Kendrick Lamar Explains Meaning Of "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Title, Reveals T.I. Collaboration

Kendrick Lamar also says that he plans to drop his J. Cole collaborative project "out the sky."

Kendrick Lamar is making the media rounds in anticipation of his major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, releasing on October 22nd. During an interview with L.A. Leakers, the Compton, California native explained the meaning behind m.A.A.d, stating that it's a two-pronged acronym, the second of which was inspired by a bad smoking experience.

"It's two, two meanings. The first is 'my angry adolescence divided,' and the basic standout meaning is 'my angel's on angel dust.' That's the reason why I don't smoke," he said. "That was me. I got laced. The reason I don't smoke, and it's in the album. It's in the story. It was just me getting my hands on the wrong thing at the wrong time, being oblivious to it."

K. Dot also said that the and T.I. have a collaboration for the Southern rapper's upcoming album Trouble Man, and that he will drop his project with J. Cole "out the sky." 

Check the interview below.

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  • IMhO

    cant stop listening to this album.. this album is a fuckin classic by far.. hes the next nas..but if he makes anymore shit like this hell be a better story teller than nas...but nas has consistancy so kendrick has a minute to go

  • ETK

    T.I. and Kendrick is a mo'fuckin done deal... been waitin for these two to collab forever. similar flows, beat better be turnt up

  • bc coastin

    i just listened to kendricks album last night. that shit is ill. theres a few soft track but rather then that its bangin. cant believe there so many ppl hatin on this. is it age?? im 27 and im coppin this shit when it drops. smoke a dub to this and realize what your missing out

  • Anonymous

    GKMC is nowhere near a classic

  • Layoh

    He should've changed the title to "Nice Nigga in a Fucked Up City" cause then it would appeal to Southern people, since they love that niggerish shit.

  • Anonymous

    Nigga's all over the internet and yet no one gives a shit. The reason why this nigga haven't blow up already is because Dre knows he's wack and not worth marketing

    • Anonymous

      yea, thats why dre put a mil of his own money up to sign him. sit down man

    • Anonymous

      Wasn't he already signed with the math when section 80 dropped on the down low? If anyone knows talent it's Dre

    • Anonymous

      nah it's because Dr. Dre respects him so much he does not want to spoil this kid's talent all over the mainstream world ... just like Diddy did with Janelle Monae's first LP "The ArchAndroid"

  • aguycalledadam

    How you cussin this album? Kendrick dropped the most important Hip Hop album in recent years and you moanin cos you dont like his voice? My days.

    • anon

      NO kidding man, and besides, in a lot of the songs the sound of his voice actually serves some purpose to the song

  • prewoz

    Great, smart, album.

  • Anonymous

    KENDRICK LAMAR SUCKS.............

  • Gs

    Gkmc is a disappointment. Every song coulda been amazing. His voice fucked it all up. Except on "now or never" flawless delivery and no high pitched raspy voice. Same with "the recipe" also "art of peer pressure" why the fuck didnt he drop a couple verses like jay rock on "money trees" ?! ..... If this album woulda dropped instead of section80 back in 2011 i woulda never been a fan of kendrick. Real talk. I hope dr dre is more involved with Kendricks next album. And im not saying that for production. Im saying it because dr dre will guide an artist. Not just hand him a beat and exit. And whynthe fuck didnt he include blackhippy in this? A Q and soul record? perfect opportunity to introduce them to the world!! Control system is fuken amazing.

    • IMhO

      GS and anon are just to stupid to grasp his story telling.. but think gucci mane is nas level hahahah.. dumb fucks pick up a book and do something besides do drugs and maybe youll get concept albums..

    • Anonymous

      Cosign though I think the reason why the album is garbage is because of production, not just his voice. Even though there's only 12 tracks most of them sound like filler.

    • ETK

      He didn't put Black Hippy in cause that's not their plan. They said months ago they'll never do a Black Hippy album, they don't care about being "introduced" to anyone... they're just doing their thing, stayin in the same grind

  • FuKKK KKKendriKKK Lamar

    Don't y'all know this shit already leaked???

  • Para

    What does he mean by 'out the sky'...? Not really familiar with the term, but hope it doesn't mean that it's not happening anymore...

  • Don't Worry About lt

    I'm sorry for my first comment, I was just kidding.

  • BP

    Kendrick and T.I. collab!! fuck yeah g

  • Don't Worry About It

    You got it all fucked up. He doesn't say "two too manys", he says "two, two meanings". Also, it isn't "my angry adolescent divided", it's my angry adolescence divided". The way you typed it makes no sense in both cases.

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