Kurupt Explains Snoop Dogg's "Snoop Lion" Name Change

Kurupt delves into the reason Snoop Dogg switched it up.

One of Snoop Dogg's - or, rather, Snoop Lion's - longtime partners-in-rhyme has insight into why the West Coast legend switched up his name.

Speaking to MTV's "RapFix Live," Kurupt explained the name change.

It's all Snoop," said Kurupt of the change. "We're men first and Snoop elevates, and every time he elevates, he gives us an opportunity to be a part of that elevation through his music."

Kurupt continued, adding that a trip to Jamaica changed Snoop's outlook on life. "He had a very spiritual [and] uplifting [experience] when he went to Jamaica, and he's expressing it through his music, and you've gotta support that," said Young Gotti.

"I love Snoop and where he is right now. I think that he's a lot more calm about himself and things that he does, but it's all still Snoop," he said.

Kurupt's next mixtape, Money, Bitches, Power, drops November 7, with "Money (Do It for Me)" featuring RBX as the lead single.

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  • Anonymous

    Snoop Dogg >> Snoop Lion Let him make other type's of music all he can But the namechange sounds real dumb, high decision I guess I will keep callin' him Snoop Dogg, or just Snoop, and forget the Lion part And by the way, Snoop Dogg (the name) is a well known namebrand, why f*ck that up? Oh yeah.. Kurupt keep doing your thing! ((you one of the last great MC's in this thing we call Hip Hop))

  • Anonymous

    Love experimentation from artists evolving and taking risks, but we need to call a spade a spade. I love Snoop (been down with him since he was Snoop Doggy Dogg), but in truth, this is such a drastic and abrupt departure from the persona that he has created over the last 20 years that it's absurd at best and boarder line retarded at worst. He went from one of america's most wanted felon's to a pimp that degrades hoes to a family friendly reggae artist because he went to Jamaica?!?!?! Truth be told is that he's stuck. He's in his 40's talking about gang bangin and there's no where to go. He's boxed himself in. It's one of the reasons Jay-Z can only refer to all his staggering achievements and the amount of money he has. They have nothing to contribute to a mostly youthful audience. Luckily that's changing and were all now a part of that, but none-the-less what can Snoop offer. There's only so many things you would do and bitches you'd smack. Keep in mind the dude has been happily married with children for years. It would be no more ridiculous if Eminem listened to Beethoven, had an epiphany and began doing classical music for the children. He can't do that as easily because he's sold himself as a pill poppin, psycho path for years. That's how he's defined himself. Hip hop is about skills, flow and creativity, but it's mostly about acting and posturing. If it wasn't that artists could easily switch from style to style with the same amount of success. It's the reason why Ma$e will never be big again, why Lil Wayne dropped in popularity after his so-called rock/pop album and why back packers are no longer feeling Yeezy. As popular as hip hop / rap is and continues to be. You're kidding yourself if you don't realize that it's at least 50% image and acting.

  • FuKKK KKKurupt

    I just had to dis this faggot. Nigga talks like he owns Snoop or some shit.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule will never change his name. He will always be Ja Rule. He should smack Snoop Dogg/Lion for changing his name.

  • Anonymous

    "He had a very spiritual [and] uplifting [experience] when he went to Jamaica" Was that before or after Willie Nelson passed around his special brownies.

  • Anonymous

    Snoop was done years ago...still bumping Tha Blue Carpet Treatment tho

    • Anonymous

      Number of good songs on TBCT > Number of good songs he released then Agree 100%, this was his last dope LP, still listening on a regular.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign Blue Carpet Treatment was his last good album. he's released some good songs since then but those are few and few in between... Blue Carpet was his last decent body of work

    • Anonymous

      that's that shiiiit! lol...yea he hasn't been good since that album i'm in full agreement

  • Anonymous

    snoop lion my a** Its always gonna be snoop dogg END OF STORY

  • Jason

    This is a trip cause ive been craving to go to Jamaica for sooo long and its crazy how roots reggae and opera are really the only two genres of music that actually make you drive chill and really uplift you. I love my rap but it does make you drive aggressive and live fastpaced. Can he rap rasta style though? i know Busta can

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      I listen to almost any genre of music as long as the song has a good vibe and/or lyrics and beat to it(that heavy metal shit I can't stand too much though), but Classical, Jazz and Opera should keep you calm. Some Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke and Smokey Robinson can keep a person calm too.

    • BLACK


  • lol

    "He had a very spiritual [and] uplifting [experience] when he went to Jamaica, and he's expressing it through his music, and you've gotta support that," said Young Gotti. ????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Snoop smoked himself retarded years ago, Snoop Lion, lol, it sounds like summin he came up with when he was high as fuck "DUDE, I'M O HIGH RIGHT NOW, HUH HUH HUH, WOW MAN I NEVER REALIZED HOW COOL LIONS ARE MAN, I THINK I'LL BE SNOOP LION FROM NOW ON, PASS THAT BLUNT BACK THIS WAY MAN" I smoke but Snoop is one of them burnout idiots lol if he wasn't a rapper he'd be 40 years old rooming with 3 or 4 other stoners working at mcdonalds just enough hours a week to pay the rent and stay high

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