Lil Wayne Says Kanye West Has A "Big Hand" In "I Am Not A Human Being II"

Lil Wayne also confirms production from Juicy J, David Banner, Cool & Dre and Streetrunner.

Lil Wayne and Kanye West are back to making music together. During an interview with MTV News, Weezy revealed that in addition to production from Juicy J, David Banner and Cool & Dre, 'Ye will have a "big hand" in his upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II, dropping in December.

"Production on the album, I got people like Juicy J, Cool & Dre, David Banner on down to uh — I mean it's so many, shoot. Streetrunner, 'Ye," said Weezy. "Yeah he got some music on there. It's crazy, actually I don't want to give too much up but he's got a big hand in the album, you'll see."

West previously helmed "Comfortable" and "Let the Beat Build" for the Young Money honcho's Tha Carter III.

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  • Microsoft Soft

    Who gives a flying fuck about either of these sell outs?

  • A1 Perico

    Ye' has a big hand? You mean he's jerking you off? Is Birdman cool with that? Fag caught kissing niggas on stage now, bet your close to coming out now.

  • blkviper

    Goes to show you that inspite of all the song battles, Wayne still about business, even pulling in Kanye to do work, not a big Wayne fan but I respect his approach.

  • Malone

    I'm really baffled over some of the things being said about me here. A lot of you are becoming butt hurt and the tip isn't even in. Open your hearts and minds to all the love I have to offer. Malone would give his last dime to save you all if he could. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Damn lil Wayne look like an ancient Aztec that turned into a zombie. I thought I saw this fool on Apocalypto running from poisonous frogs.


    I don't blame Malone. DX doesn't invest into its site. Get a good comment registration system. Do IP blocking so he can't post. DX needs to step its game up instead of putting up articles with typos out the ass and ads that take over the page. DX fucking sucks.

    • Malone

      You know what else is messed about this site. A normal person like yourself would come to this site and submit an unoffensive and unbiased comment towards what ever article they are presenting and your comment would be the comment that gets blocked instead of mine. I 100% cosign your comment. HHDX needs to set up a proper IP registration system and even remove typos that have become very noticeable in some of the articles they put up. Your comment is the gospel truth.. Say.. do you like cashews? Me and my friend were arguing over which nuts are better cashew or peanuts. He swears peanuts are better than cashews but as a child I have often found peanuts to be more disgusting (And I'm not just saying that because I'm allergic to them. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous


  • Malone

    It gets better eventually...... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    2 whack ass lyrical rappers, one a fag other a weirdo

  • Jesus Saves

    Grown people know how to make millions and stay free from jail.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: If you still rep Wayne why haven't you bought any of his recent albums? If you rep something that usually means you support what they are doing. I said I respect him, I didn't say I "rep him".

  • Brian pumper

    lol this nigga Malone funny as FUCK!

  • Anonymous

    2 pussy ass crews...YM and Good they fight a min later they kiss and make up

    • pimp c da og

      i 2nd that ^^^^ ya damn troll

    • Anon

      you're a fucking retard, Kanye and Wayne have always been cool, just because he doesn't have a problem with anybody on Young Money doesn't mean the whole Good Music crew is cool with them. Get a clue faggot.

  • Malone

    Now a lot of you may know me as that asshole who leaves a lot of space between every comment to the point where no one else can post. I think we got off on the wrong foot. See I'm a nice guy. I pay my taxes on time. I help the old lady downstairs with her groceries. I like animals. I like loose women but most of all I love you all. My job here as a troll here on hiphopdx is to bring the light of love most of you probably haven't seen before. See I honestly believe that no matter how much of you call me a faggot and tell me I should die (suicide usually is the suggestion) deep inside I believe that you all love me too which is why I'm going to continue spreading more joy and love on this site. Thank you all for the time you have spent interacting with me and talking to me. I will never forget it and I will continue doing the good work I've been doing. Sincerely Yours -Malone

    • Malone

      I've been itching in the downstairs area for the last two weeks or so. I don't know how to tell you this but.. dude.. I think you need to tell you mom to get tested as well... Sincerely Your -Malone

    • Anonymous

      who let a 40 year old virgin know about this site

  • Malone

    That will be $3.50 sir............ Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Anonymous

    Lil' Wayne really said "Ye has big hands" and then he walked away

  • Rick Oster

    Wait, what? I thought they were beefing...

    • ehhhh....

      Kanye and Lil Wayne never beefed. Wayne always compliments Kanye, and never has anything bad to say about him...but it's a different story for Kanye's affiliates like Jay and Pusha T. Wayne's garbage though, sucks Kanye is working with him again. Hopefully he doesn't end up on Kanye's solo project.

  • yeah

    dudes that suck i.e. Future, Wayne, 2 Chainz.

  • yeah.

    I wish Kanye would stop working with/complimenting

  • Malone

    Oh no... not another craptastic album.. Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • Bluh..

    Why do people on the internet love talking shit bout Lil Wayne? I don't get it.. I ain't brought a Wayne album since Tha Carter 2, but I still respect this nigga.

    • Anonymous

      If you still rep Wayne why haven't you bought any of his recent albums? If you rep something that usually means you support what they are doing.

  • Anonymous


  • New

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, he can rebound from his last album which is nothing short of a dissapointment.

  • d

    this is exciting news. wayne and kanye are sick together! this album might actually be a banger....

    • Anonymous

      you think your shit dont stink mylie? well you are misses pU .... wayne and ye kill it together.. you a hater... its okay.. go sleeeep

    • Mylie

      No there not.. they have no chemistry at all! there collabs are a average at best because waynes cornball ass lyrics are extremmly underwelming on his beats. Kanye fucks up bringing himself back down to work with this garbage ass nygga wayne. he's so much better then that.

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  • Anonymous

    kanye and lil gayne 2 fags NEXT...

  • REALtruthHERE

    ofcourse bro!!! Satanic niggas stay together!!!!

  • BE


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