shyne


    atleast dmx had hits..shyne is irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    "If he would've said the album was tight, would y'all still slam him and say his not qualified to speak his mind? But anyway, this did make me think of other albums by rappers Dre signed, and this one is one of the dullest out of them. Think about it, most of the other artists Dre signed debut albums were multiplatinum mega hits! Snoop, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game..." ______________________________________________________________ Couldn't agree more. Case Closed

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is off by a long shot. Mega hits? Is that your litmus test for a good album? And maybe you lost touch of the nature of the industry today but 200k first week is a sales landmark these days.

  • kingheron

    Shyne 1st album is a classic hands down. i agree with him on this k.lamar album. no doubt young boy got talent with the lyrics,but this good city bad kid aint all dat. He dont even have any Dr.Dre beats, wtf is up with that? Niggas always hyping shit up comparing this to Illmatic, yah right.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is like DMX, the only way he can get popularity and hype back is by shitting on all the young cats in the game. I don't understand this at all. Your opinion is one thing, but it just seems like he's got some deep seated resentment in his heart for Kendrick when he brings up aftermath and the hype train and all that. Guess what? Kendricks buzz doesnt come from a label signing, it definitely helped but he created his own buzz by consistently putting out solid projects independently. THATS where his buzz comes from, talent and hard work, the label signing was the payoff. These older cats cant understand this cause label signings basically created their buzz, not putting out albums on an independent level. There's no reason to be that in your face about something like this unless it really gets under his skin. Maybe it's cause of his current situation but his comments just reek of jealousy and envy. THIS is a religious man??

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      You're all over the place, stop speaking in Romney.

  • Fuck Internet

    whoa the interscope machine is again dropping 100.000 comments on this site.

  • dog44

    Shyne is right. Although the album aint trash. I think its good but not a classic. Fuck all the people who cant take critisizm

  • shalom

    i can't figure out whose family member is this fucking talentless idiot at dx. they keep posting shit about this fag. i wanna circumcise this fake-jew on his neck. shalom!

  • Sinista

    I kind of understand some of the points Shyne is making because I been feeling the same way about the album too. The production on here is not total trash but it is sub par and mediocre. I dont think it meshes well with his particular flow. Backseat freestyle is one of the only standouts beat wise. And the song with Drake is radio friendly as far as production goes. Now as for his subject matter, this is top notch Kendrick! I have no complaints in this department. I cant really understand why people are so mad at Shyne for giving his honest opinion. If he would've said the album was tight, would y'all still slam him and say his not qualified to speak his mind? But anyway, this did make me think of other albums by rappers Dre signed, and this one is one of the dullest out of them. Think about it, most of the other artists Dre signed debut albums were multiplatinum mega hits! Snoop, Eminem, 50 Cent, Game...Now please dont call me a hater or that I just dont know who kendrick is bcuz ive been listening to him since overly dedicated. But do you honestly think this album is going multiplatinum anytime soon? It just doesnt have that BANG or SPARK it should as an Aftermath debut would have. I heard that Kendrick didn't want Dre on the production, but I believe it would've helped tremendously! P.S. Im not tryin to troll or play devil's advocate

  • David

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  • Anonymous

    "Shyne is now officially made himself irrelevant by picking the one album to NOT shit on" ^ so he's irrelevant now because he dislikes an album that you like. Wow. smh

  • Anonymous

    He has a point about the hype thing but the beats thing is all opinion so this really dont mean shit. People are only hyping it as a form of promotion that the labels fail to deliver to mcs in todays market.

  • Right

    It's nice to see this lame thinks an album is crap because: "beats is trash" LOL. When was the last time he released an album that was even considered a success? Oh that's platinum album but look at the mediocre reviews on that..this guy is an absolute idiot who has nothing good to say and no current music worth listening to, just another one pretty much promoting Kendrick at the moment, good job "Shyne"

  • Anonymous

    Coming from someone that creates "Trash" on the daily.

  • Phil A

    I'd like to see Shyne create a masterpiece like Kendrick Lamar's latest album. Unfortunately, he CAN'T.

  • Anonymous

    lol this dude is looking for some more youtube views

  • Anonymous

    the "hypewagon" is the folks calling it a Classic the next day after it came out. The same people giving it props JUST because everyone else is even if they not really feeling it. Those same people are the ones who couldnt even tell you what each song is about or recite a quotable from it except "Ya Bish" Shyne said it was "trash" cuz HE didnt like the beats or content. HE said it was a classic debut like the Documentary or Doggystle. I dont think the album is trash, but I agree that it not in the same category as the documentary or doggystyle. Get over it. People have different opinions than you.

  • Shuttaman

    This fuck nigga bitter cuz he can't enter the us. He mad that Diddy left him hanging. But why he not mad at them niggaz that deep throated his throat with their dicks by force in jail which rendered his voice all fucked up? Cuz he's a bitch, fuck dat nigga. Like pac said, All you old ass rappers trying to advance ITS ALL OVER NOW SHYNE TAKE IT LIKE A MAN BITCH(i mean he already took it so he shouldn't have no problem shutting the fuck up!) This fuck nigga bitter cuz he can't enter the us. He mad that Diddy left him hanging. But why he not mad at them niggaz that deep throated his throat with their dicks by force in jail which rendered his voice all fucked up? Cuz he's a bitch, fuck dat nigga. Like pac said, All you old ass rappers trying to advance ITS ALL OVER NOW SHYNE TAKE IT LIKE A MAN BITCH(i mean he already took it so he shouldn't have no problem shutting the fuck up!) This fuck nigga bitter cuz he can't enter the us. He mad that Diddy left him hanging. But why he not mad at them niggaz that deep throated his throat with their dicks by force in jail which rendered his voice all fucked up? Cuz he's a bitch, fuck dat nigga. Like pac said, All you old ass rappers trying to advance ITS ALL OVER NOW SHYNE TAKE IT LIKE A MAN BITCH(i mean he already took it so he shouldn't have no problem shutting the fuck up!) This fuck nigga bitter cuz he can't enter the us. He mad that Diddy left him hanging. But why he not mad at them niggaz that deep throated his throat with their dicks by force in jail which rendered his voice all fucked up? Cuz he's a bitch, fuck dat nigga. Like pac said, All you old ass rappers trying to advance ITS ALL OVER NOW SHYNE TAKE IT LIKE A MAN BITCH(i mean he already took it so he shouldn't have no problem shutting the fuck up!) This fuck nigga bitter cuz he can't enter the us. He mad that Diddy left him hanging. But why he not mad at them niggaz that deep throated his throat with their dicks by force in jail which rendered his voice all fucked up? Cuz he's a bitch, fuck dat nigga. Like pac said, All you old ass rappers trying to advance ITS ALL OVER NOW SHYNE TAKE IT LIKE A MAN BITCH(i mean he already took it so he shouldn't have no problem shutting the fuck up!)

    • Anonymous

      You never answered the question little boy, why are YOU so upset? Shyne didn't say "Stutter's album is trash". Is that you Kendrick? Do you know Kendrick personally? And why are you so upset about old people? Are you on punishment? Your parents aren't giving you what you want?

    • Anonymous

      Stutta, you just confirmed your ignorance. Ole Deep south azz dummy.

    • shuttaman

      Shut the fuck up both of yall before i take a shit in yo tapioca puddings and take yall canes away from yall and break em in two. old ass niggas!

    • Anonymous

      You sound like you're from the deep south Stutter...

    • Anonymous

      why are YOU so upset? go finish your schoolwork boy

  • Anonymous

    Remember when shyne put out an album that sent the entire industry into shock because of his unique skill and perspective?? Or that time he was on the relevant side of hiphop conversation??!? ......Ill wait

  • DrDreBeats

    Just cuz he didnt jump on the Kendrick Hypewagon he cant give an honest opinion? ------------------------------------------------- Just a typical response from a faggot. So people who like his music are just jumping on the "hypewagon" and dont even care about the music? People who write dumb shit like that are usually the ones who just find any reason not to like an artist just because hes blown up over the last few month. Shyne opinion doesnt mean shit when he has been releasing the worst music I have ever heard since he got out of jail. He hasnt even said why the album is trash hes just looking for radio stations to call him and ask for interviews.

  • Anonymous

    funny thing he has the nerve to talk bout someone's album when he aint released one since almost ten fuckin years and i aint even talk bout the few shitty tracks he did the past few months

  • Anonymous

    LMAO nigga kissing the devil's ass and shit now that's a geniune 85er

  • Riley Freeman

    You just mad cuz yo ass is old

  • ETK

    Jews are the same people who kept you from owning houses and business. Yet you still wanna be a Jew??? OK.

    • Decatur Atl Boi

      Actually, we kept ourselves from owning house and businesses. We're still doing it today, the"man" is not stopping the show, we are. We have historically the worst credit rating among Americans yet we buy the most worthless crap. We spend more on cars,rims,the club,designer cloths and shoes than we do on college education and homes combined. So to state that Jews have impeded our progress is a cop out, truly successful people are successful in-spite of. Just saying. Lets move forward and create a positive legacy and stop leaning on a crutch.

  • Anonymous

    insanemacbeth: "oh shut the f**k up you smelly muslim freak.... go blow yourself up in the name of bullsh*t ALAH": errrrrrrrrrr, SHYNE's jewish, actually! ALL THE SAME TO ME bitch

  • Case Closed

    He is bitter plain and simple to say his record is trash is stupid. Thats just hating point blank period. Call that swag rap and trap rap trash. Smh You dont have to like but to say trash lol. Whats trash is the shit you've been dropping lately. Case Closed something you know about ver well lmao.

  • Rashid Muhammad

    One thing I hate more than a scared of revolution ass negro is a JEWISH negro.



  • yeahright

    So just because Shyne said it was trash his opinion isnt valid? Does it matter that he raps/used to rap? He's a fan just like the rest of us and has a right to his opinion. Just cuz he didnt jump on the Kendrick Hypewagon he cant give an honest opinion? I think callin it trash was wrong but u cant be mad that he didnt like it. I dont think GKMC is a classic debut either. Its good but definitely hyped x10...just as Sideline Story was...remember that one? Live from the Underground?

  • Anonymous

    I can understand where his coming from because i don't like the album either but i wouldn't call it trash Everyone has a different opinion

  • insanemacbeth

    .....and i agree with most of the posts, here. why did SHYNE have to single out KENDIRCK's album?

  • LOL

    ahahahahaah Shyne a couple weeks back was talking reckless about Rozay and it was "Go Shyne" now the nicca clowning on your new fav rapper and it's "Fuc shyne" ahahahahaha

  • insanemacbeth

    "oh shut the f**k up you smelly muslim freak.... go blow yourself up in the name of bullsh*t ALAH": errrrrrrrrrr, SHYNE's jewish, actually!

  • Neon Voyce

    I understand how Shyne means what he said. I'm not saying the album's trash. It's actually a good album if not better. But for those of us who grew up with gangsta rap and hard beats it ain't something for us. Kendricks beats are alternative and experimental..Good for new listerners of Hip Hop and the new wave but for those like me who stay a lil bit old fashioned it's nothing special...

  • Anonymous

    shyne is one jealous mother f***er

  • Trent

    Like Benzino saying "I wanna meet Em and apologize in person.. I'd be willing to work with him".. you old dirty bastards just trying to force your hate and washed up asses on the dope artists.. Hatin' at it's finest right here

  • thewatcher

    the beats couldve been better indeed, i dont think the album is just total trash, --- "once your beats are trash, you're finished because you can't handle a good flow. I don't really want to hear what you gotta say. I'll go buy Dr. Cornel West's album if I want to hear someone talk."

  • Ellipsis

    Dear Shyne, Please listen to "Black Boy Fly". Might be a more constructive way to deal with your hate. Sincerely, Black Boy Flying

  • Anonymous

    get off his ball sack

  • JETLIFE116

    You don't have adore the shit because everyone else does but this nigguh is bitter as fuck lmfao, he know that shit is right & it made him feel nervous because he think he's on some enlighten shit

  • Anonymous

    oh shut the f**k up you smelly muslim freak.... go blow yourself up in the name of bullsh*t ALAH No body cares what u think... You wudnt lace Kendricks boots

  • Dashing

    Shyne is now officially made himself irrelevant by picking the one album to NOT shit on. I don't know if you were trying to keep yourself relevant or not, but if you think that album was trash then obviously you don't know good hip hop. And if you don't know good hip hop I won't be buying your music.

  • Anonymous

    u looking like an easy come up ya bish

  • john


  • Jim Chory

    The beats aren't good? Lol, nice try

  • djCharliehood

    Shyne... you old af. Bitter. N out of touch bro. Kendrick was hot before intersope. That's why your opinion is dumb. Section 80 and Overly Dedicated mixtapes are also classics. Didn't you just go in on others rappers for not having good lyrics. Oh that doesn't apply here?

  • corey

    I like Shyne, but he's waaay off base here.. K.Dot did his thang on his album...Shyne please dont make a fool of yourself...

  • I wasn't gonna say anything...But FUCK IT

    Let's suppose, for argument's sake, that nobody knew who Shyne was, and how many L's this dude has taken in his career. Who would take a man serious who shaves the top of his head and leaves only the hair on his sides? Dude still gettin scalp therapy to remove the supler glue off his head from which his yamaka needed to be replaced. Tell me why son's voice manifested into a noise that only Rick Ross and Lloyd Bank's son could possess. Only thing relevant with this dude is the "Po" in his name, cuz duke is obviously doing ANYTHING to keep his name alive so he can still take care of his low-key transexual significant other back in Beliz. Son is broke, bankrupt, bitter, depressed, angry, and holds a false sense of entitlement. Nobody checkin for this fuck boy, we was all actually hoping they would deport this fool for good. Fuck a Moses Levi, and fuck his opinion.

  • ...

    What the fuck would he know about what a dope album sounds like!? All I hear here is bitterness.

  • Anonymous

    shut fuck up dirty jew

  • Whos dis ninja

    I find it kinda funny this ninja calling Kendrick debut "trash"! Thats like Lil Flip saying TI career fell off hard.

  • joja

    Haha, mad funny guy!!!

  • Anonymous

    Once again, this is Shyne saying whatever it takes for publicity. And once again, this is HipHopDX feeding the troll to get their own publicity.

  • Ye

    i agree with him, GKMC has NOTHING on the other aftermath debuts or the other debuts from the west its THE TRUTH.

  • jayvon32

    Every one is entitled to their opinion, but his reasoning behind the statement is suspect. Find it kinda ironic for a nigga who never lived up to his hype or dropped a classic or even decent album to say another man didn't live up to his hype. Nigga wasn't you signed to Bad Boy Records. The most commercial pop record company @ the time you was "so-called" hot.

  • Case Closed

    fuccin hater. Bitter as fucc! Soulja boy is trash Waka is trash but to say that is wack. Kendrick album is better than anything Shyne brought out real talk. Case Closed

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