Pusha T Says "New God Flow" Was Inspired By A Birdman Quote He "Didn't Like"

Pusha T says that a quote from Birdman set him off and inspired him to write "New God Flow."

Pusha T and Lil Wayne have had their differences over the past few years, taking it to wax with the former's "Exodus 23:1" and the latter's "Goulish." During an interview with HHW, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper revealed that "New God Flow" was an extension of his beef with Cash Money, stating that a quote from Birdman inspired him to once again take aim at the squad.

"'New God Flow' was about, in my view, something I read in a Birdman interview that I didn't like. He said something like 'G.O.O.D. Music isn't nothing' and it had nothing to do with Wayne or Drake per se," he said. "That was Birdman saying whatever he wanted to say and that was the basis of where all of my lines came from. Everybody else was on their love of Hip Hop shit."

As for the YMCMB crew, Pusha said that he doesn't have much ill will towards the collective and that their beef with him is much stronger than vice versa.


"I don't have no ill will towards none of them man. Really I don't. I know for sure that their wills towards me is way iller than mine towards them. I know that. But it's like, I don't have ill will. That's why I can be like, 'Aww, fuck that. That shit ain't good.' 'Cause if it ain't going to be about making awesome, awesome music, then what are we doing?"

Read the full interview at HHW.

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  • iGrind

    This song is my fav from PUsha T

  • Real Talk

    to many white teenagers on this blog site, its getting old. Niggas don't use the words "fags" that some kid shit, fuck ya choosing sides for anyways, none of them give 2 fucks about u....

  • james

    YMCMB is known by rap fans whose combined IQ is countable on their fingers to be great. The rest of us, not G-Tarded people, realize that YMCMB is trash. Pusha T, don't waste your time with Birdman, Drake, or Lil Wayne, you're musically (and intelligently) beyond them.

    • Anonymous

      your a loser who thinks u know something but if you did, you wouldnt be sitting at home writing comments on websites,

  • Anonymous

    Yo Push, leave the YMCMB stuff alone, their ship is already sinking, no need to give them anymore publicity, it's obvious their garbage. Get a FREE $200 Nike Gift Card: ow.ly/ewUUa

  • Anonymous

    New God Flow is one of the hottest songs released this year. It was too good.

  • Keon

    Re-up gang was real before any records pimp...do your "street research"

  • jerryc

    pusha leave good music and go back to making classics

  • YEBO


  • Anonymous

    yall acting like this song is a classic fuck outta here

  • rapfan

    He is a very good rapper, but he's fake. His hands never touched a single gram of cocaine. And all that YMCMB bitchin' is one of the reason why nobody takes him seriously in 2012. Still fan of all Clipse albums.

  • Anonymous

    cash money is a pop label with a guy who kiss his dj why do you still big them up oh ok we got some fags in here

  • Anonymous

    have yall noticed that if it doesnt involve YMCMB or hes not talking about Kanye, pusha gets no attention. Seriously in the past 3years what has pusha made headlines for? Signing with Ye and shit involving YMCMB. Thats it And dont give me that shit that its not his fault people ask him these questions. He has the right to tell them that he doesnt want to address anything that doesnt involve his music.

    • bouttimerealtalk

      4real get off a nigga dick he say ymcmb and lil wayne more than the people in there clique, if you not bitching bout wayne you have no relevance. Get your on buzz

  • Fuck Pusha T & His Family

    Whatever. It was trash anyway.

  • Anonymous

    i'm glad that the source of all these comments can be traced. in other words, 75% of these comments are left by the same computer. SMDH

  • Mr. Peanut Butta

    We all know why Pusha is beefin with YMCMB...Lets be honest, it's not like Lil Chuckee or Drake finna pull out dat FN on him. I mean, Weezy could pull out his skateboard, but that aint really ain gon do shee. Oh yeah, GOOD Music is a bunch of clowns too.

  • Yeah

    it seems like Birdman's garbage ass always starts rifts between people, before he said shit about Jay-Z; Wayne and Jay were cool. He says too much and can never back it up, he sucks musically, he fucks over his artists, and his only back up who disses for him is Wayne; because he can't rhyme about anything except for "shining every summer, grinding every summer".

    • Google

      type in "Birdman says Lil Wayne is better than Jay-Z" on google, there will be a lot of articles. I don't know why the dude thinks he's entitled to talk shit, he's old, but he's nowhere near a hiphop legend or heavyweight; his name doesn't attract attention to songs, more than anything, his name on a song makes people not want to listen. A good example would his song with Kendrick Lamar called "B-Boyz", Kendrick's part is good, but Birdman's is the same awful bullshit he always talks about in songs.

    • Anonymous

      wheres the link to this birdman interview?

  • Tide Water's Giant

    This clown can't get any press without using the name of a member of Cash Money Records....lol


    Pusher t bruised his ribs trying to suck his own jerky while kanye west was shirtless in boxer briefs making him beats in the background


    Pusher T...his favorite rap song is Booker T's intro on WCW

    • Big T

      I used to be Ahmed Johnson in WWF, I was being set up for big things but then I got hurt and was let go. I reappeared 200 pounds heavier in WCW as Stevie Ray's partner after the Harlem Heat break up as BIG T!

    • Stevie Ray

      Hey man Booker T's WCW intro is ill. I still listen to that sometimes.


    This nigga wipes from front to back...but not back to front like 6'4 hydrollics


    Pusher T,this nigga doesn't shake his wheaties after he's done pissing.

  • good

    over the past year or so kanye hasnt really fucked with drake nor lil wayne..and around that time frame pusha t voiced his opinions about them, "allegedly" on exodus. If birdman said something about good music pusha as all right to defend that

  • Anonymous

    I wish he'd just shut the fuck up. We get it dude you don't like Birdman and Lil Wayne no one gives a fuck just make music. Beef here and there is one thing but when every post you see about a dude is him talking shit or him getting upset over a few words is just sad.

    • Anonymous

      yea, cause you know pusha probably writes all these articles and tells the website to make his articles only about beef. Come on man if you don't see that this site pulls the drama from each interview and makes it into it's own article then you might be retarded.

  • Industry Advocate

    Y'all going waaayyyyy over the top with this! This is MUSIC! Ain't nobody shooting, jacking or running from anything in music battles. Too much money to be made to be on some street ish! That being said, name a cat from that camp that can touch Pusha T musically, lyrically, rhymes style, cadence? He murders 90% of this game, regardless of how many units he sells. Drake knows it, that's why he idolized him and his brother. Stop with all the crew groupie riding and be fair and real.

    • Anonymous

      Pusha murders 90% of the game??? Nigga, I hope u are Joking or u are just a straight moron. Pusha ain't even the best on Good music so how the fuck the nigga nicer than 90% of the game?

  • Clifford

    I am from NO and I can swear that Pusha T don't want to fuck with the William brothers. Them niggaz could make fruity music but Birdman and Slim are real Gs. Anybody from the NO know what I'm taumbout and I'm not a fan of YMCMB. Pusha is just a pussy ass nigga, I'd like to put hands on this little nigga that acts like he a thug when he been exposed as a fake ass nigga.

    • Cliff.. Drop PCP Spliff

      Could've possibly had some validity to your claim.. before.. you mentioned... JAE MILLZ... lol ufckin YMCMB stick cushion! Anybody giving props to that loser when you could've named virtually anybody else from any other camp.. hell, I think I'd pick Murphy Lee over Millz! Cory Gunz, One of the slaughterhouse lame-o's,.. Diggy Simmons got more bars than Millz.. lol! Cliff you are super whack bruh!


      didn't know emily elizabeth got you wifi Clifford you big red dawg... #PUSH, HIS NAME IS HIS NAME. GOOD MUSIC RUN THIS BITCH, YES WE DO

    • smh

      shut your ass up clifford

    • Cliff

      FUCK OFF industry advocate faggot. U mean to tell me this nigga can outrap Busta? Jae Millz? Mack Maine? Old Wayne? Drake? (Yes Drake, He a pussy but the kid got bars) Gtfoh nigga. This nigga Pussy T tries too hard to be a gangster when errbdy know he fake as fuck.

    • Industry Advocate

      Calm down...it's only music! Being it's only Music, NO ONE THERE CAN HOLD A CANDLE TO THIS GUY LYRICALLY!

  • Anonymous

    Pusha needs to just shut up. YMCMB are shit (except Drake, Busta, Cory Gunz and Nicki - when she wants to be). But they are part of the musical landscape, whether we (as listeners) or they (as artists) like it or not. Out of GOOD Music, Kanye has made songs with Wayne, Drake and Nicki (he should've signed Drake), Big Sean is openly friends with Wayne and Drake, and 2 Chainz has done songs with Wayne and Drake. The only person in GOOD who really seems to be have a problem with YMCMB is Pusha. Pusha needs to shut up. Drake needs to quit YM. Birdman and Wayne need to retire.

    • Anonymous

      corey guns and busta are signed to cash money not young money get your facts straight brandon from the wire a** n****

    • GW

      If you watched the interview of G.O.O.D you would clear see that big sean is not open friends with wayne and them. that song my hommie still was made months before there was a beef and the whole G.O.O.D clearly has pusha back. and also common dont like them dudes either just saying, because you dont know what you talking bout Im stating factss

  • D-Live

    Pusha T....shut the f*** up...U a b**** nigga that has to stay relevant by runnin ya mouth about da biggest mogul in da game. Pull up da resume nigga.....Wayne is shittin all ova u bitch niggaz

  • neg1

    watch out 4 G-two we the new hiphop duo concerned in taking hiphop home,win lost souls back to christ.we wish we have yall maximum support.God bless yall.life is from one to the top by the GRACE OF GOD.

  • Anonymous

    this is what pusha has to do to be talked about. attack YMCMB. He looks stupid cause GOOD MUSIC head honcho Kanye has made songs with Wayne and Big Sean as well.

    • Anonymous

      shutup nobody cares about that anymore. 1 on 1 on the mic pusha destroys whats left of ymcmb. tired of you sittin down to pee ass niggas fuckin the game up. go take your shit opinion so ewhere else like a 8th grade lunch table then maybe your measly thoughts will matter some

  • ...

    I've heard that Drake has just been kicked out of YMCMB! If Weezy is stupid enough to do that then it signals the inevitable end of the YMCMB reign.

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