Scott Storch Wanted For Arrest For Failing To Pay Child Support

Scott Storch's endless legal problems continue.

Scott Storch's personal, legal, and financial problems have just gotten significantly more serious.

TMZ reports that the once-renowned producer is sought by police after a Florida court ordered Storch to be arrested for failing to pay child support and other bills.

Court documents indicate that Storch owes $28,300, and failed to show up to court to explain why he hadn't paid.

An additional report indicates that a Beverly Hills Hotel has filed a police report this week, claiming that Storch owes it $4,000.

Storch's child support issues go back at least since 2008, and the producer was sued in 2012 for being too "drugged out" to produce an album.

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  • Anonymous

    Wasted talent that sucks. Pay the Child Support already you Harvard freshman looking motherfucker

  • Anonymous

    what does scott storch and gunplay have in common?

  • Anonymous

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  • nickrazor2000

    Ok young guys tryin to get in the industry, Look at Scott storch and how his world has crumbled all over some white powder. Be smart and STAY OFF THAT SHIT!! Thank you

  • anon

    Dnt he got a baby by lil kim

  • Phil A

    What else is new? Another artist that has trouble managing their wealth.

  • Anonymous

    Should I insert here that famous Rick James saying about cocaine? Most certainly anybody around here are familiar with it, well, except the subject of the article. Dude was the perfect example of what we might call A-list producer, probably one of those persons who ever got paid six figures for a beat. Really, its a shame how even such a skillfull musician can ruin his whole life by doing white. Guess the Bugatti and the whole car collection, the yacht (worth 20 million USD), and the mansion in Miami (worth the ANOTHER 20 million USD) are already gone, so in worst case he could easily find himself in prison soon. Hope he'll recover from this state once, thus being able to work again, even if its clear that he never get his old wealth back.

  • insanemacbeth

    the world's maaaaaad. here we have a don classically-trained keyboardist...who owns a BUGATTI VEYRON...and he cannot pay that chump-change? s.m.h.

    • Anonymous

      tha fuck you talking about , he doesn't have a veyron anymore , that shit is gone , his mansion and everything , and i feel bad for him , he is a one of a kind talent and fuck this child support bs

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