Gunplay Officially Turns Himself Over To Authorities

Following rumors that he turned himself in to police, Gunplay is officially behind bars.

Yesterday, rumors swirled that Gunplay had turned himself over for an oustanding warrant on armed robbery and assault.

Earlier today, the Maybach Music Group rapper officially checked in to Miami-Dade Police in connection with armed robbery and not assault, as previously reported.

The robbery occurred several months ago at a tax preparation office in northwest Miami-Dade. A video shows Gunplay holding the firearm.

It is unclear how long he will remain behind bars, but he is expected to stay in jail as bond is not offered in armed robbery cases.

Watch a video of Gunplay checking into prison below (via CBS Local).

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  • Anonymous

    The timing of this is funny. He turned his self in so 50's goons don't get him

  • rappinghelps

    in Florida if you pull a gun during a crime u immediately get tried for 10 years. If he wasnt a rapper with a lil bit of money and a lawyer he wont get the 5 years probation he'll receive. If they do give him time he'll be out in 3 years. Still dont understand why he a rap nigga, in his 30's and still doin the same shit he was doin in the 90's and early 2000's.

  • fcvs

    useless dumb fuck nigga

  • Anonymous

    How this idiot gonna let himself get caught on camera holding the gun He deserves a 10 year sentence just for Aggravated Stupidity in the 1st degree

  • ETK

    Haha this guy is gonnnnnnnnne and 50 got his chain lmao. About the whole war too, 50 killin these fools, and I don't have to be a 50 fan to say that. Even the Game said that 50 was eating Ross up. 50 flew Tia and her kids out to him, took them shopping, actually brought out Ross' C.O. certificates and records, put out the sex tape, makes way more than Ross without even making music. He makes that fraud nigga look like a fool, and ya'll still think Ross is winning? Then he jumped this crackhead and jacked his shit. If MMG was so gooned up and pushing "25 ms" like Ross say they do, then Gunplay would have a million dollar entourage, people would know who Stalley, Magazeen, Teedra Moses are. But ain't no one fuckin with them, only dude on MMG that's nice is Wale. Ya'll just delusional fans that believe that Ross is the new Biggie, ya'll must be the same fans that promote Riff Raff at your local community center.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ Doesn't matter 50 had the last laugh in the end. Supreme is doing life & Murder Inc fell apart.

    • Anonymous

      and i bet oyu dont think fif ever got stabbed by Black for talkin shit, or doesnt have any snitch paper work attached to that fake gangster name/ Dude made his money off someone else hating him so much they wanted him dead. Pathetic

  • Anonymous

    haha pussy! if he was a real G then he would have waited for them to come get him.

  • NYC

    Fuck MMG! Gunplay is scared of 50 Cent so he rather turns himself lol

  • newsaintreal

    cant be serious if you think he tried to rob a tax prep office. street dispute, went to dude's job and pulled the fi on him. no money was taken. just dudes chain, i.d. and shit. and if u think tax prep offices aint got shit to do with the streets u dont know shit

  • AvidPro

    You couldn't have trimmed the video down, to the relevant topic?

  • Anonymous

    Def Jam tax write-off.

  • JMG

    I feel bad for this dude man....because I saw this were a tag along type of artist claiming King because of affiliation...which attached your name to some beef with a big name dude...that lead to an altercation with you and his cronies...your chain for then get a few Media interviews where they acted like they were really feeling your movement, but all the while it was because you were available to talk lied about what happened...then KEPT talking about it because it now aligned your name with a bigger name...then the truth comes out, where your story was proven fraud...the big named dude never acknowledged you, but was spotted wearing your chain...your man never came out and backed you...and now you are going to prison for petty robbery....and for what? To be down fam? SMH.... This is why there ain't shit wrong with being a normal nigga named Clarence trying to own your own Taco Bell...that rap fantasy shit be murking a lot of otherwise good or lame folks....

  • Anonymous

    piece of shit doesnt work

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i guess he not moving shit like he say he does he not caked is ross really worth 25mil?

  • Anonymous

    crack heads do crack head shit smh

  • Anonymous

    i told you kids thse rappers are fake what the hell was he trying to rob h@r block for stationary ?? ahahahah he must of needed some money but ross got bread dont he? makes me wonder about dj khaled and his eviction notice

  • CB4

    HOLD UP your MAN ross is suppose to be a multi billi cat worth 25mil and you trying to rob a TAX PREPARATION OFFICE haha aint no CASH in that bitch just GOVERNMENT CHECKS thats something only a crack head would do i thought this guy was moving coke by the boat loads? wtf he about to catch a FED CASE mmg stay losing.

  • Anonymous

    probably got caught because they recognized his hair,

  • Anonymous

    you know rick ross aint really a boss like he says if his right hand man is out robbing tax prep offices so he can buy drugs

  • Anonymous

    50 gonna keep that chain safe while you gone homie!

  • Anonymous

    it will be a while before he is rapping the beats again

  • PuCho

    Well, he won't be missed.

  • Anonymous


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