Chi-Ali Comments On DMX's Legacy As A Battle Rapper

Chi-Ali bigs up DMX as he discusses the Yonkers emcee's impact.

While on MTV's "RapFix Live" in recent weeks, DMX expressed appreciation for a question Chi-Ali asked him, and showed love to the recently released-from-prison emcee.

In response, Ali commented on X's place in Hip Hop history on "RapFix Live."

"Much love to [DMX]," began Ali, who discussed Dark Man X's storied history as a battler. "X been around for a long time, and for those that don't know, X was dope. X was one of those dudes that was battling. He was one of those original battle dudes that was going around and was just smokin' dudes."

"Energy, and his rhymes, he had like eight million rhymes. If you were better than him, you didn't have more rhymes than him," added Chi-Ali.

The Native Tongues member expressed a belief that DMX's life was headed in a positive direction. "Much love to X. Everybody goes through their trials and tribulations, but he's been looking good, doing good. I can't point a finger or judge anybody. I'm blessed. I'm happy to be accepted."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Anonymous

    How was X a beast? Cause he barked? Cause he looked scary? Stop praising this washed up bum cause the Its Dark days are long gone.

  • Anonymous

    X is a beast in booth and the streets nigga

  • Anonymous

    "You can't say that about Jay-Z or anyone in rap period" How did Jay compromise himself? lol DMX never switched up because he was a whack job from the start, with more demons inside of him than Linda Blair from The Exorcist.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, and he was featured on America's Most Wanted.

  • Anonymous

    He was never on TRL lol More like Rap City.

  • Cleveland

    x brought the voice of the streets, raw with no apologies what so ever. he spoke the truth, never comprised himself. You can't say that about Jay-Z or anyone in rap period. In the words of Tupac f**k Jay Z.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    "never a lyricist?" I said never a "great" lyricist. Name one song he ever did where the lyrics blew you away. LYRICS, not the energy, beat or subject matter. X was good for the game way back. Nobody's disputing that, but he will never be mentioned in the top 5 or 10 of modern day rappers.

  • Anonymous

    "DMX was an actually stick up boy" That's like the lowest rung on the criminal ladder.

  • Cha cha chi ali

    If you don't know chi Ali he a legend in the game before there was legends. Look at all the greats they all say chi was the best rapper ever. He was years ahead the game and continues to make hits. Biggie said he was his greatest inspiration and tupac called him a genius. Even today's greats like tyga and lil Wayne say they got all there swag from chi Ali. I don't know much about dmx never heard his music but if he fucks with chi he must be pretty good. His greatness one said. " chi be the greatest mc there ever will be from now to infinity I will hold the key to unlock and free your mind mentally physically and morally". Swag Swag Swag. No one spits like that


    i heard chi ali was the most gifted of the native tongue members. niggas was devastated when he went in

  • WHAT!!

    I am reading that people say DMX is not lyrically better than Jay-Z... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!??? Jay-Z never had shit on DMX lyrically.. why do you think Jay-Z messed up DMX's carreer... his lack of rap skillz are.. he uses his business power to end peoples carreer to look better himself... as a rapper he never was great.. check how he ripped Big L's flow and Biggie's flow.. Big Pun was influenced by Kool G Rap.. Jay-Z straight up steals flows and styles...

    • Anonymous

      Jay is lights years ahead of X lyrically. Go back and listen to any of X's older albums. He had energy. I'll give you that, but he wasn't smooth. His punchlines never wowed you. Two different approaches, so comparing them is pointless, but to say X was a better lyricist is like saying Pauly Shore was a better actor than Tom Hanks.

    • Mischief

      If anybody doesn't believe that Jay-z is fraud and been copying everyone's style for years, which came in the style of "Ether" was a much deserved spanking of a Father disciplining a child and Cam ron's track entitled " Swagger Jacker", all the proof any Gay Z/Cock nation dick riders.

  • HM

    Who is Chi Ali dam you a gotta be young. That's why like sports or entertainment no your history before you compete. That's like LeBron saying who is Magic Johnson, Jordan or Kobe. He had some songs one was Girls Look Good using KRS-1 sample and he the DJ Premier remix Funky Lemonade. Use google he had some music that was good for his age.

  • dentaldamboy

    DMX does not want to go to war with YMCMB. Wayne already said that if X barks one more time, he will go Mike Vick on him. The YMCMB army is built for war. Wayne a certified gangsta. He got 3 tear drops, did a bid on the island and all that. Wayne ethered rappers and even caused permanent damage to Dez Bryant's knee. X a crackhead. All Wayne has to do is throw him a rock and X will fuck is life up again.

    • Killem Dafoe

      DMX>>>>Lil Wayne. YMCMBitches ain't shit!

    • Mizchiefz

      Any credibility you lost(like you're cherry that got POPPED~music)right when you mentioned YMCMB = Yeast(infected) Menopause. Cock.Munching.Buffet, Ain't shit They practically the reason why Hiphop is now compared to the likes of Miley circus & Britney Smeared poppy ass radio playing garbage of an excuse that should be illegal for any ears to be allowed to listen to. Not unless you're 11 and under ... Never mention Nas or anything related to him with Lil Weight about "Ethered" Gtfo Its apparent and quite evident by you're name, Dental issues are quite a problem for you typical die-hard fans that have cavity ridden teeth who love to suck Ymcmb's sweet nectar ...

    • Are You Stupid?

      Plus DMX is a much more talented artist and plays a more vital role in the history of Hip-Hop. X came at a time when Hip-Hop needed that raw emotion and energy. A time when Pac just passed, Big just passed, and all we had was Diddy and all these corny dudes on some club, industry type shit. X gave a voice back to the raw side of Hip-Hop. He could battle non stop for hours.. he had lyrics like no one else.. delivery like crazy.. and just raw emotion. DMX is a god in this game and even Wayne has paid his respect to DMX and showed him love.

    • Are You Stupid?

      Are you for real dude? Wayne is not a blood. Affiliated maybe? But not blood himself. Dudes been making music and basically set since he was 12 years old. DMX was an actually stick up boy. X was robbing mutha fuckers and actually running around in the streets. Wayne is a pop star and always has been. YM is not prepped for war with anyone. YM is a roster of pop stars.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    "to shoot outs outside clubs with swizz beatz running away and hiding lol" He didn't want to catch one in the dome before he had the chance to get with Alicia Keys.

  • Anonymous

    X battled my cousing Percee P and LOST.

  • Fuck Yonkers

    Damn nigga's really dickrind Crack Man X

  • Anonymous

    If you read the DMX book you will hear all about this its a great read and some crazy stories from going to all the group homes as a child robbing people in the streets meeting the lox to shoot outs outside clubs with swizz beatz running away and hiding lol

    • Anonymous

      "E.A.R.L.: the autobiography of DMX" also details X's struggles with drugs. i remember there was this one part where he talked about being fucked up on dust or some shit when his little sister happened to walk by, and she was like 'earl, come home let me make you something to eat' but he was too ashamed to go home in the state he was in

  • Anonymous

    Battle rapping basically means nothing. So you rhymed off the dome on a street corner for free. Wow. Makes for a good You Tube video, but to judge a rapper you look at how he evolved into an artist. DMX was never a great lyricist, but he had the energy and the attitude. Too bad it's gone.

    • Airk

      lmao, you're an idiot and obviously sheltered from real life. piss on yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Out shined Jay-z lyrically? On what record? DMX was dope and he is a legend but he didn't out shine Jay-z on ANY record.

    • john

      never a lyricist? suck a dick X was way better then people that were hot in the 90s X out shined Jay Z LYRICALLY and out shined any body spittin back then because he was so LYRICAL idk which DMX ur listening to but DMX is one of the best lyricists ever way better then pac if u put 2pac infront of DMX for a battle DMX would smoke that nigga... and ur saying battle rapping is nothing major? just stfu cause if that doesnt impress u then ur an idiot DMX had prolly the biggest career a person with a background like his could ever have read his book

  • Art-illery

    I don't care what anybody says, X was killin dudes back in the day on the mic... Ask Jay-Z.

    • john

      lol WORD all these idiots dont remember the 90s DMX son i saw him battle someone in Miami back in 98 AFTER he had It's Dark And Hell Is Hot and was BY HIMSELF battling 2 cats man

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