Meek Mill Explains Concept Behind "In God We Trust"

Meek Mill provides some insight into a track off his upcoming album "Dreams and Nightmares."

Meek Mill is currently prepping the release of his debut album Dreams and Nightmares, releasing on October 30th. In anticipation of the LP's release, the Maybach Music group rapper is dropping a series of videos explaining each track from the project. Following yesterday's clip about the intro, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native speaks on the second song "In God We Trust," stating that it's about the troubles that one faces in the streets.

"It's just about surviving in the streets, in God we trust, for the love of the money. I seen a lot of young guys go to war. There was even times where we were in positions where it was at war with guys because they wanted to do something to us, and every time they wanted to do something with us, we wanted to do something to them. It might have been over the smallest money transaction that probably had nothing to do with me. Probably one of my friends. You gotta survive and participate. I just wanted to give them that one street joint that nobody giving out no more."

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  • Anonymous

    is there any rapper/ hip hop artist today who people don't hate on???? smh if the same rappers stopped u bitches wud be bored silly SO SHUT THE F**K UP

  • Anonymous

    my god black people are so jealous of other black people who make sumthin of themselves... WHY??????? Looking forward to the album, I dont give a f**k about who the best group is mmg, good music etc I like all types of hip hop Its just music at the end of the day

  • Anonymous

    good luck meek.... from an adult over the age of 26 not a little kid

  • MMG!

    DUDE Meek is going to sell 800k first week easy!!!! MMG IS ON TOP OF THE GAME!! MEEK IS THE NEXT EMENUM OR JAY!! Dreams and Nightmares baby!!!!! Meeks lyrics are untouchble!!!!

  • oasis

    I respect em as a real dude. His music speaks for itself. He has experience in the streets. He did the crime and did the time. On top of that, he's not proud of it. Real recognize real.

  • Fish

    Seriously lookin forward to the album. The guy below me is a cock smoker for thinkin otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Meek Mill is such a cliche. Trying to make people believe he's some thug bad ass. At one point, I thought this album might sell pretty good, but I think Ross is going to be surprised when this underperforms.

    • MMG!

      I grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood Meek did. Hes such a nice dude, always says what up to me when i see him at the pizza shop. ANyways, MEEK GOING PLATINUM in 2 WEEKS FLAT!!!! MMG is AEWSOME

    • meek friend

      Meek from da streetz, we grew up in the same hood since we waz younginz on da block, he aint tryina ac like he a thug n tough or nuffin da streets build u a certain way, fuk u kno bout bestfriends snitching, pops getting killed infronta u, shit like that is real to us nigga. n his album aint gon flop cause the streets need this, its more then just tracks, this is OUR story we just glad one of us made it n we all hope to do da same- lil bitch

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