Machine Gun Kelly, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis First Week Sales Projections

Machine Gun Kelly and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are aiming for solid debuts.

The first week sales projections have been revealed for Machine Gun Kelly's Lace Up and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist, which both hit stores yesterday.

According to HDD, the Bad Boy rapper's debut is slated to move between 50,000 and 55,000 copies in its first week. The project features cameos from Bun B, DMX, Tech N9ne and an assortment of others.

Meanwhile, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis drop off their independent debut The Heist, which is expected to sell between 70,000 and 80,000 copies in its first week.

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  • D-Money

    Good for Macklemore! This has been a long time coming!


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  • Hoodgrown Magazine

    Even if Macklemore only sells 70k... x that by the $7 you get back from iTUnes and he's made $490,000. Damn near half a million dollars on HIS OWN. Even if MGK sold 70k once everyone takes their cut.. he's lucky to see ANY MONEY AT ALL. Lesson today is: Don't wait for a label to do for you what you can do for yourself. SPEND MONEY (upcoming artist hate to spend their cash)to promote YOURSELF and reap the benefits.

  • j.e.t.s. bitch

    I wouldnt buy any of these dudes cd's but i might and only might break up buds on it

  • Anonymous

    Macklemore is too Emo , MGK too Goofy For me personally

  • Anonymous

    I remember listening to Macklemore when he was on that underground tip when I was a little younger. Haven't heard the new stuff but good for him, much rather see him sell than this mgk bullshit

  • jt3000

    Macklemore has something to say meanwhile mgk is for young kids the guy wants to be a tough guy so bad its funny, waiting for somebody to bitch slap him one day.

    • llll

      Have you even listened to the album? A couple of hard-hitting joints but the rest were on point and some of them had a message, don't judge an artist by his looks or interviews, listen to the music. Macklemore deserves this, an Indie debuting high, good for him.

  • Bom919

    Im sure Im the 42nd person to say this but how and who in the hell is Mackelmore, and Im glad their outselling MGK bc I cant stand that kids personallity or most of his music. But still I'm really surprised that either of these albums passed 30K. But damn

  • Highya-Level

    This song got over fourteen hundred views in two weeks, new dancehall musican Like it .view the link below

  • The Based Observer

    Lmao when XXL released the Freshman 2012 list, Everyone was bashing Macklemore. "Who the fuck is Macklemore?!". Congratulations to him, for real. As for MGK, those numbers are decent but i feel who couldve done those numbers independently

  • yeaaahh

    I think what hurt MGK is that half of the songs were already released on mixtapes and an EP.. but the album is dope to me.. He said it best, "I don't have a million motherfuckers, but the fans I do have are real fans."



  • thought dog

    Which corny white rapper will sell more? Tune in next week to find out!

  • Anonymous

    I was thinkin MGK was only gonna do about 20,000 first week, so im happy i was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    who are these 2 people? how they selling more then MGK I have only seen buzz from him smdh

  • Anonymous

    It used to be where you had to push 200,000 first week. Then the bar was lowered to 100,000. These days, only a small few can even do that. It's embarassing. Rappers better have other revenue streams cause there's almost no way they can make money off album releases now.

    • okay

      singles pay for albums (if they Sell)

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore is independent so 70,000 is still pretty good, being that his profit percentage per album sold is higher. Especially if its released digitally because itunes, amazon, zune, and all places where music is sold digitally costs less than 100$ a month with all profit going to the artist for example gucci mane get 5$ per album when most major label artist make considerably less.

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