Prodigy Says Havoc Doesn't "Deserve To Get Shot," Adds That Others Do

Another chapter is made in the on-going quarrel between Mobb Deep brothers Havoc and Prodigy but this one has Prodigy focusing more on his career than on Hav.

The feud between Mobb Deep members Havoc and Prodigy has become an on-going dispute. Along the way, Havoc accused Prodigy of snitching and said that he was hiding his homosexuality. There was even a rumor of the two being involved in a physical altercation and disses have been handed out. However, in a recent interview Prodigy declined to speak badly of Havoc, shouting him out and saying he feels good.

When the topic of Havoc came up, Prodigy refused to speak badly of his Mobb brother. Instead, he focused on what he's been up to since being released from jail and even shouted Hav out.

"I'm getting a lot of work done. It feels good," he explained in the interview with ThisIs50. "I'm independent. I feel I'm in a good place right now. I feel good. I'm just gonna continue doing that. Shout out to Havoc too. Shout out to Hav. That's my dog."

Later in the interview, Prodigy did say that some "people deserve to get shot."

"Some people just need that. Some people deserve to get shot," he said. "Some people deserve to get shot and die. Certain people just deserve the worst shit to happen to them." 

However, when asked if he was talking about Havoc, he said that he wasn't, adding, "Nah. Hav don't deserve that."

Prodigy was also asked if he has ever participated in homosexual activity. When asked, he replied, "Hell fuckin' no. Hell no." 

More from the interview can be seen below. 

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  • dave

    Good to see Prodigy's found peace.

  • Anonymous

    Even if there is 'Bad Blood' neither one of these cats are in a position to talk bad about the other, they built up a brand for 20 years, now when they take shots at each other, it makes them both look silly. Get a FREE $200 Nike Gift Card:

  • Anonymous

    "You Going To Jail Now! You Going To Jail Now! You Going..." UPPERCUT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Prodigy is puttin in work. More than Havoc is.

  • Fuck Queensbridge

    But who the fuck is this nigga to say who should get shot?!?!

  • what

    If anybody really know they can separate the real from the fake, and i am tell you prodigy going to get catch out there this nigga aint know real gangster, ask that nigga when last he drive through Queen, must less come through

  • Killem Dafoe

    I'm callin bullshit! This is another publicity stunt by Mobb Deep to generate a buzz. They did this a few months ago on this site. The fact that they gotta do WWE type shit is a sign to call it quits. Or put out better music, something they haven't done in a looooong while...The end of Mobb Deep started when they signed to G-Unit. It's been a downhill slalom ever since.

    • kandonga

      im sorry mate but mobbs last dope album was murder muzik and they had two shit albums before the g-unit album, which was quite good, i think were they went wrong were the exessive g unit features which kinda diluted the mobb deep feel

  • YHWH

    yo Hip HopDX ya'll are gossiping like your WorldStar this article is BS!!! bad look..

  • BewareOfTheSnakes

    So after this whole interview, HipHop DX makes the headline "Prodigy says Havoc doesn't deserve to get shot". Yo...this website incites violence in HipHop so much I'm really starting to wonder if there's a hidden hand behind the scenes that is trying to hand out poison on purpose. This site tries to hard to pump up beefs and does a good job of it, based on all the responses they get from motherfuckers feeding into that shit. It's fuckin' sad man. Sell outs.

    • hnic

      i swear ever since dx changed its site design it started the bullshit---we want the old hip hop dx back. anyone remember the great editorial that were written? those came from the perspectives of real rap fans. what happened to the old dx writers? fuck this sell-out copy

    • @R.Pgh

      As I just stated on the Bizzle article, the other Complex media sites, like NahRight for instance, post some of the same articles, have the e-mail function turned on to heavily moderate comments, and STILL are respected sites that generate ad revenue. Here's how NahRight posted this same video yesterday: Video: Prodigy Talks Beef with Havoc Thats my dog P on Havoc P sits down with Jack Thriller to refute some of Havs allegations and talk about The Bumpy Johnson Album, his upcoming novel and niggas who deserve to get shot.-eskay Big difference! I'm also inclined to believe that some of the trolls are actual DX employees.

    • Anonymous

      Right on! Ima say word!

    • Hip Hop DX Exposed

      C'mon Fam, you can't tell there's a hidden hand behind Hip hop dx? how come they always support garbage artists no one has heard of? along with you "industry standard' bullshit? it's because the industry has a hand in this website. Look at all the mcdonalds, Alcohol and Levi's ads they put up. That ain't hip hop. Look at who writes these articles. they def ain't hip hop. Hiphopdx is play to pay. those no name artists are a part of iStandard, an industry tastemaker production club that these artists have to pay $300 every year just to be considered, and most of the music they push is straight GARBAGE. There is a hidden hand behind this website, you just don't see it because they play the role.

    • Anonymous

      R.Pgh nailed it.

    • Anonymous

      Word Up, Right On........

    • R.Pgh

      at the end of the day, they're (HHDX) is part of the media. They all do this shit. Misleading headlines are attention grabbers that entice people to click to the article. More clicks, more page views, more ad impressions, more money.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly .. Preach brother .. Too many lemmings on this site


      hahaha tell em

    • Anonymous

      co-sign they always taking quotes and printing them out of context in headlines

  • Uno Ocho Gang

    Can't believe how terrible Prodigy's music is now. Really is quite the fall considering he was one of the best at the time.

    • Uno Ocho Gang

      P's so called music pretty much sounds just the same. It's all garbage. No such thing as hip hop music/culture anymore. All of a sudden it's cool for dudes to wear tight ass jeans and pink polo shirts. It's the generation of the faggots.

    • Anonymous

      ill take the music prodigy is putting out today over any lil wayne or rick ross album

  • Anonymous

    Admit it got pimped out in jail. follow @noles506

  • Anonymous

    That's a man talking!

  • Anonymous

    havoc iz alcoholic

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