Miami Rapper Bizzle Slain In Shooting

An argument turns fatal as Bizzle is gunned down in Miami.

Rapper Bizzle was killed in a shooting Monday (October 16) in his native Miami.

NBC Miami reports that the homicide occurred at around 7:30 PM.

Bizzle, real name Robert Labranche, apparently became involved in an argument with someone while outside a carwashing business. It is important to note, despite what many news outlets are reporting, that Labranche is not the Christian rapper Bizzle.

The rapper's son and daughter, both under 10, were in his care during the time of the incident. 

"Fortunately they did not see the actual incident, and they are currently right now unharmed with family members," said Miami Police spokesman Det. Willie Moreno.

Police are searching for a black male suspect in his 20s who fled the scene wearing all black.

HipHopDX extends its condolences to Bizzle's family and friends.



  • Junk

    I can't believe how ignorant people are to believe that it's totally hip-hop fault that causes things like this to happen (or even race). None of these young men will ever have enough money to own up to what the hip-hop culture projects to the youth. Can someone please tell me who keeps financing this culture? Keeping it in the media and making money off its demises. It's can't be them, because we are led to believe that they are poor, petty criminals, who will die with nothing; even if they had a little something. People need to look pass the surface of the matter and uncover the true devils behind all this nonsense. It's not the hip-hop culture, it's the men hiding up stairs, sitting back laughing, while financing this culture and keeping it alive. If you really want something dead, you kill it! Solve the problem....Stop financing these horrible types of beliefs, than our youth would not grow up learning to harbor these ideas, while passing them on to the next generation. (A deadly cycles, that's not getting any better.) This world would be a lot better for everyone, don't you think? These young men are disposable moneymakers for greedy, controlling people behind the culture. For them to make more money, it's as easy as dangling a steak in front of a pack of hungry lions. Hip-hop is brought worldwide, not by just one race. $$$$$$ IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! $$$$$$

  • Antonio B

    Tragic, no one knows exactly what happened here except he was at a Car wash and got into an argument. Here in Chicago you can't argue with anyone or the same thing happens daily if not people come back by the weekend and try to kill you. If this serves as anythng it would be to ask God to bless our comings and goings for we don't know who we cross and if they are having a bad day they choose to pull out and kill us. Condolences to his children

  • Travis w

    Just awful,imagine the children being confused and in that position not knowing what was going on? Kids are possibly affected and you young dudes with no fathers couldn't understand this so instead you make cold comments. why even make a comment about anyones death and say dude was a nobody when its evident his children were present in the car he stepped out of? R.I.P to the brother and we pray his children have good memories

  • Anonymous

    "this is what hip hop has come to these days the wack hip hop has bought the trash talking little kids onto a hip hop website" ^ DX wants the ad money and allows the buffoonery meanwhile their Complex Media associated sites ALL have the e-mail requirement turned on and STILL thrive off the ad revenue....why doesn't DX do the same?

  • I Come In Peace

    I heard somewhere he was a Cristian rapper. Is that true? Anyboby?

  • killah_casp

    and what the hell is with all the racism on here as human beings i would off thought yall would off evolved past that stage a long time ago again this is what hip hop has come to these days the wack hip hop has bought the trash talking little kids onto a hip hop website. I predicted this would happen and warned you it would but all off you didnt care you let the bitch rappers pimp the game to a fukin playboy bunny lifestyle now look at it. LOOK WHAT YOU DID , HIP HOP IS DEAD AND YOU HELPED IT DIE.

  • Jacc

    LOL the pigs will NEVER find the suspect. "black male in his 20s wearing all black" SMH oh yeah you'll have some problem now

  • Rashid Muhammad

    One more dead brother and the white folks keep clapping at our failure. SMH.

    • wreckless

      Rashid, go kill yourself if you think all white people have something against blacks. People like you make this world a fucked up place to live in

    • Giovanni

      Rashid, Some percentage of white internet users may be venting their hatred, but the vast majority of white people, including conservatives, are not clapping at the death of this man or at the misery brought to his family. We do wonder, though, how much longer before we see a realization of link between the violent imagery/worship of the "gangsta" lifestyle and the unfortunate belief that all real-life problems can be resolved through hate and violence. Soon, we hope. Rashid, as a conservative who has had many professional and private relationships with the full spectrum of America over my long life, I can tell you the "racial divide" is media driven hype pushed by a few folks with a stake in the continuation of this fabrication. Let's not use Robert's murder as another way to feed these media parasites. Instead, let's, together, push these 'gangsta" wannabes out of the neighborhoods we should be sharing together and to justice. Giovanni

  • realrap

    good last thing we need is another shit rapper from miami

  • Bizzle

    Naked Hustle Video by bizzle widely popular in 08, 09.... the wu-tang dance & a lot of their club dance music came from artists like him. real street dude, rapper on the side. #respectthehustle RIP Bizzle

  • graham

    burn in hell you piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    Who cares, did anyone hear a single song from this chump...Including you HIPHOPDX

    • ETK

      Anyway, dude was a nobody. Plus he NEVER did shit for me, so his death doesn't move me.

    • killah_casp

      this is the type of ignorant fucking kid who got bought into hip hop by shit lyrism from these wack new school artists. what you think someone deserves to lose there life because they aint a well known rapper , if thats the case then why is your bitch ass still breathing dont hate on the dead kid if you aint got a reason to hate then fuck off back to your bubblegum rap on vevo.

    • StopTheViolence

      @Anonymous, I did, but I don't remember hearing a song from you so... R.I.P. Bizzle

    • Fish

      What has hearing him rap got to do with whether or not it matters he got killed? Retard.

  • Mike

    Aint nothing PUSSIER than these American hood NIGGERS. I am 100 African and blacker than you bitch asses because yall start calling me a whiteboy. I mean, who shoot someone over an argument? LMAO!!! Why yawl clowns can't fight with ur hands? You homoThugs kill me. Ha ha. No respect at all. Thats why the white ppl laugh at all.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Cosign black people need to learn how to love eachother NO MATTER WHAT. Oreos like Mike just LOVE to bring their own people down thinking they will get applauded by white folks, but they're still monkeys in the eyes of crackers regardless of how much they hate their own.

    • Anonymous

      you act like whites never kill people. is it worth talking down to your people just to suck white dick? justify racism ans stereotypes? black people like you are the real problem. you'll take any isolated incident and use it to justfy hatred. black people like you are the worst. clayton bigsby ass niggas. sellimng out your own people over some bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    "Police are searching for a black male suspect in his 20s who fled the scene wearing all black." Good luck, ha.

  • thatswhathappens

    googled his name, found out that all the outlets like NBC and FOX are confusing this guy with a Christian rapper of the same name couldn't find anything about this guy though, no mixtapes, no songs... I mean, what makes him a rapper? because he raps? if I liked to golf occasionally, and I was shot and killed at a carwash, would the article's title be "Golfer Slain in Shooting"?

  • larry dillemma

    Another worthless black bites the dust and begins burning in hell...Good riddance to trash I say.

  • Chi Town Bound

    not trying to sound heartless or anything, but why is it always the ones we've never heard of gettin killed? Never heard of this dude, but everyone on FB n Twitter talkin about him. Like did I miss somethin? RIP to him though

    • l

      He was a Miami local people did know him.

    • gr

      Some local dudes have big records without crossing over. Rick Ross hustlin was out like a year and a half killing miami locally before it "blew up"

    • Anonymous

      well, if you live in Chicago (which i assume that you do, judging by your username) then what are the chances that you're gonna have heard of a local rapper from Miami?

  • John Smith

    Who was this nobody? Who cares about this guy? I don't know him hes a nobody. People are killed everyday. Remove this story the guy probably deserved it

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't matter what the argument was about, but shooting somebody, much less when their kids are around, is bullshit.

  • Z Dub

    Was it Marvin Harrison's carwash?

  • tuvi

    American black youth are the laziest, hopeless and most useless of all black youths in the world. Keep killing yourselves you useless cunts and stay in the ghetto while we migrate to your country and live in the suburbs and get educated and get good jobs in AMERICA....and am from Nigeria.

    • Anonymous

      It has always befuddled me how one would want to migrate to a land that enslaved your people?.....

    • realrap

      its funny how many white folks on here calling blacks niggers and worthless yet they are on a hip hop sight, how can you be a fucking racist and listen to hip hop at the same time? ironic

    • 17July

      ^^^LMAO @anon!!

    • Anonymous

      You're all white, shut the fuck up you corny bitches.

    • L

      We all as blacks rather we live in the states or somewhere else kill other young blacks over dumb stuff it makes us look as whole ignorant tuvi you come to america you will get treated like just a another nigger too instead of criticizing drop jewels of wisdom like dang another brother dead when are we going learn not to act like this it's ashame our youngsters die like this before they even could do something with their life

    • Olayan

      tuvi as a fellow Nigerian you truly disgust me.

    • Anonymous

      how is the view from your high horse? last week i saw a video of 5 nigerian boys getting burned alive for stealing a lap top. its sad to hear a black man talk to another black in the manner you just did, especially knowing damn well every race is cursed with ignorant people. you are the lowest form black. your heart is not the work of god. This is coming from a Ghanian. RIP to this man's familt. my heart goes out to his children

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