Drake Co-Sign's Chief Keef's "Love Sosa"

Drake gives Chief Keef's latest single a big co-sign on Twitter.

Between his 26th birthday, a massive performance at Howard University and graduating high school, it's been a big weekend for Drake. Now, according to HipHopWired, Drizzy shows some love to an up-and-coming rapper.

Drake took to Twitter this past weekend to give a shout out to Chicago rapper Chief Keef over his latest single "Love Sosa." The YMCMB rapper/singer claimed that he had listened to the latest effort from the controversial rapper at least 130 times in the past three days.

The Young Chop-produced "Love Sosa" is expected to be on the final tracklist for his upcoming album Finally Rich, due out November 27.

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  • Fosterakahunter

    I mean, was it worth it to the editors to report the opinions of an obviously retarded Canadian about another retard with a speech impediment? C,mon, fam!

  • Pardon Me

    And if you actually think that you should like this Chief Keef song just because Drake said he likes it, even though these young men work for the same company, you have to be young and impressionable or just caught up in the moment. I am not him, but Malone's spacing is quite refreshing, it erases the stupidity. DON'T BAN HIM, it's a MESSAGE to CLEAN the COMMENT SECTION. This will be the only time I will co-sign web trolling.

  • Pardon Me

    I would like to address this: "Keef the illest mc in da game right now. He murdering comp and drake he a legend in the rap game. So whatever drake cosigns you know if gonna be a heat rocket. Keef sweat on his way to legendary status with this joint He a street cred g and a ladies man. Damm I be admiring this boys swag juices. Drake got that swag juice too but he more of a fermented apple cider that top of the line shit. Swag out" ^ this parody is tired and stale you've been doing this for years, don't you feel a certain way when you close your browser?

  • Anonymous

    So a whack rapper likes another whack rappers song wow

  • Anonymous

    The only Sosas that I know of are Sammy Sosa & AZ (S.O.S.A.)

  • Keefchief

    Keef the illest mc in da game right now. He murdering comp and drake he a legend in the rap game. So whatever drake cosigns you know if gonna be a heat rocket. Keef sweat on his way to legendary status with this joint He a street cred g and a ladies man. Damm I be admiring this boys swag juices. Drake got that swag juice too but he more of a fermented apple cider that top of the line shit. Swag out

  • Me and So Icy Boi Attended the same special Ed Classes

    He know not what he says... I kind of feel because I passed special ed and he didn't that I'm somehow responsible for looking after him... I mean do retards make a conscious choice to eat their bugers, sniff nail polish and fart every letter of the alphabet? No of course not. Just goes to show... sometimes the best maternal instinct a female can display is swallowing instead of doing missionary......... Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • So Icy Boi!

    co sign Drake. he is a real blood nigga. real recognize real. Im a real gangsta too. Im glad Lil Wayne, Chief Keef, Drake, Rick Ross and 2 Chainz creating classic hip hop music. hip hop would dead without deze God MCs. thanks. deir muzik inspire me all day. I wanna be da King of Hop Hop after Lil Wayne retires. swag

  • Anonymous

    drake got spandex on? haha

  • Malone

    Hi I'm Hiphopdx's new troll. My name is Malone. Most of you may just know me as that dick head who leaves a lot of space in between comments that fill up the entire page. A lot of you may say well "it obvious this loser is a celibate corn ball who has no life". Well, you may very well be partially right. On the contrary Maybe the concept of the human existence has become a bit of parody to me. Maybe this may be a method to making my existence a little less dull until a real solution comes I am a force of nature like a bull's penis, butt fucking any obstacle in my path. See we all want to butt fuck our obstacles in life. That's why we get hard ons when problems arise. Sex and death are close cousins. It pulsates through out every thing we do. I am a good person aside from having intercourse with the mothers of my enemies and filming inter-species animal porn... you know {cat on dog, cat and praying mantis, goat and lion cub...that kind of thing) I am on my way to recovery.. I feel you see me as the type of individual you would like to join you for a drink or attend your child's baptismal. I'm a simple man.. Azaelia Banks is and unsimple individual. She could save me from this existence by marrying me but then again why would I want that? wait.... what? Sincerely Yours -Malone

  • sbusiso

    u did well nigga cograts and may u use that matric for good reasons and kep on delivering masive hits

  • Anonymous

    drake wanna butt rape chief keef

  • Anonymous

    High school Diploma at the age of 26??? Nigga please!!! You mean you got your GED. smh

  • Malone

    I'm having a barbecue next Saturday at Sam Green's on Rodeo drive. Please bring your pets and little sisters. We'll have face painting as well as karaoke. I'll be fun. We'll have pool activities and other fun adventures to.. unfortunately we will not be able to allow grown ups to attend. Every one must be stripped searched before attending the session(we're sort of big on safety). Hey you won't believed who just died the other day. He was a close friend of mine.. you'll never guess what his name in a million years. I'll give you a second to guess........ His name was Flash Thompson... like from spiderman... ha ha!. Hey what what do you think of this election John? Oh I don't know Paul. If Romney endorses giving free medication to people who suffer with depression then I'm all for supporting him... the devil!! No No no!! Noo!! you can't call Joe Budden the devil.. when you speak of him you speak of him as your motherfuckin god... "What mothafuckin God nigga?" wait Tahiry is that you? No silly its John Wayne! ... see John Wayne is just a man. He can be ignored or destroyed but its a symbol... that he can become something every lasting.. something indestructible.. you'll see soon. So... how about that barbecue at Sam Greens? Anybody coming? Sincerely Yours - Malone

  • Anonymous

    Don't even compare chief to 50, he's more like a ghetto version of soulja boy lol . Serious with guns

  • Anonymous

    So one lame co-signs another and that's news?Drake is only doing this to have allies with his beef with G.O.O.D Music..It's chess not checkers.

  • Anonymous

    who is drake to co-sign anything?......and keef is a waste of flesh...

  • Why?

    Sean Ryon, step your fuckin game up as a journalist. This is a disgrace. Your should be benched if not fired for this trivial piece of shit. you call this news? unbelievable that a somebody would even let this be published here.

  • Buy more mixtape views now

    That song is wask a$$ hell



  • Anonymous

    It All Makes Sense Now...

  • Anonymous

    my life has now changed. Drake tweeted about chief keef.

  • Anonymous

    Keef goes hard but he either going to jail or getting murdered before Christmas.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is trying to appeal to the thug demographic. Smart move.

  • Phonz

    That tweet prolly cost Iovine a 100 thousand. The five that gave that song a perfect five are either deaf & dumb or on the payroll. 2.69 and that's from the people that voted. It's more like a -nothing. Publicity is publicity and that is what Jimmy takes to the bank.

    • Anonymous

      thats a lot of denial my nigga and false rationalization my nigga. you think its possible that maybe people just like the song? is it that hard for you too accept that you gotta come up with false numbers and justifications. the song is nice as hell

  • jooce

    Umm I just listened to it and now I want to go shoot myself. I am going to keep very real here okay. I just purchased Lupe's new joint and her is saying some real shit on that album and I haven't heard any rappers co-sign that but this man looking like a thumb with eyebrows comes out and try to convince us that he listened to that song 130 times are your kidding me? Drake you are entitled to listen to what you want but interscope is known for product placement and I believe that Chief just got placed in your tweets

  • Anonymous

    isn't saying much from the guy who just posted to twitter I graduated from High school. Plus he only likes this dude cause his rhymes are remedial so it's easy for drake to comprehend such unwitty lyrics.#drake/KeefareWack

  • Anonymous

    Stupidity on Drake's part... Too good for Chief Keef (who is basically a poor man's 50 Cent)

  • ball squad

    drake sends a tweet.. hardly news is it

  • Me

    The cosign era continues. Drake tries to cosign other rappers in order to dominate them and invite them to his sold out tours to maintain his relevance and control over other artist's operations. Its a science.

  • yeaa

    co sign these balls drake

  • Anonymous

    now that's what i call unity in black community

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