Machine Gun Kelly Says 50 Cent Taunted Diddy Outside Of His Trailer Before Gunplay Fight

Machine Gun Kelly shares his account of what happened during the brawl between Gunplay and members of 50 Cent's entourage.

Details in regards to the fight that included Miami rapper Gunplay and alleged members of 50 Cent’s entourage have continued to emerge following the melee which took place in a parking lot during the taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards on September 29.

While appearing on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, Bad Boy artist Machine Gun Kelly offered up another account of what went down during the taping of the awards show. According to the rapper, just minutes prior to the fight 50 Cent made a few sarcastic comments about Diddy outside of the Bad Boy Records founder’s trailer.

“I was about to go say ‘what’s up’ and introduce myself to Gunplay right when that was about to happen,” MGK explained. “Right before that happened Fifty came up to Puff – I think it was the other way around…I don’t like to stay in one place I like to roam and just look at people so I was just roaming through the trailers and I just remember Fifty coming up outside of Puff’s trailer and being like, but Puff was on the inside of his trailer so he said to somebody and was like, ‘What kind of money Puff say he was getting again? I can count that shit on one hand man’…I thought it was all funny and sarcastic and then two seconds later the whole Gunplay thing popped off.”

Following Machine Gun Kelly’s commentary on the scuffle, the topic of fight versus flight came up and the Cleveland rapper spoke on an incident in which he thought he was on the verge of an incident similar to Gunplay’s.

“In Philly, we pulled up to the radio station and there was a black SUV outside of it and it was two black dudes in the SUV,” said the rapper in a video posted on “And right when I hopped out the thing I heard, ‘Man, fuck Cleveland. Fuck them Browns. Fuck Machine Gun Kelly.’ And the first thing I’m thinking and I put myself in the position, I put myself in the Gunplay position. I was like the first thing I thought was someone’s trying to World Star me right now so I was like, ‘Fuck you!’”

Machine Gun Kelly appeared on The Breakfast Club this morning (October 11) to promote his debut album, Lace Up, which was released on October 9.

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  • Pjame-A-Z

    Hi, First off, MGK shouldn't have said anything, no reactions the better. Now they knew he reacts like a girl screaming at people... You should of gone with the act MGK and Been like "who cares what they say" But you didn't YOU LOSE PMGK

  • NATIBOI513


    • Anonymous

      Are you high? EM is in the Top 5. And BIGGIE is number uno. NaS would be #2. And you didn't even mention RAKIM. 3000 might squeeze in the top 5. Ghostface wont make the top 10. Your young, so I understand why, you don't have Chuck D, or KRS! on your list, not to mention Melly Mel.

  • SayWhatSon

    That guy "interviewing" would of gotten the shit kicked outta him if he spoke to me like that. Who the hell is he? He thinks he is the judge and jury. Get the fuck outta here

  • vargas

    i'd advise 50 to buy 200-300k of his next shit to make it push big numbers and hip hop would be fun again, he would start over going in on niggaz and niggaz would be embarrassed as fuck and would join forces together like back 07-08 to confront him. if 50 sells big the game will be what it used to be loll i'm praying for that shit

  • Anonymous

    they shoulda shot this dude

  • Mr Official

    Machine Funk Smelly is Hot Garbage .Puff Only signs gimmick Rappers. Id like to see yayo drop a tack on this fool.

  • Anonymous

    This motherfucker cant even talk full sentences and he's supposed to be a rapper

  • CUM NIGGA CUM!!!!!!!

    THIS NIGGA SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D3

    dumb as niggas. yall even watch the shit or yall just attempt to read this shit with your supid ass readin skills n shit. Anymother fuckin way, i respect that ugly ass nigga charlamagne or whatever that dumb ass nigga name is for speakin his mind to the nigga at the end..but yo son...that nigga spit some serious ass bars (for a clevland nigga) and this stupid ass lookin nigga just shook dude off like. I mean come on son... nigga got SOME bars, what the fuck is u doin charlamagne? hostin breakfast club n shit? gettin no pussy lookin like a ugly ass nigga shit? homo ake thug lookin ass nigga.. i mean this nigga get no buns b. anyway, whit dude got skills..might eventually get dropped from bad boy but fuck it. puffy ass anyway. aint nobody give a fuck about puffy son.. i mean if puff died aint nobody gonna be makin no "i be missin u" joints b...aint nobody fuck with puff like that.. fuck it tho im out

  • Hip Hop Fan

    This is why 50 is a marketing genius. He has started so called trouble with MMG and Badboy. Both labels are friends and 50 starting trouble with Diddy, Gunplay, Ross and French gives him free promotion and marketing. Also, each time these 4 people do an interview now, they will be asked about 50. Free promotion is very smart on Curtis's part

    • showcase

      lolol it's true everytime he has an album coming out is where it happens the most

    • Anonymous

      He didnt "start" anything with Diddy. They work joking around and 50 cent couldnt take a joke because Diddy makes more money (which shouldnt matter) but it matters to Cent. 50 cent couldnt take a joke, his feelings got hurt because hes actually soft at heart and got mad.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Charlamagne is brutally honest, pretty ruff. It sounds like he listens to awful rap anyway, except for when he said ghost and nas.

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla ice is hotter than 50 right now.. Have you seen "thats my boy" classic!

  • Anonymous

    English MGK do you speak it?

  • Anonymous

    pot of gold? bwhw game last album went triple dust

    • wu wear

      PINK album was the worst album from a semi-talented artist ever...shit makes Nastradamus look like The Chronic

    • Anonymous

      sales dont mean shit, its the music that matters you probably like that snap ya fingers tap ya foot bullshit that 50, flo rida, waka floaka and all them other fags be writing

  • Anonymous

    the headline of this article should have been about him pissing on a groupie! he said he did a golden shower

  • fernando


  • Anonymous

    This guy tries way to hard.

  • MegaRevr

    LOL!! He Snitchin'...

  • Nick T

    people say that pac got raped in prison and had a boyfriend in drama school. google "2pac and Eskiah." 2pac was also used to strip and hump blow up dolls on stage yet yall have the nerve to call guys like game gay for allegedly being a male stripper and having a tongue ring. even though pac was a documented stripper and had a nose ring. 2pac also supported queen latfifah at a gay pride concert. if a rapper like wayne or kanye did that today you guys would be all over them for it and hate mongering. yet Pac is guilty of the same behavior. and victim of the same types of rumors. 2pac was also a documented ballerina. The point is you n*ggas live in glass houses and habitually throw stones at today's rappers for doing the EXACT same shit that pac and biggie did! Biggie rapped about raping jesus, fuking men in the ass, and sucking his girl's dad's dick yet you n*ggas say NOTHING! but let kanye where leather and he's a faggot!? You fukin hypocrites

  • anon

    People talking about 50 fell off, and don't realize that the issue lies with his label. If anybody in the tri-state area noticed, when BISD dropped, Power 105.1 never played any of 50 single, only Hot 97 played it. If y'all pay attention you'd see that his label doesn't promote their hip hop artists....check all hip hop artist on interscope (besides eminem) and tell me who is putting up big numbers. "Interscope doesn't care about black people." (other than dre) Also, all of wayne's music get played, even his mixtape stuff, and 50's mixtape was way better than wayne's. if 50 got half the push from his label these other dudes got, we wouldn't be having this convo.

    • GettingAllTearfulHear

      "Interscope don't care about black people". Cry me a fucking river!

    • Anonymous

      Well, his falling off was part of what he had at the beginning of his career. Its just reality. When you go from what he did on his first album to where he is now it IS falling off. I have dont like or dislike 50 Cent. Its just the way it is.

    • Anonymous

      as much as i hate wayne, he is original. he just put a whole bunch of bullshit together n calls it a song. never any direction or point to it just ramblings about nothingness

    • Anonymous

      Yeah lil waynes routine varies so much, he says more shit about nothing than any other rapper, shits garbage, I'd rather listen to 50 recycle the same shit all damn day then listen to fagboy wayne get on the mic and rap about nothing but lickin box for minutes.

    • Anonymous

      50 fell off because his music sucks and he recycles the same garbage routine with every album his "i got money" and "ill kill you" agenda with every album, its boring and predictable and the massacre was basically a pop album with all those tracks his whole career has been spent on trying to make hit records to sell his albums instead of trying to make actual good music


    too bad 50's career is OVER, cant even get a radio hit lmao!! #RED ALBUM

    • Tae Ionic

      half you dont know what the fuck you're talking about the RED album did way better than b.i.s.d 50 is played himself out have ever noticed no matter how loyal people are around him he still always seem to have a problem with em.alright lets talk facts MGK is raw as fuck.Game last album was actually pretty fuckin gud. finally if u r a 50cent fan u should kill urself.

    • kermikaze

      lmao at " what red single was a hit"...true

    • wu wear

      So is yours. Neither can you. #PINK ALBUM

    • Anonymous

      haha and what red single was a hit?

  • Fuck 50 & His Family:

    this dude is going broke, less than 10mil in the bank. down from 400mil a few yrs ago

  • fuck MMG

    fuck Ross, Gunplay, and the rest of the so-called 'untouachable' Maybach empire

  • Anonymous

    this guy is unbearable...

  • Anonymous

    "Ross nor MMG have EVER even gone GOLD" Port of Miami and Trilla both went gold.

    • Anonymous

      all ross albums have gone gold i believe he never touched platinum tho

    • King Oduduwa

      real talk....not even gold, but Rick Ross frontin like he sold platinum. Them MMG niggas are FAKE!!!!!!!! They all ego, pretending to be something they not and hating other rich rappers because the truth is MMG wants to be the 50 cents and Jay Zs out there.

  • shh

    "THE GUNPLAY" fiasco...s making ROZAY be way abov YOUNG JEEZY....LAST TRAIN TO PARIS lauched ROZAY...SELF MADE 2..helped him get huge album sales!...that new "mixtape" ws not ood at all....but ROZAYalbum sales speaks 4 itself..#ONLY DRAKE flies above!

    • Anonymous

      how exactly does rickys right hand man getting stomped out and robbed for his chain, then locked up for robbery and assult help rick ross in any way?

    • Anonymous

      ahh sorry son.. Ross nor MMG have EVER even gone GOLD.. though his new album looks like it might reach gold in a few weeks,

  • FuKKK Machine Gun KKKelly

    This honky is TELLING. Fucking snitch.

  • Curtis L. Jackson

    Fiddy bitchin' as usual...people should be used to that by now. He will never equal Diddy's money.

  • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan?

    Prepare to get dissed by 5-O, KKKelly.

  • c boy musicc

    what real nigga operate like him u rich doing petty shit

  • BOY

    LOL 50 wears jean shorts showing his kneecaps. LOL the nigga is stick with that FUBU, SOUTH POLE swag. Learn something from Weezy son, after all he IS the KIGN of HIP HOP YMCMB!

  • c boy musicc

    50 a real hoe ass nigga! always have 6een

  • Anonymous

    what fight? cause all i saw was a beat down

  • Anonymous

    bad boy records fell off hard as fuck. from Biggie to this smh

  • Anonymous

    Mike Knox wants to throw MGK through the air.

  • lol

    Puffy aint no sucker man. People were acting like curtis just ran up on him or something.Nah nigga never that. 50 was acting like a little bitch as usual and got confronted. I dont even know what he talking about cause puff got way more money then curtis will ever see in life.

  • Anonymous

    lol 50 cent gon be the next nigga dead. who shot ya all over again

  • Anonymous

    "i would like to see somebody do or say something without standing something to gain from it for promotion." ^ you're not ready for this life kid your parents do and say things at work to get a buzz for a promotion. Commercials say and do things to promote those clothes on your back and the food in your stomach. You want to be good at that sport you like? You do and say things to promote yourself as being the best. There's a Freeway post about music and there's no TMZ promo that comes with it. Did you purposely overlook it? Here it is: "Freeway Reveals "Diamond In The Ruff" Cover Art, Announces Tour" ^ see? Where were you if you care?

  • Anonymous

    Fucking with Diddy is bad for your health. Keep fucking with him, watch.

  • blzd

    so basically mgk just snitched on fifty like a lil bitch

  • Anonymous

    Gunplay got his ass slung like a he sitting while Fif rockin' his CHAIN GANG *Gunplay voice* worries though for the boi GunP...Rawse still got them feds ties so his sentence should get reduced...

  • Anonymous

    diddy still mad because 50 pulled a gun on him in his studio back in the day and puff shit himself

    • vargas

      Diddy in an interview that he hates 50 ever since he made him shit on himself with that gun on his head in the studio. he continued to say that this was the main reason his made niggaz side with ross in that beef against 50 and survive his ass..... loll. Diddy is still mad

    • ....

      Shut your gossiping bitch ass up! 50 didn't pull the gun on Puff he just got his gun out and laid it on the table when it looked like there might have been a problem in the background and some shit to let people know that he (50) wasn't to be fucked with.


    support GAME..RED ALBUM ALL DAY...realest rapper alive..50 wack..he done..Game won the beef

  • Anonymous

    i would like to see somebody do or say something without standing something to gain from it for promotion.

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