Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre & Andre 3000 Hit The Studio

Kendrick Lamar previews his song "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" for Dr. Dre and Andre 3000.

Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and Andre 3000 recently hit the studio to preview a few cuts off of K. Dot's upcoming debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, releasing October 22nd.

In the footage, Kendrick leans against a studio mixing board next to Three Stacks and the Doc, rocking out to the album's second track "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe." At the end of the song, the Outkast member turns to Lamar and says, "Excellent."

Kendrick's first LP, releasing via Interscope/Aftermath/TDE, is set to feature guest appearances from MC Eiht, Mary J. Blige, Drake and more.

Check out the video below (via RS).

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  • Anonymous

    what the fuck happened to hip hop

  • Bob

    this is a horrible Outkast impression

  • J

    kendrick is wack, there aren't many good young emcees but the masses are stupid and eat this crap up

  • Anonymous

    Is Kendrick aware that his album leaked last week? Plus, he'll release it oficially on the same day as Taylor Swift! It'll be a certified flop!!!

  • SDK


  • Troof

    All I know is...yall mah fckas thas up here critiquing and album that hasn't even dropped yet BETTER GO AND BUY THIS SHIT ON MONDAY.

  • illmatic_bridge

    All of you people saying how much of a disappointment his album is is shocking to me. I have been an avid listener of Kendrick since he released the Kendrick Lamar EP, and gkmc is his best work to date. The song is a concept album. Every song is the result of what happens in the previous one, and the story told is told with such vivid word play... I'm at a loss for words. It is an incredible album. It is different than Section .80, and it is better than Section .80. If this was dropped instead of Section .80, Kendrick would still be where he is today. People saying if this dropped first they never would have started listening too, what the fuck else do you listen to that's better than this? of course, it is all subjective, but this is just another classic example of Hip Hop fans hyping up an album beyond belief and then hating on the artist. And this is worse than all of the comments when Cole finally dropped his album too, because unlike then, this album has generally been agreed on to be the best Hip Hop album of the past year. The first reviews that have come in have rated it 5/5 (DJ Booth, with the listeners themselves giving an average 4.8 rating) 4.5/5 (Sputnik Music) and 4.5/5 (Under the Gun). So this isn't some subjective fluke. In every objective, measurable way we have to discover the quality of an album, this album has scored incredibly high, and it deserves it. The album is genius, and different, and all of you dx bitches need to stop whining. Someone else said it: you're what is now wrong with Hip Hop.

  • EW2003

    All y'all are some hypocritical a** ni**as.... The album isn't even out yet but all of you guys are the reason hip hop sucks now. Go and buy the damn album 1st then criticize it. I buy albums and support artist that I listen to and think is very talented and if I don't like it, then I have the right to criticize it but u ppl can't afford to spend $9.99 on an album I guess. But will bootleg a man's album and criticize it. You ni**as ain't worth sh*t. I haven't even heard the album and that's because I support a lot of these artists and buy the albums of the ppl worthwhile.. True hip hop fan!

    • Troof

      Yea man you hit the nail on the head. The fans on these hiphop sites continue to tear down every single artist that does anything...and yet they CONTINUE to steal from them, and complain even more. It's unbelievable. You $UPPORT the artists you fuck wit, and IGNORE the artists you don't like. But jumping on these boards spewing childish nonsense accomplishes absolutely nothing. The true measure of an album is 5 to 10 years from now, not a couple days BEFORE it's released. People expected to be blown away immediately, and too many people are comparing this album to Section.80 when they are two totally different beasts. If you are unable to understand how dope this album is, then maybe you need to re-tune your hiphop ear. Andre 3000 does that weird voice shit and people label it as original, but Kendrick does it and now it's a problem?? It usually is supposed to represent his subconscious mind speaking to him. Yall are just impossible to please, it's insane.

  • Gs

    Gkmc is a disappointment. Every song coulda been amazing. His voice fucked it all up. Except on "now or never" flawless delivery and no high pitched raspy voice. Same with "the recipe" also "art of peer pressure" why the fuck didnt he drop a couple verses like jay rock on "money trees" ?! ..... If this album woulda dropped instead of section80 back in 2011 i woulda never been a fan of kendrick. Real talk. I hope dr dre is more involved with Kendricks next album. And im not saying that for production. Im saying it because dr dre will guide an artist. Not just hand him a beat and exit. And whynthe fuck didnt he include blackhippy in this? A Q and soul record? perfect opportunity to introduce them to the world!! Control system is fuken amazing.

    • Anonymous

      Both of you are idiots.

    • jerrya

      you hit it on the fuckin head. His voice doesnt have enough playback value. It takes a lot to be a legend in the rap game; and while Kendrick has the words and brains he doesnt have the voice nor the beats

  • Anonymous

    how does dre say ok to a hook like that

  • Anonymous

    could be the best record in a bit but there make some pop bullshit like eerybody else



  • jerryc

    no the issue isnt the lyricism or the storytelling; it is that the beats and hook dont make for a classic album. Lyricism is and alway will be the foremost important piece to making a great album; however, you have to have amazing beats to compliment it. Ive gone through this many times recently to prove this point, but listen to every beat on the blueprint, black album, aquemini, get rich or die trying, 2001, the documentary, college dropout, etc. etc. They all are laced with classic beats. While I dont think the production is bad on this cd, it is still not good enough to be considered a classic. I do think if dre woudlve produced 4 or 5 records for it, as he did on the documentary and get rich or die trying, this woudlve been a classic. It is unfortunate because I really think Kendrick is worthy of more. I also think when he makes his voice really low and raspy it ruins some of his style. I think Jay Rock sounded better on the song they were on...not lyrically but his vocals.

  • shh

    #a pretty penny...."FALL 2012...THEAFTERBURN"....HAPPY KL DAY/HAPPY HALOWEEN 2012!....MR.YO-LOW107!...

  • Vandal

    My 3 favorite rappers in the same room god damn. Please tell me they made a track

  • HM

    Niguhs that's hating on this album need to suck donkey dicks. This lil niguh put together one of best albums coming out the west since Game's first album. Just because you can't get the with one of the best producer in hip hop you gone hate for no reason. Step your bars up then and put out something better. Whatever color you are if you hate this album then you just hate the west coast. This is west coast music so fuck you too we don't fuck with you either!!

  • Anonymous

    Am i the only one that sees the genius behind the storytelling on the album??? There are some hype records on it but dude really focused on creating a body of art. Very well done one of the best and most cohesive hiphop albums ive heard in a long time.

  • kinddro

    good kid maad city is a flawless cd, fresh air, front to back shits a classic

  • Anonymous

    KENDRICK LAMAR SUCKS............

    • TheTruth

      You think he gives a fuck if you say it sucks when the legends Dr. Dre and Andre 3000 give it props. You sound like a woman that needs a song to shake her ass too.

  • Anonymous

    fuckk looks like 3000 was going to the camera to say something but it got cut out :S

  • lol

    you guys are gay as fuck if you dont like this. if you "were" a kendrick fan and are hating now, fuck you. you were never a fan

  • kendrickfan1

    I love kendrick lamar,but this shit is wack.He was doing good going the independent route.I wish him success but this nigga bout to put up tony yayo numbers.Nobody knows him yet.World class talent but he cant move a crowd with these songs.

    • Guppy

    • Guppy

      @RR...The Colorado show was mad hype...every one was rapping to his shit...Look up the vids on youtube if you don't believe me...that motherfucker was hype pretty much the whole night

    • RR

      What's your definition of "got it poppin"? Did people know the words to any of his songs? Were people excited? Were people screaming and shouting? I mean, I was rapping along to every song but when i would stop for brief periods i would notice that NO ONE around me was doing the same. You could hear a pin drop in there. Don't get me wrong, he did his thing. But then 2 Chainz came on after him and the place got about 10 times crazier/louder. I guess the point i'm trying to make is that he may have to dumb things down a little if he wants to increase his appeal with mainstream/casual music fans.

    • Mu

      RR, I don't know what lame-ass town you come from, but Kendrick got it poppin' in Philly at the BET Music Matters Tour.

    • gerritw6

      you guys must come from areas that don't know how to get hyped up then. I went to his show in Charlotte, NC....on the opposite side of the nation, & he had the entire venue going wild to his tracks. the best part about it is he still has time to evolve not only musically, but performance wise.

    • RR

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with you (not about this song being wack though - this song is fucking incredible). But yeah, I saw Kendrick live recently and the whole crowd just stood there the whole time. No one jumped around, no one was getting excited, no one was rapping along to the lyrics. I have no doubt that his albums will do well, and I fully support him, but without a good live show he'll never evolve into a truly great artist. In a way, the fact that he's so deep ends up being a catch 22 for him.

    • You Know

      See him live and tell me he cant move a crowd with his shit.

  • acidrap

    Sounds like a MILLION other songs or beats.Dude is just playin it safe with that guaranteed radio shit.Whatsup with Dre? I know he aint do that beat,but what the fuck is he doin now with himself besides pumpin those overpriced headphones? He need come back with some serious beats for Slim or someone.He aint done no hot shit since relapse.

    • illmatic_bridge

      Thank god there are some sensible people on this website to respond to idiots like that. I don't know about the other people I'm about to agree with, but Kendrick's album had some of the most original beats, choruses, vocal effects, and story lines that I have heard. Hip Hop Since 99

    • ETK

      just the first sentence "sounds like a million other beats" confirms you as retarded

    • Anonymous

      Did you hear the hook? The mainstream would consider that alien voice that he's using as corny.

    • Anonymous

      your a fucking retard listen to the album first bitch.

  • dRAS

    niggas hate just to be hating, you zombie ass, one dimensional thinking cocksuckers...K-dot is the new generation West coast Nas with the flow and is quickly making a profound mark on hip hop while everybody else is imitating and creating more garbage to be digested. just buy his album and bump it you bishes.

  • Anonymous

    He isn't a top 5 MC but he is definitely dope and has the talent to be great. Almost reminds me of a west coast Lupe Fiasco

    • Anonymous

      He is beyond top 5. Noone is touching him right now sorry to burst your bubble. He's a significantly better mc than Fiasco is. Fiasco has the global social commentary. That's it. Coming form a fan, who considers The Cool and F&L to be wonderful albums. Fiasco is nowhere near as good an mc as Kendrick.

  • Anonymous

    Album leaked days ago dummies

  • Anonymous

    no1curr bout Kendrick Andre 3000 >>>>>>>>>>>

  • yeaaahhf

    This is dope, man! Kendrick's music has that Outkast vibe and he reminds me of Andre 3K on the mic. I can't wait for the album to drop..

  • Anonymous

    andre 3k and collabo would be a dream come true for me. those two are in my top 5 of all time

    • illmatic_bridge

      Quite frankly, your a fool if you think there are 50 rappers better than him. That is not being on his nuts. You commenters make it impossible. If you rightfully love an artist or actually awkowledge his or her greatness, your on his dick. If you don't, your a hater. Shut the fuck up, please, because it just makes all of you look immature and foolish.

    • Anonymous

      Lmaoo Smh Top 5 Tho?

    • yeaaahh

      Dude clearly said, "in MY top 5" which means it's HIS opinion.. a rapper doesn't have to be out for over 10 years or so to be considered top 5..

    • ....

      Wow the 2nd "Anonymous" is catching feelings over SOMEONE ELSE'S OPINION! Get off his nuts.

    • Anonymous

      lol, Kendrick top 5 already? Dickrider, there's easily over 50 rappers better than Kendrick with more illustrious/longer careers.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is overrated why is everyone on his nuts?

    • illmatic_bridge

      "dude, did you hear kendrick, why is everyone on his nuts" fool. Everyone is "on his nuts," which may just be one of the most harmful popular phrases to the progression of Hip Hop, because he is an extremely talented artist. If your main shit is Gucci and Waka, or your main shit if Tyga and Gudda Gudda, I don't expect you to understand. If, though, you love Outkast, Nas, Eminem, Jay, Ye, Cole, whoever else... basically if you call yourself a fan of "real" Hip Hop, you should be ashamed because Kendrick is the best "real" Hip Hop we have right now.

    • Blue Cheeze

      ...coz of Dre????...its not bout the illustriousness of career Mr Anon...its not about where you been or at but both of these things AND who you with [it seems] and where they might be able to take you...but with or without Dre, K-dot got great flow and tone when he hits his shit...No1 wit me....dont you think...may be thats why evbody crushin the poor boys nuts.

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