Bow Wow Faces Financial Woes With Ferrari & Has Lamborghini Repossessed

Bow Wow is being sued by SunTrust Bank for falling behind on a business loan. As a result, his Lamborghini has been repossessed. Bow also faces financial troubles due to a Ferrari he stopped paying for.

According to reports, Bow Wow is being sued by SunTrust Bank. The suit claims Bow fell behind on a business loan of over $300,000 last year. As a result, TMZ has found documents that indicate the bank repossessed his Lamborghini Murcielago.The bank added another $25,000 to his tab for repossessing the vehicle. 

While the Murcielago and other payments helped pay off some of the debt, SunTrust's lawsuit also claims that Bow continues to owe over $20,000 to the bank. 

However, there may be other financial issues on the table. According to TMZ, Bow Wow also owes another $283,000. This money comes from a Ferrari that he stopped paying for. Beyond this, as HipHopDX recently reported, Bow Wow also reportedly owes back taxes from 2006, 2008 and 2010. 

TMZ also reports that sources close to Bow Wow feel the financial woes are a result of his former management team. According to their report, Bow has a new group working with him to help in these matters.  

REPORT: Bow Wow Reportedly Owes Back Taxes From 2006, 2008 & 2010


  • LOL

    I knew bow wow was strugglin when he signed to ymcmb and started hostin 106 and park lmao

  • Anonymous

    "cant happen to them thats all" I bet if someone would have told Bow Wow years ago he would end up broke he would have laughed in their face. Wasn't his mom his manager? Is she broke too?

  • ian

    look at the pic they show you... $20,000 or ring $50,000 on watch and prob over $100,000 on the chain ,,,fuckin moron

  • Original

    Why we get on these websites and argue about other niggas money?

  • GOAT

    BOW WOW USED TO BE THE GOAT!!!! now i cant even listen to him anyway go download that new LIL CHUCKEE mixtape!!!! NEXT BIG STAR, LYRICS AND EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  • 900Ksold

    Damn some ppl Dont Read! The Lambo was fully paid for, the Rarri was the new toy he bought not leased that he was still paying for. My question is how in the Fukk can you charge $25k for a repo??? the price of the car should have absolutely nothing to do with the cost of paying a tow truck driver to steal someones car!!! This country I live in makes me so fucking sick man, the banks can write their own fucking laws & we just have to let them fuck us many times over & over. Just imagine had his Moms grabbed $100k of Apple stock when he 1st blew???

  • Killem Dafoe

    Guess that Black card ain't valid no more...

  • These Niguhs Is Frauds

    And these is the people you look up to. All these are cats do is lie about the money but don't own shit. Stop misleading these kids out here think you doing better than you really are. You need to learn a real trade because everybody can't rap and make it so stop kidding yourself. Why you think alot of the veteran rappers are going into acting because ain't no real money anymore in rap. Every young niguh from the hood can't be Meek Mills he was lucky that was his calling find yours!

  • Anonymous

    Souljah Boy is next. No jokes either.

  • Doocy

    DAMN!!!! They even took his shirt!

  • jamal

    I remember bow wow doing a club show in sydney. Less that 200 people attended and tickets were like 20 bucks. Damn son times are hard

  • Anonymous

    I really do hope he can recover from this, and learn from his mistakes. But like Big Dan said, you can't help but be pissed at him, because he actually had money and fucked it off. I read somewhere that his mother had actually saved 40 million dollars (don't know how true it is) that he made in his Lil' Bow Wow days and put it in a trust fund for him, and gave it all to him when he turned 21. If this is true, his case is worse than MC Hammer's because he blew his millions twice as fast. Bow Wow is only 25, so he blew his in 4 years while Hammer blew his in 8. There are people out here who are really struggling, and he was being irresponsible and selfish, so I don't blame anyone for making jokes about this. He should have known better.

  • murdock

    this guy makes movies and is broke?dumb motherfucker right here.

  • Anonymous

    i had to hear him rap about buying out two malls one time so yes, happy to see this

  • jay

    We dont lease, we buy the whole car, as you should... -_-

  • crazypee81

    Mothers always know whats best for their children. Bow Wow should of continued letting his moms manage his finances but noooo you waited till u was 18 and told her bounce and since then you aint put no album out got some bitch pregnant and now this. Damn shame all that money he accumulated since he was child and not even investing in anything.

  • Edubb

    All you on here laughing and makin fun of Bow Wow probably dont have shit to begin with thats why its funny to you!! Some of you really need to grow up or you should have been aborted as babies fo real. With all this shit talkin and makin fun of Bow Wow I hope the ones thats talkin shit are some true bona fide ballers. I would hate for this type of thing to happen to you. God bless you all anyway!!!!

    • Big Dan

      "Are you related to Bow Wow, or just have a soft spot for the financially irresponsible?" Ha..funny stuff. And to second that, while yes, some hatas are just happy to see the brother go down, some of us just can't help being pissed even though its not our biz. Bow Wow made millions. Where did all that money go? As recently as a couple months ago, dude is still acting like he paid, showing big stacks of money, although it was probably all ones wrapped on in a couple hundreds. Heck, dude was making bets against Kobe. When you really have it, you don't try to flaunt it. Where are all the friends and bitches you were trying to impress now? Hope he can recover and make a decent living.

    • Edubb

      Not related to him and dont have a soft spot for anyone. Just hate when niggas act like niggas and think that shit cant happen to them thats all. Have a nice day smart ass!!

    • Anonymous

      Are you related to Bow Wow, or just have a soft spot for the financially irresponsible?

  • brad

    All that trash talk about how much money he's making from touring, and how he's NOT going to release underrated. Looks like that tour money isn't as long as you thought patna'. Also looks like you were OVERRATED son. You'll be releasing that album soon, watch.

  • Anonymous

    lol haha as rich young money is I'm sure they could lend him a hand! These rappers need to learn how to manage their money better with all these fancy ass houses and cars. How can u go broke after years of movies, plus royalties from the movies..., world tours, and album sells.....................................................?

  • LMAO

    FINALLY!!! I am sick and tired of criticizing lames likw Bow Wow, and get replied by faggot ass bitch niggas saying I'm hating cause they making money. FUCK YOU BOW WOW AND YOUR BITCH NIGGA FANS THAT THINK BECAUSE YOU MAKE MONEY YOU CANT BE CRITICIZED. YOU BROKE BITCH!!!!!! HAAHHAHAHAHHAAHHA


      was fucking hilarious until EDUBB had to make an asinine remark about family and shit COOL STORY DR. PHIL but its about BOW WOW fagboy

    • Edubb

      So its cool to make fun of another persons misfortunes. I hope nothing like that ever happens to you or any of your family members. Would it still be funny then?

  • Anonymous

    This is how you avoid paying a groupie too much child support. you lames don't even realize the bow wow is playing.

  • Anonymous

    I hate to see people go down like this....

    • Edubb

      Same here unlike some of these niggas on here commenting and laughing about the shit. No matter how you spin it when a person has financial woes the shit is not funny. Regardless if the person put it on themselves or not going broke is a bitch.

  • jayvon28

    Jermaine Dupre and now Bow Wow...Damn! Guess we all know what cloth this nigga is cut from....he better suck on baby neck like wayne to have that hoe cash thrown at him

  • Anonymous

    From ballin to stallin.

  • Steve

    Yo this guy is coming back to the reality we all live in. He was stupid as fuck not to save. His problem just like it is my own or yours. Welcome to real life ya bitch!

  • Curtis Jackson

    Welll..shouldn've been tryin' to impress his friends n' bitches so much!

  • L662

    Lamborghini Moss should have been Toyota Moss. He can not blame his management team for things that HE spent his money on. Then he turns around and signs with Cash Money, which is career suicide. It's hard for me to feel bad for him when he's constantly talking about how much money he has and these Lambos he has when he has neither.

  • Damn...

    Damn.... Of all the pics to use. They pick the one that looks like he's about take 100 pills and jump off a bridge. Why not a balling out pic, just for old times sake?

  • Damn...

    Damn..... Went from sugar to shit. Downsize all houses. Sell the jewelry. Return the leases. Pay yo baby mama, and the Feds, and lastly Suntrust. Ghostwrite for somebody? Be clown like Shaq and take all commercials and skating rink concerts. Avoid prison, sweet meat. Pay the Feds a grand month, keep out of prison!

  • acidrap

    Good.Start clearing these weak ass fake ass rappers like him outta tha game.They just takin up space.Bow wow had his 15 mins now its time for him to get a real job.Candy ass rapper!

  • Anonymous

    Must have pissed the Illuminati off or some shit.

    • Edubb

      Didnt think about that one. Yeah he could have or maybe them illuminati cats are coming back for the money that they have gave to famous blacks. Think about the number of irs cases famous blacks have been going through over the past couple of years. The economy is about to go flat fuckin broke and the illuminati want their shit back 10 fold. Dont believe me look the shit up. Anyway interesting point of view.

  • Anonymous

    blame it on the management...... ya ... right....

  • Anonymous

    but y didnt this dude just buy the cars cash...instead of having to pay for the cars really

  • Anonymous

    No wonder this dude took that 106 and park gig...he needed a steady job

    • Curtis Jackson

      He was already working steady before all this happened! No excuse. He blew all his money...plain & simple.

  • Cerebral

    Listen, I'm being serious here. What could have possibly been the rationale for signing Bow Wow to YMCMB in the first place? His career was nowhere. They haven't even let him rock on a single. When you look at in the context of the Baby/Lil Wayne relationship, Bow Wow/B2K/Chris Stokes relationship, and Tyga, Drake and some of those other cats appearing to very much be gay (as is a lot of the industry), it looks like somebody signed Bow Wow because they wanted to fuck him or something. Again, I'm being serious. This is not an attempt at humor. But with the number of gay people in the industry now, why not? People have signed girls just to fuck them. If you're gay, why wouldn't you sign a dude just to fuck him?

  • reel2reeltak

    It is a vicious cycle. Everyone today is programmed to worship material gain. Unfortunately this is a big part of Hip Hop. I sat back and watched the hustlers that learned how to survive the inevitable changes that come down the road. The music industry is a pimp/hoe game and the worst thing to get fucked up in the game is to think you a pimp when you just a hoe.

  • Anonymous

    I bet his baby momma thought she hit the jackpot when she got pregnant and now she finds out his broke


    This is what happens when you sign to YMCMB. He said he was only making money doing shows. It's a pitty this dude is going broke especially after doing a few 'big' movies.

  • The Decatur Dicatator.

    Are these the same cars that he raps about? He was balling in his songs, but in actuality, dude (and most other rappers) are broke and living far above their means. I guess it was too much to just get a Dodge Challenger or something, you had to spend $250,000+ of someone else's money to stunt for folks that are waiting to see yo monkey azz fall on your face. Fake rich folk stay losing, just stay in your lane people, if you make a certain amount of money, spend 30% less than that, simple azz mathematics.

  • Anonymous

    If Bow wow is struggling on Cash Money i can only wonder how chuckee, gudda, millz & the rest of them bums are doing ? lmao not to mention when they asked Birdman about Bow wow he acted like he never heard of the nigga.

  • Anonymous

    too much stuntin' on dem hoes and now you bankrupt.

  • Fuck Bow Wow & His Family

    Love to see this nigga losing.



  • damnton

    Bow! Hide your cars as set pieces on 106 & Park. What better way than to hide them in plain site, on tv show only teens watch.

  • c'mon son

    "A fool and his money are soon parted." Never has a truer statement been made. All these dudes get a little money and think they have to floss & spend cash on Lambos, houses, chains, etc., and never think about investing, saving, and just not spending money on non-necessities. Then they look all pitiful when they're broke, paying out of the butthole in child support & taxes, and getting all their stuff repo'ed. Then Bow Wow is wack on top of all of that, so he probably won't generate the money he needs to get caught up. I don't really feel sorry for him.

  • Anonymous

    This almost happen to everybody who is signed to cash money. Cash money? Yeah ur money !!

  • anom


  • Anonymous

    nigga shoulda bought a camry

  • Neon Voyce

    People are starvin, havin problems live everyday with fear of tomorrow and these niggas buying Lambo after Ferrari and tryin to make you buy their music in which they talk about their money..This is why Hip Hip fell off...

  • Shad Moss

    Young Moolah Baaaaby!

  • Anonymous

    LOL, young money? more like monopoly money

  • K

    damn... Hopefully that 106 and Park hosting money comes through.. lol

    • Anonymous

      Dude ain't making enough to kill this bill on B.E.T. dude. They have what, 3 host on the same damn show? They are not making no real money, the money is parlaying that gig to another gig. He should have kept his mother as his manager, but I'm sure she wasn't letting him spend doe like it was printed in the kitchen. Other people's doe at that.

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