Gucci Mane Involves T.I. In Young Jeezy Beef & Releases "Truth" Video

Gucci Mane starts throwing shots every which way, with T.I. the latest in his line of fire.

The Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy beef seems to have escalated.

After Gucci gave an interview earlier this week claiming that he has "no respect" for Jizzle, Jeezy responded calling Gooch "retarded."

In response, Gucci released the Young Jeezy diss "Truth," now making its rounds online. However, Gucci didn't stop there, taking to Twitter and involving T.I. in the beef:

Additionally, Gucci released a video for the "Truth" diss:

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    Gucci has contributed, in his early career. He was a motivation for those who can atleast turn the vol. up and traap the ball or oz they got, dreaming of the day they got so much they wouldnt need any at all. That is a apart of the social independence hip hop used to stand for. Beefs, cliques, and identities presented throughout this industry only keeps it and its followers separated. And surely makes everyones chances to overthrow those on top in any substantial field next to one. Hip hop must truly unite as a culture or religion or even a political party.. because i see too many good souls i can consider apart of this culture losing lives while horrible ones outside keep on banking


    The gangsters in the streets dont buy albums. The white kids who try and be gangster do. black people bootleg at a higher rate, so if you are in it for the money (that is why people get jobs) then u market to who gonna buy your shit. stay true and stay broke. hence why wayne ( who lyrically isnt that good) is sellin thru the roof. he has some black people, but more importantly he has the white people who have money to buy all his bull shit.

    • Anonymous

      So are you saying that the only black people that listen to music are gangsters and black people who bootleg? That's some dumb as coon shit


    Dana White needs to start cashing these dudes out for a UFC card...I'm sick of watching Silva...I want to see Jeezy and Gucci in the octagon son!

  • Anonymous

    Say's the man with a cone tat on his cheek! FREE Nike $200 Gift Card Test and Keep an iPhone 5

  • Anonymous

    Jeezy is secretly scared of any man with an ice cream cone tatted on his face. That's beyond gangsta.

  • Anonymous

    that shit was wac

  • Anonymous

    Rappers stop gabbing about how much money,cars,jewls,homes,women u have r can get;rap about other stuff,then we can c who Really has Talent/Career. if u have a problem with what I just stated hit me @ on Twitter...

  • Anonymous

    True a lot of Gay Rappers out here! Most have good beats,some hard lyrics. I know Gucci was not talking about T.I. when it comes to whom is raising they kids; because all of America knows that TIP has all his kids taken care of! now Young Jeezy I don' know.

  • Gucci Crap

    Why the hell is this bum Gucci Mane even associated with Hip Hop. He cant rap, he dont skate, he cant break, he cant paint... What the fuck can this fool do that makes him relevant in the hip hop world? You tell me, cos this attempt at a song/video is absolute f**king garbage. It upsets me that this clown can make a quick buck of the genre I/we love.

    • Anonymous

      There's a lot of people who don't give a damn about skating, painting or any of the bs you say contributes to hip hop... nobody actually in the streets wants to listen to that soft s**t

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he contributes by being one of the few actual real people in hip hop.. Someone who actually is the person he portrays in his raps.. Not many people are real in hip hop today

    • Anonymous

      cops hate skaters

    • Anonymous

      I get what you're saying. "ricky" is hung up on the skateboarding portion of your statement, but I have to agree. I don't see what Gucci contributes to the genre/culture/movement... I'm lost. Apparently the essential elements that once defined hip-hop are no longer relevant or even recognized.

    • Ricky Rozay

      Nigga shut the fuck up. He can't skate. Most these lame ass niggas that skate are just as bad rappers as Gucci if not worse. Those odd future fags suck. Wayne aint that good, Lil B a fag so shut the fuck up. Most of hip hop is watered down but Gucci more hip hop than those hipster faggots ridin around in skateboards. Those little bitches need to be pimpslapped. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    Gucci jus went hard on jeezy fuk yall lookn at a nygga lips for fags

  • Anonymous

    gucci lips look like a niggers lol

  • Anonymous

    you can use guccis lips to clean dirty skillets

  • Anonymous

    guccis lips look like a rusty mailbox

  • Anonymous

    guccis lips look like the back of Forrest whitakers neck

  • Anonymous

    gucci's lips look like a dried out dog nose

  • Anonymous

    guccis lips look like the heal of a africans foot

  • Anonymous

    Gucci's lips look like the bottom of a barbecue grill

  • Gerald Big Time

    Dude @Jason Pitts I totally agree on all aspects but Gucci is kinda fake to me squashing beef with Jeezy one day and then the days his mixtape drop he wanna diss Tip (who was just one of his tracks) and talk about real but Flocka is the biggest fraud in the game other than Rick False smh Ricky took a loss, and Jeezy winning in my estimations

  • Jason Pitts

    This beef really needs to stop but I wish you idiots would stop taking sides like they paying either of you ya'll aint signed to CTE or 1017, ya'll aint in BMF or BSM so cut the crap lol. It's sad that Gucci took out a person who was allegedly Jeezy's boy (allegedly), and that Jeezy had Gucci's former friend Black Magik killed smh Gucci dissed him after he left Big Cat but because he fucked with Young Ralph (who was on the label), they closed their wounded friendship up. People are losing lives behind this I know its no turning back and no peace making but they should just fight one on one and stop the damn bloodshed it's making rap music, our race, and gangstas look a lot worst than it already does

    • Anonymous

      I understand where you're coming from but they were looking down on Hip Hop when the b-boys were spinning on cardboard boxes and Flash was scratching records on turntables. These two having problems don't affect my life, nor do they make you, your mom or dad look bad.

    • Anonymous

      Jeezy scared to fight it out

  • Anonymous

    you'll be scared of Gucci, if he bust one of yo folks and get away with it.. listen to his lawyer at the end of da video. that what happen da day gucci bust him

  • Anonymous

    you ppl are dumb.. if you listen to gucci mane, he clearly dgaf about the rapp game. Gucci dam near have da most respect outta any rapper/street nigga. just look at da type of ppl he move with..

  • Anonymous

    are there any rappers whp want to make a record with a perpective russian rap group? if for someone it's interesting, him me

  • michigan

    this is just gucci mane trying to save his career because its oer so he has to start up some bs to get people talking about him.

    • Jake

      Dude cut it out. If you have the money to produce your own music your career can never be over. You talkin stupid.

  • Anonymous

    That song was cool, im not a big gucci fan but he has a good flow on this song

  • Anonymous

    Gucci just murked Jeezy once again. Round 2 goes to Gucci so far.

  • Anonymous

    What Gangsta in yo hood you know go get a git damn ice cream on his face???

  • Wow

    the pic that the video is frozen on is fucking disgusting. Dude's lips are the same color as his skin.

    • JJ

      LMAO! For real man!! This is one of the ugliest guys in hip hop. Wait...he's one of the ugliest people in the world!

  • d-nucks

    this dude need to quit braggin about killing that a little more humble about it....cause it EASILY COULD HAVE WENT THE OTHER WAY...stop braggin and thank GOD for his time he might not be so blessed. IF A PRESIDENT CAN GET HIT...SO CAN GUCCI MAN......nuff said

    • fuk u gon hit ur mom off ur ip address pussy ass must b a white boi u are the lamest motherfucker wit dat shyt y aint ur momma abort u

    • d-nucks

      I see my comment went completely over ya heads....its all good though...

    • Anonymous

      then every rapper should stop talking about selling drugs and gangs, jus enjoy the music man, cause 90% of the rappers nowadays talk about the same shit. the other 10% still get dissed up by same people on the site, u gotta be you, and I guess this just gucci.

    • Anonymous

      you can get hit too off of your ip address, so stop with all your hating, while using religion..........brrr

  • D-Nutz

    Gucci Mane, ain't that the retard who loves beat up women, loves to flash the ugliest tattooes in the world and the guy who makes the most dull diss tracks??

  • Anonymous

    these guys ain't no different from two politicians trying to get votes. it's all about making money and they don't care about killing or dying for it.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga retarded

  • d-boifresh

    lol nobody scared of tip he like 4'2 plus nigga a sell out phony now his wife got this fuck boi in check

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Gucci is a legend...and I dont mean that in the greatest rapper of all time category either. I mean in respect of a man who came up of rappin and never crossed over and stayed true to what he set out to do. Gucci is prolly the biggest underground/Indie artist doin it next to Tech N9ne.

    • o

      Gucci Time!!! Anyone...indie huh ur a dumbass like da rest...nuff said

    • Drew

      Gucci Mane is not a Indie artist.. Brick Squad is a division run by Warner Bros. Tech N9ne is indie because Strange Music is not part of any major label like Brick Squad, Roc Nation, Def Jam, MMG....

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does Gucci Mane have the mouth of Homer Simpson...

  • Anonymous

    i Hate when suck ass rappin niggaz drop diss tracks, its like watching a armless man trying to box.

  • Donald Passman

    Gucci Mane killed Jeezy's artist Poochie Loc and after that, Jeezy had Gucci's artist Black Magic murdered on Simpson Road, so theoretically they should be even now.

  • yeaaahh

    I wish people would shut up about who's a real street nigga and who isn't.. no one cares about those no good hood niggas who just stand on the corner all day. This shit needs to chill because people have already gotten hurt and killed over it. I don't understand Gucci because he just did a song with T.I. called "Plain Jane" and now he's dissing him..

    • yeaaahh

      ^^^ You're an idiot!! I did not say everyone who lives in the hood. I said the NO GOOD ones that stand on the corner ALL day, you know, the ones who are always up to no good and don't even try to better themselves. Those are usually the people who refer to themselves as "street niggas". So get out of your feelings and read carefully, dumbass!

    • Anonymous

      No good hood n***a? What makes you think you're better than the next person? You actually know all of their personal histories to judge them as a whole? See I had and have always had a job, but I stood out there on the corner too when I came home and hung out with my friends. Did you think I was one of those do nothing lazy wannabees because you saw me there for a MOMENT? There's a guy I know right now who is happy to be on the corner with the homeboys. Not because of the drugs or stupidity, because he's a in a messed situation being homeless and enjoys the conversations about REAL THINGS in life. Do I need to say he's Caucasian to make you understand how screwed up you think? You can lose everything tomorrow boy. If you were REAL, you would spread some intelligence around to help others instead of looking down on them.

  • Anonymous

    gucci is a street dude for real jeezy or tip dont want it and that diss track is dope!

  • Ricky Rozay

    Jeezy career fuckin over. Went at Ross and loss, Gucci dissin his ass, his own crew dissin his ass and Big Meech comin out callin this nigga a fake and yall niggas on here still ridin on his dick and callin Ross a fake. Fuck outta here. These lames on these forums stupid as fuck. This nigga career ova! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d-boi fresh

    tip just needs to stay out this he aint no real bankhead shawty lo proved that u aint ever in the hoods n atl...

    • Anonymous

      yea but Alphamega was the only reason why Tip was able to go to the projects lol. Get it together while you trying to drop knowledge. Alphamega gone so tip street crd gone. Alphamega already told it bro. Go to youtube and look it up.

    • Darius

      Lmao Shawty Lo? T.I. shot the video for his diss track in Shawty Lo's hood. Same projects that this nigga always mentions. Please think before you post my nigga.

    • Anonymous

      why wd a rich ass g like tip cme 2 da hood so u brokeass haters can jack him .he aint no fool . the government own da hood anyway lame ass

  • Anonymous

    Messin with Gucci leads to early retirement.

  • d-boi fresh

    man im frm denver co and in tha hoods out here real niggas fuckin wth gucci tha long way...jeezy only gets luv frm these lil cripniggas.. err other click fuckin wit gucci. squad

  • Anonymous

    why fuck with ti...he is a wayyy better rapper than you.. im sure he got some dudes with an armory like he had back in the day lol

  • Bo

    Gucci trying to get his buzz up for that wack ass mix tape he about to drop any real nigga can see that he tryin to get tip in it nigga tip doin movies and family shows and shit what the fuck he got to do wit you and jezzy beef that ain't gangsta gucci ain't no killer he accident murder like PAC said the nigga came to my city that nigga was scared he thought niggas was gone rob him on stage

  • Pie

    What type of real nigga name himself after a bag!!?? Nigga yous a hoe, a Loui Vuitton fag!!

  • Fuck Gucci Mane & His Family

    This just proves my point. Southern people deserve to die.

  • BJM

    same dude that apologized on the radio station

  • bat

    Fag with ice-cream in his face punkass bitch..what gangsta tatoos ice-cream in his face LMAO:D:D:D

  • Anonymous

    I don't know what you guys thinking...but Jeezy and T.I ain't no "bosses" In ATL. They are regular artists with money. The real "BOSS" is Gucci, he a real hood nigga. They don't want NOTHING, believe me.

  • clevelandchief

    In response to "" Jeezy never said they were gonna do songs together lol. Just ended their so called Beef. No DJ Drama, Gucci Mane is not important to hip hop or the world. If he never makes music again it wont hurt anyone.

    • Anonymous

      Nigga fuck Cleveland, 93rd,116th, saint clair, dtw, utw, the west side, and all the suburbs surrounding that city. That's why Lebron left! lol

  • Anonymous

    This interview shows Jeezy's true colors. He went in on Gucci about him calling him to do songs. Listen to Dj Drama Interview with Gucci and Jeezy Jeezy is 2 faced.

  • Anonymous

    as Shannon responded I didn't know that someone can make $6118 in four weeks on the computer. have you read this webpage (Click on menu Home more information)

  • Basic Thuganomics

    Can't take this nigga seriously with an ice cream on his face.

  • My Name

    Word in Atlanta is that Gucci said that about TIP because TIP said he is going to ride with Jeezy. But if you watched both interviews Jeezy said Gucci called him a few times to get on a track. Listen to this interview Gucci posted on Twitter. ---- You can't tell me Jeezy isn't fake for that one. And I am a fan of both.

    • Shady148

      Jeezy is a bitch I see. Why did he flex a few days ago?

    • TX

      I was ridin with Jeezy until I listened to this. Gucci man is retarded for having that ice cream cone on his face doe lol. Jeezy is fake im fucking with Gucci on this one

  • Anonymous

    Gucci mane next album gonna do Kreayshawn numbers. Nobody cares about this retard, dude literally has down syndrome far as I can tell

  • eli

    gucci figured out his career is over and now he trying to beef to get it back hot smh

  • Anonymous

    gucci mane a.k.a. nutty buddy

  • LEWY_D

    jeezy gotta do something, gucci mane destroying you! clowning on the ice cream tattoo and calling gucci retarded is not good enough... 3 scoops=3 bodies and lighting bolts represents sparks from the gun. stay strapped pt 2... or better yet go to the trap god party

    • x

      dumbass jeezy or t.i. ain't gotta respond to this mental patient. jeezy clowned the nigga and he caught feelings. what grown ass man puts an ice cream cone on his face anyway ????????

  • macberg

    this nig*a sucks more than Monika Lewinski

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