Loaded Lux Says He'd Be Honored To Battle Rap Busta Rhymes & Meek Mill

Loaded Lux speaks on Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill possibly entering the rap battle arena.

After August's SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 2, the name Loaded Lux has been on many industry figure's lips after his blistering battle against Detroit rapper Calicoe. Now, in an interview with VladTV, the battle rap legend speaks on two of Hip Hop's reigning titans stepping into the ring.

Lux said that he feels both Busta Rhymes and Meek Mill - who recently expressed interest in battling - would be worthy additions to the battle rap game. He said that he believes their individual presences in the industry would help bring an even greater spotlight to the battle rap sub-genre. Furthermore, Lux said that he'd be honored to take both of them on if they were willing.

"Busta is a lyricist," he explained. "They're catching on to Busta now putting them pads together when he's going to work in terms of the flows, but if you slow it down…Busta says a lot bar for bar. He's definitely one of those dudes who you can rewind and find out there's more to find [in his lyrics], so I respect him as a lyricist. I would never ever not embark on something wee grow; I'm all about cultivation and edification of self. [But Busta rap battling], that's a challenge to be respectful of, man. My peer, a dude that I respect letting the world know, 'I rocks with Lux' - that means a lot to me because I grew up listening to Busta as somebody trying to hone my skills as a lyricist…that he would even consider to give me a shot is good enough for me."

Lux said of Meek, "[Meek Mill wanting to battle], this is a great thing. I've got a prophecy in my head. Everything we do is to make a stronger tomorrow…the fact that Meek is in the position that he's in speaking in regards to what we do is beautiful for allowing growth for the culture [of] Hip Hop in general…Meek comes from that background, though. You gotta know that, man, I watched Meek come up with battles back and forth in Philly…Meek, bar for bar, gets busy. Him getting in there [in the battle scene] is a beautiful thing 'cus this allows us to merge the gap."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Anonymous

    Iron Solomon would slay all these pretenders.

    • Anonymous

      yo stupid. Mook killed solomon. Lux is 4 real. Like he said .. Lux is one of those dudes you gotta rewind his shit to get it all. Cass is nice .. Redman would be REAL hot is a battle!

  • dazeone

    As nice as Lux is he is humble ...Bust lyrically would be a good battle...Lux would beat Meek (but not slaughter him)but what they do now is different to when they used to battle ...Meek would destroy DNA though he is weak ...as the page turns ...Philly stand up

  • BPSN

    He don't want it with Cass though lol. Nobody fuckin with Cassidy on the battle tip niggas be scared

  • Anonymous

    he gonna get this work

  • @DeeHavior

    I been rocking with lux for over 10 years. i didnt know he was as intelligent as he has been displaying lately either, im impressed. I believe right now lux is one of the best representatives for hip hop as a whole. if he can at least drop the right song with in the next year & deliver a strong & solid ep. his career would pick up tremendously. i agree with everything he said about busta rhymes & meek mill as well. FMOT @DeeHavior

  • yolo

    please meek vs lux cmon not even close lux will eat him alive

  • king

    Busta Rhymes would tare this guy apart!

  • Anonymous

    you talking about a waste of time to watch lux will kill both those niggas at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    busta and meek can't fuck with him. you could use his line for the last two battle and it will kill anything they can come up with.

  • Anonymous

    what Theodore implied I'm amazed that some one able to make $9371 in four weeks on the computer. have you seen this web link (Click on menu Home more information) http://goo.gl/aN8YV


    Lux is a don, he is a respectful young OG in battle rap history period, Calicoe didn't stand a chance

  • Mr. Awesome

    Man, Meek would get SOOOOO BODIED by everybody! Meek ain't known for battlin' like dat, and he wouldn't stand a chance in the ring wit' the battlers of these days! I could see T-Rex givin' him some go and Rex is weak as fuck lolol. Don't let Dizaster get at the nigga; he'd end up pullin' out a notepad or sum shit lolol Mainstream niggaz can't battle and wouldn't battle, which is why it trips me out when they talk about eatin' rappers, cuz they ain't known for eatin' SHIT but they own words!!!!

  • www.beatsfor20.com

    Lux - my favorite battle mc. Meek wants to battle him? I'm sure the karate kids at the YMCA daydream about taking out a UFC fighter...dreams are good I guess...

  • Anonymous

    meek just got that work.

  • catch22

    Yall Lucky Elzhi don't join that shit.

    • Anonymous

      royce didnt know it was a battle

    • Anonymous

      cuz it was freestyle battle mistah fab is like one of the top of the top royce likes his pen n paper

    • twoholla

      ELZHI is a DOPE LYRICIST but he's no battle-rapper...there's a difference...battling someone in person & battling miscellaneous shadowy emcees in your songs are two totally different things...take for example ROYCE DA 5,9 is also another DOPE LYRICIST from teh D with crazy flows but he's also no battle rapper...Royce battled MISTAH FAB (from Oakland who is more known for spitting bay-ish related jargon than battling) defeated Royce in a rap battle in NY...of course later..when both emcees made diss songs to each other...Royce's diss songs were better...but what I'm saying is that not all dope lyricists, especially if BATTLING wasn't a really big part of their background, will be superior battle emees in person!

  • Anonymous

    Money will be on the table if that battle happens..

  • Generic white dude

    DNA wants to give Meek Millz that work. http://youtu.be/rxM3__UGx_s

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