RZA On Wu-Tang Clan Reunion: "Trust Me One More Time"

RZA says he's down for another Wu-Tang Clan album - on one condition.

With all the news of RZA's upcoming directorial debut The Man with the Iron Fists, fans have been wondering whether the Wu-Tang Clan is also preparing for a reunion. Now, in a recent interview with The New York Times, the Abbot speaks on the possibilities of a Wu reunion.

The Ruler Zig-Zag-Zig Allah says that he's been speaking with the other members of the Clan about a possible reunion LP. However, he explained that he would need every member unified behind his artistic vision if the Wu were to reform for a final LP.

“I’ve been talking to some of the guys, like, ‘Yo, look, I would suggest that you put down everything you know, and trust me one more time,'" he said. “I’m Captain Kirk and I’m flying this Starship Enterprise. If I’m lucky to have a Mr. Spock on my side, we’re going to go somewhere that nobody’s gone before.”

The Man with the Iron Fists hits theaters this November 2.

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  • Anonymous

    RZA and Method Man are probably rich. I don't know about the others. This isn't about money though, cause if they really wanted to make the type of comeback their fans have been expecting they would have already. I just think the desire to try went out the window. Early on they were being praised and maybe it went to their head.

  • Anonymous

    I think if they went back to that old 93-97 style for one last double LP they would turn this whole game upside down. Straight up if RZA just studied what all his classics brought and got that hunger back and pulled back on the experimental then it could be the defining rap album of this time. I know it's a dream, but at one time we thought the possibility of Raekwon coming back to greatness was far off and as of recently he's been the the most consistent since Ghostface bringing that old vibe back to massive success.

  • Anonymous

    Why do the Wu always talk about making one last group album? Do they need the money?

  • Anonymous

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  • Honestly

    Rza is definitely that dude, but I wouldn't mind him taking a Kanye approach by not actually producing the whole album, but tinkering and adjusting the tracks claiming co-producer credit like ye does. Only because rzas got vision and mad creativity, but sampling ain't as legal as used to be and his instrument talent only stretches so far. "The revelations" nailed the wu sound on chamber music and legendary weapons. You can't discredit ghostfaces ear for instrumentals either.

    • 614grind

      I don't think he would. The Man With The Iron Fist is all RZA production and its crazy. As long as it has that WU mystical sound, it should go.

  • Sensaye25@yahoo.com

    Rza is my favorite producer, and probably my favorite hip-hop figure and the most interesting nigga by far. But I don't know if he can produce a Wu album again. The main problem is he outsmarts himself with his production. He used to have a perfect balance of creativity, skills, and an ear for the street. Now, it's more like his own experimental shit that only he and a few other people think is good. He needs to get the MPC out again and start sampling more. He fell in love with synthesizers and his beats started overusing them instead of just using them as one element. If you hear his beats on the purple tape, he used those haunting synths but he also had rugged drum loops and ill samples to balance 'em out. Rza is a wordly nigga and a universal thinker, I think those other niggas in the Wu are more connected to the streets and aren't tryin' to hear those weird ass beats he's making now. I hope it happens successfully, but I don't see it.

    • Anonymous

      "He needs to get the MPC out again and start sampling more" ^ how do you know if he hasn't? We can have 100 page debates about this but unless we can actual hear and see his vision before they go into the booth, we're just talking out of the side of or faces.

  • Anonymous

    Legendary sword was good too.

  • Anonymous

    8 Diagrams was inconsistent to me, but had some good cuts. The W was just bland to me for a Wu album

  • 7figures

    8 diagrams was wack? GTFOH...u tell me what other albums dropped that year that was better that 8 diagrams...that shit was a top 5 album for that year...word

    • Anonymous

      I love wu, but that album was some ASS compared to what they could of accomplished. Lupe's The Cool, Carter II (Only good Wayne album), Consequence Dont Quit Your Day Job, Kanye Graduation and shit loads more

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I don't know if Rza still has that "ear" for a Wu album.

  • Anonymous

    i just pre-ordered a new wu-tang clan album!

  • Assassin221

    I don't know, I would love to see this happen but given how Rae and Ghost responded to RZA's "vision" last time, they may not want to go through that again. And 8 Diagrams wasn't "trash" but it still didn't come as hard as everyone was expecting. I got my fingers crossed but not my hopes up.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I love RZA as a producer, 8 Diagrams was terrible. I would be very hesitant to give this guy 100% creative control.

  • Anonymous

    Ninjas aint even gonna understand this until the year 3g

  • Anonymous

    Rza better make those trademark tight ass beats like on wu forever. etc then it should be win win

  • from romania

    we need another double LP

  • Crystal

    I trust you RZA, and so should others. The Abbot!

  • A

    Rza needs to do a 4 CD Wu album.

  • 4th disciple

    only tru master , 4th , bronze are able to do something dope with a wu album or solo album. and maybe rza & mathematics ( but less). last production of math are weak exept miranda & pencil. the best wu album are ( in order: wu tang forever 36 iron flag w 8 diagram (just rushin elephant weak spot are solid however new style of masta is trash gza too and rza is average

    • Anonymous

      the"W" was a great album compared to Iron Flag.

    • Anonymous

      word. gza and rza ain't that ill on the mic anymore. and rza hasn't done much on the boards for a while now. but I don't know what you're tallkin about masta killa. he sounds exactly the same as he always did to me.

  • Sonny Rene

    the hip hop game desperately needs another Wu-Tang album. I hope the clan gets behind RZA and makes this happen. Do it for all the legions of fans across the globe and add another classic into the Wu-Tang Chamber and remind all these motherfuckers that WU-TANG IS FOREVER!

  • VizionMC

    Yeah, FOREVER was last classic Wu album (with them all in- not solo jointz) - seems like that afterwards you could tell too many cooks in the kitchen and some watered down mess. Prob need to take a month off go somewhere and cook it up classic style one more time for the people. Let RZA guiding light lead the way with production and vision ...

  • insanemacbeth

    THE RZA = don.

  • wu wear

    fuck yeah Rza i know you got another classic left in you

  • Anonymous

    As long at it isn't like the W. Honestly, i would rather hear OBFCL 3 or another GZA Liquid Swords. BTW, never understood why Bronz Nazereth, Mathmatics and Tru Master are utilized more on the Wu projects

  • Khalib

    I've been Wu-Tang for life since I was 12 in 93'... Around 01 til a couple years ago people were saying the Wu fell off. Truth is people just changed what they were listening to. Now that people have gotten tired with the decade of Southern 808s and wanna be mafia rappers, people are back on the Wu like "WE NEED YOU." Never lost my love for the W. Real recognize real. People were crying over the 8 Diagrams album, like it was garbage... nah...just RZA changing up the style a little. Listen, the Wu never fell off or left. There will be another Wu album and it WILL be CLASSIC. Trust.

    • Live YR

      As an entire body of work, 8 diagrams could've been better i felt (and a few more records on it), but there's still some hard songs on there, like campfire, windmill, 2 b honest i liked rza's solo track that was on there, though a lot of ppl didn't. Don't like tha O.D.B tribute (Where was Tony Starks btw?)though, they coulda did better wiv that i felt.

    • Anonymous

      8 diagrams wasn't trash, just their worst album.

    • Anonymous

      Not even "The Heart Gently Weeps"? "Wolves"? "Windmill"? "Life Changes"? All classic cuts imo.

    • Anonymous

      nah 8 diagrams was trash. not a single track that I still play. however, that chamber music compilation that dropped in 09 was tight. probably better, or at least as good as the w and iron flag (which were ill). legendary weapons was alrght too.

  • Anonymous

    the game needs this so badly..

    • Anonymous

      how can you expect 9 dudes to keep getting together for the rest of their lives? (yes cappadonna is an official member). people grow up and change over time. the dynamic wouldn't be the same these days as back in the 90s.

  • 490717

    "were going to go somewhere that nobodys gone before.

  • IDK

    "However, he explained that he would need every member unified behind his artistic vision..." If I'm reading this correctly, then this worries me. 8 Diagrams was alright, but RZA's beats were too experimental and artsy for the Clan. I can only imagine a final Wu-Tang album being similar to 8 Diagrams. I really wish he can go back to that stripped-down, basement, "Enter the Wu-Tang" sound. Hopefully, their final album won't be a let-down.

  • Anonymous

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  • swivels

    Please let it be a double album.....if this is the last time we are going to hear these dudes together for new material...then we at least need 20-30 songs....too many mc's for just 10-18 tracks.....hell.....rae and ghost albums be 18 songs at least on their own. so i vote for a double cd....$14.99....thoughts?

    • waxxy gordon

      rza supposedly has over 200 beats in the stash that he wants to unleash to the public...i'm sure there's 25 of em that could work for a 2cd lp

    • Anonymous

      enough emcees to write 5 albums of verses, just need enough dope beats for a double album. not easy to do.

    • khordkutta

      co-sign one hunnid, wonder if rza or somebody has some unreleased/finished tracks

  • Anonymous

    this shit ain't coming. Its like Detox with no name

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