SpaceGhostPurrp Clarifies Retirement Comments, Says "It's Up To The People"

SpaceGhostPurrp clarifies his recent musings on retirement and leaves it to the fans to decide.

Earlier this week, Florida upstart SpaceGhostPurrp shocked fans when he announced his intentions to retire from "this shady ass rap game." Now, in a recent interview with Complex, Purrp clarifies his desire to leave the Hip Hop game.

SpaceGhostPurrp explained that he isn't totally sold on the idea of retiring, saying that if his fans want him to continue emceeing, he will. However, if he does decide to hang up the mic prematurely, Purrp says that he will continue to focus on strictly producing music. He added that he feels he's been under appreciated as an artist and he isn't built to deal with the typical life of a rapper.

"The thing about that...all I'm going to say is it's up to the people," he said. "I can make music for me all I want. At the end of the day, though, it's for the people. If the people want me to come back, then I'll come back. If the people don't appreciate me—as an artist, period, just as a person putting out music, not even as a person trying to be better than nobody else; just regular old Marquise—then I'll stop rapping. But it's up to them, man...I been saying that I'm not feeling this rap scene, though, so I'm just gonna make beats from now on."

He continued, "What I've been seeing lately, I haven't been feeling the appreciation. I feel like...I don't see myself as a rapper. I'm not a rapper, I'm not a person who's gonna sit here and battle-rap rappers, or when people get on TV and disrespect me. Where I'm from in Florida, we don't do that. You never seen Trick Daddy battling somebody else. Never did you see real, big-time gangster rappers from Florida doing that. We don't roll like that down here. I'm not even saying I'm a gangster; I'm Marquis Rolle, that's who I am. I'm not fit to be that type of person, so before the world look at me as some posing-ass rapper who just sits on the Internet all day, and they feel I don't mean anything I say...I mean everything I say, and I know I'm the most realest person to myself I could ever be. So before a person could even assume that [I'm not real], I don't want no part of the rap shit, man. That's just not in my blood."

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  • Mark

    Space can do what he wants. I don't blame him, I can already see from all the comments no one knows where he's comin' from with his style. For all us "sicc" individuals out here - we still appreciate you purrp. Keep doing you. If it's producing, you got it, but we like your rap, it just won't be too popular cause this lane don't seem to get too much bigger from where it was in the 90's. Get your money, f*ck the haters.

  • The4ADGuy

    I'm not supposed to be here. I'm a longtime fan of the 4AD label where SpaceGhostPurrp is signed. I'm also open-minded enough to have listened to some of the better hip hop artists since the times of Grandmaster Flash. I understand why 4AD signed SpaceGhostPurrp (the second hip hop artist on that klabel if we count Cuba). His sound is interesting, even reminiscent of early experimental artists from the label (like Lewis/Gilbert's Cupol). But he has a major problem: his lyrics are dumb. His singing about sexual fantasies sound as from the mind of a 13 year old. Personally I think he destroyed his album BECAUSE of rap. So he absolutely needs to STOP rapping and focus on music unless he comes up with things to say that doesn't just sound like celebrating or refuting a ghetto lifestyle he claims here to not have anything to do with in the first place. Really, Suck On A Dick 2012 sounds much greater without the rapping, and I really have a hard time connecting the vibe of the soundtrack with the sleaze of the lyrics. Those who think the first version was better have no clue. I'm not against rap over SpaceGhostPurrp's sounds per se, but they should be written and sung by people who have, erm, interesting things to say (like.. Ursula Rucker? I dunno). Personally I think SpaceGhostPurrp should have been signed to XL (4AD's sister label where Tyler The Creator and Dizzy Rascal are), but he's in a special place if he can pull it off (and endure people labelling him as the next hip hop artist sold to hipsters, which is such a last decade way of thinking).

  • Anonymous

    talented producer easily one of the better ones at the moment, shouldnt ride on asap especially cause he beat-jacked his best tune

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Who the fuck is this guy??.. I never knew who this guy was until reading this ish, so I don't give a fuck if he stays or quits, but he is right though, the rap game is shady. A bunch of fake ass rappers pretending to be bloods, boss drug dealers and other bs. The authenticity is gone, the beats are wack or sound the same, they rap about the same shit all the time, blah blah blah. The good rappers and producers either don't get the shine they deserve or are too busy doing other things to give us the good shit right now. I say hey make that money doing other ish, but at least give us some great music to listen to sometimes, so we don't have to hear this bs they wanna call music..

  • Anonymous

    Na bruh you stupid? I didn't diss the music I'm dissining him quitting at the first hurdle.

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking faggot all on I'm some artist and shit doing me. Album bricks, crys and quits. Fuck off faggot!

    • Desperado

      how exactly did his album brick? he is underground and now is known across america. He received great reviews from critics unlike most rap albums this year. Seems like hes succeeded to me

  • shrymp

    yall simple minded as fuck. comparing this to everything else. fuck what u heard. purrp is in his own lane on his own thing, and if u dont like it, dont listen. im glad someones finally doin somethin different in this lame ass borin rap game. shits played out dont even think of it as 'rap' and apply yalls borin ass standards, this is some next level shit on u simple ass borin mufukkas

  • A$VP

    I hope he stays retired with his weak ass music and weak ass raider klan crew all them niggas is wack swag jackers

    • Al

      I dont listen to asap cus yall mainstream, some of yall is koo but i dont feel the message in your music and with all due respect, i feel even if spaces lyrics aint the best the convey a message

  • Curt McGirt

    He outta stick with whats going to bring the most longevity to his career. I'd rather produce full time than rap. Of course rappers get more attention from the blogs and shit but thats smoke and mirrors.

  • Anonymous

    NO hate towards the man... but really, with all the great talent the game has..all the dope music that comes out for free, no one cares...stick to making beats, or go work at home depot or something. follow me @noles506

  • ThaRealRugged

    everybody entitled to they own opinions & shit but niggaz dont take shit for what it is no more...i had never heard of son before his last album; but i fux with it. no doubt shit is a lil different but spaceghost did his thing thoughout most the album on the beats & on the mic. On some real shit the album caught me off guard & took some getting used to but there's atleast over a handful of tracks worth fucking with.

  • ziploc

    with the comments posted I can understand why he would hang it up..I hope for his own sake he makes more music and pays less attention to his critics..if he can't make the grade as an MC,improve..but as far as the music goes..he has someting to share..and i'm hearing a lot of cats duplicating his sound..he's on to something..The fact that he has a hard time separating the art from the industry makes me want to listen to him more..agree with the rapping though..that's not his thing..

  • ark

    Stay making beats with your crybaby ass

  • Anonymous

    what a sensitive punani millions try to make it rapping and you dont feel appreciated go ahead and retire

  • T wix

    If he spit from his gut and used better diction like pronouncing AEIOU he can get better but for now he just too stuck on his self and that makes his music sound conflicting. He does sound better on others beats but not so good on his own. Not always a god marriage of sorts. Theres room for improvement tho

  • rondell

    I listened to some of this dudes music and it was, lets say , different, but some beats were satanic like where it was trip hop and it got my head hurting. Then when I tried to listen to the lyrics and I found that his delivery was really lacking and it appeared as if he didn't practice enough to perfect anything long enough. I went to school for communications and the Sony headphones don't ever lie. I watched a video of him and he came off extremely thoughtful and madd intelligent but somehow i think his ego and arrogance of who he thinks he is is not transferring to his music because he lacks practice. I can say his production for beats was well produced but his intro's were way too confusing but once the beats start he does pay greater attention to detail but everything is off key ,he raps lazy and his delivery is awful. I recommend going to school and tighten that up and he will be a dangerous dude and stop letting the females get in his brain when menz aint sweating him or his sound like that... yet

  • shrymp

    yall sum lames. purrps one of the best artists out. hope he don hang it up

    • Anonymous

      everybody don't like homo-erotica gay music either so that music is not matching the vocals he is trying to, maybe white girls from the suburbs will like it but in the ghetto his cd's will get recorded over or thrown out

  • Anonymous

    Why is this clown acting all hurt and shit..?!?! I mean,nobody called you out a fake why playing the victim?

  • Anonymous

    smh niggas will say anything for attention

  • Anonymous

    like asap rocky said, stick to makin beats homie. his spit game is fkin awful

  • Killem Dafoe

    You should quit. You not good enough to retire.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you dudes are real hard on son, he just needs college to tighten up some of that wackness so it can translate into Miami dollars. there is a market for what he is doing but his shit is all over the place which makes it only suitable for groupies doing E or meth which is not a good look, but it will get him a DJ job in

  • Anonymous

    Yes please retire, I heard you on A$AP Rocky's mixtape and you SUCKED.

  • Good Choice

    LOL NO1 Praises this guys ability at all. Just hang it up. Your fans say you suck so you know what to do. NO1 will pull a Lupe petition to save your "extensive," two year career after you pull a Saigon. Saigon should've pulled a Saigon. That album was ......

  • BOY

    This bitch ass nigga just lookin for attention. ATTENTION WHORE! Nigga if you have balls stick to your word like a man and RETIRE! dont nobody need your ass! Ever since you got in a cat fight with A$$WIPE you aint been shit. YOU DONE SONE! Try signing to YMCMB, maybe they can ressurect you from the dead but wait nevermind, Weezy the KIGN of HIP HOP dont fuck with wack niggas like you. GAY ASS nigga kissing A$$WIPE and shit. FUCK SPACEGHOSTPUSSY! YMCMB!



  • Anonymous

    im a big purrp and raider klan fan. hes not the greatest rapper but hes a dope producer so id say stick to that

  • trooth

    ok well my vote is quit.

  • Anonymous

    no one believed him anyways like what the fuck else he gonna do? go flip burgers are mcdonalds? nah

  • Anonymous

    lmfao, i can see if you was like Jay-Z, or Eminem or something. Purp, you aint that big where you can "let the people decide"

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