Three 6 Mafia To Be Inducted Into Memphis Music Hall Of Fame

Three 6 Mafia were announced to be some of the first artists inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

From American Music Awards to an Oscar, Memphis natives Three 6 Mafia have earned a number of accolades in their time. Now, in a recent report from AllHipHop, it turns out the Triple Six crew will become some of the first inductees in the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

In a press announcement this past October 16, members of the newly-announced Memphis Music Hall of Fame revealed that the Tennessee rap legends will be among the first 25 inductees admitted into the organization. They will be joined by the likes of Isaac Hayes, Al Green, Elvis Presley, Otis Redding and others. 

The induction ceremony is slated to be held at the Cannon Center for Performing Arts in Memphis on November 29 at 7:00 PM. A full list of inductees can be found at AllHipHop

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  • michelle

    "Inducted" what the hell for.

  • YABoi

    you know they on that occult shit thats whats up when i go to hell i will know why... watch a koopsta documentary about it on youtube... they purposely started off with chants and did trance type music... and mixed in rock and roll to attract a white audience and pushed devil shit and satanic themes... subliminal imagery its kinda plain to see.... and now that shit is popular? and you say they arent workin with the devil LMAO im a huge fan but if you don't know its all 666 until the world blow you are just being naive... they sold their souls a long time ago they did blood rituals in cemetaries and dark ceremonies and shit drew pentagrams this shit is REAL

  • milehighkid303

    NEVER liked these guys music or style. BUT Congrats well deserved dudes been in it for a MINUTE.

  • ArtKriminal


  • fuckUdevil

    and niggas try to say these fools aint satanic!!! 3-6 Mafia 666 mafia

  • Killem Dafoe

    They had some sick fucking beats...couldn't rap for shit tho...

  • Anonymous

    Stay Fly is still my shit!

  • dj nemesis

    str8 up, i will always say this...these niggas right here are the most UNDERATED producers of all time...i put them in the top 5 next to premier,pete rock,rza,and dre....they made classic beat after classic beat from 95-present...nonstop

  • acidrap

    They deserve it mane.You can hear Three 6 style beats on errbodys shit nowadays.Wouldnt be no trap shit without them and no limit music wise.I got nuthin but respect for paul n juice.They still goin ham with all these new producers they fuckin wit.Juice's shit wit luger is classic n all paul's recent solo shit is killer too.

  • Fuck Memphis

    I hate these niggas so much. I pray for the worst shit to happen to these piece of shit sissyfied ass scumbags. Maybe one day someone will hang them to a tree and burn them to the ground.

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