T.I. Avoids Involvement In Young Jeezy And Gucci Mane's Feud

During an interview with HotSpotAtl, T.I. says his focus is on his net worth and not the renewed beef between fellow Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy.

T.I. is no stranger to beef, having had a memorable back and forth with Lil Flip as well as briefly being referenced in the mild feud between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks. But, as it regards fellow Atlanta emcees Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane, Tip isn’t looking to choose a side or play peacemaker for the time being.

“Man, I got the money in mind,” T.I. responded, when asked about the beef in an interview with Hot 107.9 FM. “I got the sights set on a big sack with a lot of money in it, man. I’m talkin’ like multi-million dollar conglomerate type stuff. Anything that’s not of that nature and understanding, I don’t really see it. So I really don’t know what you’re asking me about.”

Earlier in the week, Gucci Mane took to Twitter stating that if his former collaborator, T.I. wanted to get involved he could. Tip had no explanation for why Gucci would call him out, but he reiterated his desire to stay focused on financial matters.

“A lot of times in life, things happen and we never know why,” T.I. added. “Guess what? The focus is what counts. I’m focused on that sack champ. I’m trying to get myself where Dre, Puff, Jay and them are at—I’m talking net worth wise.”

The full interview, which also includes T.I. explaining how he chose his latest acting roles can be seen below.

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  • Shootfirstaskquestionsl8R

    EVERYBODY IN THE INDUSTRY SCARED TO FUK WITH GUCCI, Fuck record sales he's prolly the only rapper that raps about what he's actually done... And he gotta murder charge thrown out for killing jeezy' goon for lack of evidence ... True story ... THE TRUTH .. Now get back on tip's dick you bitches

  • Anonymous

    T.I. falling off ... Jeezy slowly declinin' ... Gucci aint lyrical, he knows that, so does everybody else but he make hits tho ..

    • BP

      neither Jeezy or T.I. is fallin off... Jeezy's one of the last rappers recently to go gold, and we barely got a glimpse of Trouble Man, either way I'm sure it'll be above & beyond No Mercy cause he rushed that shit 'fore he went back in the pen

  • gsonii

    Gucci ain't no realer than anyone else and if he was he would not have to keep using that supposed killing of Jeezy boy to make himself look real. Far as T.I. I hope he does well with this album then find himself something to do. Never really liked the way he let too many people get away with shit from still fucking with Game and Buck after they were in on that shit with Luda on Stoomp to letting Drake say some shit about going back to prison is not a option on his song.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who cares enough to beef with Gucci Mane should kill themselves. The guy is a loser, his records don't sell shit, critics laugh at him every time he drops summin, the guy is irrelevant, his only purpose is to drag other people down to his undesirable level. Jeezy himself might have beef with him in the streets but I doubt he's gonna care enough to a guy who's last album, that appeal bullshit, sold less then 200K and got shitty reviews everywhere. Beef with him in real life if you want but if you waste studio & interview time on this bum your a dumbass

  • Anonymous

    Of course, TI only picks on artists he knows he can intimidate. Dude don't want it with no real street nucca like Gucci

  • Anonymous

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  • what

    Man if you listen to T.I, you see where the cat have grown, all that street stuff been there done that when he was younger man, now he older with a family, aint nothing more but the money, that a real man for you, not no wanta G

  • BrownSuga

    TIP get reality show money, Boss show money and he making record money. Aint nothing Gucci the Ice Cream Man gonna say to him to get him that pressed to beef with him. Gucci is not relevant.

    • Anonymous

      he comes off pretty gangster and says some funny shit (unintentionally) not a fan by any means but thats why i let him grace my library. lyrically dirt tho

    • Anonymous

      I still do not understand gucci's hip hop appeal...there's no lyrical content

  • c

    amazing how dumb some niggas are! whoever listens to this gucci beef shit is a g'damn fool just like gucci. whoever says niggas don't want it wit gucci is a g'damn fool also. why in the hell do these young ass fools think just because he shot or killed a nigga of jeezys that this monkey ass nigga is da truth. this boy gucci is a m'fo clown!!

  • Anonymous

    All these Country Bumpkins Feuding, I thought those BAMA's stuck together? Get a FREE $200 Nike Gift Card! ow.ly/ewUUa

  • Anonymous

    Gucci Mane is a weak rapper but nobody fucks with him in the streets. If T.I. The Informant start fuckin with Gucci then T.I. aint safe no more in Atlanta!

    • Anonymous

      if the feds arent watching rappers then why is the DA trying to lock Chief Keef up for being on a gun range violating his probation. Do some research dumbass. The feds BEEN watching hip hop artists.

    • bswag

      you crazy if you think feds are watching some rappers LMAO what else ? let me guess...rick ross is moving tons of yay and waka flocka is serial killer...yeah sure..same chance as OJ da Jewman is getting Nobel prize for Literature

    • Anonymous

      who gives a fuck about nobody fucking with him in the streets....this is the record buisnees...dudes is trying to move and make their brand bigger. If gucci was so street he should have kept it there and kept his mouth shut and NOT make a diss record....just step to jeezy when you see him. NOW ALL HE DID WAS MAKE THE SITUATION HOT...YOU THINK THE FEDS AIN'T WATCHING GUCCI AND JEEZY and anybody that associates with them now?. All he did was attract attention

  • Anonymous

    Yea he smart for focusing on the money but how you gon come at a female when she say ya name but not another grown ass man? You wasnt focusing on the money then? T.I. my boy but thats showing some bitch tendencies... Handle ya shit like a man

    • geminiman7

      You're an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Dont make this shit up SUCKA.! The only thing tip did with azealia is answering a question from a radio dj.! You really think he could care about them THIRSTY ass bitches If tip makes a gucci diss song with the TRUTH(gucci words) His fucking career is FINITO.!!! How could you take a bitch ass nigga serious with a ice cream on his face tatooed the same nigga that throws out a 36 year old bitch out of his hummer and the same nigga who rocking milliob dollar chains but his kids stuck up with wall mart clothes.???? Gucci mane is a fucking retarded NEGGA point blank period.!! BRRR to that.!!! this is not a diss thit is THA TRUTH.!!!!

    • ETK

      first of all he ain't come at nobody, the bitch overreacted on twitter cause she couldn't handle what he said. and so what, he focusing on the money now. he was fresh outta jail back then so what's it matter

  • Anonymous

    Yea he kinda smart for keepin his focus, but the shit I dont like is how you gon come at a female when she say yo name but cant come at another grown ass man when got ya name in ya mouth, T.I. my nigga but he showing some straight bitch tendencies

  • InDaStreetz

    T.I. knows that Gucci Mane will make it hard for him to breathe in Atlanta. He was a ho for doing a song with Gucci, after Gucci called Tiny a industry slut on the was.......lol



  • YEBO


  • Anonymous

    smart guy... always thought people like Tip and Jigga had the right idea when it came to beefs and who they thought was worth taking on. Getting involved in Jeezy's beef with somebody like Gucci is both petty and not worth the possible risks, and it's good to see someone who understands that. Getting away from beef doesn't mean you're pussy. It means you're smart.

  • Osar

    Much respect to T.I., staying out of that petty shit with Jeezy and that trash-ass bitch Gucci.

  • Anonymous

    while gucci tried to promote his wack ass mucic by beefing, Ti will be over there stackin his paper, knowing ucci wants a monster like ti to answer back. ti >>>>>>>>>>> Gucci

  • Anonymous

    T.I a bitch, chickening out of a beef like dat....the niggas hiz tokin bout, dre, jay and puff all made serious money and beefed at the same time.so beef cant prevent u frm makin cheddar.why dont just be man enough and either syd eit gucci or jeezy....

    • 50 Cent

      ^^^^Is that you Gunplay? You still mad I'm wearing your chain PUSSY BOY!!!

    • Cudder

      there's actually a rapper that follows your line of thinking. it's that fuckboi 50 Cent

    • mischief

      couldn't have wrote it any better to prove how much of an incorrectly spelled grammar, incompetent and a small minded idiot you are.

    • cj

      Money First is right. And how is someone going to just invite you to beef with them? You either have a situation- or not. Shit is stupid, done for fake ass cred. Cats like 50 years old acting like 15 and 16 year olds. When you're grown, you tend to care about your family and finances, not what other dudes think.

    • Money First

      You sound dumb as shit and that is the reason why ATL has remained a stronghold in the industry because they managed to stay away from the petty ass beefs that everybody else seemed to think was important! T.I. sounds like a grown ass man not a petty ass boy still trying to gangbang!!!

  • datnigga

    Grown man shit. Respect

  • reddywang

    T I sounds scard of Gucci to me..this the 2nd time Gucci done called this man out and counting!

    • Unanimous

      On top of that he is a grown man (with a family). Why would he allow him self to be pulled in some bs he is not even part of?

    • Anonymous

      with all the legal trouble and history that TI has, do you think he can really afford to take time out to adress someone like Gucci mane? That would be completley idiotic

  • Anonymous

    T.I. and Jeezy are in a different league to Gucci and DTE they have way more to loose and cant be acting crazy and doing shit like this any more and DTE better be careful cause Jeezy is their boss over at Atlantic

  • The Truth

    This explains all of his recent "ball" music. Man is getting his dough. Good choice though. Never be the one to clean up another's shit. TIP isn't a garbage man, he's a bread maker.

  • Anonymous

    Good standpoint TIP, let them catfight and you make that money.

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