Asher Roth Says Sophomore Album Is Scheduled For January Release

Asher Roth says that his long-awaited sophomore project may ultimately hit store shelves this coming January.

It's been a long two years for newly signed Def Jam rapper Asher Roth, whose sophomore release has gone through two name changes and countless delays. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, however, the Pennsylvania emcee says his long-awaited project may finally have a release date.

Although Asher's second studio album has yet receive a name - its other title Is This Too Orange? was nixed after Frank Ocean released Channel Orange - he says that the project has a tentative January 22 release date. As for the title, however, Asher said he will reveal the name in the coming weeks.

"We’re scheduled for January 22," he said. "I can’t reveal the title of it yet. I wish I could. We’re getting there...We’re re-energizing it with something brand new and we’ll announce it in a couple of weeks. I’m deciding between two or three different ideas. It’s just a matter of getting everybody on the same page.

Asher also spoke on the overall sound of his anticipated LP, saying that it's diverse in its palate of influence. He added that while there are a number of outside influences from other genres, the underlying current of the music is that it's just plain entertaining.

"We’re carving out a sound, man. The thing about my music is I listen to a whole bunch of different music and I’m a firm believer in progression, whether it be expanding your palate for food or your taste in music. So you’ll find all types of influences in there like it’s up and down, it’s active but it’s really sad, there’s blues influence, alternative-rock influences and pop influences. It’s very accessible and fun...I’m sick of listening to music right now that’s the same shit over and over again. I’m excited to be putting out something that’s accessible and it’s not so left-field you can’t even enjoy it, like, 'Oh, you’re such an artist.' We’re just making some really fun music."

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  • Whaaaat

    I thought this dude dropped an album already can't find that shit anywhere!?!???

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    def jam did him dirty

  • Asher Roth - The Spaghetti Tree

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  • bmoc

    Pumped. That Wrestling is Fake is kind of disapointing though

  • Mike

    Good to hear...Finally!

  • helllls YEAH


  • Anonymous

    Just call it Detox and it will go double platinum.

    • Detoxyourlife

      What are you talking bout get ya facts straight dummy. Dude got played by his label and label mates because the backlash from the eminem feud. He got blackballed and shut out from the people he called friends. He is the nicest mc in the game and maybe top 3 lyricist all time. Anyone who disagree listen to his words they have meaning and meanings in meanings. Might just be too smart for you. He on that white boy shit

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